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Lauren Conrad Bares Bikini Body

Lauren Conrad Bares Bikini Body

The Hills are alive with Lauren Conrad strutting her stuff in the latest bikini photo shoot. has a snippet: “During season 3 of The Hills, Lauren has more things to deal with than ever. She faces new pressures at work as she and co-worker Whitney prepare for their biggest challenge yet at Teen Vogue. She also has a new roommate and a new wing woman in Audrina, and the two of them are hitting the Hollywood dating scene in a big way.

Lauren is determined that this is the year she’ll find Mr. Right. But one of Lauren‘s ex-boyfriends always seems to be lurking in the shadows. This time around it’s Jason, who is trying to put his life back together and decides to reach out to Lauren for help. Can Lauren and Jason really be “just friends” after everything they’ve been through? Only time will tell.

On top of all that, Lauren hasn’t spoken to BFF Heidi since Heidi moved in with her two-timing boyfriend, Spencer. But with Heidi going through as many ups and downs as Lauren, it won’t be long before she misses her best friend. What will Lauren do if and when Heidi decides she wants to patch things up? Lauren has certainly learned from her past mistakes, but anything can happen on season 3 of The Hills!”

The Hills 3 premieres Monday, Aug. 13 @ 10PM ET/PT.

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lauren conrad bikini 02
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lauren conrad the hills 3 01
lauren conrad the hills 3 02
lauren conrad the hills 3 03
lauren conrad the hills 3 04
lauren conrad the hills 3 05
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Photos: Jeff Lipsky
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  • Pam

    Who the hell cares???

  • Pam

    I need more Brad and Angie!!!

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    The Hills and Laguna Beach are my guilty pleasures!! I think the only reason Jason is trying to be friends with LC again is because he wants to remain famous. That’s like what Jessica did on season 3 of Laguna Beach. She dated that guy just to stay famous. How desperate.

  • [~Famous~]

    Ummm girls who dont have boobs or an ass, shouldnt wear a bikini

  • pickle

    She should get a new hair. And then maybe she’d be decent looking.

  • dell


  • Jennie

    I love her, I saw a video of season three, and she looks amazing in all those scenes, I’m glad she gave it to Heidi.

  • I’m Not Obsessed
  • lola

    love lauren hate heidi

  • I’m Not Obsessed
  • suzy

    lauren is pretty and classy.

  • linda

    she looks so classy. I love her. She is not pretending to be someone she’s not.

  • sos0def

    I like her black dress, she is so old hollywood, very classy and sexy at the same time.

  • audrinafan

    Lauren and Audrina rocks, Audrina has the best body among all the four girls. Lauren is rocking the bikini though, this is the first time I’ve seen her in a bikini.

  • mightfine

    Gorgeous girl, I’m spotting a tattoo on her stomach.

  • belinda

    the pictures of her in the black dress is just classic, so glam, so chic, so hollywood.

  • greasybear

    Aww, Lauren in a bikini, her stomach is so flat.

  • haveityourway

    Famous, you are so ignorant. Go and bitch somewhere else. Lauren looks gorgeous. I saw pictures of Audrina too, she is awesome.

  • kats

    I’m sure she is related to Kate Middleton somehow, they look so much alike.

  • lovinglife

    Classy, classy, classy, something new and refreshing.

  • nobodyknowsbutme

    Her black dress is tight but chic, I will definetly wear that, can someone tell me where she got it from?

  • buckwild

    dell, that was funny. Lauren looks better than horseface for sure.

  • adams

    pickle : 07/10/2007 at 4:20 pm
    She should get a new hair. And then maybe she’d be decent looking.


  • ohnoshedidn’t

    pickle are you kidding me, new face. At least her face doesn’t look like a horse. She is pretty just don’t have boobs but it’s ok, every female does not want fake boobs.

  • janey

    Lauren is the most beautiful girl to come out of the hills and laguna beach by far. that girl is destined to be famous

  • wtf

    I dont get why some people waste their time writing who cares in articles they care about. If you don’t care then don’t comment.

  • realwomenhavecurves

    She is not an attention grabbing whore like that other fake bitch. It’s refreshing to see something new and real

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Who really cares but, Jared. I do love, LOVE her blue swimsuit!

  • mstenda

    She is cute though and no one can take that away from here.

  • pickle

    ohnoshedidn’t : 07/10/2007 at 5:13 pm
    pickle are you kidding me, new face. At least her face doesn’t look like a horse. She is pretty just don’t have boobs but it’s ok, every female does not want fake boobs.

    no i’m not kidding. but yea she’s better lookin than Heidi. I wouldn’t consider any of the girls on The Hills pretty, besides Whitney. That girl is gorgeous.

  • jamela

    Loooooooooooooooooooove the blue, I wish we could see her whole body.

  • averagejoe

    Whitney gorgeous? lmao. Her skin is flawless but she is not gorgeous. Lauren looks cute, she should wear swimsuits/bikini’s often.

  • cudahayyy

    hottie with the body

  • bonethugs

    please no more brad and angie. how many times do you want to read about pax, z going to school or about brad being a daddy, blah blah, i’m sick of it. Give us something new everyday jared. Lauren looks cute, she she needs a boob job though.

  • lilwheez

    Why did she loose all that weight, I liked her better when she was chunky. I like my women thick.

  • linda

    I like Lauren, just became a fan. Who is the horse face you all are talking about?

  • eddie

    She still needs to work on her body, she shouldn’t do anything to that pretty face.

  • henesy

    Some of you are just plain rude. Maybe you guys should take a look in the mirror. Lauren look cute here, I like the blue swimsuit.

  • ttyl

    Jared, you see how some are hungry to see bikini pictures of other celebs, thanks for posting. She looks great.

  • somethngtothinkabout

    She should start revealing that hot body she has, and get away from the clean cut image.

  • likb

    Jared, please post pictures of Whitney and Audrina. She looks great but i still feel she doesn’t feel comfortable in the bikini shots.

  • bdj

    Hedi and Lauren(Whoever they are) should merge into one and save on posts.

  • udumb

    duh likb, she was born in newport news, raised in laguna beach, why will she not feel comfortable wearing a bikini.

  • nastyho

    fuck off bdj, get a life.

  • rumors

    A friend of mine told me she saw Lauren and Josh Henderson frolicking at laguna beach on the 4th of July, so I guess they are getting seroius.

  • bdj

    44 nastyho
    NOW, NOW don’t take it so personal. It is just a blog and their is nothing wrong with doing the nasty in the right circumstances and with the right guy.

  • edith

    hey, I live at lb, I spotted them (Lauren and Josh).

  • daishstarter

    I don’t get the fuss about this girl. I mean she is cute but still don’t get the fuss.

  • nastyho

    I will do the nasty with you. Are bi, gay or straight. I will definetly eat Lauren’s walls.

  • bankrobber

    edith, are you the fan in starbucks opening pictures? you know what I’m talking about right?