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Mo 'Nique gets NAKED!

Mo 'Nique gets NAKED!

Paris has always been fabulous. It’s about to get fabulous and thick.

Host Mo’Nique and her F.A.T. CHANCE finalists get buck-arse naked in their latest photo shoot. The full-figured females slathered on the body paint to promote their Oxygen reality TV show, where big beauty meets big fashion. The finalists are competing for the title of Miss F.A.T. (Fabulous And Thick).

The third season of Oxygen’s plus-size reality competition Monique‘s F.A.T. Chance starts with one hour casting special on July 21st @ 10PM ET/PT.

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monique naked 01
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Photos: CS/Startraksphoto
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121 Responses to “Mo 'Nique gets NAKED!”

  1. 1
    Naomi Says:

    FIRST! and I have nothing else to say ’cause I don’t know what it’s about :D

  2. 2
    NicFan Says:


  3. 3
    MISA Says:

    omfg, please kill me!!!!!!!!!! kill me!

  4. 4
    Heartbreaker Says:

    I agree with NicFan. EWWWWWW

  5. 5
    I'm Not Obsessed Says:

    I’m sorry but this is just gross. Don’t you guys think this is kinda promoting obesity??

  6. 6
    janeylee Says:

    Very…uhm…interesting. (Speechless)

  7. 7
    Amy Says:

    I think its less about ‘promoting obesity’ and more about people not immediately reacting with ‘EWWWWWW’. She may need to lose weight, but good for her for not feeling bad about herself.

  8. 8
    I'm Not Obsessed Says:

    I don’t understand what’s so appealing about this. I appreciate how it helps with women’s self esteem, but still we all know its healthier to be fit. The women here all look obese.

  9. 9
    Mia Says:

    Why are they hiding behind that colour
    I don’t who these people are but this is rank

  10. 10
    joe Says:

    She’s soo gross. Being fat is not something to be proud of, it’s a disease FFS.

  11. 11
    [~Famous~] Says:

    Not sexy, but fcuk it. your thing Mo, Big girls need love too.

  12. 12
    be Says:

    What I love about her ,she comfortable with her body.

  13. 13
    Ionamin Says:

    Surely they know that they can lose at least 100 pounds using this! How embarrasing. Why is it always the black women who are fat?

  14. 14
    Moonlight Says:

    Eww…They need to cut back on the calories. Fat b*tches.

  15. 15
    Mmmmm Says:

    Good for her that she is ok within her skin, at least she is not starving to be IN.

  16. 16
    I'm Not Obsessed Says:

    Don’t you think this is promoting obesity?

  17. 17
    Didi Says:

    who let the hippos out

  18. 18
    required Says:

    think of the poor soul that had to do the painting. D:

  19. 19
    Reader Says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with ‘I’m Not Obsessed’ this DOES seem to promote obesity. It’s one thing to accept your body and promote that but it’s another thing to tell people it’s OK to have heart disease, diabetes, etc because it’s socially accepted now.

  20. 20
    Tonya Perry Says:

    I kind of feel bad for who had to paint their bodies…..I have never heard of this show…I’m not bashing anyone who is overweight…but they are over-overweight. Its not healthy. Maybe if you have an extra 20-30 pounds…but this is just giving a wrong message…just like the super skinny girls out there….why not have average girls just pose????

  21. 21
    Didi Says:

    they probably got rolf harris to paint them, he’s used to painting hippos and elephants n’ ****.

  22. 22
    lauren Says:

    that’s disgusting! keep your nasty fat covered nobody wants to see that nastiness woman!

  23. 23
    wow Says:

    I dont think its nasty because they are fat. I think it sad that Monique would have a show that is promoting obesity. Obesity is serious and kills thousands each year, its not about being fat with a high self esteem its about being healthy and living a full life. There are so many diseases associated with being big and I think its ignorant of her to ignore that.

    Also if it were a few deathly thin models painted and nude I was have the same opinion but vis-versa

  24. 24
    Malibumom Says:

    5 miles a day (in any form)-5 days a week- no bread, no meats, no sweets, and the magic gold pill

  25. 25
    Aj Says:

    she is beautiful! she has got some weight, better like that than being so skinny that one day someone comes to U & say “honey do U need to feed?”

  26. 26
    monni Says:

    Wow they are so lovely and thin. When Im THEIR AGE I want to look just like these healthy beauties…Their Beautiful yep they wear the paint so well…Hip hip hooray for these slim jims..

  27. 27
    Yo Says:

    She’s not promoting obesity, she’s simply saying that heavy women have just as much of a right to fashion as thinner women do. Where is she telling people to go get fat? The fashion industry tends to pretend women who are bigger don’t exist, the way it sounds like many of you would like to do as well. I’m not saying they look healthy, by any means but, come on, there’s no need to overreact.

  28. 28
    itswhatever Says:

    you people are what cause other women to have eating disorders. You make these rude comments about her being big, and all this other stuff…thats just wrong. I know she probably doesnt care what other people think of her. She happy with the way she is. Maybe you should look at urself before makin comments like these. Nobody is perfect…but you can say all u want about her…and i can guarantee that shes happier with her body and her life than you ppl making all these rudes comments about her.

  29. 29
    Go AWAY Says:

    Give them a break they need to love like everybody else .

  30. 30
    Anonymous Says:

    A perfect body is a toned body created the old fashion way.. Excercising and eating healthy food.

  31. 31
    Meghan Says:

    I hate it when people say “at least they’re not starving to be thin” as if that’s the alternative to being morbidly obese! Open your eyes! Not only do every single one of these women probably have serious obesity-related health problems, I’ll bet at least a couple of them have kids who they teach the same ridiculous logic! There’s a lot of body types and health levels between THIS and STARVING. Put down the fast food!

  32. 32
    Didi Says:

    if you wanna be fat, be fat and if you wanna be waif like go starve yourself. but we dont need to see it so f*ck off and go be happy with yourself and your body in private.

