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Jim Carrey is a New Age Singer

Jim Carrey is a New Age Singer
  • Jim Carrey is starting to look like a new age singer.
  • This is the #1 reason why to watch The Hills.
  • Ahoy there, Scarlett Johansson! Ahoy!
  • Carmen Electra gets her hair sprayed.
  • Fergie prefers stripping over Candies
  • Brittany Murphy gets a new dark do.
  • When Oompa-loompa‘s get old
  • Does Penelope Cruz really look that glamorous?
  • Celebrities are standing out with big rings.
  • Divorced women rally for Katie Couric
  • Britney Spears puts her house on the market… again.
  • There apparently even more pictures of Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo than what’s already been published on the Internet. Somebody leak them already!
  • Children’s Protective Services visited Britney Spears three times last week and told her that her house was unsafe for her kids because there were no barriers around her pool. Britney has temporarily moved into the Four Seasons Hotel as a result. She was spotted there Tuesday crying. In other Brit news, she has supposedly dropped cousin Alli from her entourage.
  • Kelly Rowland called TMZ “pathetic” for saying Beyonce needed a new stylist because she performed in a “RoboHo getup” at the BET Awards. “It’s downright mean. What has Beyonce done to deserve to be called a ho?”
  • Ian Ziering was “jittery” at an ESPY swag event in L.A. Tuesday because “he’d just had a callback to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right.”
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz were spotted together Tuesday night at Socialista.
  • Don’t forget to the enter the Hairspray contest for fan masks of the entire cast!
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  • Hillsfan

    LC is the main reason to watch the hills. She is smokin HOT. She is sooooo gorgeous.

  • [~Famous~]


  • Kyle

    Who is the female-impersonator with Jim Carrey?

  • Omni

    The tranny with Jim is Jenny McCarthy. I think it is funny that Fergie denies association with Candies. Jenny McCarthy did that gross potty ad with candies years ago. Nice to know Fergie has too much class to be associated with a fashion line that thinks putting an attention-starved D-lister on a toilet with her white panties at her ankles is a cool way to advertise shoes! Jenny had a stupid-looking smile on her face like she was so proud she was pooping.

  • Jill

    Jim Carrey def. needs a haircut. Britney Murphy’s natural hair color is brown….atleast I thought. And Carmen Electra’s do makes her look like a homeless women.

  • Jolie-Pitt

    Is Leo still dating Bar?? Or did they break up??

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Jim Carrey’s hair is longer then, Jenny McCarthy’s! Jenny’s looks better long but, I think this angled Bob cut is the new style. Posh and Katie Holmes are wearing this style too. Doesn’t mean I’m cutting my hair! It took too much work to grow out my hair and I’m not about to go wack it off. Besides, my hair is too curly for a BobSHIT cut anyway.
    Jim Carrey, I love this guy because, he’s so CRAZY but, come on dude! He’s looks scarey! Jenny must like the long hair. Hopefully, both will come to their senses. He could be growing it long too for a movie. Let’s hope that is all it is. He’s looks creepy this way!

  • Cindy

    roboho LOL thats funny has some truth to it.

  • Sarah

    WOW at Penelope. She looks like a classic Hollywood star there. I’m actually just starting to realise how sometimes she can really look beautiful. I mean she was so beautiful in Volver and at the Golden Globes. Then she looked horrid at the oscars… I dunno, it’s kind of a love/hate thing.

  • wanna be fame ho-res

    Just great- no -neck Nick Lachey an Jabber-Jaws wanta-be famous Vanessa Milano have more se-x pics comin out..she is fug and desperate-& he has no career and has down-graded big time-an I dont care 4 Jessica dat much.

    Vannessa is a ska-nk!

  • Java & Jazz

    10, I totally agree with you. Vanessa is so skanky looking, I wouldn’t have thought Nick could find anyone skankier than Jessica, but damn if he didn’t go out and do it! And Vanessa is a bigger attention wh#re than Jessica, which is saying a lot. These sex tapes say it all about their “careers.” When you have to use your own sex tapes to jump-start a has-been career, time to pack it in and get a real job. Nick and Vanessa are nothing, going nowhere. Why do they even get attention?

  • camina

    LC is cute.

  • anna

    vanessa is way more gorgeous, intelligent and seems a LOT more classy than jessica simpson. i dunno what you guys are talking about…

    lauren conrad is gorgeous!

  • anna

    oh and by the way… they obviously didn’t realize people would be viewing them having sex…

    and did you guys read the comments left at the other site? how that site let people leave such racist comments. it’s unbelievable how effing ignorant and uneducated people are…

  • dildos

    Just some days ago saw on TV Ace Ventura! Jim Carrey is ugly but he is charming and inimitable actor … love him very much…