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Jude Law to Film Documentary in Afghanistan

Jude Law to Film Documentary in Afghanistan

Jude Law grabs a wad of cash from the ATM and gets his java fix at Starbucks while out and about in London on Tuesday.

The Oscar-nominated star, 35, will soon be flying off to war-torn Afghanistan with fellow Brit Jeremy Gilley to film a documentary for UK’s BBC TV channel, according to The Mirror. The pair will spend time with Afghan children as they record preparations by children’s charity Unicef for Peace Day on September 21.

More pictures inside of Jude and his cup of Joe…

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • delilah

    I am gaing total respect for Jude Law!! Way to go!

  • AndrĂ©

    how sexy is he?!?
    geez..he’s sexy.

  • Cool

    1 delilah : 07/12/2007 at 11:39 am
    I am gaing total respect for Jude Law!! Way to go!


    Me too. Way to go Jude!!!!

  • lola

    J-U-D-E…there’s something bout him makes me wanna ^^^^
    hate to say, damn he’s so sexy here * l.o.v.e

  • delilah

    I am gaining total respect for Jude Law. Way to go! Sorry for spelling error on previous post.

  • dolorescraeg

    it’s not just his beautiful face….it’s the intense heat he radiates from his body. i’ve tried to figure it out. the way he walks that beautiful rear end…jude whatever it is …you got it and everyone wants to know how they can get a piece of it. we’ll just have to content ourselves gaping at your pics on the computer….jared….thanks again for being so on the ball.

  • anon

    I’ve been wondering for a while what the bracelet is he wears on his right wrist?

  • dolorescraeg

    it might be for a charity he supports or one of the children might have made it for him. my guess is a charity because that’s what they are doing thesedays. god, i’d love to be there to share his java.

  • blueberry

    he is alwaysssssssssssssss perfecttt.he is mine

  • Pole

    He looks a bit tired but very good IMO. I think it’s really wonderful that he supports Unicef – I hope I get to see the documentary.

    Thanks Jared.

  • Cynthia

    I don’t know what it is, but I like Jude Law, he is a great actor. He doesn’t get to do much movies as the non actors Brad Pitt be getting. He’s overrated, while Mr.Law is quite underrated.

  • [~Famous~]

    Dirty sleazy ball.

  • Sandy

    I just love this man. He has so much love for his fellow man and especially children for shose charity he has worked for a long time. This
    didn’t come out of the blue for publicity like some other stars. He is a
    true ‘mensch’ – some of you will understand but it’s one of those words for which there is no real translation except that it roughly means someone of upstanding nature and good values who can be looked up to. And added to that it is such a pleasure to look up (and down) to him, what a way to start the day, an adorable half-asleep Jude out for a morning stroll. A panny for your thoughts Jude…… and thank you Jared for coming through.

  • [~Famous~]

    Sandy – “He has so much love for his fellow man” Lol

    Of course he does, Bisexual.. Duh!

  • sheryl

    To (~Famous~)…”is what yo’ mama said when she first laid eyes on you”…just kidding…(smile)

    Yes, I LOVE the just-out-of-bed sleepy eyes…if only I could wake up to that everyday, I’d think to myself “What a Wonderful World.” (Great big sigh)
    (Wistfully) Oh Jude, Jude, at the risk of sounding lame and behaving like a school girl, it just has to be said that I love you truly, madly, deeply (from afar…too very far from where you are)…not just the succulent outside but the juicy inside…I perceive your soul shines through your eyes…and it’s very beautiful. You had me at Cold Mountain (oh yeah!), and then “Holiday” (mmmm hmmmm), “Ripley” (no need for words), then “Closer” (“I con’t see my lit’l eyes”), “Huckabees (a riot!),” “Enemy at the Gate” (mmmm…my sleeping bag or yours?), “Road to Perdition” (can’t hide sexy), “Breaking and Entering” (you’ve been a bad, bad boy!), “Aviator” (stunning!), “Sky Captain” (very nice), “Midnight” (dirty bad boy!)…As for “All the Kings Men” and “Alfie”…sorry, loved looking at you more than following the storyline on these, but there were some touching moments. It’s been a Jude film festival at my house for the past three months. “Wilde” and “Wisdom of Crocodiles” this weekend!

  • dolorescraeg

    sheryl….bless your heart….i know just where you’re coming from. he’s so sweet and sexy. he’s edible. very underated actor but his day will come. he’ll knock the sox off everybody. in the meantime just looking at his photos and films keep my juices going.
    i love his half awake eyes in these photos. can you imagine looking at this guy while he’s asleep. we should all be so lucky. but then that would be one very crowded bed…. i’ll bet he perked up adter his injection of starbucks…..

  • Sandy

    Sheryl I really enjoyed the trip through the garden of Jude’sfilm with
    yiur on the mark comments which I share with a few exceptions. You are
    going to have a lovely weekend coming up But he is even enjoyable in some
    of the films that were not on your list – Final cut with flashes of the
    real Jude and his lovely smile – he talks to the camera as though it’s his friend and it truly is. No one ever had a better friend for the camera lovves Jude the same way we do and he can almost do no wrong. With
    all this going for him how cen he not succeed?

