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Anne Hathaway: I am Not a Prude

Anne Hathaway: I am Not a Prude

Anne Hathaway graces the August 2007 pages of Marie Claire magazine.

On proudly proclaiming she’s not a prude: “I love Peaches. When people are all, ‘Do you think you have a squeaky-clean image?’ I’m like, ‘Could a squeaky-clean girl know all the lyrics to ‘Teaches of Peaches’? I mean, my favorite song is called ‘F*** the Pain Away.’”

On being comfortable naked in front of the camera: “I don’t actively search for [movies] that I can get naked in. It’s not the most fun requirement of the job, but nor is it something that I would ever not do a job of because of. It is what it is. Some people choose not to do it on moral grounds; I think that’s a shoddy argument. I turned down another movie because it was going to show a vagina–not mine, but somebody else’s. And I Didn’t believe that was actually necessary to the story.”

On knowing where she stands: “I’m not a walking one-woman drama show. I’m pretty bad entertainment–I’m not particularly well dressed, and I haven’t graduated from college. I think you should like Natalie Portman a lot more.”

On filming Brokeback Mountain with director Ang Lee: “I had such a cool experience. I Was like, Hells to the yeah. If this is possible once, it is worth striving for the rest of my life–to be part of something that is so beautiful and smart, that is the best this medium can be.”

On magically turning into an awesome actress by age 30: “A lot of actresses start kicking ass between 27 and 30 — Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Cate Blanchett. I’m curious what’ll happen when I turn 29–if all of a sudden I’ll access this hidden power that I have. Wouldn’t it be cool if that happened?”

On bursting into tears the firs time watching Brokeback Mountain: “I didn’t stop [crying] for an hour. And Kirsten Dunst, who was going out with Jake, was like two rows behind me, and [Jake's sister] Maggie Gyllenhaal was right behind me, and we were all crying so hard; my boyfriend offered Maggie his handkerchief, and she was sharing it with Kirsten. And I’m thinking, That’s my boyfriends–can I have my Kleenex that you b*****es are using?”

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  • a

    woo hoo, first again. and i love anne and that top portrait. can’t wait to get the mag!

  • Rii

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful actress! I adore Anne, I’m anious to see her coming movies.

  • Hassy


  • Melanie

    First as first!? Now I know I check this site too often……

  • Longtime Fan/Lurker of BAMPZS

    Me too…I think Anne is super cool…sweet person.

  • Sarah

    Lol, what’s up with the pictures! :)

  • Rob

    The vagina movie was Knocked Up, if anyone cares.

  • Davidson

    I think people mistake prude for being classy. If she had more confidence she wouldn’t feel the need to justify herself. If anyone has a problem with the idea of sex, it’s those that believe the only legitimate form of expression is by framing it as “filthy” or “nasty,” which is the vast majority of Americans (the legacy of Puritanism).

  • Pam

    She sound like she’s trying too hard.

  • Like her but

    I like her a lot, but I also feel like she’s trying too hard to prove to people that she isn’t all that innocent. I agree with Davidson. I think she’s confused the term classy for prude. She’s definitely classy, and that doesn’t make her any less sexy. I hope she realizes that and that she’ll gain enough confidence in herself.

  • Z

    I’ve always like Anne, but after reading this it seems a little weird I dont know…I hope what she said about Kirsten Dunst and Maggie was a joke cause that was a bit harsh. And I do think the interview comes off a little like she’s trying too hard. Like, look at me! i’m a bad ass bitch! i’m not a prude, i actually say bitch. I dont know, WEIRD!

  • ally

    She’s gorgeous but I think she has some issues to work through. based on that interview.

  • rose575

    Anne Hathaway has more class and talent than half of Hollywood put together. Lovely underrated performance in Brokeback Mountain, I hope she works with Ang lee again.

  • annina

    Oh God. Anne, we know you have grown up so stop trying so hard to prove that you have.
    I must say I used to really like Anne but after reading this, my opinion has changed about her.
    Maybe its just that I get annoyed by people who try too hard, I dunno.
    Shes all like ‘Hell Yeah, I know all the f*****g words to “f*** the pain away” and i’m a bad ass, you b****’
    Shes actually proved that shes more imature than ever by saying all of that stuff, If you know what I mean.

  • brad

    I like Anne, she is an actress I will go to see. I avoid some movies if certain actresses are in them, but Anne is a draw. Yeah, Anne needs to know that classy IS sexy, she has nothing to prove. You rock, Anne!

  • stfu

    anyone who says “hells to the yeah” needs to go away.

  • [~Famous~]

    she’s kind of hot for a nerd

  • ricki

    She’s so annoying.

  • lisa

    I always found her annoying as hell, this interview doesn’t help

  • peter

    Did you hear that 50cent is banging jessica alba?

  • Cynthia

    Hahahaha!!!I Don’t like Anne Hathaway,but this is the best photoshoot she’s ever done.

  • ks

    Why do some actors feel like they have to use bad languages to change their image? I used to respect her, but now I have a different feeling.

  • dee

    I agree with everyone else, I was cringing while reading this. She is trying WAY too hard. =/

  • Miss Windjammer

    Um, yeah. Not a fan. Reading this interview cements that inkling of dislike I had for her.

    And to turn down “Knocked Up” because some random woman’s snatch was shown is stupid. Granted, I thought it was a gag put in for shock value, but it sounds like she’s probably regretting that decision due to the film’s success. That said, I probably wouldn’t have seen “Knocked Up” if Hathaway was in it.

