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Kelly Clarkson @ ESPY Awards 2007

Kelly Clarkson @ ESPY Awards 2007

Kelly Clarkson (in Zuhair Murad) and NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson present the award for “Coach of the Year” to Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy at the 2007 ESPY Awards at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre on Wednesday. (“The ESPY Awards is ESPN’s annual sports awards and stands for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards.)

The Idol champ later joined some friends at Koi restaurant for a little after-party. The 2007 ESPY Awards will air on Sunday, July 15 @ 9PM ET/PT on ESPN.

10+ pictures inside of Kelly working her sparkly silver mini…

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty, Gabo/Dean/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Vera


  • agent

    image is wverything-don’t listen to ppl who tell you it’s ok to be fat or plump or whatever-your look will sell faster than your sound-stop being a brat like Britney and listen to the ppl who know or pack your bags and go perform for your local Walmart’s concert series

  • Mmmmm

    Rock it ..

  • Stasia

    I was watching her Idol performances on You Tube and she was so attractive. Not a waif, but healthy and curvy. But dayum!! She is really putting on weight which of course is not great for her career, but more importantly bad for her health.

  • ace

    kelly..i think u shld toned the extra baggage..but dun slim down..just toned those up..u look cute

  • morganax

    actually, she is looking better than she has in recent events. with this and live earth, she looks like she is losing a few pounds. she is a NORMAL sixe women, and i praise her for not giving in to the skinny look. it is good for teenage girls, young girls, and even some women to see that one can be successful by being true to who you are. people that rag on her are just plain idiots.

  • nicetry

    you are still posting pictures of this chubby fug.

  • Angelina

    she looks great but i think she should loose a couple more pounds…just a bit. she’ll look healthier that way but she still looks gorgeous!

  • [~Famous~]

    eat eat eat

  • vicky

    Finally, she’s wearing a dress that conceals her size and flaws. Did she really drop some pounds or is it just the dress? Some toning or yoga might be good for her. Anyway, she looks fine and cute in these pics.

  • ….

    that dress is beautiful and she looks great

  • rhayssa

    OMG she looks so hot

  • Katie N

    Boy, she has put on some pounds.

  • Lyzz

    she looks very nice..

  • Clint

    Kelly is absolutely gorgeous! Very classy! It looks like Miss Clarkson had a fun time attending the “2007 ESPY Awards.” Thanks. Have a great day! Peace-out!

  • stephanie

    wow she looks amazing so beautiful and look at the ring on her finger . and she is not fat its just the dress fits her that way did you all wacth live earth when she perfromed she look great not fat at all so yeah its the dress .and when she goes on tour this fall she lose some so i’m not worry and heck she don’t need to lose any she perfact the way she is .just because she not a size 0 or 2 dosen’t mean she fat she normal she haves a flat somacth so i don’t know what yall are talking about the only thing big kinda is her butt . Kelly is such a nice and beautiful girl with amazing talnet and she deseves nothing but respect .I still wish she was with graham they went togther for almost a year they was so cute togther to bad that him and her had there busy shculeds .

  • stephanie

    actually if you saw the live earth concert and gma perfromaces she lost some weigth its the dress .

  • Nadia

    i think she should slim down a bit.

  • stephanie

    and why dose everything have to be about weigth and being a size 0 kelly is at fine weigth she looks amazing . and i’m sorry but i wish more peopel in hollywood was like her cause those other girls are giving bad examples to girls that they need to be size 0 to fit in . yes you should be healthy but beinging a size 0 is not healthy ewww seeing bones is not healthy its bad .Kelly i think one time siad she a size 6 or 7 depends or the brand i think she migth go to a 8 durig that time of the month . Now i think a size 6or 7 is good now i don’t know for sure thats what she wears but i know its a small size size .

    Kelly have good additude about her self and belives in her self . She also knows who she is and not gonna change that for anyone she fine with her body and more. She also shows her love for fans she knows that without us she wouldn’t be here and she greatful for that. She also have a strong faith and more i would definally rather have kelly as a role model for myself and my younger cusins than those other people in hollywood .

  • Pam

    She’s sure packing on the pounds.

  • inhirnamy137

    I think she looks cute, but that’s not her best look.

  • A

    I like the fact that she hasn’t given 3 shits about the whole hollywood must be size zero stuff. That’s cool.

  • mocha

    agent? wtf does britney have to do with kelly being “plump?”

  • maladicta

    I think she looks absolutely beautiful in this dress. I love her so much!