  • Sheryl

    Sandy, glad you enjoyed it…the film festival isn’t over…that’s just what’s on for this weekend. I also want to see Music From Another Room, I Love You I Love You Not, Final Cut, as you said, A.I. (which will air on TV in a few nights), Gattaca. I’ve seen eXistenz, but wasn’t in love with that one, but then, video games are not at all interesting to me…and Jennifer Jason Leigh seemed a bit wierd in it. And I would almost rent Lemony Snickets just to hear Jude’s narration (I just LOVE to hear him speak), but I almost can’t get past Jim Carrey on that one (or maybe I should say, his character or the way he plays it, as I do like SOME of his stuff) …it’s supposed to be on TV soon as well, so maybe I’ll try to venture over to it. There were a few years there when I rarely saw movies, what with working and raising kids as a divorced mom and such, and a couple more years where my mom and dad were very ill (and passed on…not very old, either, which is scary)…so everything between 2000 and 2004 is just a blur, although I did manage to see Ripley back then…but anyway…Blockbuster has Wilde and Wisdom of Crocodiles in the mail to me, and I’ll have them tomorrow…sooooo….bring on the popcorn and maybe a cherry vodka and orange juice (is there a name for that?), turn the phone off, and cut the lights!!! Yeah, I know, livin’ in the fast lane will catch up with me someday…but that’s how we roll here…hahahaha

  • Dr Jube

    Jesus christ. HOT.

  • Daphne

    Hot damn he is so fine. The sleepy look on him is so sexy. If I wake up to that I’d push him right back to bed and have my ways with him.

    Sheryl, you gotta see Lemony Snicket just to hear his narration. My gosh his voice — how can a guy be so sexy in every friggin way. He drives a woman mad, even a normally sane one like me.

  • Daphne

    Forgot to say, I agree with Sheryl about Jim Carrey in Snicket. He almost ruined the movie for me, but Jude’s beautifully subtly nuanced vocal expressions made up for it. Plus the kids and the dark humour were good.

    I fervently hope Jude stays safe in Afghanistan. He’s an amazing guy and he’s doing a brave and commendable thing, but it’s a war zone over there.

  • Sheryl

    Daphne, I’m pretty sane myself in every other way…but this is utter insanity! Can’t explain it! I mean, I had a crush on him after Cold Mountain, but when I saw Holiday (didn’t see it until April), ‘the kiss’ sent me over the freakin’ edge!! Even my ex-husband had to admit it was hot…and he’s by no means gay or anything. And watching him with the girls was nothing but sweet…not cutesy sweet, just real. So then, I go back and rewatch Ripley, and then the commencement of the Jude Law film fest! I mean, I’ve never had such a huge crush on ANY actor since I was a teenager! And strangely, it’s not all about the sexiness, although I’d love to plant a wet one right on the side of his gorgeous neck and …(censored)…
    Okay, I am a realist, though…if he even reads any of this stuff, he probably thinks it’s a load of crap…like, “how could they love me, they don’t know me…” and I wouldn’t blame him…except he’s not looking at himself from our side…so…I will continue to admire from afar and express my admiration…I actually only posted for the first time yesterday after spending months looking and reading what everybody else had to say…my sister says I’m his internet stalker…which I told her was not funny, stalking is not funny, and I’m absolutely not a stalker…am I?

  • Sheryl

    I know, Daphne, I thought about the same thing today when I saw this…I worry about anybody that announces they are going there…

  • Sandy

    you are not insane Sheryl and welcome to the club. However I will tell
    you that it is an addiction and very hard to get over hut then who wants to!Someplace on the web i wrote a whole bit about the wisdom of going to a place like Afghanistan with people being killed and kidnaped and it being in the war zone. As i said then Daniel Pearl thought he was safe also. I think it’s wonderful and he is fearless but is it foolhardy? He has to think of his children selfishly because we are responible for
    having brought them into this world and owe them our love and guidance protectively for as long as we can give it.
    I agree 100% about Lemony Scicket. I don’t like Carrey and there was a bit
    too much of him. I had the pleasure of traveling with my son and grandkids
    in the van one day and they apologized for putting on the movie on the DVD
    player and because I was in the front seat I wouldn’t be able to see it. I
    was thrilled and just sat there and listened to the movie smiling broadly.
    and they played it twice, going and coming! One word of advice, Walmart has several of Jude’s very old movies constantly in the $5. DVD bin. It ‘s a cheap buy in the long run and better than renting.eXistenZ is nobody’s favorite. It could meke you dislike Chinese food from then on. I watch it just to see him. Ted is such a change from his usual characters.
    Enjoy the film festival – I know you will.