  33. 33
    JIM Says:


  34. 34
    jenni craig Says:

    hungry -hugry- hippos……jk..none are pretty and their bodies are disgusting and gross. Fat, Obese is not actrative.Id rather be to thin and need to gain weight-at least you can have fun eating.But being fat and trying to loose a huge amount of weight, not eating the things you are use to shoveling in your mouth is tough an not fun.
    There is absolutely not a thing that would make me want to be obese .Monique can fake being happy big all she wants and I like her -but no way she looks in a mirror and likes to see her stomach hanging over her private and touching her knees,lets not mention your heart havin to work extra hard and those lard @sses needin extra plane seats.This is so not right .Jared warning posted be4 we look.

  35. 35
    A Says:

    That’s the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen.

  36. 36
    Catte Says:

    Has anyone heard the true that God did not make us all to look the same, so why be ugly when each of us are his creations. Would you diss little people if they did what Monique is doing? Knowing most of the response of negativity I would guess ‘yes’. How cruel are the comments to Monique and the other ladies. Yes, the women are large but disrespeting them just makes you an ass. If you don’t like it don’t watch it or turn the channel heck turn off your tv sets and read a book. But get over your own meaness. Let them be.

  37. 37
    Nando Says:

    EEeeww!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38
    smiley Says:

    thats looks

  39. 39
    Moonlight Says:

    Lmao @ all the people getting pissed at those of us who called them fat. I don’t see anyone b*tching when people call girls “too skinny” and “anorexic”. But I guess it’s OK to say that someone is too thin. However, if you call someone too fat, then you’re just being rude. :roll:

    GMAFB. It’s NOT alright to be this big.

  40. 40
    Yo Says:

    You’re so right. They should all go home and either shoot themselves or lock themselves in their homes without food until they come out looking like Tyra. Anyone who is not perfect should not be allowed out into society or be photographed or even liked. Think of the children! I mean, they’ll all want to weigh 300lbs after seeing this!

  41. 41
    Pam Says:

    jenni craig : 07/11/2007 at 5:07 pm

    hungry -hugry- hippos……jk..none are pretty and their bodies are disgusting and gross. Fat, Obese is not actrative.Id rather be to thin and need to gain weight-at least you can have fun eating.But being fat and trying to loose a huge amount of weight, not eating the things you are use to shoveling in your mouth is tough an not fun.
    There is absolutely not a thing that would make me want to be obese .Monique can fake being happy big all she wants and I like her -but no way she looks in a mirror and likes to see her stomach hanging over her private and touching her knees,lets not mention your heart havin to work extra hard and those lard @sses needin extra plane seats.This is so not right .Jared warning posted be4 we look.

    Gawd, I just lost my appetite. They do not look healthy at all, just morbidly obese. They can all stand to lost at least 50 pounds each.

  42. 42
    Dina Says:

    Nice she is ok with her body but… I have to join N3 – kill me, beofre I look at it again.

  43. 43
    lena Says:

    13 Ionamin : 07/11/2007 at 3:39 pm
    Surely they know that they can lose at least 100 pounds using this! How embarrasing. Why is it always the black women who are fat?

    what does their race/ethnicity have to do with it??? Last time I checked being heavy/obese is not a “black” issue. Obesity does not discriminate

  44. 44
    julia weinstein Says:

    wow, gotta give these fat gals credit for steppin out like this!
    they know they look crazy.

  45. 45
    cutie pie Says:

    i love monique and im glad shes proud of being big and beautiful , better than being skinny and boney, each to their own thank you

  46. 46
    Mrs. Fugly Says:

    OMG! Thanks! Now I’m fcuking blind! Who let the FAT farm out? Eeewwww! That’s just NASTY!

  47. 47
    kim Says:

    I never realized there were so many negative people in this world until I read the comments for these pictures. Some of the women in these pictures are probably healther than you or myself. They are not promoting obesity and for those of you who see it that way you may not be as smart as you think.

  48. 48
    blove Says:

    Are you kidding me! You people on here have got to be kidding me. I’m sure if you posted your picture we all would find something wrong with you too! Please get real. These are people! Not some commercial “promoting” anything. They appear to be unhealthy but unhealthy goes beyond appearance. It includes vitals and assortment of things. You are probably unhealthy with a disease that is less visual than theirs (if that is the case). Get a grip on the comments. “Promoting obesity”, now that is some stupid crap~

  49. 49
    blove Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know this was a childrens posting. I guess I should have realized that after reading the 3rd grade rude comments.

  50. 50
    paulette Says:

    13 Ionamin : 07/11/2007 at 3:39 pm
    Surely they know that they can lose at least 100 pounds using this! How embarrasing. Why is it always the black women who are fat?

    Pehaps you’re trying to start an argument. Instead you need some educating- it’s not “always the black women who are fat. You know better than that. Obesity is a widespread problem among may. Blacks people have higher rates and I think you know why:
    History, poverty, oppression, racism, negative emotions, bad habits passed down to new generations-to name a few of the reasons why.

  51. 51
    here we go again Says:

    IMO..ALL of the people here with negative comments..HAS TO BE
    flawless, perfect hair, eyes, face, body, weight, hygiene,teeth, Gods gift to the universe.
    Oh except for one thing a f.ucked up point of view with no respect
    for others, not as PERFECT ..[cough-cough] as you.

  52. 52
    [marie] Says:

    People can be big and fit too… Go Mo’ !!!

  53. 53
    Katie Says:

    I’m fat. The one on the far left with the cross? That’s more or less me; maybe not quite as thick through the tummy. And I’ll tell ya what: I’ve got a gorgeous, average-sized hubby who thinks I’m the sexiest thing to walk the earth. Two beautiful intelligent children (who, by the way, love to snuggle me because I’m so soft and fluffy). A great job. A small group of close friends. I volunteer. I donate blood. I recycle.

    Basically, folks, I’m a regular human with a normal life; I do all the same stuff the “average” people do. Really. And I’m so not about to get down because a group of people who could find fault with any goddess you put in front of them, think I should weigh less. Or think I look gross.

