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Keith Urban Rocks 'Nicole Kidman Arm Tattoo'

Keith Urban Rocks 'Nicole Kidman Arm Tattoo'

Nothing like wearing your heart on your sleeve! Er, arm.

With an audience of millions, Aussie country-rocker Keith Urban rolls up his sleeves and shows off his new NICOLE arm tattoo while rocking out to The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” with soul songstress Alicia Keys during Live Earth New York at Giants Stadium on Saturday.

The Nicole arm tattoo obviously refers to his Aussie actress wife Nicole Kidman. Keith, 39, and Nicole, 40, celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary last month.

How romantic! Besides, if it doesn’t work out with Nicole Kidman, he can always find another Nicole. Kidding!

20+ pictures inside of Keith showing off his lady love on his arm…

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keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 01
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 02
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 03
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 04
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 05
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 06
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 07
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 08
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 09
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 10
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 11
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 12
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 13
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 14
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 15
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 16
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 17
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 18
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 19
keith urban nicole kidman arm tattoo 20

Photos: Evan Agostini/Mat Szwajkos/Getty
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  • CT


  • that song made me cringe

    Keith Porcupine is getting chunkier and chunkier,not remotely cute, close up hope he does not need rehab soon,,again,,blah,,the David Spade out of date haircut he’s wearing not cute. Luv Nicole,dont care much for the addict.

  • TO 3166

    She branded his hide… :)

  • mel

    Oh dear, people never learn. The amount of laser treatment that’s gonna need will be painful and costly hope Nicole gives him half cause he’s gonna need it.

  • [~Famous~]

    That’s the ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen, he must of been drunk while he got it. Lmao He needs to man-up a bit, highlights are for girls.

    Alicia HOT

  • W

    i’m glad it’s just “nicole”
    haha…it won’t be hard for him to find another nicole.

  • Didi

    oh dear, theres the kiss of death.

    getting a tatoo is a bad omen for celebrities, this means they will be divorced by december. hope nic made him sign a prenup


    how stupid.about as stupid as angelina jolie getting a dragon and billy bob tattoed on her arm. Angie is gonna have a tatoo all the way down her arm if she has 14 kids.but she will only have 5 maybe 6 kids,wait and see

  • Diana

    How romantic! I hope it doesnt spell bad luck for them, fingers X ..ha!

    He looks slimmer than his usual.

  • Gem

    Ugh, I hate when people get tattoos of their wife’s/husband’s name…I mean sure it’s their choice but still I personally think it looks tacky & will probably spell doom for the relationship.

    I don’t mind it so much if it’s written in a foreign language (like arabic or chinese etc) cos then you can always pretend it says something different when you split up! Lol.

  • Pandora

    That’s a tacky tat. Doesn’t even look professionally done. A pathetic “tribute”, any way you slice. Nic probably thinks this will be a deterrent for other hoes, er women that Keith seems to attract like a magnet.

  • grace

    it´s so stupid!What if the get divorced and he gets a new girlfriend???I wouldn´t be happy with a nicole tatoo! But maybe she likes it!?

  • Caley

    Whatever to the tattoo, I love him, haha. He’s the only country I will ever listen to and enjoy.

  • Didi

    well he can always get with nicole richie and her imaginary b*stard child

  • kate.


  • Didi

    I was a tattoo artist for a few years during my mosh pit phase. my friend had a ‘I ‘heart’ ANA tattoo on his forearm that he wanted me to change, so i changed it to I ‘heart’ ANAL.
    we havent spoken since and he threatened to sue.

  • Daisy

    It was Keith’s choice to do this. Not any of yours & he has had this tattoo since December!!!

  • almost…

    LMAO didi thats awesome.

  • natalie

    He cursed the relatonship with the tattoo! Everytime I see the d@mn thing, I always think about how unattractive it is. I mean really take a good look at it. It isn’t even close to being as classy of a tattoo that he shared with Nikki Taylor! At least there was meaning behind that tattoo!

  • queen cameo

    He can have it altered to NIMROD when the marriage contract runs out. Wha a tool!

  • tomatos

    He knows divorce is eminate. That’s why her name done in scroll/that font.. It’s easier to turn into a tribal band after cat woman releasers her claws.

  • [marie]

    What a chump…

  • c

    Some of you folks are really mean.

    * It’s Keith arm and he can do with it what he chooses. Obviously, he cares deeply about Nicole and believes they are in it for the long haul.

    * We all have problems in our personal lives at times and just because Keith is a ‘celebrity’ the public hears about it.

    * He has come a long way since this time last year and has really tried to get his life back together after 3 full months of rehab.

    * no, Keith is not getting chunkier. He’s just looking much healthier and has put a couple pounds since he stopped drinking. Big Deal.

    Get a life all you Keith Urban bashers!

  • Nicole Kidman’s biggest fan

    shut up everybody i think its so out of love , cuuute, i love kieth

  • tjh

    For fucks sake, you people. Can anyone around here say anything nice? It’s hate hate hate!! Get a grip


    16 Didi
    I was a tattoo artist for a few years during my mosh pit phase. my friend had a I heart ANA tattoo on his forearm that he wanted me to change so i changed it to I heart ANAL
    Keith is getting to look like he is putting on the lbs.tommy bottom wise.Nick and Keith do not look good 2gether, JMO.
    Didi are you A SERIAL BLOGGER?,OR A PROFESSIONAL ‘I HATE MY LIFE SO I’LL Be Nasty. You come OFF so harcore.

    And what a bad THING TO DO TO SOME ONE, THATS SO WRONG.Why are your comments so Mean AND NASTY ABOUT MOST CELEBS & OTHER BLOGGERS?,You are a older woman I take it,sorry but, You DON’T SEEM TO HAVE COMMON MANNERS.
    There is a higher power watching.

