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Becks & Posh - "W Magazine" August 2007

Becks & Posh -


On wanting to change America’s opinion of her: “I think people are really going to see me for the first time. I think they have this impression that I’m this miserable cow who doesn’t smile. But I’m actually quite the opposite. When you’re out there, they’re trying to get pictures up your shirt, down your top. With all the flashes, it’s as much as you can do to just find your car. I’m going to try and smile more for America.”

On falling for David’s family values rather than his soccer fame
: “I didn’t really know who he was. I was never into football… He was always with his mom, dad and sister while a lot of the footballers were at the bar getting drunk. I could sense right from the start that David was a gentleman, and very family-oriented, which is important because I’m the same.”

On buying a 22-million dollar villa in Beverly Hills, California: “I had quite a lot of things to get my head around. What was the nicest area? I was very much like, ‘Okay, the seaside is down there, training is there, school is there, and I think Barneys is over there.’ I kind of did it like that… we didn’t want anything too huge, too fancy, too ostentatious… something quite practical for the kids. It’s a light, happy house, with a great corridor the kids are going to love when they are roller-skating.”

On whether they are moving to America to improve the image of their current projects: “We’re not out to be the most famous people in America. We’re not looking at the move as boosting the brand. We’re us and we’ve got our kids. We’re not aware of a lot of the madness going on around us. We kind of keep to ourselves, really.”

On being a Spice Girl: “Being a Spice Girl opened a lot of doors, but it also shut many because of preconceptions people have about me. I’ve had to bang down those doors.”

On being focused on her career at a young age
: “Everything revolved around my dancing and singing lessons. I used to customize my school uniforms. I loved clothes, hair and makeup. I’ve always been a real girly girl.”

On being pulled over by a cop in la for making an illegal turn: “The policeman was gorgeous. And he loved my shoes.”

Read snippets of David Beckham‘s interview with W magazine inside…



On insisting he and Victoria will not convert to Scientology despite their friendship with Tom & Katie: “Tom has never even talked to us about [Scientology], much less tried to push it on us.”

On wanting to make Americans fall in love with professional soccer: “I do believe I can take it to another level. I wouldn’t have taken up the challenge if I didn’t believe I could have that effect.”

On why they don’t hire live-in staff: “We like to lock the doors at night and wander around naked.”

On trusting his wife: “I trust my wife 110 percent. When people say, ‘Victoria wears the trousers,’ I’m happy.

On his famous hairstyles: “I never actually think, Okay, next week I’m going to get a mullet. I just wake up one morning and I’m bored with my hair and shave it off. It’s just something I enjoy.”

On seeing Victoria in a Spice Girls video and knowing that she was ‘the one for him’: “I turned around to Gary (his teammate) and said, ‘That one there, that’s the girl I’m going to marry.’”

On being determined to play soccer at a very young age: “At school whenever the teachers asked, ‘What do you want to do when you’re older?’ I’d say, ‘I want to be a footballer.’ And they’d say, ‘No, what you really want to do, for a job?’ But that was the only thing I ever wanted to do.”

On Victoria helping him out with his style: “I’ve always had a liking toward clothes, but when I met Victoria, she directed me in the right way. When she tells me something doesn’t look good, I believe her. We have a connection that way.”

On not getting up the nerve to ask Victoria out when they were first introduced: ”I’m quite shy. I just sort of waved from the other side of the bar. I sort of said hello and then just went back to Manchester. I was quite upset and gutted.”

On his sizeable gay fan base: “I feel it’s an honor. It’s nice to be loved.”


Read the full article on Posh and Becks here.

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Photos: Steven Klein
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  • Cat

    ewww, he has the nastiest abs in the world.i thought he was built. ewwwww. that’s not a 6 pack! more like a 12 pack.

  • Delilah

    Wow. Amazing pics! They’re seriously one of the cutest couples ever. They look so happy together. (=

  • Lucy

    Gosh These Pictures Are So Hoooootttttt!!!!!!! I Would Love To See Brangelina Do These Poses

  • Crystal

    Dayum. They are so hot. Much props to them.

  • [~Famous~]

    They do make a good looking couple.

  • lauren


  • vicky


  • cool

    I think I am going to barf. These people are ao full of themselves, and David cheats on Victoria for obvious reasons – she’s a stupid, conceited sk#nk with ugly boobs. Wow, so much photo-shopping and air-brushing here, who are they trying to kid? Oh yeah, THEMSELVES! And Delilah, you are obviously getting paid by the Beckhams (or you are ugly Posh herself) because you write the same thing in all the Beckham threads. Time to change the PR schtick, Delilah, it is way too recognizable due to the repetition. Same goes for another repetitious comment in this thread, been seen too many times. Victoria, no amount of air-brushing will hide your sk#nkiness.

  • sweetstuff

    Please, totally unecessary……..

  • [marie]

    Beckham is hot…

  • cole

    Wow! Thanks Jared

  • Gator Aide

    He looks like he belongs in a gay porn mag and she looks like sh#t as usual. Yawn, go away both of you, trying to sell yourselves to who for what.

  • k

    They’re both as*holes.eeewwww.

  • sweetstuff

    Hot? I’m obviously looking at a different set of pictures…..are you serious? David, I’ll give him props for his football talent but thats about it. Too many tatoos…….yuck. And Victoria’s beige underwear ensemble complete with granny knickers to hide her wrinkly stomach, hot, are you sure?

