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Hilary Duff Dishes on Ex Joel Madden

Hilary Duff Dishes on Ex Joel Madden

Hilary Duff dishes to Seventeen magazine about life after ex Joel Madden, who most likely is the father of girlfriend Nicole Richie‘s baby.

In the August 2007 issue of Seventeen, Hilary says she’s surprised about Joel‘s recent behavior. “All of the going out he did after we broke up sort of shocked me,” she said. “Like, that’s just so out of character for him, and when we were together, he hated stuff like that, so I felt like I didn’t really know him as well as I thought I did.”

But she still has high hopes for a future relationship that doesn’t include Joel. Hil says, “I still want the cookie-cutter American dream – to get married, have kids, and have a house with a picket fence. I still believe that marriage can work.”

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  • john92


  • [~Famous~]


    Pretty fcuking ugly, like always.

  • Move on

    Why is she still talkin bout Joel Madden? Shows she has not grown up as much as she wants people to think. I use to think she was cute whn she had blonde hair and younger, now she looks off somehow. Oh well keep trying to sell that cookie cutter music and make your clinger on equally zzzz non famous sister a star. Move On Hillary.. some women I tell ya. Need more publicity or what so yawn ..boring..zzzzz

  • ??

    Who Cares!!

  • Didi

    “I still believe that marriage can work.”

    haha you keep telling yourself that b*tch. you’ll never be happy, no one in hollywood is.

  • Sarah

    She’s very beautiful, but man this girl can’t act for rubbish!

  • Mmmmm

    Its funny how their dating circle is so small and certain ppl get dumped into the dating recycle bin and blamo hooked up with someone completely different. Dunno anything about Hilary but love Nicole!

  • Larry




  • Babysis

    LOVE HER!!
    She’s such a good role model and is so beautiful!

  • Larry


    Pretty fcuking ugly, like always.

    AGREE :)

  • J

    Y’all are haters…Hilary outsold the new Good Charlotte record anyway…so while he’s changing diapers and getting Nicole to eat…she’s counting her millions…

  • Babysis

    wheres my comment?


    She is so depressed about Joel that now she is running after nicole left overs like Brody Jenner.
    So depresately trying to get a reaction from Joel but sorry lil sis too late…hahahahahahahaha

  • k

    ok, I like her but still believes marriage can work? what, were they married?- Did I miss something??? and who cares if he went out. thats what guys do.

  • WOW

    You guys do realize that she doesn’t really dictate what she’s asked and most of the little kiddies who are her fans want to hear her talk about Joel. That’s why their little kids. If she asks not to be asked certain things then she comes of as a b**ch still obsessed with Joel.

  • Jasmine

    Hilary Duff is the new Jennifer Aniston.
    Rich, miserable and can’t stop talking about her ex who has moved on with another woman lol

  • not hatin

    Not a hater.I think shes a typical young person.But her mistake is mentioning Joel again.Its over- go on -even if in your heart you haven’t. Otherwise shes stalled. Doesnt matter how many cds she sells-if she is still stuck on the past. Lots of young guys are available- just weed em out and stop bein stuck on stupid.. just sayin..

  • Jasmine

    please i have the magazine.
    they DID NOT ask her about joel at all. she brought it up like 2 or 3 times during the interview…it was so pathetic….just like her fans that can’t recognize talent if it walked in with a talent shirt on.

    she is the epitome of medioccracy!~


  • Retards

    um retards… she can’t stop talking about her ex because retards won’t stop asking her about him…. give the girl a break besides, she has more class in her toe jam than Nicole will have anyday. I seriously can’t wait to see what THAT fugalicious baby is going to look like HA!

  • ida

    why can’t people move on and stop whining over loss love,am sick and tire of pathetic men and women who cannot move on and leave their exes alone

  • ???

    19 Retards>>

    >>>for u calling a child who isnt even born yet fug an the mom retarded>>.just speaks of your own mentality & and special needs >>what u project on these people and that child >>fate> baby>>fate>>its real>> and back at ya.

    If Hillary is still in luv with JM she needs to find a bridge and take her sis, and jump over it. Enough already. My advice Duff just puleesse stop time traveling backwards already.

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    Whoa!! Hilary Duff is so desperate for a lasting relationship and she’s like how old?? I mean you’re still young. Don’t expect to find your true love at such a young age.

  • Yari


  • elle

    Hillary is a young…. If I were her I’d be relieved. Atleast she isn’t pregnant.

  • Cynthia

    Love her, she has a head on her shoulders. She gets less credit than she deserves. She’s smart,classy,sophisticated and she’s a good businesslady. I liked her in Lizzie Mcguire, but I feel it’s wrong that people always stereotype her as being that young girl on the disney channel.

  • Manni

    Virgin my ass.
    I know for a fact Joel and Hilary had sex.
    i worked at one of the hotels Hilary stayed in during her tour.
    I won;t put her on blast but please….she is not that innocent! lmao

  • Jennie

    Young girls like her, because they still remember her as Lizzie Mcguire, that’s the main reason why she’s famous now. Because Lizzie Mcguire was a hit to young girls. Her record sales may be doing well, but she doesn’t have a singing voice. She was an “actress”. I’m sick and tired of seeing actresses who don’t really have singing voices. Just like Hilary. She’s not a good actress and not even a good singer. And it’s been months, they were dating for about 3 years, it’s not like they were married, she should get over him. He’s moving on, and I feel like she mentions him over and over, maybe it’s a way to get him back. To let him see that she can’t get over him.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I’m curious of what SCANDALMONGER thinks of her? I think she kind of horsefaced.

  • Bliss

    I think the marriage comments were in reference to her parents, since they’ve split up. Give the girl a break. She works hard, is a good role model, and one less brit/paris/lindsay/nicole car-wreck-rehab story we have to worry about!

  • Nancy

    What the fudge is Hilary talking about. She acts like she doesn’t go out too. We’ve all seen pictures of her and her sister partying around with the likes of Brody Jenner. C’mon. I would like her more if she stopped acting like she was perfect cookie-cutter material. She tries to separate herself from all the other Hollywood night-goers out there, but she isn’t all that much different. She’s a bit more respectable, bubt she makes herself seem more innocent than she really is.

    If she’s gonna make it seem that Joel has “changed” because he goes out more now that they’ve broken up, she should at least acknowledge the fact that she goes out quite a bit too. There’s nothing wrong with that (assuming you go in and back out still able to walk).

  • Wayne Geddes

    please stop reporting about Hillary Duff. she is really very ugly, has no talent and is universally despised. send her back to Texas where she belongs.

  • eli

    I hate her…..
    she’s only a stupid whore….

  • eshee

    she’s just upset because joel is the only guy that will go for her. now she’s gonna have to go back to girls.

    like lindsay lohan did.