    If you don’t want to look at me, then by all means, look elsewhere. But grow up. Embrace diversity. Try finding the beauty in things rather than finding ugliness wherever you look; I promise it’s much better for your mental health.

  54. 54
    magnus Says:

    MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55
    sharonne Says:

    haha at comments, but feel sorry for the fat ladies.
    There are all kinds of things that people are doing that God didn’t mean for them to do. People abuse kids. Couples divorce. God doesn’t like that. Born short, born different races – you can’t help it. Obesity can be prevented and changed. If God wanted us to be fat, he wouldn’t have given us legs to walk and run. He wouldn’t have told man to work hard and labor for things we want. We also wouldn’t get so many horrible diseases from obesity if it was meant to be. The body is designed to MOVE and we were told to have control over our bodies, not the other way around.

    When women get this big, it’s almost too late. If they lose 100 pounds by diet or bypass they’re going to look bad anyhow. Then they need plastic surgery to get rid of excess skin.

    Anybody on their way to looking like these ladies, please get help now. Learn about food and eat healthy. Get out of the house, walk and have positive people in your life. You will be alright.

  56. 56
    Didi Says:

    Katie, sorry to say but your wonderful average-sized hubby is cheating on you. You better get Joey Greco on the case. Tell him to get you a can of Slim-Fast on the way

  57. 57
    roflmao... Says:

    The yellow painted female is heavy BUT not obese as are the others!!!

  58. 58
    what is this?.. Says:

    Butter ball turkeys come to mind seeing this..why are their breastices flat and saggy and hanging so low?..Their udders are hanging down to their naval & their hands are over one of their stomaches, to cover the round part.

    What kind of poses are these??It just accentuates their enormous body parts..Puzzling.. Are they suppose to be a wild herd of ele-phan-ts getting ready to stampede..if so let me get my tiny @ss out of the way…this seems wrong somehow..I better go..

  59. 59
    satan Says:

    OMFG… the ludicrous state of being… they’re obese..obesity is a medical problem & need appropriate treatments to eradicate. Instead, it’s being projected as an internalized problem of an external condition… Get real, get healthy…

  60. 60
    Brandi Says:

    It seems to me that the definition of “thick” has changed, and not for the better. It used to refer to a girl who was a little “heavy,” but had curves for days in all the right places. Good examples today would be American Idol Jennifer Hudson from “Dreamgirls,” and Toccara, the plus-size model from America’s Next Top Model. It didn’t mean ladies as large as the ones featured in Monique’s F.A.T. chance.

  61. 61
    dudette Says:


    theyre not promoting obesity.

    You dont have a ******* clue if any of them have any diseases.

    Fat is not a disease. Fat is only a problem when people are discriminated against because of it, when people try to loose weight because they are fat, and when people eat the wrong foods.

    You dont have to eat the wrong foods to be fat. You dont have to sit on your ass all day to be fat.

    All you need is different genetics and a lifetime of a bad relationship with food, starving yourself to conform, which ***** up the metabolism of anyone.

    SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST BIGGER. Others have been made that way through societies awful discrimination and dismissal of fat people. Rarely is a person fat simply because they are gluttonous slobs.

    Either way, fat people are still human, still productive and still deserving of every human right a thin person is awarded. Shut the **** up about ‘its wrong to be fat’. In that case, its also wrong to drink, and to smoke and to have sex. Yeah. LIVING CARRIES RISKS. dont pass judgement on others who are no worse than yourselves and who you know nothing about.

  62. 62
    Ms. Defense Says:

    I guess ignorance still exists. Some of these comments are mean and hateful. I feel totally ashamed that these comments are probably coming from people of God. God made us in many ahapes, sizes and colors. And you people are passing judgement on folk, just because of a picture. These women may be large, but whose to say that these people are not healthier than you. Yes, obesity does have a number of ailments that come along with it — so does smoking, having unprotected sex, and doing drugs. Hell, some of the ailments that folk get is heriditary. All I can say to my fellow SISTAS is continue to love the person that you are. Unfortunately, there are a number of ignorant people that tend to judge people based on aesthetics and don’t take the time to get to know the person. And, there are teaching the same nonsense to their children, so basically ignorance begats ignorance. Don’t let that stop YOU for doing YOU! Also, take time to pray for these small minded people.

  63. 63
    EB Says:


  64. 64
    anon Says:

    Actually black people are known to be muscular, tall and athletic. This is the reason so many have excelled at sports, etc. Their bodies are naturally of longer limbs and athletic. Obesity is an American problem – has nothing to do with race. Look around you or look at the statistics – women of all walks of life in America are obese whereas you can go to other countries and women are not that big.

    Have you seen the Masai women of Africa? Nearly seven feet tall, muscular and healthy looking. Sorry, obesity knows no race. So if we keep feeding our kids cancer inducing fast food – they will grow into fat people and it is not healthy. Big is ok, but unhealthy is unhealthy. Let’s beat high cases of hart disease by being healthier and having a weight that corresponds to height, etc.

    Monique should be proud of herself but I hope her show talks about healthy eating and lifestyle as well.

    Also when we see Roseanne Barr, Kathy Bates, Rosie O’Donnel, do we see why are all white women fat? Let’s get real. I look around my job and most women are heavy and they are not of just one race.

  65. 65
    Sandra Says:

    I disagree with anyone who says this is a sign of Monique, or indeed anyone, being comfortable with their bodies. Although I don’t think the picture promotes obesity, seeing that most are turned off by the mere thought of it, I do think it is a desperate attempt to show that these women can feel good about themselves. They may only be covered up by body paint, but I think it is a fair argument to say that most will instinctively experience a sensation of disgust when they see the above picture, and it would be naive as well as unrealistic of these women to think that the majority population would feel otherwise (although I am generalizing, I grant you).

    No one is indeed perfect, but it doesn’t mean one shouldn’t strive to improve upon oneself, in every respect, not just in terms of look and health. Letting oneself go in such a manner without a valid medical reason does imply that something else has also gone awry. The ability to take care of oneself should be seen as a priviledge, not a burden, not in our Western society.