    I absolutely love Jane Austen, but now I’m certain I won’t see “Becoming Jane.” Anne Hathaway is, I’m sorry, absolutely cringeworthy.

  • Jimmie

    I hate it when people try too hard to show that they have something to prove. Cussing doesn’t make you a bad @ss, it cheapens her. I use to like her but not after this interview. I had to cringe.

  • [~Famous~]

    blah blah.. Everyone will LOVE her next week.

  • Moonlight

    Beautiful. Nice legs. But cringeworthy, nonetheless. H*lls to the yeah? Lmao!…Anne…come on…that was embarassing to read.

  • Pammy

    Who the heck says “Hells to the yeah?” She’s so lame.

  • Like her but

    And what is wrong with having a clean image?

    And true, injecting some bad language here and there to prove she’s not a goody-goody only cheapens her.

    Although I do like her, I actually think the producers for “Becoming Jane” could have found a better actress to play Austen. I saw Nicholas Nickleby a few years ago, and I cringed at Anne’s English accent.

  • Colin

    God, I fuckin HATE her. She almost ruined Brokeback Mountain for me.

    Just ugh.

  • princess no one

    Why Does everyone wants to be bad…..whats wrong with the clean image…I really don’t like her anymore…and the nudity was done in a direct-to-video that says enough about how hard she is trying to shed her good girl image…which I can’t understand why??!!!

  • malibumom

    Real women are content with who they are and their vocabularies are vast enough for them to have no need for profane words. Real women have no need to impress-they have no patience for superficiality and are so satisfied with their beliefs that they have no desire to defend them!

  • lola

    I agree with what everyone here is saying. Why is she such a dork? She is trying so hard to come across as cool and badass that she sounds so stupid. Even if she wanted to address the fact that she is not as goody goody as her image seems, there are other ways to say it rather than just using swear word after swear word. This is just like the time she did some interview where she said she was a whore like Lindsay and Paris but no one knew because she did it in college. Who says things like that? I have no respect for her at all.

  • Bee

    Anne Hathaway is like a weird drama kid that never outgrew her awkwardness, she is hot, but you can tell isnt comfortable with it…definitely tries to hard, i’d like her more if she embraced her nerdiness

  • delilah

    Anne Hathaway is fabulous!

  • the voice of treason

    i don’t actually think she was purposely trying to sound all badass with the few curses. i think she’s just giving honest answers- i know that’s definetley how i’d sound in a casual conversation. She’s just being real- you can take it or leave it. either way, i’m pretty sure she doesn’t care what you think.

    anne, you sound fun.

    and i think that ‘hells to the yeah’ is charming.

  • md

    Oh c’mon guys. She’s actually one of the more bearable under 30 year old actresses. I like her more than most of em!

  • Ella

    She’s so Princess diaries in most of her movies. Her beauty is creepy.
    She’s hanging out with the annoying fuglies like Dunst and Maggie.

  • Mary

    She just degraded herself. She’s not so grounded and has a lot of growing up to do. Nothing but a sellout now like Scarlett Johansson.
    She is nowhere classy but more like confuse and insecure like Kate Beckinsale who is bulimic for being so vain and wanting more bigger boobs like Queen latifah.

  • anon

    She’s annoying as hell

  • bataglio

    deeds, not words! start shooting up, hangin’ w/kate moss, drop 20 lbs, show nip, stumble outta the latest hot celeb hangout drunker than shizzle at 4am, drop that wall street boyfriend for 50cent or kate’s pete now that he’s free – and 1st and foremost: FFS, stop giving interviews re how you’re a bad, bad girl.

    till then, period pieces for you. period.


  • Miss Windjammer

    Hahaha, bataglio is amazing.

  • ben

    i fucking love this bitch, she’s so weird and lame but it makes her really funny. snaps for anne for loving peaches – ‘fuck the pain away’ is the shit.

  • http://deleted LOL


  • 2985

    I think it’s nice that she’s come all dorky, for me anyway. And I don’t think she was trying to be bad ass at all, she was giving honest answers, ITA with a previous poster who said Anne was just being honest. The fact that her reaction to being in an Ang Lee movie was so…um what’s the word, oh well dorky is fine, that’s another nice touch. She didn’t feel like she had to express herself using language that was considered cool/down with it/whatever totally, I think so anyway. :lol: I think yes, she should be more comfortable with the fact that she’s more in the classy league, which is totally ok, coz not every gal has to be photographed snorting coke, flashing their vags in tabloids coz they were clubbing with too-short skirts with no underwear, drink-driving, etc. I mean, if you wanna snort coke do it in private anyways, you know it’s gonna kill your sinuses and it looks gross so do it privately ya know? ;)

  • 2985

    And I think she was joking re the hanky, sarky humor; my gay boyfriend and I call each other ‘biyatch’ as a term of endearment FFS. :)

  • Angelina

    she looks great in all those shots- especially her cover one. but what i don’t like about her is tht she kind of made her career go into the trash by starring in havoc. she can do better than that! anne should aim for the movies like devil wears prada. she’s also really pretty but she has to get a proper stylist…as you can tell from the interview ‘i’m not particularly dressed well’…

  • lola jenkins

    Hellz to the YEAH! bringing it back! anne, you’re so homosexual.

  • Jillita

    Why is the Kleenex scenario the “b*&^%Es” fault? Maybe it’s time to get a new boyfriend if he didn’t offer you the Kleenex first? Maybe you’re the b*&^%h, Anne “oops I’m wearing a see-through top and didn’t know it” Hathaway?

  • Al


    She’s a dork and embraces it. Love her.