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Jen & Ben Drop by the Doctor's

Jen & Ben Drop by the Doctor's

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck separately made their way to doctors office on Tuesday. Clean-cut Jen, 35, was spotted in Beverly Hills while scruffy-looking Ben, 34, in Pasadena. We hope nothing’s seriously wrong with this couple!

In movie news… the first feature directed by Ben Affleck is Gone, Baby, Gone, which will be released this fall. It stars Ben‘s younger brother Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Michelle Monaghan, Ed Harris and Robert Wahlberg. The movie is based on the Dennis Lehane novel about two Boston area detectives investigating a little girl’s kidnapping, which ultimately turns into a crisis both professionally and personally.

UPDATE: Ben might have seen an accountant, not a doctor…

15+ pictures inside of Jen busy on her Blackberry…

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jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 50
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 51
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 52
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 53
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 54
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 55
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 56
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 57
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 58
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 59
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 60
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 61
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 62
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 63
jennifer garner ben affleck doctors office 64

Photos: Matei/Danielle/Bauer-Griffin, London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • Mrs. Fugly

    Mabye, Jen is preggars!|! More then likely the case. Can’t hardly wait for SCANDALMONGER to reply! Make me laugh Scandalmonger! Nobody’s funnier then you! First!

  • lulu

    Oh no ! bad news. I hope there’s nothing wrong.

  • natalie

    i like them together. nice little family, from the look of things.

    one of them probably made both of the appointments and did it on the same day because its easy to remember. i think thats pretty normal.

  • Mrs. Fugly


  • [~Famous~]

    What the fcuk happened to Ben?!? Ever since he got with Fug-Forehead he went downhill.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    BTW- Ben Fartleck’s facial expression is priceless!

  • carolina

    Bet Jennifer is preggers. Voilet is so cute-time for a little sis or bro…Cute family!!!

  • coochie

    Probably just a check up. I was wondering if you implied that something was wrong by the way they look. I then thought to myself, ‘Ben always looks like crap when no woman dresses him up.’ It took me a second to realize you said that b/c they were both going to the doctor. lol

  • Moonlight

    Oh man…Ben looks awful. Since they had the kid, he’s been letting himself go.

  • Jill and Ruby

    There is nothing wrong with the way Ben looks. You people are nuts.
    Lots of men wear beards.

  • Angelina

    I agree with #11, there’s nothing wrong with looking scruffy. However, Ben looks kind of creepy in what he’s wearing. Jen looks like her usual self- mommy & a wife, she loooks great. I like this family, cute child and a happy relationship. oh and btw, its probably a check- up, like what everyone’s been saying, nothing wrong with that!

  • me

    hey she looks cute for once. he looks like a mess.

  • somethin aint right

    Trouble in a Faux Paradise. Body language said it all between these two. I said she will get preggo a 2nd time and he will leave her soon after.

    Hopefully it is preggo and Ben has not strayed in Hawaii or else where,and their not there for the ‘special tests’we all hear about. This to me does not look like happy news,,there- their seperate -for tests- both looking miserable(thats usual).Ben is a known porn freak.

    Either way Ben does not look happy.Maybe he is dirty lookin because it reflects how he feels. Unhappy,dont care,so what,doesnt want to be tied. Who knows but I hope Im wrong. His movie, Im glad he isnt in it he has no appeal.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I hate to admit Ben, actually looks good! He kind of reminds me of Hugh Laurie but, not quite as HOT as Hugh! Hugh is hotness in his stubble, bright blue eye’s and loooong legs!

  • Real Deal

    somethin’ ain’t right,

    I was thinkin’ “special test” too.

    Pics like these shouldn’t be posted though. Their being stalked it’s sad.

  • woah

    he looks really bad, his legs are sure skinny-looking.

  • FYI

    Ben is looking rough and does not look happy at all. He looked pretty happy in Vegas at the poker competition. Hope all is ok.

  • Lisa2

    They are an adorable couple! Love them1!!!! They are a wonderful couple and so in love!!!!

  • Lisa2

    P.S. Jared, Ben is at his accountants not doctors. Do your research

  • Sophia

    Lisa what are you on?

  • Accountant


    How do you know he’s at his accountants? Do tell.

  • Lisa2

    Sophia, its true, x17 showed him coming out of the same building when he was getting his taxes done, SORRY!

    Jared, why didn’t you post the picture of the TONS of paps that are in front of Jen taking this picture. Probably the same amount are in front of Ben taking his picture too. CRAZY! How can anyone talk about what they look like in these pictures without the whole story (the INSANE AMOUNT OF PAPS IN THEIR FACES JUST BECAUSE THEY VENTURE OUT OF THEIR HOUSE!!) GO TO FADED YOUTH wiebsite and THEY will show the real story!!!!

  • accountant

    You can see part of the sign here that says Income Taxes:

  • Sophia

    ok, sorry Lis

  • Accountant
  • Moonlight

    ^^Uh, it’s coming up as some woman sitting on a car. LOL something’s wrong with that site ‘cuz I know on another thread someone tried posting pics from that site and it came up as something completely different than what they were trying to show.

