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Jennifer Garner's Shaq Attack

Jennifer Garner's Shaq Attack

Jennifer Garner takes a trip to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Wednesday and who does she run into? Basketball star Shaquille O’Neil! Jen and Shaq hugged it out and chatted a bit for the cameras…

Earlier in the day, Jen took baby Violet to pick up the mail at their Los Angeles home. Strangely enough, hubby Ben Affleck made a separate trip out to the mailbox minutes later. Expecting an early package, perhaps?

20+ pictures inside of Jen, Ben and the Big Daddy Shaq!!

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01 shaquille oneill jennifer garner
02 shaquille oneill jennifer garner
03 shaquille oneill jennifer garner
04 jennifer garner mailbox
05 ben affleck mailbox
ben affleck mailbox 01
ben affleck mailbox 02
ben affleck mailbox 03
ben affleck mailbox 04
ben affleck mailbox 05
ben affleck mailbox 06
jennifer garner mailbox 01
jennifer garner mailbox 02
jennifer garner mailbox 03
shaquille oneill jennifer garner 01
shaquille oneill jennifer garner 02
shaquille oneill jennifer garner 03
shaquille oneill jennifer garner 04
shaquille oneill jennifer garner 05
shaquille oneill jennifer garner 06

Photos: Shinn/Jri/Bauer-Griffin, Barnsley/Symons/
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  • Dieter

    OH MY GOD – what wonderful hot buns she has !!!! I wanna lick them !!!

  • Cool

    Cool Family and Shaq is Cool too.

  • Rii

    Great family the Affleck Garners. And the hug Jennifer gives to Shaq is so cute.

  • Hulla

    Great choice of car. Audis are the best.
    And I absolutely love her jeans.

  • a

    awww, how cute haha. she’s so short compared to him. well, duh. love the affleck family!

  • http://htt// be

    I like Shag.

  • http://htt// be

    I like Shaq.

  • Angelina

    glad to see the family again. jennifer looks like her usual self. i have no idea who shaq is but he’s funny…look at picture no. 3, haha…

  • Mmmmm

    Look at Jen rockin the heels. Its funny how celebs just know each other by default.

  • CT

    jared, his name is not Shaquille “O’Neil”, it’s “O’Neal”

  • Dieter

    I just creamed my jeans on her hot ass. Amazing !!!

  • K>N

    Funny how the supposed Jennifer Garner has on diffent jeans in the picture hugging Shaq verses the picture taken ealier with violet…I don’t think that is even her. She doesn’t wear jeans that tight anyway. I never seen her in heels outside of the red carpet.

  • none

    I’m starting to think they’re publicity whores. They’re (particularly Jen)snapped way too much for people who are “low key” and, let’s face, don’t have much going on career wise.

  • FatAssGarner

    I’m gonna hazard a guess that JG didn’t notice how fat her ass looks in those jeans. Otherwise she’d never have left the house those things.

  • Chris X

    OMG they sure are publicity whores – going out to lunch wearing jeans – going out to get the mail. It is just shameful. They should do something low key and tasteful like roll around in bed in their underwear on the pages of W magazine. Or suck each others faces off at soccer games.

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!!!!!

    Chris X yours are words of wisdom! I totally agree with you!

  • check

    Jen, stop hiding your ass(ets) by wearing loose jeans. Keep showing ‘em off by wearing the tight ones because girl, you look so hot! You got perfect buns!! Love your shoes too.

  • Moonlight

    If I ran into Shaq, I’d hug him too. :lol:

  • Me myself I

    I agree that I don’t think that is her. They are different jeans, different hair, different shape- everything. Not on target there, guys.

  • i got it

    Picture #04 on the bottom shows it’s her. With the same top but with hair loose and high-heeled shoes and yeah, those tight tight jeans. And it shows her face! It’s Jennifer G.

  • PJ

    Uh, those pics are of her. Just look at the other pics, they show her from the front and you can see the jeans and heels quite clearly. She’s a cutie!

