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Sienna Miller Loves Her Red Sunglasses

Sienna Miller Loves Her Red Sunglasses

Three outfits, one day!

Sienna Miller sports her favorite shades — red Ray-Ban Wayfarers — while promoting her latest film Interview in NYC on Tuesday.

The British actress filmed Interview in NYC’s Tribeca back in April with Steve Buscemi, who pulled double duty as actor and director.

Sienna, 25, did a whole slew of press today from morning shows to The Late Show with David Letterman, which airs tonight @ 11:35PM ET/PT. The bright red minidress is by Valentino, bag from Balenciaga and sandals from Chanel. The babydoll gray dress is from her new line Twenty8Twelve.

Interview follows fading political journalist Pierre Peter (Buscemi) after a falling out with his editor. Somehow he is then forced to interview America’s most popular soap star Katya (Miller). The film opens in limited release on Friday, July 13.

20+ pictures inside of Sienna sporting her fave pair of shades…

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sienna miller red sunglasses 01
sienna miller red sunglasses 02
sienna miller red sunglasses 03
sienna miller red sunglasses 04
sienna miller red sunglasses 05
sienna miller red sunglasses 06
sienna miller red sunglasses 07
sienna miller red sunglasses 08
sienna miller red sunglasses 09
sienna miller red sunglasses 10
sienna miller red sunglasses 11
sienna miller red sunglasses 12
sienna miller red sunglasses 13
sienna miller red sunglasses 14
sienna miller red sunglasses 15
sienna miller red sunglasses 16
sienna miller red sunglasses 17
sienna miller red sunglasses 18
sienna miller red sunglasses 19
sienna miller red sunglasses 20

Photos: James Ambler/Aaron St Clair/Splash News Online, Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • W

    I actually love the red sunglasses

  • Nadia

    i hate sienna miller i can’t stand her.

  • Nadia who loves Sienna

    she is the first.i love her.great oufits…

  • Jill and Ruby

    This girl just looks so nasty to me.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Ray Ban Wayfreir’s or Wayfares. You know? That brand. That brand doesn’t look good on everybody. You have to have a certian face to wear them. Face almost has to be damned near perfect. Sienna has a very pretty, dainty face and, the sunglasses look great on her.

  • michaela

    She’s so adorable! Does anyone know what theaters Interview will be in?

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Damn she looks great in jeans! She got that nice little pooper!

  • [~Famous~]

    If it wasnt for those glasses I would of thought it was a different person in each one of those pictures.

  • Clive

    Sienna, you do not look good in anything, you are a fugly, dirty looking no-talent sl#t and your movies are losers. Okay? Now stop posting here.

  • ski bum

    Is she pregnant or just the victim of lousy taste in clothes? She even looks pregnant in the jeans.

  • tessa

    she’s pretty and i think she can act, surely she’ll only get better at it, but i can’t help but notice how much she copies kate moss in her style of dress.

  • lucky

    Druggies never get better at anything. Sienna is an admitted druggie, loves her magic mushrooms, and she’s nothing now, and will bcome less and less because she’s nothing but hype. What do her movies do, nada.

  • Shauna

    I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Sienna. I really adored her in Keen Eddie, and thought she had a lot of spirit and talent, but I really feel out of like with her during the Nannygate circus with Jude Law. I hope that she finds her nitch in films, and finds a happy stable relationship, which much to her denial, I suspect she would be happiest in.

  • vince

    If it wasn’t for her relationship with Jude Law, Sienna would not have been given anything, and that’s not saying much. As they all found out, Sienna wasn’t worth bothering with.

  • [marie]

    At least her eyeglasses are covering up those furry jacked-up eyebrows of hers. Bleach those bi tches… do it for the children

  • Dr Jube

    Ski bum, if that is your definiton of looking pregnant in jeans, then, damn it, I wanna look pregnant in jeans too.
    She looks stunning!
    How any of you could possibly say otherwise, I have no idea. Tis jealousy, I suppose, haha. Get over it, guys. She’s hot, she’s rich, she’s talented, she’s slept with Jude Law: DEAL WITH IT. :-)

  • booo

    such a boring, plain and desperate girl.
    not even worthy of press

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Dr Jube: I totally agree with you! If, I looked supposedly, pregnant even jeans like, Sienna then, I want to look pregnant like that too! Ski bum WTF?
    Okay, I just heard Sienna is pregnant with P. Diddy’s baby. LMAO! Not! She’s so not pregnant. She looks fabulous. One picture of her in the short baby doll red dress her, legs look so loooong and slender. The girl has amazing legs. It’s no wonder she, beat out Katie Holmes & Kate Hudson to play, Edie in FG! Of, Course Katie and Kate Hudson where shy about the nudity and sex scenes in FG. Sienna’s actually got the acting chops to be an actress. She’s a tough cookie. I think she’s funny too.
    People, that don’t find Sienna attractive are, either jealous or with the guys upset, CUZ she’s not with you!

