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Zac Efron is Footloose

Zac Efron is Footloose

Musicals are definitely making their comeback!!

Since Zac Efron‘s jump from High School Musical to Hairspray, Paramount has scooped him up for the musical remake of the 1984 film Footloose .

Per Variety, Zac, 19, will bring his musical-leading-man act as Ren McCormack, the rebellious newcomer (originally played by Kevin Bacon) in a town where dancing has been banned.

Director Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) is in negotiations to helm and choreograph.

Catch Zac in Hairspray on Friday, July 20!

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Credit: Variety; Photos: Frazer Harrison/Kevin Winter/Getty, Matt Sayles/AP
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  • Kyle

    Zac again?

  • Laisla

    Why are they ruining so many movies?Hairspray was perfect the first time around and now this!Hollyweird needs to get some new ideas instead of rehashing old ones over and over again!

  • hally

    WHAT, only kevin bacon is for that role, this zac kid is one of the shittest actors around.

    does anyone think he would actally be good at this role hahhahhahahahahahaha

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Yaawwwwnnn! Show some real hotness already! Hugh Laurie for example.

  • Christy

    I think this kid looks a little like Clay Aiken…and has some of his qualities as well.

  • annie

    Who is this loser? Enough of him Jared!


    Just because a guy is prettier than most girls does not make him gay!

  • TiphN

    It’s funny how he looks like a famous french actor !

  • dukeson

    luv this couple

  • Andrew

    Cool .. I love musicals lol xD
    Thanks, Just Jared!

  • [~Famous~]

    They expect this barbie doll to play a rebel?!? Lol

    Thank god for Shia LaBeouf, A real young actor.

  • Jay

    Oh good lord.
    I hate this kid.
    Enough, Hollywood. Enough.

  • Sophia

    Well, I seem to be in the minority here that actually is glad he is getting recognised and offered all these parts. I think he’ll do a good job because he is talented, as is Shia La Boeuf, but they are two very different actors who take on different roles.
    Jared thanks for the Zac and Vanessa pics, no one else seems to have many yet, keep them coming!! :D

  • jenny

    i love the look on vanessa’ face int eh first zanessa pic
    good 4 zac i know vanessa has been looking at scripts well see where she’ going
    we need new fresh actors

  • C

    I like Zac, but I think he should do something different. Not only musicals…

  • I’m Not Obsessed

    I think unlike most teen heartthrobs who fade away from the spotlight as they become adults, Zac has that X factor. I definitley see him being one of the future male movie stars.

  • Naomi


    ok, over :d

    now this: why the fuck are they ruining good classics? what’s next? the fucking sound of music with britney and k-fed? or moulin rouge with Posh and becks? the fuck is hollywood doing, leave the fucking classics alone, it’s a part of fucking film history (in the time when films were still fucking good, ’til ’00).
    and if the actors would be good, okay, but ZAC GAYFRON? again why?????????
    I knew hollywood was fucked up, but THIS fucked up, unbelieveable!?

  • Naomi

    oh yeah, I think hollywood sees him as the new Brad Shit (excuse me for my lingo here, I can’t stand that man *looks around, realises she said something offensive ’cause 99,9% of the population in the whole wide world loves the Braddders and runs away quickly!*

  • raider814

    to the bashers…have you ever actually seen him in anything?? You’re just judging him by the way he looks…jealous!! btw-He’s NOT gay.

  • [~Famous~]

    Sophia, you called him talented, but what has be done? How do you know he’s talented, he hasnt done sheit. Lol

    He’s like the male Megan Fox. Lol But she’ll actually have a ‘good’ career. this poor child will do craptastic work for the rest of his career. little plastic fa@@got.

  • Juls

    what the HELL? listen, i was born in 1983, and even I don’t think it’s time for a remake yet. MUCH LESS one with a pompous little a$$ like this dude.


  • Charlotte

    No…..seriously? Re-making Footloose is ridiculous, it would be like re-making Grease. It is a classic film & I have watched it a million times & have never gotten bored of it, it does not need to be remade, it is perfect. Please don’t ruin it, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!

  • Carly

    ok i like zac and all. BUT WHAT THE EF!?!?! he SO cannot replace kevin bacon! that movie was(well is) gold and they shouldnt remake it.

  • Carly

    ok i like zac and all. BUT WHAT THE EF!?!?! he SO cannot replace kevin bacon! that movie was(well is) gold and they shouldnt remake it.

  • Jess

    they keep this up, zac’s gonna end being type-casted and bramded as that “musical guy.” i think he should try something else.

  • Lisa

    You People Who Are Saying Shit About Him

    I Remember I Use To Hate Him, But I Think He’s Okay


    I Think It’s Great That He Is Getting All These Great Roll’s And Everything

    So What If He Wear’s MakeUp And Shit.

    He’s a Great Actor,& a Awsome Singer.

    Just Be Happy For Them

    Good For You Zac Efon

  • Sindy

    i lovvvvve him :) keep on bringing zanessa newss !!!* =D thanks jared

  • shanna

    all u people that think zac efroon sucks get a life and first of all he is not gay and i think he a graet actor if he wasn’t then why is he being cast in all those roles so yah need to get over yourselfs and get a life at least he’s famous b i t c h e s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • April C

    Awww..he is sooo adorable…and sweet looking guy… need to say that..coz he is really SWEET :)

  • zac_efron xx

    OMG i havent seen footloose bt if u r all gonna insult zac efron then y are u on this website checking wat movies he is doing ?
    He is not gay because if he were he wouldnt be on da cover of soo many magazines n all da girls from disney channel saying he is an amazing guy. Tho i doo feel he needs to more variety of movies not jus musicals. :)

  • Chiiilllll

    OK. Everyone needs to hop off. Zac Efron may be pretty, but he’s not gay and he can act. Oh and Hally, learn how to spell actually.