    I am SO sick of seeing girls in Closer saying “Oh yeah, I eat chips and burgers all day… look at me, I’m a real woman, I’m so proud of my curves!” When they’re actually a size 6/8 and they mean their hips are like 30″ plus. Pah. I’d rather be with a girl like Kelly any day of the week :)

  • Alex

    WORK IT!

  • tessa

    love her!

  • cindy

    Kelly looks good but still needs to lose some weight.

    Image is everything in the music industry and nice person or not, she still needs to watch her weight. She is very chunky compared to the way she use to look. She looked great during her early Breakaway years…I don’t think Kelly is that happy and doesn’t eat right. If Kim Locke could lose some weight so should Kelly.

    Her image is not selling well…people face up to it. Her CD may have sold better if she looked better. She looks pretty in the dress, but think about why she is wearing this type of dress…she is still fat in the thighs and butt..and her shoulders are big…She walks like a guy sometimes..sorry, but this weight gain has hurt this year.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love her but even when she launches her country CD, she will need to drop some weight. It’s an image driven industry.

  • cindy

    And one other thing, no is saying she has to be a size 0 or rail thin. She just needs to drop about ten to 15 more pounds. She is a small girl and young. Wait until she hits her mid thirties, she will be a blimp.

  • agent

    U mean u don’t know? Britney would still be very marketable if it wasn’t for the slimy, trailer park, trashy, image she’s projecting-it’s not about who it’s about what-Kelly is too FAT to be a mega marketable star-this business is NOT about touchy feely make u feel good about yourself-It’s about the money and the money is the bottom line-you don’t bring the money-you can’t be a star ok-so you ppl decide-keep telling her how gorgeous she is-she doesn’t have to be POSH, but she needs to get back to a marketable size- Besides that, you don’t and I repeat don’t bite the hand that feeds you-Clive may be 80 but he is one phone call away from her being a server at Wendy’s- Being blacklisted isn’t fun-ask JT-he’s pissed about his little “unmarketable image” too!!!!


    Shes not big, and it shouldnt matter anyway, she is gorgeous and HER TALENT SPEAKS FOR IT SELF!!!!!!!!

  • Nadine

    I can’t believe she is listed as being 5’4″. Everytime I look at her I think she’s got to be 4’9″it’s b/c she’s so stocky she looks like she is a little person.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Finially! A dress that is made for her body type. The dress is fitted at top to give her some umph for her little boobies. The bottom is nice and loose to camouflage her fat ass! She said, in People magazine she’s actually happy with her current weight. She’s not a size 2 or even an 8. She was vague about what actually size she actually is into now. If,some of U you think she is a size 6 that, may be on the only top half of her because, she’s frickin pear shaped. The bottom probably, a 14! God! Wonder what will happen when, she punches out a couple of kids? Enough said.

  • whoopee

    Kelly’s gotta weigh at LEAST 170 POUNDS! Look at her arms.

  • matt

    i love how SHE is a “normal woman”, when britney, who is called a fat ass with tree stumps, weighs MUCH less than her.

  • Yily

    Kelly Clarkson owe me $15 for her shi**ttiest album My December.

  • blondie

    Kelly really closed my big fat mouth for good.
    She looks like a raving beauty.
    I love her.

  • chanck

    FAT & UGLY!!! :O

  • Amber

    Keep eating, keep eating. You’re so hot!!! lol

  • Lucy

    Forget about Kelly, Has anyone noticed Cute Jimmy Johnson?????

  • ashley

    yeah that’s what i’m talking about .. GO kelly GO .. you’r the BEST EVER
    i love you so much . and you ppl don’t you dare talking about kelly like that she’s GREAT . kelly don’t have to be a super model to be successful singer . i mean it’s not her jop to be then rght ?? anyway she’s amazing
    and you was beautiful in esby award honey ,, love ya kelly

  • AP44

    I totally agree with ashley^^^^. She has an awsome personality, unlike a lot of ya’ll. People who say she’s ‘fat, and what not about her album’, you probably don’t even look half as good or could ever write a single lyric, talentless losers. GET A LIFE!!!!

  • u dont know me!!1But r my fav.

    Hey miss. Clarkson!!! u r the # uno american idil. I dont play int that anymore-I enjoy other talented idols but have yet 2 purchase thier cds. Dont get mio wroung- i enjoy/support/enjoy/beleieve n other idols. you just happen @ be # 1!!!! and i still follow your songs. F/ off 2 people who do the rumor mill. I can relate-i’ve always been a yo-yo diet er. It happen. be u! love u-and i believe that u do!!!
    Just a fan from minnesota.!!!