  • Mmmmm

    I have never heard of any of his music and only knew of him b/c Nicole married him … however seeing him preform with Alicia he totally rocked! Something about a rockstar … Mmmmmm

  • hoho

    Good God – this is all they got from his performance with Alicia was the fact that he has his bitch-whore of a wife’s name tattoed on his arm? I can’t stand the bitch and no it’s not because I am jealous she is with Keith – I don’t swing that way. She is a cold, heartless bitch of a woman who hopefully will release the death grip she has on Keith. The sooner the better !

  • Daisy

    Keith is not “chunky” at all. If he looks bigger it is because he is working out more regularly. The man looks fantastic. Don’t just look at the tattoo, look at the pumped arm that it is on. He is healthy. And you people cannot judge a relationship you do not know anything about. It is their business. His performance at Live Earth was brilliant!

    Natalie, how do you know there was more meaning behind the Niki Taylor tattoo? Did they ask you if they should get them or get them redone? It was Keith’s choice about all of his tattoos.

  • mamafor

    You’re just jelous.
    Keith is a very romantic man..
    And..this tatoo is not new. Keith made it in December 2006, it’s the Christmas gift for Nicole…

  • natalie

    Incorrect – the tattoo was a Christmas gift FROM Nicole!

  • none

    Nicole is 40 years old now. She just had a birthday.

  • Stacy

    He is Hot, Hot. Just saw him in concert he is not chunky. I am not a country fan,but is one man I would go to see all the time. He puts on a brilliant show. Sexy beyond words

  • jardley

    ultimate kiss of death

  • Daisy

    He said, A Christmas gift FOR his wife. It was during a radio interview in Chicago. A lot of people had trouble hearing at first whether he said “From” or “for” It was “FOR.”

  • mamafor

    NO! The tatoo is a gift FOR Nicole. Keith said that in an interview.
    I heard it with my hears.

  • natalie

    I heard and saw “from” on a TV interview.

  • buggy

    Anyone who says he is fat is not even looking at the pics. The “i” in the tat is a little odd looking, other than that I think it’s nice. BTW, his shirt sleeve is not rolled up, his t shirt is on wrong side out.

    I watched Live Earth and I thought he rocked!

  • natalie

    But then again, if you want to say it was for her – go ahead. It doesn’t sound very good when he has to brand himself with her name as a gift to her.


    So FAT KEITH. Nicole could do so much better. AK’S looked great thank Gawd I could look and listen to Alicia a very pretty young woman.The hill billy aussie is so short/fat/terrible voice. His Butt is big,and his belly pokes out.Another Gremlin,little man KEITH THE REHABBER.I never heard of him either until he married a Nicole.

  • Not Buying It In Nashville

    He already had a “Nicole”….Niki Taylor. Maybe the tattoo is really for her and not for the Pasty One at all! ha ha

    Sounds to me that Keith Kidman is trying to prove to/convince everyone that he really, really, really loves his new bank account, I mean, wife.

  • natalie

    Look in picture #15, his right sleeve is rolled up – his left one is not.

  • Jolene

    Shame they cant talk about how amazing his performance was. THeir duet was the performance of the event IMO. As for that tatt…Keith is sexy as hell and it looks hot despite what it says…I’m not really for the name thing but hey, whatever floats his boat, he’s gonna have a tuff time changin that to Jolene haha. I’m not a huge nicole fan but they seem to be happy together and I’m all for him being happy. As for the way he looks…he keeps getting tiner and tiner, he’s all muscle but i saw hime live recently and looking at him up close, theres not much to him. I think he looks hot and aparently I’m not the only one because his performance was #2 on the sexiest performances of the event…She’s a lucky woman I’ll leave it at that…

  • Shrugging an atlas

    There is a higher power watching.


    Well maybe some of us here don’t believe in this “higher power” so couldn’t care less about it…

  • Galey

    Did the critics actually see the live performance at Live Earth? How could anyone say he is fat. I find him very sexy, don’t like tattoo but he is so hot can over look it. Your opinion does not seem to be the same as most of the viewers, just mean spirited. Little jealousy???

  • Andreia

    Yeh you’re being so jealous. hope i’ll find a romantic man like him one day, not a playboy who only wants sex.!!

  • drummer

    comment 8- FUGLY tattooing your children’s names on your body is different because they will always reman your children. Etching a lovers or spouse’s name on your body is moronic because the divorce rate is so high chances are you not goin to make it.

    comment 16- PMSL Didi thats so fucking funny I almost feel sorry for the poor guy almost.

    comment 23- c Urban is a drunkard secondrate musician pretending he is in the midwest of the States. Nicole Kidman really lowered the bar after Tom Cruise the fool swapped a megastar for a ailing ozzy drunk

  • Lara

    Well, the duet was incredible…he looked hot…he was with a real woman, with curves and a face that is mobile. I hope he banged Alecia backstage before hopping his flight back to Oz.

    It’s not a good idea to get the name of a partner tatoo’d on your body. It’s obviously bad luck…and this relationship is inevitably going to fail. Even if they love each other now, the pressure of the paps and media and public will get to them. The fact he is making all the sacrifices in this relationship and the wife seems to make absolutely no effort, will breed resentment in the long run. So then…this tattoo will be really challenging to cover. Maybe he is just going to be with Nicole’s in the future so he won’t have to remove it or cover it? LOL

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Now about Alicia Keys. That girl can REALLY Siiiiinnnngggg! She can really blow. Amazing talent she has. I can say much about Keith. He’s happy with Nicole we’ll, good for him! Nicole is easy on the eye’s. I’m not a fan of Country music. Take loud ass metal anyday!

  • montana