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Victoria Beckham is "Just a Normal Girl"

Victoria Beckham is

Victoria Beckham gets in some last minute London shopping on Tuesday before her family’s big move to Los Angeles.

In a recent telephone interview with Victoria, she admitted she’s “just a normal girl from London” who happens to be “living quite a surreal life.”

On what people can expect from her TV special: “It’s funny. People really get to see what I’m really like. I have quite a dry sense of humor, which I hope is going to translate to Americans I’m incredibly blessed and I wanted to show that to everybody.”

On her family’s reaction to moving to the States: “[My family] is so excited. [The boys] actually think they’re moving to Disneyland.”

On keeping her children out of the spotlight: “We don’t ever allow the children to be photographed or filmed. We like them to be normal kids. I didn’t want any of my friends in there, either. This isn’t a reality show, it’s a documentary about me Anything we do professionally, we try to keep the children out of it. We don’t sort of traipse them up and down the red carpet.”

On the chance of more television work if her special does well: “I wouldn’t say I’m going to be the next TV star. We’ll see what people make of this.”

On not relaunching her acting career: “I’m certainly not using this as a springboard to launch any sort of solo career, you’ll be glad to hear. I really wasn’t that good [at acting in Spice World]/ I must be the only person in L.A. that doesn’t want to be in films.”

NBC will air the hourlong TV special Victoria Beckham: Coming to America on Monday, July 16 @ 8PM ET/PT.

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  • Laura

    she looks nice and not as skinny as i always imagine she is!

  • Christy

    She’s on crack. I’ve seen countless pictures of her freaking kids! Why keep them out of the show. With the way she works the paps…her kids are always on the Victoria Beckham Show. Every minute of their freaking lives. Get real, lady! The notion of you protecting your kids from the media is freaking f***ing joke.

  • chanck

    Girl??? More like a MEGA B i t c h !!!!

  • lola

    “This isn’t a reality show, it’s a documentary …”
    here your show is called a REALITY SHOW !!!!!!!!

  • brookbeck

    skeleton spice needs a news flash. she has as much as a dry humor as her dry bones. her son brooklyn and romeo was in all of their other reality shows and documentays and they are always being photographed no matter where they go she is failing with that saying that she doesn’t allow them to be photographed or filmed.

  • kate.

    shes a robot.

  • WTH?

    Normal?? What the h*ll is normal anyway??

  • mrsme

    My face hurts when I see her. She always wear a ton of fat make-up and her hair looks fat too. Stay away from the self-tanner Victoria! You really look robotic, and with those clothes always matching and flawless, you just look.. uhh.. not normal. It’s not called fashion. You really have no taste.

  • Greg

    This woman is hurting. There is nothing appealing about her and I wish this bizzarro family would just go away. A reality show with this bunch of nothings? Who the hell would even turn on the TV for that pig-nosed twit? She is messing up her kids with her sick need for attention. and God, those boobs, all that money and she can’t even get a decent boob job? Shows you money can’t buy brains.

  • h

    yeeeikes with all the hate.. i think she looks cute and normal here!

  • [~Famous~]

    This biish is a real robot, she shows no human emotion whatsoever!

    If she owned a personality she would be 10times more popular.

  • Dee

    What’s up with all the haters all of the sudden?? seriously..if you don’t like her don’t waste your time writing lame comments…Jared posts things about like 100 other celebs..find your favorite celeb to comment or look for a new hobby!!!!

    she looks fab! but please Victoria, switch back to brunette!

  • Jamie

    UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Which photographer is obsessed with this girl………’s driving me crazy! I’m sick of seeing pics of her. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mmmmm

    She had a $500 thousand dollar closet put in her new house, it even has a computer that tells her when was the last day she wore a certain outfit. She doesnt want the kids involved b/c that might take up some of her spot light. I cannot imagine her being funny … she is a empty self absorbed waste.

  • Brenna

    …”she is a empty self absorbed waste”…

    Mmmmm- Totally agree with your assessment of VB- You are 100% “SPOT ON”!

  • Didi

    “just a normal girl”

    sorry i jus fell off the chair laughing my ass off.
    oh..the irony.

  • Beth

    Thanks Jared, Victoria looks gorgeous. Love the outfit. She seems really sweet.

  • Lulu

    I love how some people are stupid enough to believe what the papers say about the $500 thousand closet.
    Your opinion about her and her family is just based on what papers say about them, so if you believe everything that tabloids say, that’s really sad.