  • Hmm

    Is it me, or do Ben and Jen seem somewhat unhappy when the are together lately (as opposed to when they are with other people). It always seem like Jen is posesively holding Violet and Ben kinda tags along (unlike Gwen, Gavin, and Kingston – all very much involved and happy together). They are never smiling at eachother. What do y’all think ??????

  • lula29

    It’s her. She looks great in those jeans you go JG! She must have a new stylist or is trying harder or something. She definitely looks a lot cuter than she has been.

    They do seem to only be happy when they are separate with other people, but hey I’ve already commented on that.

  • Baby Doll

    #22 Hmm

    It’s you…..

    Jen and Ben look like any other normal couple.

  • shaq luv em

    Shaq rocks..Jen not at all..their marriage is so in trouble- they have to get the mail seperate..another 6 months then they seperste- after his movie- its over for em..

  • lula29

    Yeah a “normal couple” struggling to keep it together. They never really smile much at each other anymore, even on their vacation and 2nd anniversary. Wonder why?

  • Scooby Doo

    Awww, that’s so cute! Don’t you just love how celebs always seem to just “run” into each other :-)

  • http://! Let them just be

    None #13 you are wacked out they are at their house fool. Just Jared posts pictures of Jen because she is very popular as is Violet and Ben. They obviously are low key. They are at their house going to the mailbox, they go to the doctor, they have lunch with friends. But still people can’t get enough. You dont like it skip over it, like I do Lohan pictures.

    Hmmm.. Its you. When you’re a mom of a one year old they are always attached to your hip.. They each went out to check whether the mailman came they are probably expecting something… My husband and I do it all the time….its not something you have to announce “I’m going out to check the mail!” when you have a normal relationship. YOu also don’t grin when you are doing it–Neither look unhappy just neutral. Stop beating the dead horse. #25 We know you aleady posted as Hmmmm – stop repeating youself. Have you everseen a couple go out to the mailbox together? Pretty wierd if they did. By the way it is sure creepy the way a pap can just go up to their mailbox and look in

  • luves the paps

    Jen is low keyed ? wants no attention?..hahaha she is a media ho-re..maybe not so much now since they will split soon..and we can see Afleck cleary is not happy and wants out..

  • http://! LisaM

    Jen has been looking so beautiful in all the pictures I’ve seen this week. She’s just glowing. Ben must be doing something right! Her friend on the other hand has a huge zit on her chin. That must suck.

    Their baby has gotten so big she doesn’t look like a baby anymore. Kids-they grow so fast!

  • next door to who?

    There are clearly times when they don’t look “neutral” so stop playing.

    Here are two times right here:

  • cutie pie

    i like shaq and i like jennifer she is not a whore like britney and paris and lindsay, i think the hug was genuine not wanting to bed a big black man. now thats what i call a lady. you go jennifer garner

  • over with

    #31 Jen looks like a beady @ss rat on that pic. Beautiful hahaha thx 4 the laugh,,that woman is homely and average at best,,Divorce is in the cards,,body language baby,,,Babies dont make relationship,,relationships make Babies,,its a problem marriage,,

  • tess

    She’s one HOT mama!

  • next door to who?

    She is average. Not ugly, just nothing to rave about.

    The body language does say it all. It’s just some are in denial.

  • http://! marsha

    It looks like they’ve got a pretty, Spanish-style house. Lots of flowers and trees…Not a huge mansion though–is it one story? Any body know where I can see an aerial pic of it (you know a picture looking down from the sky like when they show stars houses?)

  • Mrs. Fugly

    No Scandalmongler??? Oh well. I personally don’t like the tight fitting one’s on her. Make her ass look very wide and sorta flat. Weird! She looked much better in the 7 Jeans she, had on a week ago. I think the bootcut are more flattering to her. That’s just me though.

  • A Person

    Here is the story.

