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Keanu Reeves + Amaury Nolasco = One Mighty Fine Sandwich

Keanu Reeves + Amaury Nolasco = One Mighty Fine Sandwich

Keanu Reeves films a funeral scene for a fallen officer on the Los Angeles set of The Night Watchman on Wednesday with two co-stars — Oscar winner Forest Whitaker and Prison Break hottie Amaury Nolasco.

Fave picture: One make-up artist powdering Keanu’s nose and a hair stylist brushing his hair simultaneously.

The Night Watchman, aka Night Watch, was written and will be directed by David Ayer (Harsh Times). The film also stars Chris Evans, Naomie Harris, Hugh Laurie, Common and Jay Mohr.

Expect to see this film open in theaters in 2008!

20+ pictures inside of Keanu working the Night Watch

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01 keanu reeves the night watchman
02 keanu reeves the night watchman
03 keanu reeves the night watchman
04 keanu reeves the night watchman
05 keanu reeves the night watchman
06 amaury nolasco keanu reeves
07 amaury nolasco keanu reeves
08 forest whitaker keanu reeves
09 forest whitaker the night watchman
10 forest whitaker keanu reeves
keanu reeves the night watchman 01
keanu reeves the night watchman 02
keanu reeves the night watchman 03
keanu reeves the night watchman 04
keanu reeves the night watchman 05
keanu reeves the night watchman 06
keanu reeves the night watchman 07
keanu reeves the night watchman 08
keanu reeves the night watchman 09

Photos: Matt Symons/
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  • Yari


  • Yari

    i think its a hot duo,
    n amauri is boriicua
    pa q tu lo sepas!!

  • Nicole Kidman’s biggest fan

    i dont like this girle oops! i meen man
    he hates arabs so i will hate him too !

  • Amber

    Amaury’s in transformer and now shooting a new one. How come Wentworth miller’s not making any movie???? I wanna see him on big a screen. ANyway, it’s real good to see Amaury’s doing so well.

  • B

    How come Amaury is not in Texas?!?!?!? They r already shooting season 3 over there………….

  • Rii

    I can’t wait to see this movie and Keanu in action.
    Great post, thank you!

  • BeeLoved

    Looking forward to Keenu’s new movie. :)

  • [~Famous~]

    i hope this movie doesnt suck.

  • [marie]

    I love that Amaury is getting more movie roles… muy caliente =)
    And also… When the fcuk is he gonna get his ass on the set?! they already started shooting Prison Break a few days ago I hear…

  • Love

    OH I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mmmmm

    Much love Jared, thank you! I would love a man sandwich with Keanu & Hugh and I will would that super sized … Mmmmmm

  • gini

    love you keanu!!

  • Wet For Went

    Considering PB isn’t coming back til 9/17, I’d say Amaury has plenty of time to get his ass down to Dallas to film his scenes. Mmmm Keanu.

    Amber, I want to see Went on the big screen too…*sigh*

  • Mama Bear

    Rock on Amaury!

  • countrybabe

    Oh I want to see this. I love to see him play cops/FBI. How does he gain and loose weight to fast he looked a little chunkier in that picture with those fans last month.

  • trf1960

    Keanu looks frigging gorgeous in that outfit – he could arrest me any time :D

  • HottieTottie

    Lovvve me some Keanu! More pics, more news!! Thanks JJ!

  • AJ

    Amaury AND Hugh Laurie? Awwww, hell yeah!!!

    *shaking head at Wentworth*

  • Juno

    Thanks Jared! You are THE MAN!

  • ARYA

    Thanks Jared…why oh why isn’t Keanu in the kilt???? LOL! Can’t WAIT to see this movie!


    Two very hot men-when is the movie!!!

  • Mediterranean

    God created Keanu perfect!

  • tres’ hot

    OOhhh Keanu…… le sighh….. Love you, Love you, Love you

  • Kay

    How does he do it..look so young all the time…hes in his mid 40′s.. I hope when I get to that age I look as good as him..

  • Jennifer

    I aksed myself the same question when I saw these photos, Kay..”How does Keanu do it? He looks so damn young. He’s 42 and going to be 43 in September. Did he find the fountain of youth?” He is soooo handsome, it’s unbelievable! He’s better looking than men half his age. I think I’m in love all over again..just don’t tell my husband! LOL

    Thank you so much Jared for these photos! It’s refreshing to see photos of a decent celebrity for a change and not the same sleazy celebs such as Paris or Lindsey and the overated Brangelina. Bring on more Keanu! Pleazzz!!!