  • tfytf

    zac is hot and i can not wait for it thanks just jared i wish zac were in all movies

  • Melissa

    okay. I’m not one to even comment like this, but something has to be said.

    I think what people are getting so upset about is the fact that they think Hollywood is remaking the movie- they are not. They are making a movie adaptation of the Broadway musical, which is based on the Kevin Bacon movie. Same with Hairspray. First it was the movie by John Waters [amazing, one of the favorites in my personal collection], then it was a Broadway show [double-amazing, one of my favorite shows I've ever seen], and now it is a Movie Musical [amazingamazingamazing, I couldn't control my level of excitment in the theatre- I got chills]. This is what they’ll be doing with Footloose. Opening it up to those who haven’t seen the Broadway show or even the original movie will give a whole new generation an interest in the theatre and just plain awesome music and acting, period.

    When I heard that Zac Efron was going to play Link Larkin in the movie adaptation of Broadway’s Hairspray, I almost peed my pants, I was so excited. When I found out he’d be playing Ren McCormick in the movie adaptation of Broadway’s Footloose, I actually did pee my pants, because not only was I excited to see this different take on such a treasured story, but I was excited to see Mr. Efron bring to life just another musical theatre icon. I’m really impressed with his artistic decisions so far and can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

    So for all those who are hating this casting decision and this movie idea, I ask you all just to back off. If you don’t like Zac, fine. Don’t like him. But don’t trash something that will change someone else’s life- because you know what, someone somewhere will watch that movie [whether it be Hairspray, Footloose, or even frickin' High School Musical] and they’ll try out for their school play and then they just might go on to be the next Broadway star. At least, that’s how it happened for them- John Travolta, Kevin Bacon… the theatre gave them their voice. And I hope that’s how it happens for me. Right now, I’m just an aspiring Musical Theatre major, but I hope that someday I can be much more. It’s thanks to movies and musicals like these that I can even hope to have these dreams.

    Think about it.

  • .,.,,.,.,.,

    i think zac efron is hot…
    and a GREAT actor!!!!

    he will do AWSOME at being Ren in one of my favorite movies!!!

  • John

    All right just because you don’t look as good as him or you cant dance,sing or act doesn’t mean you need to be a hater.This kid is the shit.And the next time ya’ll say sumin watch me go crazy.I don’t care who you are.This kid right here has done a lot of hard work and has integrity.So go ahead be jealous but don’t hate.He is the shit stank and toliet paper.No matter what anyone says,Zac your home bro got cha back 4 real.Oh yeah he isn’t a plastic or or w/e you called him.Go stick that up ya ass.And take your head out of it.

  • sar

    wow you people who think zac’s a bad actor come on really he’s good and lets see are you an actor a dancer a singer a musican?? if you are great but come on its not like your so much better..
    just lay off and stop being dumb

  • Pshhh like you’re getting my name!

    All of you Zac haters can hate and be jealous all you freaking want…but the truth is that HE is famous and HE is the one that’s laughing himself to the bank with all this incoming money from these rolls.So hate all you want but it won’t change one dang thing.So be jealous…and see where it gets you.

  • cass n kelll

    footloose was filmed in our hometown. where the remake will also be filmed at our high school..where we attend! see ya on the big screen!

  • Maria

    Some of you people out there are so GAY for even saying that about zac he is such a great actor and I think he will do great in that movie so please omg stop the hating k!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meg

    Zac is hot and will do great at this roll!

  • MS

    all this negativity in the air! I want a remake. kevin Bacon blows… Yea.. Zac’s a pretty boy but hes got talent. Better then Bacon

  • Emma

    I think Zac is the perfect person to bring ALLLL musicals back, there Genius and so is He!!!!! He can do as many as he wants as far as im concerned, I will never get tired of seeing him shake his tush haha! Apart from doing Musicals though, He Has SOOO much potential, he made me cry when he cameo’d in ER, i mean come on it was a beautiful moment lol! He could probably pull off making a crappy movie just because he has ‘it’ Dont ask me to define ‘it’ because i cant. But you all get the picture! Love the guy GO ZAC!!!! xxxx

  • nicole

    i think zac efron is talented he is only nineteen and star in so many movies. if you look at the other comets some of them ensault him i hate when people judge celebs or anyone 4 that manner. besides that he one so many award and he won teen hottie at the teen choice awards. if ask me he disverse it,

  • brentiqua


  • Anonymous

    No comments. Just wish him luck!

  • zacs1

    zac efron will be great in the footloose and always hottttt

  • Hannah

    Guys if your just gonna say bad stuff about zac just don’t plz!! Alot of ppl like him! Now jared plz keep updates on him!!! I CAN’T WAIT TILL FOOTLOOSE!!!!!

  • Maggie

    Melissa, you grabbed the words right out of my mouth. I was going to leave practically the exact same comment (right down to the fact that I’m an aspiring musical theatre major as well)…until you left it first! So now I’m just going to say that I agree with you 100%. People really don’t seem to realize that they aren’t trying to remake the movie…and so many of the comments here are based off of the person thinking just that; thinking it is trying to be a remake.


    It’s not a remake
    Zac can act, sing, and dance
    Can’t wait for the movie to come out
    Just let people follow and fulfill their dreams.

  • Sara

    don’t be so annoying you losers. he isn’t gay. don’t say he’s gay. he’s hot. uber hot. so shut the hell up

  • taylor