    Both Ben and Jen were trying to get to the mail box first to pick up to divorce papers.

    Jen is being photograph in tight jeans and heels because she is going to be back on the market soon so therefore she has to play the game to: 1. get more acting gigs and 2. get her a man.

  • Iris

    I’ve never been a fan of their work but I totally love them! They seem like such wonderful non-egotistical people. It seems like they realise that celebrity is not all that important in the bigger picture and they just love life and eachother. I hope they have a long and happy life.

  • finish-line

    Its over in 6-8 will happen..unless she pulls the 2nd baby thing..and then when baby is born its 6-8 months after,
    he is dying to not be tied or trapped forever in a love-less marriage.
    I think he loves her and cares about her she is the mother of his child but he is not in-love with her.
    Ben does not like to be boxed in, remember what he said about J-lo.

  • coochie

    What did Asslick say about J.Lo? Lopez rules, by the way. Can’t wait till she starts finally promoting a new movie again for El Cantante at the end of the month. She’s been gone way too long!

  • LisaM

    I don’t believe he’s ever said anything bad about her (JLo)…Some British magazine published stuff out of context he said about not being able to stand constantly being hounded and feeling self-conscious always being in the public eye so much. THats what made him feel clastrophobic –the press about their relationship, not JLo. British papers lie even worse than the ones here. They just wanted to stir up trouble and make it seem like they had this horrible breakup and hated each other when they didn’t really.

    Iris I agree with you. They (Bennifer II)seem like they’re in love and happy with each other and their life — too bad for the haters. Your lives must suck much, eh finish-line?

  • lula29


    Please, they do not seem in love at all. Stop playin’

    I mean is this the look of love

  • grace

    I think that they are having some serious trouble,too!Okay,nothing wrong with, going to check the mail seperately but Ben looks sooo fucking unhappy and annoyed and he´s NOT looking at the paps!Come on,don´t come with that now,he´s a celebrity for A LONG TIME he knows how to play the game he´s used to that and on the last pics,where he went to an account and Jen to the doctor he smiled into tha cameras and he was ALONE there!
    And on the last Hawaii pics Jen laughs with Matt and is wife and Ben with another man and then there was a pic from them together and he looked totally annoyed and she,too!
    The bodylanguage tells all.
    I guess he likes her,she´s the mum of his child and he cares about Violet,but she´s not his big love.I bet the divorce is coming soon!
    She´s only carrying Violet even at home…weird

  • scandalmonger

    Woohoo look at this hugh ass.Poor manifer she works out all day long like a obstinate priss and still has a giant ass.
    BTW do u think she gets brazilian waxing? I don´t!
    Firts:Nobody gets his hands down her pants
    second :she looks like a pain in the arse who has a hairy scrub down there which stinks like old tuna fish!Go home u hairy ,boring homebody!!!
    Ewwwwww she totally looks like that.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Haaaawwwww!!!! THANK-YOU SCANDALMONGER!!!!

  • she is not into him and vice versa

    Their so doomed!
    He is so not into her.Its failed and over.
    He11 Shaq seems warmer and friendlier to her in public and smiles happily at her & its more than Ive ever seen her own Husband do.
    Yep its Doomed.

  • cutie pie

    i dont think its the jeans that make her ass look wide and flat it is wide and flat. but i still like her and repect her . she is so cute and so is her daughter. and for the record im black so it aint always a racist type of thing.

  • NitaPita

    Most of you people are idiots and are probably too young to know what a relationship looks like between adults. If they were all happy, smily all the time, you would be bitching about that too!

    The paps are constantly swarming them and it must get so annoying, plus they sometimes say derogatory things to get a reaction to allow the gossipmongers gossip. There were plenty of pics of them smiling together on their trip. I think they are like any other young couple. Some days are great, some days they need a break from each other, but most of the them its just oridinary.

    This couple will be around for a very long time.

  • Sandi

    No comment.