  • Dr Jube

    I agree Mrs Fugly – if you read her interviews, she’s very funny & extremely down to earth. I haven’t read one bad review of her in Factory Girl. The film may not have been that good, but every review i’ve read has said she was outstanding as Edie.

  • bart

    Sienna looks preggers in everything here, open your eyes, fugly one. Her legs are bony and she is knock-kneed as hell. Her hair is so over-bleached it looks like straw and her face is fugly and she doesn’t have a waist or an a$$, which is why she wears those shapeless dresses, I suppose. And what’s with those eyebrows, small children must run from her screaming! As for her interviews, maybe people would see her movies if she would keep her mouth shut and stop telling us how wonderful her magic mushrooms are. Her movies flop, that is the bottom line in the entertainment industry. She’s nothing and probably knows it which is why her PR people are kept busy GETTING her the interviews that are killing anything she had resembling a career. I agree, if not for Jude Law……we wouldn’t be subjected to this hag.

  • Bart

    Open your eyes, Fugly One, Sienna is a hag. A no-talent hag with not one hot movie to her credit. She has no shape, no a$$, no tits, and her legs are as bony and as shapeless as her a$$. She DOES have great PR, though, but those magazine interviews they get her are what’s ruining her career. Sienna always manages to dribble out something that turns people away from her movies, stupid hag just can’t shut up. She’s so outta here, just hanging on, but her magic mushrooms prevent her from living in reality. And she looks preggers in everything here, but at least these sh#tty outfits hide her shapless frame.

  • LMAO

    Hey Bart, I agree with you about Sienna, but why did you post twice about the same thing? Yeah, she does look preggers and you’d have to be on drugs to wear those stupid outfits. She probably paid a fortune for them just to look like a stupid twit.

  • bdj

    Wow I hope she isn’t pregnant. Just what the world needs another P Diddy Jr. JUST KIDDING, not starting rumors.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Bart-Don’t be such a fart! Just kidding with you. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I did see some scene’s from FG and one scene happen’s to be the sex scene. Sienna, does have actually a small waist. Her hips are small too so, it doesn’t make her waist seem so small like, broads with big hips. Broads with huge hips look, like they have this itty bitty waist by their huge, hippo comparison. Sienna actually has a great body and stature.
    If, you think she’s got boney, knocked-kneed legs then, you must like them legs kind of on the thick side. What ever floats you’re boat dude.

  • natalie

    I hate that dumb b*tch. She has NO TALENT. Doing a few crappy movies does not make you a star, or someone worth caring about.
    She’s arrogant as hell in every interview and pictures… you can just see it on her face.
    I don’t understand why people find her attractive. She is flat chested and vanilla.

  • Nana

    Love her style !

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    After seeing her on David Letterman today, I really like her a lot more now. She has a really fun personality.

  • Yily

    Sienna is one of my favorite fashion icons today. I love that she can mix certain piece of clothing and accessories together without trying too hard. Her style is always unique and original and most of all effortless. Nobody can deny that Sienna Miller does casual clothing very well. She can layer so many things together yet look beautiful! Sienna is definitely a very edgy woman. She say stupid things most of the time but her style is always influential and inspiring.

  • http://justjared fighter

    damn it she is VERY VERY VERY beautiful…and you must watch layer cake…then love her…i will wait for STARDUST…

  • Pole

    She is pretty but her style is nothing but a bad copy of Kate Moss’, she’s not very good at acting and she doesn’t seem like a very nice of smart person in interviews IMO. Her comments about the nanny, drugs and Pittsburg makes her seem stupid to me.

  • Dieter

    I wanna slam her in the pooer

  • Sarah

    Sienna is working the 60′s fashion! It’s good to see her pick up from that ugly mishap at the Valentino show.

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    Watch her David Letterman interview and you’re opinion of her will change. Before, I thought she was an annoying attention whore who only got famous because of Jude Law. But after seeing the interview, Sienna came off very down to earth and funny. I’m not saying I’m a big fan of her now, but I just admire her more now. Before she was just like Lindsay Lohan to me, aka a waste of news.

  • cutie pie

    yeah she likes red sunglasses who gives a damn , she likes black men publish that and quit trying to make her look so great. SHES A NOBODY

  • Celeb_Star

    I just bought a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers- LOVE THEM!