    When you hear comments from people who actually know them, you only hear that they are nice and normal people, nothing like what tabloids say.

    If you don’t like them stay out of the topics about them.

    i can’t understand how you can hate someone you know nothing about, that just called stupidity to me.

  • Mmmmm

    18 Lulu

    You are right, I dont know if that is fact, if it was not true I would be shocked. Howerver, doesnt change the fact that the image she puts out there is empy and bottomless.

    This is a celeb blog, ppl post comments in case you havent noticed? Who used the word hate? I did not. She appears to serve no real purpose, cameras are following her and never shows her doing anything worth while.

    PS. Seems like you just threw out some negativity against someone you didnt know .. hmmmm?

  • smooth

    It’s very sad to see how many haters are here. Why do you people hate? If you don’t like her,don’t care so don’t write,don’t pay attention on her. It’s so silly to spread negativity,wich is enough in our world…
    And Lulu is right,just stupid to judge somebody with help of tabloids. Victoria is married woman with 3 children,she is reach enough to shop a lot and wear every day new outfit,so what? This is here money she can do with them what ever she wants. At least she doesn’t go to jail,rehab or partys every evening.

  • mat

    omg you people are so sad,
    vb is stunning and sucsesful

  • Lulu

    Mmmmm, the hate thing wasn’t directed to you ;)

  • [~Famous~]

    Dee, STFU please.

    “Jared posts things about like 100 other celebs” – which 100?!? You mean Jared post things about like the same 15-20 celebrities.

  • name

    she doesn’t need a computer in her closet – people like her never ever wear anything more than once.

  • the woman is disgusting

    Why does she call herself a girl? She is a woman with children and a husband and in her thirties. She dresses like a lady of the evening and her poor children have to view their Mother in a sexually dressed way all the time and all for her attention seeking insecurities.

    How does a human being behave in all of the ways she does and have any dignity left at all? It is mind boggling.

    Oh and by the way, have you heard David Beckham’s voice? Oh dear…

  • Mimi

    Bet she will contribute to the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!!

  • Didi

    Dee you f*cking low life loser. its called free speech, if we want to post hate messages on all those threads of the ’100 other celebs’ as well as this skeletel airbagged popsicles thread we f*cking will.

    learn to accept criticism, not everyone will like your favourite celeb so its a given that there will be hate messages. I see a lot of hate on the threads of people i like but i dont go attacking them because I accept people are entitled to their opinion. If you want censorship go live in Cuba or Iran.

  • Didi

    sorry my typing is a bit off cos i just got my nails done

  • melly

    I LOVE VIC!!! she looks great!!!

  • yara

    VB is a cool girl for sure. and if u dont like her good more money she counting on her pocket=))

  • ed

    hello everybody….i am Victoria beckham…just pass by to see how’s it going
    and thank you so much for your support. hate mails and hate comments really do make me feel stronger day by day…and i really appriciate the fact that you truly speak your own thoughts…im so bored of people telling me im nice and cool and rich and got a fantastic sense of humour and other possitive stuffs so i do enjoy bad comments and negative feedbacks…i suddenly get hooked in the nastyness…so..again…thank you… reading your comments give me a very fantastic relaxing time…good jobs you guys
    and please dont stop…
    much love

    how about that…

  • hehe

    hahahaha you guys really made me laugh. first off Britney never dressed well and most people hate her, then Victoria dressed too well, “too robotic’ people also hate her. with that said, i dont think Vic a normal girl at all. and by the way, she does wears her stuff more than once. i’ve seen those pics at other sites.



  • nokia

    name = she doesn’t need a computer in her closet – people like her never ever wear anything more than once

    —>> u think u know everything? she wears those shoes a couple times, and she wore that same tees and sweater a couple months ago… stupid

  • Liz

    Yeah right you anorexic skank, your just a normal girl, why does this woman talk out of her ass.

    As for her kids not being on her documentary, I am not surprised in the slightest, because that would mean Posh spice would have to be with them alot more than she is at the moment. She likes to spend as little time as possible with those kids of hers.

  • Carol

    Victoria looks great as usual. I’d love to watch her documentary, she’s always a good laugh.. gotta love her sense of humour.

    Can’t wait to watch her on stage in January!!!

  • jackie

    i think she’s cute, doesn’t matter if you don’t like her, not like she gives a f*ck :)

  • squid

    I wanna see this show.. I’ve watched their old documentary and she is pretty funny IMO. I like her hair short like that too, kinda reminds me of T-boz from TLC. :)