  66. 66
    pjfan281 Says:

    anyone else tired of fat people now trying to convince everyone is ok to be fat?? helps them to not have to to ANY work to lose the weight. it’s not healthy and not to mention just plain gross.

  67. 67
    girl Says:

    thats is horrible,promoting obesity.ewwwwww.

  68. 68
    excuses /smells Says:

    Those womens bodies makes me sick .No true reason for them to be nude and grossly obese.Its nasty just nasty and that is the truth- if they can strut their gross bodies on this show- eat right- exercise and stop snacking,if its a -gene factor- then you need to be extra careful with your food choices.
    Also alot of fat people smell- not all- but I work where its been a problem where they cant reach certain areas at all or well enough to clean properly.
    Another reaseon to try and stay fit.When others are subjected to taking care of their health and the body odor -a stranger who has to take care of you has to endure..someone said plane seats -that is upsetting for other passengers- when your fat rolls and smells are touching them. Excuses they make all the time- and obese- fat people- is unappealing.

  69. 69
    AsiaTamu Says:

    You go Ladies!! From reading most of the responses, I would guess your all still child minded since all you can do is see the negative. This is no different then society saying it’s ok to be gay. These women are bold, confident, and apparently have more going on then the rest of you since your watching them. Get a life and when you become perfect (or without sin) then you can throw the first stone. I don’t think they asked for any comments or your opinion. Live, Love, and Laugh; Life is to short for bs.

    Be anxious for nothing
    Ask for favor, speak positive
    Learn from the past, prepare for the future; & live
    in the present
    Attitude determines atmosphere
    Never quit on yourself
    Commit to changing your negative attitude to
    positive no matter what the circumstances …
    Enjoy today!!

  70. 70
    funny Says:


    everyones comments are so mean lol. i think shes got some serious huevos
    if she is promoting obesity then arent all these other relaity shows promoting materialism.

    i mean come on the avg american is a size 14 granted they are past a 14, lol but lmao i cant even justify it never mind i tried.

    atleast shes happy in her own skin, but something are best left unknown. im not sure how i feel about body painting i went to this party once and there were guys and girls painted and its really not that flattering unless u have a really fit body b/c u can see every dimple and what not

    ok enough said least she has guts lmao no pun intended

  71. 71
    not all black men love big women Says:

    Do you really believe fat people are happy with their weight? Do you think Monique and these ladies enjoy huffing and puffing to climb a flight of stairs? I’m totally sick of people thinking it’s okay to be obese when it is absolutely not. It’s okay if you have a death wish, but what about the pain you leave behind with your loved ones? I’m also tired of you making excuses for Monique because you are obese too and you don’t want to change. Shame on you! If you have ever been thin, you’d know the difference. How many fat people do you see walking around who are 80 and 90? How many? Very, very few. They either die or get really sick with a disease, heart attack or stroke and lose enormous amounts of weight just before they die. Film critic Roger Ebert is in that category right now. I don’t think he will live much longer. It’s downhill for him and I’m sorry to say that. He’s leaving behind a loving wife and successful marriage much too soon. Stop making excuses. Most people are obese not because God created them that way. And stop trying to convince everybody that you are so happy. They are not happy!. They are out of control. Most fat people simply eat too many calories because they are anxious and hurting inside. A person who really loves himself/herself takes care of their body. Get to the real problems and stop living in denial.

  72. 72
    to#71 Says:

    #71 >>Roger Ebert he died a couple of weeks ago and I agree with you.

  73. 73
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    I agree that we need to think about being healthy and eat well etc. And body fat is a sign of ill health many times because it affects the heart and blood sugar levels, etc.

    Here is the question – until women who are overweight get to a healthier weight, what shoudld they do? Should a woman NOT embrace her body no matter what stage it is in?

    We are all a work in progress but if it takes a woman a year to lose 50 pounds, during that year she should fully embrace her body and feel bautiful.

    Self-ate and self-attack will only keep overweight people overweight.

    You have to practice self-love even when you are losing the weight and say “I am beautiful even if I am 200 pounds because beauty is in the inside but I want to be healthier”. I think overweight women who talk to themselves in this way will have an easier time losing weight. This is a proven fact.

    So Monique is doing a good job of loving herself.

    I agree she should talk about being healthier as well. I agree with that.

    BTW, to the idiot who brought up color for no reason: only 3 of the women above are black. Duh!

  74. 74
    cheryl Says:

    I got a friend who use to be 150 pds at most. She’s cute, had a decent job and money to spend, boyfriend she loved. Friend got laid off, couldn’t get another job-she’s from country, uneducated – just h.s. ed. Boyfriend got another woman pregnant so he was out. My friend has low self esteem especially after the breakup and wouldn’t try to better herself (scared-feels not good at school)and kept hoping to get rehired at job laid off fm. In few yrs only gained alot of weight -now close to 250. Works a menial job for many yrs w barely enough money to survive.

    When I look at it, her weight is not the main issue. It is the other issues she’s not dealing with-low self esteem, not getting better trained for better job and not having another man in all those yrs.

    Hard to say. Obese girls getting happy can work either way. Sometimes they tell themselves they’re happy so they can stay big and like, ‘I like me-you accept me like I am’ – Star Jones attitude before surgery. When watchng programs on TV dealing with obesity, most people have to get disgusted w themselves to finally get fed up and do somethng about it.

    Think if my friend faced her demons and got happy again with life, fat would melt off her body slow and easy. She was most of her life a decent size. She eats because she’s unhappy with her situation.

  75. 75
    34-22-34 Says:

    72 to#71 : 07/13/2007 at 1:50 am
    #71 >>Roger Ebert he died a couple of weeks ago and I agree with you.


    You have the wrong guy. Joel Siegel died a couple of weeks ago, NOT Roger Ebert!