  • http://keanuweb delee

    go keanu! rock our world one more time… we know your the best, this movie i predict will be excellent!!!!!!

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS


  • Lisa

    EREKE or ERIKA, whatever the hell name you go by, why do you always come on to every Keanu article and do your annoying multiple posts in a language most of us don’t even get? You are really pissing me off! You are so damn annoying! Every time there is news about Keanu, I can always count on you ruining the conversations with your multiple posts of bullcrap! I’m getting sick of checking out what people posted only to have to scroll through numerous posts of yours! You post as EREKE on some sites and ERIKA on others so which is it? Either way, you are a nuisance! I’m not saying you can’t post, but why the hell do you have to post several comments and in a language most of us don’t understand? Can you just please stop this nonsence? I think I’m not the only one getting sick of you!

  • Nanea

    Lisa, ITA with you!

    Looks like that person has a serious Keanu complex, if she feels the need to show off that she only speaks Polish and has to comment under every pic nonetheless. I don’t get most of what she says but she should have her head checked. She’s not funny, but even degrading in some posts. I’m pretty sure she’s doing this though to annoy people.

    What I don’t get – free speech and all – but why aren’t these comments removed?

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS

    Vsak jaaaaaaa-Erika som vam furt vravela – aby ste tu Babylonsku vezu tak vysoko nestavali!!!…Tak teraz sa trapte s prekladmi!………..Vsak?…Keanko…V najhorsom pripade – sa mozeme dorozumievat – gestami – posunkami…na fotkach…Alebo aj – okolim zachytenym na fotkach…situaciami na fotkach…A hned je z toho foto-pribeh!…A dokonca aj pravdivy!…Pekelne pravdivy!…Nebesky pravdivy!…..Akoze – je – “325550690″ – kod do siete Casopriestoru…….Vsak mam pravdu…Smith?………..

  • Jennifer

    I agree with you Lisa and Nanea. It’s obvious this EREKE is obsessed with Keanu. However, other than being a complete pshycho that has no life, I’m sure she’s harmless.LOL

    But to be on the safe side, Keanu watch your back!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much Jared for removing EREKE’s multiple posts. I’m sure we all appreciate it, not just me. Now you can see everyone’s oppinion and not just all the annoying posts from this person who obviously has too much time on her hands.

    You rule, Jared!

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS

    Preco sa bavite o mne?…Jezibabe Erike…Bavte sa o Keankovi!…Potom to vyzera – ze som slavnejsia ako on!…Ale ja mu v ziadnom pripade nechcem “vypalit rybnik”…Matrix nas ma…len tak mimochodom…To sa Neo zas – nasmeje……..Ze vraj som – psycho…To je situacia – ako v tom lietadle – vo filme – “Zahadny let”…”Flightplan”…Skuska spravnosti – vychadza…Matrix – vsetko naplanoval…aj toto…Ale Keanko – ma strasne peknu ciapku…Zajdeme k Teslovi…rozmnozime…

  • Lisa

    Thank you, Jared! You are one cool dude, almost as cool as Keanu himself! hahaha

    Please continue to give us more stuff on Keanu! There are a lot of Keanuholics out here. Thank you!

  • Nanea

    Thanks, Jared, for removing most of those annoying posts – but it looks like that woman is seriously out to spoil every Keanu thread everywhere, she’s done it again! ;-(

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS

    FOTO 16382…11.foto v poradi…:Toto je dokaz!…Keanko je bez Erikinych komentarov – uplne strateny!…Len sa dobre pozrime na policajta Keanka…a citajme mu z peri…:”Erikääääääääääääää…kdeeeeeeeeee si?….Cäkäm tvoj novy komentääääääääääääääääääääär!!!…Moja slädkä Erikääääääääääääää!!!!!!….”…Mozno policajti Eriku – zatkli…Siri cudesne komentare…Dufajme – ze ju strcia do basy – aspon na 25 rokov….

  • Jennifer

    Hears a though. I’m surprised the “gay question” hasn’t come up on here yet, but I’m still curious. Why does just about every Keanu comment thread have at least one person asking if Keanu is gay? I don’t get it? Does Keanu look gay? Does Keanu act gay? Does Keanu dress gay? I just don’t get where these other people see something in Keanu that make them suspect he is gay. And besides, who the hell cares if hes gay or not? It’s not like you’re ever going to get the chance to sleep with him so why not just enjoy the eye candy and stop wondering if he prefers fish or sausage. Besides, thinking too much will give you a headache whereas just doing nothing but gazing at this tall, dark and handsome adonis will give you sweet pleasure. God sure was good to Keanu! *sigh*

  • Canapril

    Yes, Keanu looks Super Hot in Uniform and yes he does look younger when his hair is short and he’s shaved. Man he is looking Really Good and super Eye Candy for sure.

