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Mo 'Nique gets NAKED!

Mo 'Nique gets NAKED!

Paris has always been fabulous. It’s about to get fabulous and thick.

Host Mo’Nique and her F.A.T. CHANCE finalists get buck-arse naked in their latest photo shoot. The full-figured females slathered on the body paint to promote their Oxygen reality TV show, where big beauty meets big fashion. The finalists are competing for the title of Miss F.A.T. (Fabulous And Thick).

The third season of Oxygen’s plus-size reality competition Monique‘s F.A.T. Chance starts with one hour casting special on July 21st @ 10PM ET/PT.

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  • tired… stretches

    We don’t need to encourage any more people to become obese. That’s what Monique wants to do. She wants the public to think obesity is as beautiful as being normal weight. It’s not. It’s plain to see what I and others above note. The human body is stretched out of shape. Breasts are left hanging. Diabetes creeps up and obese people’s legs and feet develop ulcers and nasty sores. It looks sick. It’s not pretty. Stretch marks and lumpy legs. Rolls. Need we keep this going? It’s not beautiful to look at, though some of these women are beautiful people inside.

  • Cobret Joe

    That is very sexy and I think it’s about time they’re showing real women losing their clothes.

  • NYMedStudent

    As of 2007, about 66% of Americans are considered overweight or obese. It seems to me that almost everyone knows someone that is overweight or obese. So I’m not really sure who these idiots are that are calling these women gross and nasty. Obesity has a strong genetic component, and while obesity itself is not necessarily a disease, there are pathologies that are associated with obesity, e.g., metabolic syndrome, diabetes, an array of cardiovascular disease, and stroke, etc.. Also, there are some genetic metabolic disorders that virtually guarantee obesity.

    So, why do so many people have this propensity for being overweight? Simply, the ability to carry extra energy in the compact form of fat is an evolutionary advantage. This really came in handy when food was scarce. Which is to say that people that are prone to thinness (myself included) would probably die during times of famine. So, an ability to pack on extra pounds, up until recently, was a survival advantage. Culturally, voluptuous women have not always been shunned, in fact they were once considered very attractive (and still are by many… myself included). To think the opposite now just shows how easily you are lead by the mass media (thin does NOT necessarily = beauty… try being an independent thinker!).


    Body mass index (BMI) = kg/M^2
    BMI = pounds/inches^2 x 703

    I really believe there are a lot of people who do not consider themselves over weight yet in truth they are… here it is:

    BMI > 24.9 = overweight (example 5’10″ and 174 lbs.*)
    BMI > 30 = obese
    BMI > 35 = morbidly obese

    *174 lbs is not alot at 5’11″ if one is muscular and has little fat.

    Now something to consider is that if you’re overweight you are at an increase risk for diabetes, along with all the associated pathologies that go along with diabetes. So, you can talk about what is healthy, but if you’re 5’10″ and weigh 174 lbs, plus add to that they typical internet surfing couch potato –> you’re at an increased risk for diabetes. In other words, what is considered a healthy BMI is considered too thin to most people… and guys really don’t want to be that thin for fear that they’ll be considered scrawny and weak (it’s the American way). Anyway, I get the feeling there are a lot of guys on here calling these women nasty, gross and unhealthy, but it like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Plus, if you carry your weight in his gut (central obesity = “Beer-Belly”)… as most guys do, you are at an increased risk for diabetes.

    Not to mention, as mamy people age their BMI slowly creeps up.

    But, what if you’re not overweight? You probably know someone who will be affected by weight related illness.. or at the very least society (and YOU) has to pay for the care of these people.

    So no, being overweight/obesity is not a disease per se, but it comes with a toll. In terms of the nasty comments… it makes you wonder why anyone would be so disgusted by a big woman… perhaps like the lady, they complain too much; what dark truth are you hiding?

    Chunky/large/plus size/fat women can be cute and sexy just like thin women, unfortunately they are at an increased risk for associated diseases (although osteoporosis is not among them… that is a thin women’s disease). However, perhaps by these women possing as they do here, we can have a dialog, do less name calling, realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, look inside ourselves for why we behave so badly before we’ve given thought to a subject.

  • alley oop

    as far as i’m concerned Mo’Nique is hot ..always was & always will be period .her boyfriend is one damn lucky guy.ever hear that “real women have curves”.i can’t stand these women that try to look like 12 year old boys ie no shape (for those clueless ppl)and for all you high maintenance skinny bitches, f*ck off idiot sticks.haven’t seen one yet that has a real personality.

  • ThundaDiva

    Jealous MuFucka’s…..
    Some of you really need to check yourselves.
    If a woman is not ashamed of her body….regardless if it agrees with SOCIETIES so-called measure of beauty….she can do whatever she pleases! You people are some narrow minded, elitest bastards who need to welcome REALITY into your pathetic, punk ass lives.


    Go ‘head b!tches….
    Hate on the brown, delicious brown!

  • OpenMinded

    I think the photo is beautiful.