  76. 76
    d'hanne Says:

    Okay, ya’ll have the right to say what you want! However the ones making the rude comments, ya’ll are perfect right? I mean no scars,burn marks,war wounds,missing teeth,lost hair,limp di**s,humps in your back,overbites,bunions, psoriasis, eczema patches, crossed eyes,cleft palates, handicap children, mamma, daddy ,sis,or brother, I mean let’s take it further- your not mentally challenged riding in assisted transportation, needing a blue or red tag around your mirror or an electric wheel chair getting an ssi check each 1st of the month, You know or maybe you can’t control your saliva or need a piss bag or a **** collector at your side, How about do you need a translator cause you can’t speak freaking english and you rely on everything to be translated- oh i’m just getting started, Di**Head maybe ya mamma is fat and the cow can’t put down that bucket she’s eating out of with her fat a** I mean you people and I don’t mean any particular color but you people act as if nothing is wrong with you and because you may not be a little healthier around the waist then some gives you no moral right to lowgrade these women. Hey you, yeah you what about that drinking problem you got or the crack addiction your lil sis got, at some time or another i know one of these issues touched home with one of you ********. Yeah ******** because half of you don’t have a daddy or at least that man that raised and say he your daddy isn’t really your dad you dumb *****, Oh and let’s not forget the bastarsd that has a problem with touching little kids because i know if you are on this computer 2 out of 10 of you have visited a child porn site you sick asses. So you see being overweught isn’t the only problem america faces, they also have to face you!!!!! and you bitchezzzzz I’m 5’6 239 lbs and I got back, hips( cause my man like the way I rock my hips), ass all of that and i’m very proud of the women who bares it all!!

  77. 77
    shakes head Says:


    5’6″ and 239 pounds. You got back. Oh, and I guess you would describe yourself as “curvy” as well….


    Thinner women are good in bed too and they have more stamina for their men. Men can pick them up and put them into various positions. Not you.

    That fat didn’t fly through the air and land on your body. Your ranting is one huge excuse.


    Like said above, keep on eating. Keep on stuffing your cheeks and thinking you are lovely and attractive, and die. Your husband will become a young widower who will have to find another wife and mother for your children.

    I guess to you the food is worth that.

  78. 78
    spooky Says:

    26 monni : 07/11/2007 at 4:35 pm
    Wow they are so lovely and thin. When Im THEIR AGE I want to look just like these healthy beauties…Their Beautiful yep they wear the paint so well…Hip hip hooray for these slim jims..

    The last part of your comment made me laugh so hard

  79. 79
    paulette Says:

    I’ve got to comment again here. There’s nothing else as intresting.
    I didn’t say it before but I think we should accept obese people we come across daily (don’t hurt them, be mean, make faces) but we should not accept obesity as ok. Its a national health crisis and we should keep focused on how to help people overcome it. It will be horrible for our country if the stats on obesity keep rising and soon almost 100% people are overweight. Productivity will go down because of sickness.

  80. 80
    Nicole Says:

    I dont think Mo is promoting obesity. I think she’s simply proving a point that big woman should feel just as sexy as thinner woman do. I think Mo believes that woman who are overweight are looked over because of they weight. If you dont like it, you dont have to look at the pictures. I think its art. Art comes from the heart no matter how it is presented. Those woman have the right to feel sexy.Mo gives them the chance to let the world see it, for other woman thew same as them to see it.I met Mo in Baltimore,MD, is real cool and she means no harm. Its all how you take it.So you know what that means if you dont like it, more for others to love…. peace and love

  81. 81
    DONT HATE!!!!!! Says:


  82. 82
    no hater Says:

    Big beautiful woman, most of us don’t hate fat people. We all know obese family members and friends.

    We’re just saying don’t try to shove it down our throats that obesity is the ideal and that it’s beautiful to look at when it’s not. It might be nice for a man to ‘roll around’ in with the lights off. Men love soft and spongy women bc it feels good, but there is nothing beautiful about huge saggy breasts, dimpled wobbly thighs, stretch marks and a butt and hips that go out to here————-. Ok? Love yourself, but don’t accept that you are fat and shouldn’t try no more to do anything about it. A lot women are saying that and they are fooling themselves. Appearance means a lot in this world. That’s the simple truth. I have observed that fat women get ignored by the majority of men much of the time. Many sit frustrated at home alone and can’t stop eating.

  83. 83
    no hater Says:

    Monique turned me off when she went on The View wearing a dress or skirt with unshaven, hairy legs and had the nerve to show the audience and viewing public. Gross and Nasty! Her overblown, inflated ego is way out of line. She is too desperate to convince the public that she can do anything a thinner woman can do. Wrong!

    That big girl who cohosts on The View a lot now, Sherri Shepherd, is much, much better. She’s prettier, she looks well-groomed, she’s funny and she has a more pleasant personality.

    Fat women need a better representative than Monique.

  84. 84
    Mz. Beauty Says:

    they are beautiful, confident women who don’t let the media alter their health. i believe these photo and all of that confidence is going to start a big girl / skinny girl war. get ready world, look like more controversy heading your way. just remember: it’s negative comments that cause people to overeat and hate themselves, and they are NOT having it!!!! lol, she gets the last laugh, and the PAY CHECK!!! LOL hahahahaha! HATAZ!!!!!

  85. 85

    Like someone said, they will have short lives. When normal weight women who are their ages live to to be 70 and 80 and 90, most of these ladies will probably die before they turn 60.

  86. 86
    nathan taylor Says:

    Listen I personally dont believe she is promoting obesity. I think shes just tying to say what shes been saying which is big girls can be sexy too. And as a big girl myself I do agree with the overall message. At the same time I do believe she is going about it in completly the wrong way. Though the photos are of class I think that the girls represented in the photos need to come to realize that big girls aren’t the only ones viewing the pictures. That there are people out there who view these pictures with the specific intent to ridicule and mock these girls and girls like us who may look simular. I’m embarassed by some of the comments made but I am even more ashamed by the way this positive message was portrayed. Monique has a civic self-proclamed duty to the big girls of the world to shield us from this type of negative press and I cant believe that someone who lives in the spotlight neglected her responcabilities. Us big girls have secrets about our bodies that were not ashamed of but at the same time didn’t want the whole world to know about. Its hard enough on us out there in the real world trying to find companionship. And that was when people didnt know what we looked like under our clothes. All they could do was speculate. Now that our secret has been exposed its going to be even harder for us to fit into societies standards of what’s bueatiful. Im 17 growing up 5’6, 190 pounds and I only view this picture as added pressure on girls like me to fit in. We get the picture Monique, big girls are bueatiful, but enough is enough!!

