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Posh & Becks - "W Magazine" August 2007

Posh & Becks -

As predicted back in April, hot almost-Hollywood couple David and Victoria Beckham grace the pages of W Magazine, as photographed by famed photographer Steven Klein.

Just mere days before moving to Los Angeles, the bleached-blonde pair look absolutely smokin‘ as cover models for the W August 2007 issue. Here’s the W blurb:

“When the soccer star married the pop singer, it was a match made in British tabloid heaven. Now David and Victoria Beckham are determined to become the new American idols.”


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posh becks w magazine 01
posh becks w magazine 02
posh becks w magazine 03
posh becks w magazine 04
posh becks w magazine 05
posh becks w magazine 06
posh becks w magazine 07

Credit: DieselMax; Photos: Steven Klein
Posted to: David Beckham, Victoria Beckham

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  • ????

    No wonder she is married to him – he is hot!!!

  • bgniki

    OMG SO THAT is why their marriage works!!!!!!

  • Andy


  • Vicky


  • Scarlett

    Posh and Becks are so hot, I want a steamy 3way!

  • [~Famous~]

    Those are some nice pictures.

  • h

    becks has the best body ever

  • Hmmmm

    I wish Brad and Angelina would do a layout like this.

  • (‘@’)

    Posh isn’t pretty or sexy at all.

  • Elliot

    I’m sorry. But who cares?! They are just way too full of themselves in my opinion and their “fame” in the U.S. is being forced down our throats…Soccer is not a popular sport here and Posh barely has any real career to hold onto.

    I’m just over the idea. Period.

  • suzy

    that cover picture is hot.

  • indiesr

    Angelina and Brad dont even want to do too much skin in movie scenes anymore due to their roll as parents, and I dont blame them. They dont have to be practically naked to be sexy and adored. Maybe Posh and Becks should take a page out of Brad and Angie’s Book…they already took their pose-the one with car is a little similer to Brad on the bike and Angie in the dust… don’t you think.

  • Ann

    My goodness, they are desperate for fame in the U.S., aren’t they?

  • Lisa

    They don’t need to take a page out of Brad & Angie’s book. It’s a hot photoshoot, and not half as bad as Brad & Angie’s shoot while he was married to Jennifer Anison, SO INSENSITIVE (even though it was hot as hell).

    Anyway Posh & Becks are one hot couple.

  • http://jj Audrey


  • fontana

    Air-brushing, photo-shop, they are attention-whores and she is an ugly pig. They are not popular here and they know it, so they do this photo-shoot that still cannot make Victoria look human. They need to go away, they are nothing.

  • james

    OMG !! OMG!!! they are so hot. It’s unbelievable!!! they have both a wonderful body. ………………….. even if Victoria is not so natural. She went to the plastic surgery soooooooo, David is the best

  • Jill

    They are definitely a Hot looking Couple. It’s not their idea to have pics. taken of them in there underwear…………Of course the photographer is the one who tells them how to pose. Just like any other celebrity. So Kudos to them!!! I’m sure alot of women and men are looking at Becks ass.

  • http://htt// JOUR

    We don’t care about them.

  • Sarah

    How hot are THEY? Don’t you mean him? She’s a fugly mess.

  • BBperfume

    I almost thought I was watchin teaser pics of the Beckham’s porno.

    yeah, hands down, they are photogenic and the chemistry is jumping out of the pages! OMG, they look like 20 year-olds, especially with Posh tiny body.

    But let’s give praise to photoshop , bcoz many normal couples could give killer shots like these with a lil bit of technology.

  • Nana

    Soo HOTT !!!

  • The Judge

    Victoria is ugly. No amount of photoshop can change that.

    Go away, Beckhams.

  • F4ri

    Exactly why are we bringing Brangelina in every single topic?

    I LOVE IT!

  • nika

    She might look hot in the pics, but, I personally dont find that. He has many too tattoos, I think.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Hot! Both have really hot bods! Victoria’s body is flawless! She’s go a nice tiny little pooper!

