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Queen Latifah @ Hairspray Premiere

Queen Latifah @ Hairspray Premiere

Full-figured leading ladies Queen Latifah and Nikki Blonsky bust out at the Los Angeles premiere of Hairspray held at e Mann Village Theatre on Monday in Westwood, Calif.

Queen Latifah stayed in character, donning a blonde hairpiece on the red carpet. She portrays blonde-haired record shop owner Motormouth Maybelle in Hairspray. Newcomer Nikki plays the “pleasantly plump” teenager Tracy Turnbald with with big hair and an even bigger heart.

10+ pictures inside of blonde buxom Queen Latifahth

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Angelina

    Hhhm…a bit too much going on there! Queen Latifah’s dress is yuck and her hair is too, yuck.

  • QQQQ

    Oh Jesus, what was she thinking…

  • [~Famous~]

    Queen’s a good looking blonde

  • matt

    as much as i like them, they’re just so unhealthy it’s distracting. i’m not saying they should become pin rail thin (or that i say this about everyone suffering from obesity), i’m saying that for the good of their health, they should get in shape. but if they are getting in shape or what not my comment can be dismissed.

  • matt

    oh, and i think Latifah dyed her hair blonde to help promote the film; her character Motormouth is blonde…

  • Pam

    Not looking good….

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Oh My! Lard ass convention going on? lol! I love the Queen but, it’s not healthy being that large. Both, are going to end up getting Diabetes II adult onset if, they don’t start changing there ways.

  • matt

    wow… being obese is a serious thing, i wouldn’t go cracking jokes about it.

  • Lydia

    All of you making comments about their weight should stfu. The Queen used to be bigger and she looks fine to me (I’m not talking about the hair or the dress).

  • Jess

    i don’t think Queen looks obese at all. she’s tried hard to be where she’s at with her figure, so give her a little credit. she’s just taller than most (including heels), and it doesn’t really help much that it looks like she’s getting ready to pop out of the top. even though her character has blonde hair in the film, this platinum blonde is just a little too much, just a little too bright, but a cute style though.

  • Prix

    I remember reading somewhere that Queen Latifah had breast REDUCTION surgery.

    If that’s true, how big were they before?

    All Hail the Queen!

  • Liz

    What is up with the hair?

    She’s not obese. She’s full-figured. Nothing wrong with that. But the hair has got to go.

  • Naomi

    I think they both have a beautiful personality but it IS unhealthy to be overweight, that’s a fact, wether they are bitches or sweethearts :)

    oh and they are both very talented (QL in Chicago! wow :o)

  • Lillianne

    Recently the Queen was in my town shooting a movie. She happened to be staying in my girlfriends neighborhood and we saw her out walking one night and her XXL bodyguard was not having an easy time keeping up with her. In fact we thought she was being chased and almost called the police until we realized who she was and that it was her bodyguard. She in no way looks obese. She’s just a large gal (and apparently in very good shape based on her speedwalk.)

  • Moonlight

    Latifah…love ya girl, but that blonde hair isn’t doing anything for ya.

  • [marie]

    The Oueen’s a queen in my book…

  • mickey

    If Queen Latifah doesn’t win a golden globe for HAIRSPRAY, at least she already has some. WOWZA!

  • queen??

    I cant began to explain or put into words how wrong this is..or even how afraid and nauseated I am at seein this..A big yuck…oh AN Queen looks hot..Im talkin bout the other one..hahaha

    just kiddin they both look shideous and Quenn looks like a A Fat ‘Storm’ on Crack..Yuck..

  • Natalie

    I love that Queen L knows how to dress for her body. She always looks classy at events. The hair is too much but its for the film so who cares? Sure, Queen L is a big woman but she has lost a lot of weight and is trying to improve herself. I would never fault her for doing that or talk sh*t about her body. She looks healthier and happier! Good for her =)

  • carla

    i love queen!

  • B!cho

    Long Live the Queen….I will watch this movie just b/c the Queen is in it

  • ****

    Cheeses, I’m not trying to be mean-spirited or anything but when I saw that image of Queen the first thing I thought was “what is LLCoolJ doing in a blonde wig and an evening dress”. Wow um…striking?

    Either way, I still love the Queen.

  • dudette

    anyone calling these two out about their weight and how ‘unhealthy’ it is, should immediately stop drinking, smoking, eating ANY kind of processed foods, driving, Over-exercising (causing joint strain), eating too little, whatever they are doing in their life that might be unhealthy.

    Really. Get off your high horses and see how hypocritical you are.


    I think queen’s dress is pretty.


    I came here to see pics of one of the most stunning women of the planet, Michelle Pfeiffer, and all I get is pics of overweight women.
    Excuse me but is it some site for insecure women ??

  • barbie

    Queen Latifah looks gorgeous: big-boned, glowing and healthy. Yeah, she’s big compared to modern day celebrities, but I think she looks a million times better than people such as Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Nicole or Paris Hilton – who all look scrawny and drawn out. It is possible to be big and healthy, especially if one is tall with a strong, big skeletal structure.

  • bdj

    Queen Latifah is my girl, big, bold and free.

  • varoooommm

    yucky, nauseated and all, what your problem? Queen is a bubbly woman. Image is everything. She has all this in stride. The blond works — not that i want to see her in pink locks one day — Now, i’m lovin’ it, actually.

  • gini


  • Chanel

    I love Queen. Not feeling the blonde hair, but she looks great.

  • here we go again

    OK.. all you Butt holes! The outfit is about the Premiere of

    BTW…this is not a cookie cutter world, we are allll different.
    The Queen is on the money…MONEY being the operative word..yeah!

  • Kyle

    i like queen. but no pic of michelle pfeiffer?

  • Mmmmm

    Love the Queen, wonder if she will ever date or marry? Does anyone know if she dates?

  • Passing Through

    Latifah…girlfriend…we need to talk about that blond wig…

  • Sarah

    I agree, Queen Latifah doesn’t look obese at all. But for Miss Blonsky, I’m sure she’s a nice person but she’s looking really unhealthy for her age.

  • Sam

    Hate the hair but I actually love the dress.

  • magnus

    Fat pigs.

    Both are disgusting.

  • melissa

    i’m not really a fan of them, but i still respect them.You shouldn’t be bashing their weight. That’s just mean. They both look gorgeous in my opinion.

  • sue

    I thought you had a breast reduction????Damn, Latifa! I still love you though.

  • sue

    #32 she’s a Lesbian, but she might marry.

  • varoooommm

    Passing Through : 07/11/2007 at 9:57 am

    Latifah…girlfriend…we need to talk about that blond wig…


  • Cynthia

    Love Queen, tough lady!

  • Mrs. Jackson

    I though Queenie had a breast reduction…..OY!

  • clara

    at least queen latifah is better than nikki blonsky…i hate nikki blonsky!!!…