    ~Much love always, Porsche~

  87. 87
    F.A.T GURL pissed off Says:

    For those of you who are puttin down Mo and her miss F.A.T girls…KISSMY FAT ASS!!!!!! the ones who put that they can lose the weight and that it’s gross are all probably a size triple ZERO…*uck u and the skinny horse you rode in on!!!!!! Mo isn’t out there tellin people it’s okay to be FAT but that if you are you can still be beautiful while being FAT…she does promote eating healthy but NOT to starve yourself like some of you idiots out there who think that in order to be IN then you have to be a size triple ZERO…the best example of someone who needs to eat something because she looks like a skeleton is Nicole richie…if you girls out there think that’s cute then you need to be shot because that isn’t healthy at all

  88. 88
    melissa Says:

    first of all yall who are hatin on these beautiful girls, back off. secon I love you Mo’Nique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and third My cousin Ruth cartagena is on that show, i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  89. 89
    obese women are stubborn as mules Says:

    Monique believes in healthy eating.
    Definition of healthy eating: Eating large portions of food throughot the day. Anybody as big as Monique and most of her pals has an addiction. She’s a SLAVE to food. Most people have problems they can hide in their mind or behind closed doors. The problem obese people have is YOU WEAR YOUR PROBLEMS ON YOUR BODY. PEOPLE LOOK AT YOU AND ALREADY KNOW YOUR LIFE IS FILLED WITH ISSUES YET YOU PRETEND THAT YOU’RE HAPPY LUGGING AROUND THAT HEAVY BODY. People are going to make assumptions about you until the fat lady sings. Obese people are quitters, but they don’t want the public to know it.

    Monique is OBESE. Nicole Richie is UNDERWEIGHT. They are two extremes. I wouldn’t want to look like either one of them. THEY BOTH LOOK SICK!

  90. 90
    obese women are stubborn as mules Says:

    Furthermore, I know how most people become obese. They eat enormous amounts of food to run from problems. A high percentage of fat girls were molested. If you are constantly overeating, how are you able to feel beautiful at the same time?


  91. 91
    SRAB Says:

    I can see where some may say ewww, gross! and more so.. But to you, you are only looking at what u see. You dont find big women or anything about being fat attractive so your reaction is predicted. But to the men and women out there who are big, and who find big women attract this is a big step. Mo Nique didnt just do this to show how she looked without her clothes. She didnt it because she is tired of big women always looked over as there is something wrong with it. When SLIM MODEL kill them trying to be thin. We live in a society that shuns women because they dont fit the perfect size. Our society thrives off who has this, what size they wear and etc. Mo Nique is not promoting obesity. If you paid attention to what she says and not what u see.. you would know that she encourages women to lose weight. Thought Mo Nique is 200+ she is in perfectly good healthy. She works out daily, and has positive eating habits. Its amazing to me how quick people are to amuse things. How do u know any of these women have diabetes or heart diease. Are you saying that they are not skinny people out there that dont have similar dieases. I think that some of you need to check ur response. IF U DONT LIKE IT THEN ****…DONT LOOK! IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY THEN ****..DONT SAY ANYTHING THING!…LOOK AT WHAT U LIKE AND KEEP UR NEGATIVE OPINION TO URSELF..and have a nice DAY!

  92. 92
    Angie Says:

    Well I think it’s not reasonable to respond with “ewwww”. The show is about women accepting themselves and loving their bodies and that is a healthy idea whether you are thick or thin. As a svelte 5’8″ person (used to be a four now a ten) I have to say I was obsessed with being a size 4 – 6 and when I gained due to some medical issues, I was immediately upset at being larger. Although I think there are WAAAAAAAAAAY better role models for heavy women (Oprah, Queen Latifah, Emme) at least she’s making an effort. I would rather see women just being women, not having to do beauty pageants or other crap just to prove they can compete with thin women. Let’s face it, if you’re ugly, you won’t model. Should Mo’Nique’s next project be “Inner Beauty” pageant?

  93. 93
    thick~n~sassy Says:

    I think they are courageous and beautiful.

  94. 94
    here we go again Says:


    So, she’s on a CRUSADE to try to convince the rest of us that fatness is attractive.


    Obesity is not beautiful to look at. It’s not healthy. It’s not the ideal. It’s the extreme. Too much excess fat makes attractive features on the human form disappear. Muscles are hidden. Trim shapely legs will look like swollen sausages. Where are your ankle bones? A smooth firm booty looks like wobbly chunky blob. Where black girls get off thinking the fattest butts and hips look good is hard to understand. A full round firm butt, yes. A humongous fat lumpy rear-end, no. It’s not pretty. It has no uniform shape. Some men just like being “swallowed up” that’s all. In bed, they are excited, but many of them don’t want to be seen in public with obese women.

    The individual shape that distinguishes one body from the next almost all but disappears. When people get too fat their bodies start to look alike.

    I hope society never changes its standards. Once society okays it, people will give up trying, get lazy and overeat more. When people say they accept their obesity, it’s another phrase for, I DON’T WANT TO TRY ANYMORE TO LOSE WEIGHT. You think that’s a good positive attitude? Life affirming?

    I’ll tell you what, it’s a horrible philosophy to accept. Will you ever say that alcoholism is ok? What about drug use? Jumping from bed to bed? No. Never. This is not rocket science here. This is your body you are talking about. There IS a right and a wrong. We need food to live, but overeating will kill you.

    Monique looks bigger than ever. It’s obvious that with her money, she is not even trying to get any weight off. I don’t like her personality either. She’s aggressive and loud.