    Every last one of you make up the reason why monique must constantly go out promoting “I’m big and beautiful, deal with it!”. THERE IS NO PERFECT BODY!! There are big people who are large larger than some but just as HEALTHY as thin people who have diets just as unhealthy and fattening as some.

    I’m pretty sure that if all those women were thin and sexy looking, there would be completely different comments made.

    open your minds people! I’m pretty thin and I can see the beauty and courage of the women in that picture!

  • My eyes are open

    My mind is open.

    Unfortunately, so are my eyes.

    Fat is NOT where it’s at.

    I don’t know 1 woman who likes being fat. Yes, there are a lot of liars out there. They’ll lie to their grave. They say they don’t care because they are in denial.

    Monique is in denial too. That’s why she’s willing to allow her handsome husband to cheat on her. She said she will not divorce him for cheating. Why? She feels LUCKY to be an obese woman who landed a good-looking man. That guy can probably do anything to her and she will just hang on to him.

    Monique is just insecure because she is obese. That’s why she needs to pull stunts like the above to get attention.

    The female body is naturally supposed to have curves. Women bear babies. Thirty pounds overweight is medically obese, but many can get away with it and still look good and healthy

    But obesity??????

    You need glasses if you think 250 pounds looks good on a person. Get your eyes checked or your head examined.

  • gothic

    there is nothin wrong with a little thickness. they dont have a wait problem u guys just have a problem with there wait. and im skinny. i dont like fat girls but i do like a little meat on there bones. i mean come on uv got to have sumthin 2 hold on 2

  • who is that girl

    Who is Ngozi? I like that girl she is Blooming

  • who is that girl


  • who is that girl


  • thea

    yo go mo’nique nice and healthy and proud of being biggg skinny girls need 2 fall baqq n this is a beautiful painting

  • JESS


  • why

    everyone does silly things this is just one of them but I think shes hot call me :)

  • David

    The ignorance of the people on this forum is AMAZING!!! I have followed Moniques career for years! Why don’t you read her book Skinny girls are evil before you judge! She is not promoting obesity in the least! Her Show F.A.T was to let women who are big know that they are somebody and to boost their self esteem. Only in America is a big person especially a woman is looked down on!! If these same women were in Africa, they would be worshiped as they hate skinny women and they feel that being skinny is a disease! The other thing is people who cannot help they are overweight due to a health issue! My wife is one of them as she has a Thiroid disorder. This not only causes her to gain weight, but also prevents her from conceiving a child. She was a thick girl when we met but not fat. She was able to give me a beautiful daughter and then her Thiroid went out of wack. Now she has gained a bunch of weight and no matter what she does cannot loose it due to this disorder! In closing the women you make fun off is more in demand then any skinny woman alive! They have their own dances and groups called FA (Fat Admirers.) You have men of all colors usually fit and skinny looking for these women!! I know a white guy who is a cowboy who weights 102 pounds and his wife who is white(I point that out since someone said that only black women are big) weighs 500. I personally like a big woman. There are things they can do that a small woman cannnot. And being that my family is in the medical profession, there is a such thing called a healthy fat person! Look it up. So those of you who judge we cannot see you. You could be just as fat as these girls and trying to fit in while you hide behind your keyboard!!! So I say to hell with all of you who judge and know nothing! You go girls and let no one ever tear you down especially ass holes who don’t realize that when their skinny ass women start having babies, they are not going to be that skinny!! Oh yeah one more thing. At old age gravity will take hold and so will looking old and being fat!! Do not believe me? Go look at some old pictures of women in your family, and then look at them now!!!

  • lil pimp

    show her completly naked please

  • http://N/A OOOO


  • aj boardman

    she is so beautiful i dont understand why people want to hate i think she is so sexxy and beautiful and very blessed with her looks she has a good life… mo dont let no one bring u down u are a very strong strong woman and funny to very good acter i love ur smile how strong u are and how powerful u are. u are the best human that GOD has made keep ur head up… aj boardman @ facebook

  • aj boardman

    @Naomi: she is so beautiful i dont understand why people want to hate i think she is so sexxy and beautiful and very blessed with her looks she has a good life… mo dont let no one bring u down u are a very strong strong woman and funny to very good acter i love ur smile how strong u are and how powerful u are. u are the best human that GOD has made keep ur head up… aj boardman @ facebook

  • Doug

    Whats wrong with being naked, a naked body is a beatiful thing!

  • Skinzart Bodyart Agency

    Being a bodypainter myself I think I can reply to this one and explain from an artist perspective. The bodyartist dont see race or size,we see a blank canvas. No matter what the canvas is such as a wall or human.We visualize the world as blank canvasses where our art can add awareness and share a story. I think everyone involved with this project is awesome. I always want to bodypaint plus size women because of their curves and the special challenges as an artist that I can gain from.
    Love is Love no in between….If we dont love ourselves then who will love us??? This project was not intended for you and others who can not see beyond the weight…. but the message is very clear for those that it was targeted to. I hope this helped in understanding the perspective from an artist.