  • Rosie

    Jour speak for yourself.
    They are such a hot couple.

  • Damn

    David is definitely hot.

  • Lah

    God this is just fucking hot! They are super hot toguether!
    And look at Davids ass!!!!!!!!!! wow!

  • wan

    what exactly does she do for a living beside being a “pretty wife”

  • Miss Elliemae

    Nas-tee-ness PERSONIFIED-

  • TiaBia

    Her husband is so much hotter than her, LOL…ay yi yi

  • Beth

    They are the HOTTEST COUPLE EVER!! Gorgeous shoot, they both look amazing!!!!

  • brookbeck

    becks looks hot but skeleton spice dosen’t she needs a reality check she isn’t hot any more

  • Naomi

    yes, beautiful, but that doesn’t take away the fact he cheated on her and she needs a fucking cookie!

  • xoxoxo

    Ewww…they r so gross And nasty!

  • JJgirl

    Both of these lames are overrated.

  • Krystal aka preggy

    8 Hmmmm : 07/10/2007 at 4:46 pm
    I wish Brad and Angelina would do a layout like this.

    I was waiting for somone to say this..lmao

  • Diana

    Why they do this? Dont they want people in the States to like them?

  • MARY

    I agree with indiesr : and Elliot, but everyone has their own opinions I suppose. This shoot is a lil too much, yeah whatever they wanted to show skin…but the poses are just plain wrong; especially because theyre parents.Ive always hated posh, all the way back to the spice girls days, now shes even more pathtic…but David is a different story. He is good athlete, but as a celebrity he just over does it. What is the need for a reality show…I mean seriously as if there isnt enough, now the interesting one would be Angelina and Brad, what with all their charitable work and the fact that they are celebrities, posh is just a weirdo, and David is SLOWLY becoming one to, and these poses that you are all condoning just proves my post.
    Agree or disagree as long as people know that not everyone thinks that these pics are hot” *rolls eyes*

  • MARY

    I do have to admire David though, that body is definataly alot of hard work lol. he is definately fine though:-$

  • Oh No!

    The photos are so tasteless.. Why does everything have to look so PORN?? They could have done it more tastefully. They are both good looking enough to not have to go there.Sorry, JMHO

  • kaos

    Just wait till you hear him open his mouth! If that does not instantaneously turn you off or drive you to look frantically for the nearest ear plugs! AS for her, such a desperado! She actually practices before the mirror how to pose for the paparazzi whom her people tip off all the time. What a phony duo!

    There is big corporate money behind this brand so they will try everything to shove them down our throat this side of the pond. JUST SAY NO!

  • Ashley

    DAYUM he’s HOT!

  • Yari


  • the real tita

    If you’re hot, you’re hot. You don’t have to try real hard and the Beckhams are trying so hard that it doesn’t look natural at all. It’s so contrived that even if you know they’ve been married for a long time, it looks as if they are just actors doing a photoshoot.

    No sizzle that I can see. If they are they like this in real life, then it’s no wonder that Becks still likes to play around. Posh needs to light his fire more often instead of going shopping all the time. She probably doesn’t mind his extra curricular activities just as long as he comes home and pays the bills.

  • Shmoo

    Ew! I know y’all think this is hot but I look at the pictures and see trash. I bet if anything they added a few pounds on her in Photoshop to smooth out the bones.

  • Megan

    I don’t understand why they have to be so distastful…

  • Mimi

    They look good on the cover..however, we all know that Victoria does NOT look like that! Take a look at any casual pics of her and she doesn’t look half as attractive as she does on that cover.

    Oh, and her ass: hahahaha….

    Wait, actually her behind is kinda sad…there is nothing there!

    I used to love the Beckhams when I was younger and they were younger (I’m 26 now)….but their fame and attention-hungry ways are pathetic on 30 yrs olds…

    They have a wonderful trio of sons, tho. So cute.

  • Moonlight

    Not a fan, but DAMN! They are smoking h-o-t.