    If the above FAT PACK aren’t sick now (and they could be – the drs just haven’t discovered it yet), there is a great chance they will be when they get a little older. Fat people love to say they are healthy, but the truth is they are not. It will hit them just like it hit actresses Nell Carter and Mabel King, who literally lost both her legs! They are prematurely headed toward disease and illness. How can you be so blind to try to justify obesity?

    If you want to be fat, stay fat. If you say you can be obese and be happy, I’ll never believe it, but good for you. Just stop trying to right a wrong.

  95. 95
    tiffany Says:

    first of all, all those hatin on Mo need to go to hell. Secondly just because she isnt a size 0 doesnt mean sh?t. she is beautiful however big or small she may be the picture is tasteful and artistic. besides she is teaching women how to love themselves no matter if they r a size 0 to a size 26. be big is beautiful and if you cant except it so what. what you can go do is go crawl back into the hole you slide out of. because it people like you that give plus size women a hard time because they are not a size to all ya’ll hatin go to hell!!!!!!!!!

    p.s the avarage female is a size 16 if you didnt know.

  96. 96
    p.s. Says:

    More like a size 14, sister. If the average is a 16 now, it’s because people are getting fatter by the year.

    Monique is NOT beautiful. A lot of black people can’t stand her. She has a big mouth and is an embarrassment half the time.

    A little overweight is not obese. These girls are obese. The purple/pink one in the front and center has a huge tire around her belly, and the one in back had the nerve to give a profile. They look horrible.

    Fat people ae sensitive, get offended easily and act like everybody wants them to be a size 0. You know what looks good and what doesn’t, so stop the madness and the lies. A little overweight is not bad, but once you start hitting the 200 lb mark, you need to HALT and get some help right now before it’s too late and before you are 300 lbs, totally out of control and in need of a gastric bypass surgery.

  97. 97
    Neulife Says:

    Stopping by to show you’ll ladies much LOVE & RESPECT for what you are doing!!! Big praises to all for being yourselves and proud of what you have offered other thick woman(CONFIDENCE WITHIN THERE SELF).Keep up the good work is does make a difference!!!

  98. 98
    Neulife Says:


  99. 99
    Please No Says:

    Ladies, we have had enough. You’ve made your point. Please no more!

  100. 100
    Ameika Says:

    I’m sick and tired of people making fun of things that mean soo much to big girls. Why can’t people undersatnd that all mo’nique is trying to do is say “W are big and we are ok with it!!!” For those who thinks it is gross and promotes obesity… you can kick rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. 101
    tired... stretches Says:

    We don’t need to encourage any more people to become obese. That’s what Monique wants to do. She wants the public to think obesity is as beautiful as being normal weight. It’s not. It’s plain to see what I and others above note. The human body is stretched out of shape. Breasts are left hanging. Diabetes creeps up and obese people’s legs and feet develop ulcers and nasty sores. It looks sick. It’s not pretty. Stretch marks and lumpy legs. Rolls. Need we keep this going? It’s not beautiful to look at, though some of these women are beautiful people inside.

  102. 102
    Cobret Joe Says:

    That is very sexy and I think it’s about time they’re showing real women losing their clothes.

  103. 103
    NYMedStudent Says:

    As of 2007, about 66% of Americans are considered overweight or obese. It seems to me that almost everyone knows someone that is overweight or obese. So I’m not really sure who these idiots are that are calling these women gross and nasty. Obesity has a strong genetic component, and while obesity itself is not necessarily a disease, there are pathologies that are associated with obesity, e.g., metabolic syndrome, diabetes, an array of cardiovascular disease, and stroke, etc.. Also, there are some genetic metabolic disorders that virtually guarantee obesity.

    So, why do so many people have this propensity for being overweight? Simply, the ability to carry extra energy in the compact form of fat is an evolutionary advantage. This really came in handy when food was scarce. Which is to say that people that are prone to thinness (myself included) would probably die during times of famine. So, an ability to pack on extra pounds, up until recently, was a survival advantage. Culturally, voluptuous women have not always been shunned, in fact they were once considered very attractive (and still are by many… myself included). To think the opposite now just shows how easily you are lead by the mass media (thin does NOT necessarily = beauty… try being an independent thinker!).


    Body mass index (BMI) = kg/M^2
    BMI = pounds/inches^2 x 703

    I really believe there are a lot of people who do not consider themselves over weight yet in truth they are… here it is:

    BMI > 24.9 = overweight (example 5’10″ and 174 lbs.*)
    BMI > 30 = obese
    BMI > 35 = morbidly obese

    *174 lbs is not alot at 5’11″ if one is muscular and has little fat.

    Now something to consider is that if you’re overweight you are at an increase risk for diabetes, along with all the associated pathologies that go along with diabetes. So, you can talk about what is healthy, but if you’re 5’10″ and weigh 174 lbs, plus add to that they typical internet surfing couch potato –> you’re at an increased risk for diabetes. In other words, what is considered a healthy BMI is considered too thin to most people… and guys really don’t want to be that thin for fear that they’ll be considered scrawny and weak (it’s the American way). Anyway, I get the feeling there are a lot of guys on here calling these women nasty, gross and unhealthy, but it like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Plus, if you carry your weight in his gut (central obesity = “Beer-Belly”)… as most guys do, you are at an increased risk for diabetes.

    Not to mention, as mamy people age their BMI slowly creeps up.

    But, what if you’re not overweight? You probably know someone who will be affected by weight related illness.. or at the very least society (and YOU) has to pay for the care of these people.

    So no, being overweight/obesity is not a disease per se, but it comes with a toll. In terms of the nasty comments… it makes you wonder why anyone would be so disgusted by a big woman… perhaps like the lady, they complain too much; what dark truth are you hiding?

    Chunky/large/plus size/fat women can be cute and sexy just like thin women, unfortunately they are at an increased risk for associated diseases (although osteoporosis is not among them… that is a thin women’s disease). However, perhaps by these women possing as they do here, we can have a dialog, do less name calling, realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, look inside ourselves for why we behave so badly before we’ve given thought to a subject.

