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Zac Efron's Mini Burger Madness

Zac Efron's Mini Burger Madness

After Zac Efron‘s much talked about kiss on MuchMusic, our friends at ENewsBuzz caught the Hairspray star rolling up his sleeves and digging into some mini-burgers at a private party held at the Drake Hotel in Toronto on Monday night.

Poor Zac was attacked by cougars all night, our spywitness tell

Also in attendance was Hairspray costar Amanda Bynes, who jumped ship early and had dinner with a gal pal at Italian restaurant Sotto Sotto Trattoria. Newcomer Nikki Blonsky was joined by her parents and younger brother.

You can stream the entire Hairspray soundtrack at AOL Music. And don’t forget to enter our Hairspray contest to win hand fans of the entire cast!

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Photos: ENewsBuzz
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  • Matahari


  • Babysis

    I think he might be single now.

  • Kelly

    Yeah I agree with Babysis. He’s single now and probably regreting the kiss! lol Feed him to the wolves ladies!

  • natalie

    Vanessa was sooo his *beard*

  • zac

    Zac looks like Clay Aiken. Heavy Make Up.

  • Hanna

    Zac what an idiot! Someone is getting his ass kicked….no one messes with Vanessa!


    hahahaha i think Vanessa just dumped hiM! rofl

  • Jennie

    Yep, he’s deserves some ass kicking! Please Vanessa DUMP him already!

  • *

    He doesn’t look very happy in these pictures. Will there be a break-up in his future? I guess we’ll see when he gets back. What a dumb ass!!

  • Babysis

    The way i heard it he dumped her, but it i’m not sure, it was one those friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend things.

  • Lulu

    i hope he’s single cuz he doesn’t deserve to be dating vanessa, she’s way too much for him.

  • natalie

    haha, dude look like a lady

  • Kat

    Babysis, he didn’t dump her! lol He just admitted in a recent interview that V and him are a couple, but that he didn’t want to talk anymore about his personal life. He wanted it private! All this singleness and teasing only came when he kiss the Fat ass on MOD! It was not only gross, but so uncalled for!


    Lulu, what do you mean? that she’s too pretty for him, or she’s too slutty for him?

  • yuppzz

    12 and 13 agreed so much! it was uncalled for, and he does look like a lady. rofl

  • madcow

    oh haha that dumb idiot!! good thing!! VANESSA IS WAY TOO GOOD FOR HIM!! ZAC IS TOO HOMOSEXUAL FOR V!! hahah
    i bet v dumped him!! that bastard!! that’s what you get you bitch!

  • tessa

    he’s looks like such a pompous dookie

  • putanginamo

    oh to hell with it!! he looks like a homosexual donkey!! omg zac efron! you retarded homo!! you put too much make up on!! why??
    covering up ur ugliness??? whaha good thing v dumped ur homosexula ass!!!

  • Lulu

    I don’t think she’s too pretty for him ’cause he’s hot. But she’s better than him, he’s a cheater. This is the second (if not more) time he cheats on her. In Toronto he did too at a pary.


    Oh, okay Lulu i get what you’re saying and i agree SO much.
    I think she can do better than him, in my opinion…
    Zac doesn’t seem to be the guy who would be loyal…
    there’s been so many rumours that he cheated on her in the past…

    so yes, i do agree with you and thank you for stating that!

  • putanginamo

    omg lulu he did??? that idiot!! he is soo dead for hurting v!!

  • Lulu

    yes he did, i mean im not sure. idk much about zac efron but i knew he was dating vanessa hudgens and my friend that was in the set of hairspray said amanda would always flirt with him and amanda has a bf, i think she met him there in the set. and yeah my friend said zac would always flirt with the girls and she said he used to go to a table dance with elijah kelly when they had time, and they would have parties in their hotel and she said zac cheated on vanessa and she got mad they broke up and got back together soon after that.

  • madcow

    omg who did zac cheat to?? that little arrghh!! zac go to hell!!

  • putanginamo

    ohmygoodness!! vanessa why’d u get back together with him??
    ohh he’s not worth it!! that stpid guy!! i hate him!

  • Tori

    That ass hole! Zac is such an idiot! He’s loosing his good guy image! Geez…what’s next?! I hope Vanessa was okay with that kiss…hmm…I wouldn’t be!

  • Lulu

    yeah i know, but my friend said he was so nice!! and she said he was really really funny, and nice all the time to the fans but he would act diva-ish sometimes. but she did say he was nice.


    OMG. WHAT AN A**HOLE!!!!!!

    thanks Lulu for sharing!