    And I didn’t say it’s wrong to wear a beard…lots of guys look good with them…but his scruff just makes him look messy and unkept. And that un-combed hair, the yucky clothes…ugh. Wtf Ben?

  • Moonlight

    That first part was directed at #24.

  • boss

    hmmm, ben pisses me off because he always looks like a grouch…never happy….pretty wife, gorgeous child and stick in the mud daddy/hubby! sooo, i’m not a ben fan….actually the way he handled the jlo situation put me off him totally, the guy’s an ass who doesn’t know how to gracefully handle things like a gentleman….he freaks and cuts and runs,d*ckhead…hardlt ever see him with his wife and child and when you do he doesn’t look like he is blissfully happy…gotta give that one to freakin brad pitt at least you know the guy loves his partner and kids he is always with them looking like mr. happy….but this movie gone,baby,gone sounds interesting and the actors are top notch so regardless of my disgust with ben this is something i would watch…

  • maybe……

    Maybe he doesn’t look happy because there is always a god damn camera in his face.

  • ben/jen

    Is that HEATMIZER??? Oh thats Afleck..

    Are they broke? Did Ben gamble more of the family savings away?
    He really doesnt care. Taxes or Dr.s he looks like a hobo crazy bum…I agree he is dressing like he feels..depressed..

    his life isnt going his way..he should be with the jenna jameson crew wawaaa or the casino..

  • Real Deal

    Something is up with them, neither look to good or happy regardless to what office Ben is visiting.

  • Lisa

    YOU FOOLS! WHy should they look happy when the PAPS are continually hounding them…. in their faces saying rude things? Like I said Jared isn’t showing the whole picture of what is going on…..

  • Lisa

    Jared has his own agenda…..

  • maybe……

    Maybe you guys are reading way to much into a few photos that display just a few minutes out of their day.

    I have seen tons of pictures of them smiling the last few weeks and I have even seen a picture of Ben smiling from this set. You guys are just seeing what you want to see.

  • Accountant

    I know there are tons of pics of them happy. Look at this one from their vacation,

    You guys are just seeing what you want to see.

  • Lisa


  • Lisa

    THey are one of the few couples in hollywood that I can see lasting.

  • Natalie

    ben looks hot here from the waist down. haha. i don’t think he has let himself go that much. i mean… if you saw someone who looked like him on the street you wouldnt think he looked THAT bad.
    he’s settled into a more normal life outside of the hollywood “scene” and pressures to look like a ken doll. thats a good thing!

  • Dave

    Bet he fuck*ed who*relina and transmitted some nasty STDs to the missus! Jen’s worried she’s got herpes from that cun*t!

  • No

    23 Lisa2 : 07/11/2007 at 1:30 am

    Sophia, its true, x17 showed him coming out of the same building when he was getting his taxes done, SORRY!
    Actually he sees a psychiatrist in that building. That whole building doesn’t house a CPA.

  • See

    See how that fraud Garner is when she isn’t pimping out her daughter to be photographed? That’s the real Garner when it comes to the paps

  • Rii

    I adore this family. Ben and Jen are such loving and caring parents and great people. Violet is a little cutie and so clearly a very happy child.

  • Elise

    42 See : 07/11/2007 at 5:45 am
    See how that fraud Garner is when she isn’t pimping out her daughter to be photographed? That’s the real Garner when it comes to the paps


  • Lisa

    She looks pretty I think

  • Lisa

    Ben is seeing an accountant. she probably got her nails done. Jared lies and knows nothing. She is probably texting H E L P to someone with an umbrella. She really needs a bodyguard. IT must be scary to be by yourself with those madmen. There are videos that tell the real story of thier lives. Photos tell nothing at all. Every single day they have been back she has been followed. And by a huge pack! And everyday Jared posts photos of her. Why? No photos of Angie because she has bodyguards? THey look fed up. Do you blame them?

  • Baby Doll

    Ben is leaving his Accountant’s Office. This is the same building all the Tabs featured Ben leaving around Tax Time last year. This very site said the same thing (“Ben visits his Accountant”). The Building has a huge sign that says “TAXES” on it.

    I’ve seen more photos then these and Ben is smiling in some of the pictures. Ben looks good to me. He looks comfortable.

  • Mia

    #22 Lisa2…..

    You are correct.
    I remember seeing those pictures also.

  • Why Jared?

    It’s interesting how Jared likes to spin things, he knows he’s going to get a reaction from everybody by making up another angle to these pictures. Jared doesn’t care for Affleck and it shows in his posts, he like many on this board hope that these two break up. That is sad Jared, if you like Jennifer Garner, which I know you do, I would think you would want her to be happy, I don’t get your agenda. Well, if it gets people to make stupid comments based on your fake reporting I guess your just doing your job, right?

  • Mmmmm

    I like them together, hope it lasts!

  • Tonya Perry

    I think she is pregnant. I was looking at her photo when she was in Hawaii and just seemed like she is pregnant. She had a glow… She’s great. He has a great woman. I miss Alias. But I definately think baby # 2 is on the way.