  • Hyall

    Victoria’s head looks like it belongs on the end of a boa constictor. These people are marketing themselves in a shameless, WAY over the top manner, and it is beyond disgusting. but not surprising, coming from such common trash like the Beckhams.

  • Yari


  • zina

    she looks like a monkey

  • orson

    is she wearing a pad? eww disgusting. not at all sexy.

  • f4ri

    Wow such hater. Some of you really are jealous cause its not your precious Brangelina that are in those pictures.

  • nokia

    Cool — u considered yourself cool? U also full of yrself, just see in the mirror are u better than them.. I don’t think so, you are poor I bet, people who talk shit like that are uneducated..u are one of those people. Get a life.find some money and learn something other than talking some shit.

  • Beth

    They are the HOTTEST COUPLE EVER! David looks insanely hot and Victoria looks absolutely GORGEOUS! thanks

  • arakashi

    Lol. I totally agree. He’s soo gay. Wait to hear him talk. Very gay. And his wife… eww, trying too hard. she might no smile in front of the papz but she’s wrong to think that her show will show a different image of her. We know who you truly are, Mrs skeletor. Don’t fool the American public.

  • wann

    victoria should smile more..she looks really mean

  • boohoo

    Nothing special.

  • nene sheery

    18 orson : 07/11/2007 at 5:21 pm

    Lol yeah. I noticed this too. She’s wearing a pad in the 9th pic. I guess david likes this sort of things. Disgusting sickening couple.

  • Nando


  • Tash

    I have nothing against this couple but whoever did this photo shott needs to be FIRED! These would have to be the most unflattering photos I have ever seen. The props are nasty and the outcome is that they have made these two look worse than any comment here could do to them. Yuk. Sorry but thumbs down.

  • African Girl

    *In my best Helen Lovejoy Voice*
    Will someone please think of the children?!!!

    I’m going to try and smile more for America.”

    Rotflmao..yeah Vic that’s all it’s gonna take to change America’s opinion of you.

  • nene sheery

    I agree with you. Looks like david likes this sort of things. Disgusting sickening couple.

  • http://htt// xxx

    They not hot in fact they’re nasty.

  • Lulu

    LMAO, Always the same haters, who come in every single topic about them, looking at every single picture of them, analyzing their every move and their every words, i don’t call that hate, i call that obsession.
    It’s really strange how you can’t stand them or hate them, but you’re always here talking about them. LOL

  • nika


  • repos ter

    : 07/11/2007 at 3:37 am

    The desperation that seeps out of these two is not normal. WTF is next maybe pictures of her fingering herself?

    He looks hot but seriously gay. What is the point of these photo’s?

    They have loads of money, they are constantly photographed, they have nearly everything they could possibly need including 3 children but thats not enough for them, so instead they want to have photo shoots of them almost touching their private parts. GTFOH.

    I hate Angelina and Brad but at least they have a little class unlike these two pathetic media parasites.

    That cover is not good, he looks badly airbrushed. As for her well she looks like a crack addict.

  • Nana

    That man is so damn fine

  • brookbeck

    i was just finish puking from the first set of pictures of her now new ones come out


    They suck, seriously. Just a bunch of media wh*res.

    GO AWAY, Faaa, Faaa away!

  • zzzz boring

    He has no lips just lines and his body looks girlie are those panties hes wearing? She has a ms.piggy nose and faux knockers that a maxi pad between her legs?..
    he wont leave her she holds the cards hes cheated to many times and she says he was a ugly geek til she clean him up..i saw his pics she is right

  • mel s

    My god!! She’s wearing a pad while f*cking with her gay husband. OMG!! What a dirrrty whorrrrre. Siiiiick!!!

  • Sarah







  • Cynthia

    They make a gorgeous couple. Love Dave, he’s so attractive and sexxxy! Keep him on a leash Posh!

  • tsk tsk tsk

    F*cking t****wreckkkkk. They make me sick.

  • http://htt// f

    Only doesn’t put that trash on their website. I like JJ than TMZ ,but in this I’m appreciated what’s TMZ does.

  • Sarah

    LMAO why do haters open a thred full of pics about people they “hate” LOSERS!!

  • kae

    I have nothing against these two but I’m getting a little sick of seeing them in the press, just like TomKat and Brangelina. It seems like a contest of who can get the most publicity. Publicity whores…..

  • serenita

    The girlie footballer and his slutty stick wife. uggh!!! I’ve just seen the maxi pad pic. can someone get it out of our face??? it’s so nauseous! i can’t believe they didn’t realise it would show. isn’t she supposed to be classy lady? ugghhh!! it time to get back to tampons, mrs skeletor beckhams.

  • Cynthia

    Dave looking delish in his tighty whities, him and Posh look so natural in these pics. Soooo uninhibited!

  • SimplyMe

    No Class.


    NOT HOT..They’re actually gross.

  • jamie

    i don’t think it’s a maxi pad. it’s her undie. but it’s covered with another pink undie or sumin like that. no maxi pad at all.

  • Moonlight

    “I think they have this impression that I’m this miserable cow who doesn’t smile.”

    Yup. Pretty much, Vics. They’re still hot, though.