  104. 104
    alley oop Says:

    as far as i’m concerned Mo’Nique is hot ..always was & always will be period .her boyfriend is one damn lucky guy.ever hear that “real women have curves”.i can’t stand these women that try to look like 12 year old boys ie no shape (for those clueless ppl)and for all you high maintenance skinny *******, f*ck off idiot sticks.haven’t seen one yet that has a real personality.

  105. 105
    ThundaDiva Says:

    Jealous MuFucka’s…..
    Some of you really need to check yourselves.
    If a woman is not ashamed of her body….regardless if it agrees with SOCIETIES so-called measure of beauty….she can do whatever she pleases! You people are some narrow minded, elitest ******** who need to welcome REALITY into your pathetic, punk ass lives.


    Go ‘head b!tches….
    Hate on the brown, delicious brown!

  106. 106
    OpenMinded Says:

    I think the photo is beautiful.

    Every last one of you make up the reason why monique must constantly go out promoting “I’m big and beautiful, deal with it!”. THERE IS NO PERFECT BODY!! There are big people who are large larger than some but just as HEALTHY as thin people who have diets just as unhealthy and fattening as some.

    I’m pretty sure that if all those women were thin and sexy looking, there would be completely different comments made.

    open your minds people! I’m pretty thin and I can see the beauty and courage of the women in that picture!

  107. 107
    My eyes are open Says:

    My mind is open.

    Unfortunately, so are my eyes.

    Fat is NOT where it’s at.

    I don’t know 1 woman who likes being fat. Yes, there are a lot of liars out there. They’ll lie to their grave. They say they don’t care because they are in denial.

    Monique is in denial too. That’s why she’s willing to allow her handsome husband to cheat on her. She said she will not divorce him for cheating. Why? She feels LUCKY to be an obese woman who landed a good-looking man. That guy can probably do anything to her and she will just hang on to him.

    Monique is just insecure because she is obese. That’s why she needs to pull stunts like the above to get attention.

    The female body is naturally supposed to have curves. Women bear babies. Thirty pounds overweight is medically obese, but many can get away with it and still look good and healthy

    But obesity??????

    You need glasses if you think 250 pounds looks good on a person. Get your eyes checked or your head examined.

  108. 108
    gothic Says:

    there is nothin wrong with a little thickness. they dont have a wait problem u guys just have a problem with there wait. and im skinny. i dont like fat girls but i do like a little meat on there bones. i mean come on uv got to have sumthin 2 hold on 2

  109. 109
    who is that girl Says:

    Who is Ngozi? I like that girl she is Blooming

  110. 110
    who is that girl Says:


  111. 111
    who is that girl Says:


  112. 112
    thea Says:

    yo go mo’nique nice and healthy and proud of being biggg skinny girls need 2 fall baqq n this is a beautiful painting

  113. 113
    JESS Says:


  114. 114
    why Says:

    everyone does silly things this is just one of them but I think shes hot call me :)

  115. 115
    David Says:

    The ignorance of the people on this forum is AMAZING!!! I have followed Moniques career for years! Why don’t you read her book Skinny girls are evil before you judge! She is not promoting obesity in the least! Her Show F.A.T was to let women who are big know that they are somebody and to boost their self esteem. Only in America is a big person especially a woman is looked down on!! If these same women were in Africa, they would be worshiped as they hate skinny women and they feel that being skinny is a disease! The other thing is people who cannot help they are overweight due to a health issue! My wife is one of them as she has a Thiroid disorder. This not only causes her to gain weight, but also prevents her from conceiving a child. She was a thick girl when we met but not fat. She was able to give me a beautiful daughter and then her Thiroid went out of wack. Now she has gained a bunch of weight and no matter what she does cannot loose it due to this disorder! In closing the women you make fun off is more in demand then any skinny woman alive! They have their own dances and groups called FA (Fat Admirers.) You have men of all colors usually fit and skinny looking for these women!! I know a white guy who is a cowboy who weights 102 pounds and his wife who is white(I point that out since someone said that only black women are big) weighs 500. I personally like a big woman. There are things they can do that a small woman cannnot. And being that my family is in the medical profession, there is a such thing called a healthy fat person! Look it up. So those of you who judge we cannot see you. You could be just as fat as these girls and trying to fit in while you hide behind your keyboard!!! So I say to hell with all of you who judge and know nothing! You go girls and let no one ever tear you down especially ass holes who don’t realize that when their skinny ass women start having babies, they are not going to be that skinny!! Oh yeah one more thing. At old age gravity will take hold and so will looking old and being fat!! Do not believe me? Go look at some old pictures of women in your family, and then look at them now!!!

  116. 116
    lil pimp Says:

    show her completly naked please

  117. 117
    OOOO Says:


  118. 118
    aj boardman Says:

    she is so beautiful i dont understand why people want to hate i think she is so sexxy and beautiful and very blessed with her looks she has a good life… mo dont let no one bring u down u are a very strong strong woman and funny to very good acter i love ur smile how strong u are and how powerful u are. u are the best human that GOD has made keep ur head up… aj boardman @ facebook

  119. 119
    aj boardman Says:

    @Naomi: she is so beautiful i dont understand why people want to hate i think she is so sexxy and beautiful and very blessed with her looks she has a good life… mo dont let no one bring u down u are a very strong strong woman and funny to very good acter i love ur smile how strong u are and how powerful u are. u are the best human that GOD has made keep ur head up… aj boardman @ facebook

  120. 120
    Doug Says:

    Whats wrong with being naked, a naked body is a beatiful thing!

  121. 121
    Skinzart Bodyart Agency Says:

    Being a bodypainter myself I think I can reply to this one and explain from an artist perspective. The bodyartist dont see race or size,we see a blank canvas. No matter what the canvas is such as a wall or human.We visualize the world as blank canvasses where our art can add awareness and share a story. I think everyone involved with this project is awesome. I always want to bodypaint plus size women because of their curves and the special challenges as an artist that I can gain from.
    Love is Love no in between….If we dont love ourselves then who will love us??? This project was not intended for you and others who can not see beyond the weight…. but the message is very clear for those that it was targeted to. I hope this helped in understanding the perspective from an artist.

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