  • putanginamo

    omfg!!! his ego!! just because he’s on hairspary!! omg guys and their ego!! it’s always about that…that’s why they end up cheating!!
    i hate him!! i am no depressed! :(


    he LOOKS and SOUND nice, but cheating on ANYONE doesn’t make him nice.
    that makes him i*diot!!!!

    it’s not a shock to me he cheated or IS cheating…
    he doesn’t seem to be the guy you can trust or loyal!

  • Lacei

    I don’t know if I believe that he cheated on her. Why would V take him back?? But by the looks of the pic I just saw of Nikki and him kissing all I can say is I hope V kicks his ass! WTF was that?? Jerk!!

  • vania

    i thought zack loved vnesa after the hawaii pics now im not sure, if he did love her he wouldnt have done that would he? idiot.

  • Elise

    He does not look happy in these pics. Do you think he called V after this whole thing happened? I know it was for promotion, but if it were me I would have felt some guilt if I was in a relationship with someone else. Maybe V wasn’t too mad.

  • madison

    wtf you guys. give him a break. vanessas probably fine. its for promoting the movie. press. JESUS.

  • Anna

    I’m shocked about the homosexual hate here on this board!! It is something inborn.
    And you don’t know if he cheated or not. Anybody may spread this rumors…

  • natalie

    I cannot stand this Zac Efron character but how the hell is he a “cheater” for kissing his COSTAR, ON TV? He’s an actor and that is what he was doing. ACTING. That’s not cheating… he is probably friends with the actress and they did it in a light hearted way. If he was a “cheater” he would be hooking up with a girl in his private life, not tv. I can’t believe how seriously you people seem to take this sh*t when you don’t know Zac or Vanessa. It’s kind of funny.

    Anyway — he is completely unappealing and looks like a 12 year old girl.

  • liveinlove

    He looks tired to me.

  • Jo

    Him and Vanessa are still a couple! its was ACTING, shes with an actor, she will understand.

  • Sara

    omg people, just because of that he and V won’t break up. they kissed for a fan asked them a question. I think that Vanessa and Zacs relationship is stronger than breaking up for that thing

  • http://deleted LOL

    His face is fake…..

  • Angela

    He is way too pretty. I don’t get the hype because he looks like a girl.

  • willl

    OMG!!! wat an ASS H0LE!! vanessa should juz dump him!!! and.. I AGREE WITH LULU! vanessa is TOO good for him!! U KNOW WAT I LOVE VANESSA TO DEATH!!!!! IF I CAN MEET ZAC EFRON I WILL KISS HIS ASS HOLE!!!!!!! xD lol…

  • willl


  • chay

    some people need to get over the kiss already. it was staged… the kiss was no different from the Will/Sasha kiss shared on last month’s MTV Movie Awards. you don’t hear Isla or Will’s wife crying foul, do you?

    “Power to the Peaceful!”

  • Diane


  • anniee

    u guys rlly need to stop talking bad about him, u don’t know if the kiss was scripted or not um, but yeah i mean if he apologizes then everything should be okaybut whatever. if i were vanessa yes i would be upset but i would get over it and continue with my life and i think the kiss was just for publicity but who knows, he seemed to enjoy it and yeah that kind of makes me mad cuz he has a gf but i think he does love vanessa and the kiss with nikki didn’t mean anything for him, that’s what i wanna think. .

    if the stories of him cheating on her are actually true then yeah zac, what an asshole.

  • [~Famous~]

    Dude’s wearing more make-up than Amanda. Haha fcuking tool

  • Juls

    hahahahahaha this dude is such a pompous little ass. he’s so ridiculous with his cow licked hair and “i’m too sexy for my shirt” poses… at least get potty-trained before walking around like god’s gift (punishment, really… but he doesn’t realize that).

  • myself

    what a cheeseball this kid is…can he wear ANY more makeup?!?!

  • melissa

    Gosh, stop making up a bunch of rumours! Zac did not cheat on her and if he did, that’s their life. It’s his life now respect that and stop bashing him. There are still very loyal fans of his that admire and know that kiss was for publicity. He even said “Tracy” acting out the part that was played in the movie b/c Nikki’s name is Tracy in the movie. Please just respect that. It is just soo hurtful that you would bash him, can’t you see it was for publicity. Now we don’t know what goes on with his personal and I really don’t care, he may have broken up with Vanessa or not but it is not our problem so stop bashing him and making up a bunch of rumours. Gosh, you guys it’s hurtful.

  • bella