  • Sheryl

    Well, I already own Cold Mountain and Holiday…and I’ve had Breaking and Entering for so long, Blockbuster probably has charged my account for it, so it’s probably officially mine…I’ve had Huckabees for a while, too. I thought Wahlberg was also cool in that movie…and it was fun watching Lily and Dustin…they are great…I love the Huckabees outtake of Jude and Jason Schwartzman breakdancing…it’s not an extra on the DVD I rented, but I’m going to buy a copy, and I hope it’s on there…it’s hilarious…it should have been in the movie…
    (yawn) I’m going to bed…I have to be up in 5.5 hours! Yikes!

  • A

    Jude Law is bi? since when?

  • dulcemirita

    My respect for Jude Law for going to Afgahistan has became bigger, I hope he be safeful enough. I respected already as actor (uf, sheryl, I got trough the same process than you with Jude about one year ago, and far from fading, has become a real a real adiction, so as Sandy says: wellcome to the club).He is such an amazing man…

  • veronica

    always beautiful,jude

  • Sarah

    He’s a great actor. Shame his latest choice in movies have not been so good (The Holiday, All The King’s Men).
    But I loved him in Breaking and Entering, though.

  • gini

    jude is perfect.

  • Lindsay

    i think its great that he is going to do this, i give him kudos!

  • vin ny

    the way he moves it’s just sexy.
    agree with u all, i adore him as an actor. he’s def good and talented.
    btw hope u safe in afghan, jude. good work.

  • dolorescraeg

    to all jude law fans on this site …if you want to have a visual feast go to just jude at the following link. click on the high res button and sweet dreams. ………

  • Michael5280

    Anybody know where I might be able to find a shirt like he’s wearing? :)

  • dolorescraeg

    i must say you are such a welcome addition to this site. i hope you post on imdb and law news as well as a jude law fan site. they are the most up to date with true jude devotees.
    look i’m a senior with grown grandchildren and i love this guy like my own. he’s not like any other film star because he’s real. what you see in his eyes, what he expresses silently tells you what mood he’s in. is he upset….is he content. then there’s the intellect. if you’ve seen him on video interviews or read articles, his vocabulary is right out of webster’s dictionary. he’s so bright he could be a professor. both parents were teachers. he’s so sweet you do want to eat him up. now let’s get to two very important assets…….his face and his sexy body….unique and out of this world. put this ensemble of a man together with….”he’s a hell of an actor” and you’ve got jude law.
    when you watch “i love you i love you not” you’ll see the definition of beautiful just looking at him. and by the way any emotions
    you feel about jude are perfectly normal for jude law fans…..pure ecstasy…..please keep posting.

  • Ria

    I have been a fan of him since 2000 and I really admire the fact that his focus on life has changed. Hope he exercises caution though when he goes to Afghanistan for the sake of his children.

  • dolorescraeg

    according to people in afghanastan jude is already there filming the documentary about the children who live there. come home safe jude.

  • Bwelly

    Is that a girls shirt? The sleeve length… and then the V neck… Jude tries too hard. It was a mistake to betray Sienna.

  • sheryl

    Bwelly, what exactly does it look like he’s trying hard at? I see a guy in jeans and a T-shirt drinking coffee and trying to start the day like millions of others did on that same morning…but it looks like he’s very relaxed and easy…don’t see any signs of trying too hard. I’m thankful for people like him who have the means and ability to take on a project like is described above, so my question is who gives a s**t about his shirt? But to those that do give a s**t about it, I like it on him…

  • Sandy

    Atta girl Sheryl – they keep coming on about their utter nonsense and
    reading into ordinary daily things whole scenarios.It was sienna’s ‘loyalty’and ‘devotion’ to her fiancee that caused the engagement
    to be broken. Why should he honor her when she dishonored him first? but he was a gentleman and publicly apoplogized which she didnt deserve and all he wants to do is forget the whole mess and go about his career which
    apparently some people, his fans and the French who worship him because he
    understands what the film art is all about think he so richly deserves to be let along to do. Isn’t it enough to enjoy what we see, enjoy what he tells us abeut the charities near and dear to him and repay our devotion
    by gaining more and more respect amongst his peers and those in the know.
    It seems that no matter how many times we try to set these people straight
    it just doesn’t sink in, they would rather criticize and babble than think.

  • patzin

    I love Jude; I am in my 60s. I have read all the above comments and laugh and am touched. There are so many other people who clearly love him and his movies. I have all on DVD except Final Cut. As for the way he dresses, he is hot whether in t-shirt and jeans or tux. I can’t understand why after all these years I feel like a teenager again. I love Wisdom of Crocs – it is my favorite; but really love them all. On top of his artistic career, and I love his originality in choosing roles and projects, he is also clearly a charitable man and together with Sadie they support different charities and events. I believe he is the epitome of charm, intelligence and caring.

  • iheartjude

    awesome…this man has got me day-dreaming of being one of his “good companionship” just to hang out with, despite that it might just be in vain, though…well, nevermind, as long as day-dreaming is still free of charge and harm no one, I’ll just keep on doin’ it..;)
    btw, I live in Indonesia and not all of his movies available here…I would love to see Breaking and Entering just can’t find it here…

  • http://annberow annberow

    i wont