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Zac Efron is Footloose

Zac Efron is Footloose

Musicals are definitely making their comeback!!

Since Zac Efron‘s jump from High School Musical to Hairspray, Paramount has scooped him up for the musical remake of the 1984 film Footloose .

Per Variety, Zac, 19, will bring his musical-leading-man act as Ren McCormack, the rebellious newcomer (originally played by Kevin Bacon) in a town where dancing has been banned.

Director Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) is in negotiations to helm and choreograph.

Catch Zac in Hairspray on Friday, July 20!

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Credit: Variety; Photos: Frazer Harrison/Kevin Winter/Getty, Matt Sayles/AP
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  • Lauren

    Charlotte.. just so you know they do have plans to remake grease and rumour has it jessica simpson will be in it… ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :( way to ruin a great movie

  • Chinaa

    Okay, what the heck guys.
    Zac Efron is an okay actor and all.
    But I mean why are they going to re-make Footloose?
    I mean gosh it hasn’t been that long!
    And why the hell would you make is like a musical?
    I mean if your going to re-make it atleast kinda make it the same!

  • shit

    man why remake the movie it still look fab not that i ahte zac but he is a pretty boy which i think would be weird to see him as a rebel and for him to play as good as kevin bacon i think would be hard. I really think it woukld be a waste of wait some more money making this movie since everyone still loves and watches the first one but i mean lets make celebs richer right i mean when zac become famous well just trash him like we do with alll celebs right

    but if they want to remake this movie just let them do it and i dont like zac efron all that much he isnt my fav actor but being dressed well in hollywood is a sign of class not gayness tnx

  • shit

    i would also like to say it doesnt matter if he is hot or not but if he has the talent to play the role

  • Jason

    I think this is a great idea, the only thing is, they cant make this film light and fluffy, I also think a great actor/singer for the role of the father would be Meat Loaf, he is a great actor and singer, look at his work as Robert Paulson in Fight Club. I think he would be the perfect fit for the movie!

  • http://BUZZNET.CON east eagle

    Zac is so hottttttt!!!!!!!!! Leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im 20years old by the way and I am so much hotter than vannessa

  • http://BUZZNET.CON east eagle

    Zac is so hottttttt!!!!!!!!! Leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im 20years old by the way and I am so much hotter than vannessa

  • Rouky

    I’m in love with musicals and I really liked Hairspray. I hope I will enjoy Footloose because I think it will be hard to Zac Efron to play after Kevn Bacon…

  • are sooooo mental

    as of ppl could even think of re-making footloose i love this movie and they are just going to ruin it by doing this escpically using zac efron this movie is a classic no one should of ever considerd re-making it and ppl wondering what im doing on this site i was looking up footloose n this came up so why dont you get a life!! oh and btw the chick with ur name as zac_efron xx obsessed much freak

  • porkBacon

    This is ridiculous. Even if they were to make a remake wtf is a pretty boy like Efron doing in the lead? Is he going to be smoking like Kevin or is that going to send a wrong message to the 10 year olds that will watch this?
    Its also directed by Kenny Ortega…the same guy that did High School Musical. And just like that one of the great films of the 80s turns into Disney fluff…

  • Jak

    I could be barking completely up the wrong tree, i don’t normally get involved, but for this role wont he have to sing? i seem to remember that in High School Musical, he was miming the whole time and it was someone elses voice.
    If this is the case and they are using someone else’s voice, I think it’s really bad that once again he is getting a role that requires him to do something he isn’t good at, luckily their is no Basketball involved this time.
    Also, why is Hollywood being so shallow? They have found some kid who they believe is a typical teenage American girls dream, Hollywood needs to wake up and realize their is more to film and stage productions than a good body, white teeth and a tan!
    Please don’t go all zac-fan crazy and start hating what i just said, but isn’t it about time he was picked for a role that maximizes his talents?

  • Footloose fan

    I cant beleive they are casting him!
    I dont mind Zac Efron really, he’s not that bad in the cheesy roles like HSM. but dont you think that Ren is too gritty n rough for Zac’s pretty boy image?
    Kevin bacon all the way. Dont change n already brilliant movie!
    come on it even has sarah jessica Parker in it !!

  • Noemi

    Zac is the best boy and best actor.:)

  • aline

    zac are a hottie boy
    liven in a hottie world
    hottie ,hotie,hottie…..hotie,hottie !!! :p


  • GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

    footloose is a great flim and it shouldnt b ruined by remaking it no matter who the actor is, they should leave flims alone and just make new ones come on stop ruinin movies by remaking them!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://jkjkjkkj@webite kate

    Well I think Zac Efron is a awesome actor and I am glad he has a part in this movie

  • http://jkjkjkkj@webite kate

    Well I think Zac Efron is a awesome actor and I am happy he has a part in this movie

  • andie

    i agree w/ Laisla and hally. there are some movies that shouldn’t be remade. the remake is totally gonna ruin the movie. and zac efron is a shitty actor

  • poppy

    i think zac is the best
    he will be fab in footloose as he always is
    donnt noo why you’s lot are slagging him off well loadss ?!?!?!
    I LOVE HIM !!!!



  • loren

    im soo not amused footloose is ma fav film i nearly cried wen i heard it was gonna be remade then actually shed a tear wen he was said 2 b playin ren ….. cant people understand the classiccs are classics for a reason they are good… noooooo great the first time!! if the younger generation only see the zac efron or how ever you spell it version of footloose then that will wrek the memory of the film forever! pleae hollywood leave it alone!!!!!!!!!!!! rant over :D <3 x

  • Leah

    Im very sorry but there is nothing wrong with the old footloose why do they need to make a re-make of it :)
    it will probably be crap

  • Melissabacon

    this just ripped my heart into little shreds. i’m okay with zac and all, but really THEY ShOULDNT EVEN BE REMAKING FOOTLOOSE!!!!!!!! i dont care whos in it i have nothing against zac but COME ON!! im gonna CRY!! and i dont cry. ever. this is the worst news i have ever heard in my whole life. that movie is my life and i love kevin bacon. those little shits at paramount need to grow bigger brains and think up their own ideas!!! at least they got a good choreographer tho. he did dirty dancing and thats my 2nd favorite movie. BUT WHAT THE FUCK!! come on guys, have a heart. now theres gonna be a bunch of ten year olds claiming they love footloose just cuz zacs in it when they really dont even know what the real footloose is. oh my god seriously that just totally ruined my day/week/month/year/LIFE!!!! get some new fucking ideas and stop ripping off the classics paramount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ellen

    Zac has made a right decision. In this point of his career all he doesn´t need is another musical role (he turned down 5 millions!!). I´ve seen some of his interviews in London and he´s not that laughable cheesy disney kid anymore. He´s way relaxed and sexier, I was really surprised ´cause I used to HATE him. I´m dying to see him in adult roles, sexy ones included of course. And he´s not a dork like Pattinson. He´s becoming a smooth and elegant guy!