    The question of his sexuality about whether he is Gay or not usually comes up time and time again. The reason is: Because he played a few Gay character roles, in some of the movies he has starred in. It was just a role he was paid to play. It doesn’t mean that he is Gay, he is an Actor and he loves to play a variety of character roles.

    Once in awhile the same question comes up at our group at 1KeanuReeves and its explained the same way as here. We all love Keanu and we love to talk about him, but No he isn’t Gay, he is more Man than a lot of them out there. Can’t wait to see this movie! You?

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for answering the question, Canapril. I totally agree with what you said. And yes, I’m totally excited about this movie and can’t wait to see it! I so hope it becomes critically acclaimed and Keanu gets some great compliments for his role. I would like to hope it becomes a huge hit too but being that it’s a drak cop movie it will most likely get an R-rating and that will limit the amount of viewers ti the theater. Let’s hope that it will still do well and give Keanu the recognition he deserves.

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS

    Orel 7…Mrska 2…Super par…Pre nechapavych : “Orel-7-Keanko”…”Mrska-2-Erika”…Orel – hraje …Mrska vysvetluje…Zrkadlo:”Poznaj sam seba…”…Matrix – poznava sam seba – aj cez FILMY!…

  • Kate

    Keanu played a bisexual in one film, My Own Private Idaho. He has never had a role as a gay man.

  • EREKE-vestica-VHS

    Je Keanko – teply alebo studeny?…Najskor…je vlazny…Lebo inak by bol uz so mnou davno zenaty…Vsak?…U nas je teraz 40 stupnov Celzia!…Aj ti najstudensi – sa menia – na teplych!…

  • Kitten

    He’s so purrrrty! I want to lick him! meow!

  • Romina

    belle le foto….
    sono carine quelle in cui si guarda nello specchio per vedere se sta bene…è imbarazzante….
    ma come deve stare dico io ??? …..è chiaro che sta bene….
    che pesonaggi questi attori del grande schermo…..

  • Jemmie

    Oi!! No pics of Hugh Laurie? I’m going to see this movie just for Hugh and James Ellroy. And maybe some Keanu. Come on guys, give us some Hugh!!


    “Ked tek e tem premeslem…nestejeme e ene svete…hledeme vlestne edrez…Neprekled – v zrkedle…”…Ene…je prevde…ze me rezcele – ked neprekled zezvene telefen…E nene tem Nee..Je te len delse blezen-bebke -leetke…Elebe – ked me neece nejde ne enternete…Nejveec me rezcele – trecke – s nepesem – “E leve eee”…


    Clovece…Watchman Kean…tvoj kolega – policajt …ma dvojnika!!!…”Nolasco” – bufetar – na jazere Drazdiak…v Bratislave…..Predava klobasky grilovane…kofolu…Som zvedava – ci ten film “Watchman” – bude lepsi ako ta klobaska a kofola…Lebo ta kolobaska a kofola – vam nastolila velmi vysoku latku!!!…


    Watchman Kean …videla som …videla….Dalsiu sliepocku na obzore…tvoju zenicku z filmu Watchman…Co bude hrat?…Ako bali desiatu – svojmu muzickovi – policajtovi Keankovi – do roboty?…A co mu zabali?…Klobasku a kofolu?…


    Watchman:”Ako tak na seba pozeram…do zrkadla…zistujem – ze nie som o nic zahadnejsi – ako stromy alebo zraloci…..Musim sa skontaktovat s Krisom Clooneyom…Aj ja chcem poletiet na Solaris!!…”

  • Nicole

    I think the questions about Keanus sexuality arise because people simply have nothing else to say. When they run out of “bad actor” grissle they fall back on the ol’stand by, he’s gay. He’s a pretty cool guy that doesn’t give us reason to hate him, and those that are hell bent on saying something nasty only have his acting skills and sexuality to churn on about. Bottom line is, everyone has seen and loved a Keanu movie or two, he’s our guilty pleasure whether we are adoring fans or closeted haters. He is the Clark Gable of our time, aloof, dedicated to his craft and heartbreakingly handsome.