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Britney Spears Gets SUPA SHOCKED

Britney Spears Gets SUPA SHOCKED

Britney Spears unloads herself out of her car looking quite scared and shocked by paparazzi in the parking lot of a toy store in Los Angeles on Friday.

Dressed in a pair of short shorts and a wrapped belly-baring top, a bra-less Brit Brit was seen purchasing a tennis racquet after giving it a few swings, as well as some spare tennis balls. The pop princess finished off her look with a pair of oversized white-rimmed sunglasses, purple headband and a handbag with a funky design.

Has tennis become Britney‘s latest hobby??

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britney spears tennis racquet 01
britney spears tennis racquet 02
britney spears tennis racquet 03

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  • Gambita

    STILL NO BRA!! She SO looks like white trash just coming out of the trailer. It’s sad really.

  • http://htt// be

    Oh God! What’s happing to Brit.?

  • [marie]

    This is what Britney will look like in 20 years…

  • Nadia

    what the hell happened to her?

  • [~Famous~]

    Why does she look so dirty? Lmao Sheit is passed sad, its hilarious!!

    Hollywoods never had a bigger piece of dirty white trash before, I love it. Lol

  • joe

    haha..i LOVE IT that she doesnt give a shit. she’s not gonna get dress up to run errands. unlike the other skinny hoes that spend probably an hour to get ready to get coffee or get there birth-control prescription’s.

  • jess


  • a realist

    Trailer trash mama…hahahahahahahaha

  • a realist

    Trailer trash mama…hahahahahahahaha

  • Amri

    Brit is so damn nasty. She should just go away, and paps shouldn’t give her the attention. Ugh!!

  • Ali

    You need to leave this girl alone. She has lost it and needs some space to get her bearings. I am not interested in seeing her implode anymore. give her a break.

  • b

    OMG big deal, shes just makin a weird face! she’s one of the few down to earth celebs out there. shes awesome if u hate her move on go look at brad and angelin pics.

  • b

    her stomach is lookin good too

  • Blue

    Imagine Britney looking through her gigantic closet of clothes….

    What thought process went on for her to think:

    “I’ll wear the pink Daisy-Mae top with the ties undone… an orange, Japanese purse, cut-off jeans, black stilettos, and a purple headband.

  • 19 years old

    its a random facial expression. people do it all the time. bad thing is that the papz caught it!!hahahhaha

    but dont you have any other pictures? its mean to just post the worst one. please dont turn into TMZ…

  • Amber

    i hope she would just go away………

  • richard

    she looks soo good!! i cant wait for her comeback im her biggest fan!! i swear

  • Aaron

    i love you Britney.

  • Britney is Beautiful!!

    Brit should be Respected,Honored and Cherish.
    She is a National Treasure.
    A loving kind Mother.
    A body to kill for and hair thats radiantly shiny and full.
    Show her LOVE and The Respect she Deserves.
    Honor her.
    She is America’s Pop Princess.
    Show her LOVE.

  • jenn

    she was caught at a bad moment … but her stomach looks really good

  • Julotta

    Britney needs to get her blonde hair back. I am not digging the dark locks at all. Those Jackie Onassis sunglasses don’t help, either. Sorry, Brit, though I still love ya.

  • boohoo

    You people over analyze things. She’s going to buy a tennis racket. Her body looks great.. Bloggers of course pick the worst possible picture. She never wears a bra, as if that shirt really calls for one anyway.

  • Me

    She looks good.

  • Nacho

    SHE LOOKS THIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Gnaw!!! This is our former manager at our mobile home park! lol!

  • Nana


  • Good Luck

    I hope Britney can make a comeback!

  • matt

    she makes the funniest faces!

  • anna

    In regards to #6′s comment… Just because you don’t wanna get all made-up to do errands doesn’t mean you have to wear ugly, trashy clothes like that. She has no style, she’s never had any style. That girl wears the nastiest clothes ever (even when she hadn’t let herself go yet).

    Oh, and by the way, you sound really bitter.

  • ava

    Some of you people are so stupid……”omg she is like white trash, she doesnt even wear a bra” are u kidding me??? tons of girls dont wear bras with their outfits, she couldnt wear one with that outfit or it would have been showing and then all you haters would be “omg she is like white trash, you can see her bra”….get a life haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • natalie


  • Ms Katie

    she wore that at a freaking toy store??? goood god

  • oh my

    She looks terrible. Where is she getting her clothes from? The local Goodwill store marked down bin? KFed looks 1000X better lately than she does. What has happened to her? I hope her money lasts because I don’t see any comeback for her. She has just lost it. Are there no mirrors in those big homes she lives it?

  • nika

    hahaha, her expression is priceless .

  • kelly k

    wow what the hell happened to britney spears? she was so pretty.

  • [~Famous~]

    she’s fat, and she smells.

    Where’s the new Posh on Jay Leno thread?

  • kbcan

    This is not just a random facial expression, or being caught at a bad moment.

    She consistently has these bizarre looks on her face. I’m not sure if she is trying to be funny or what in the world she is thinking.

    Her hair is getting even more terrible!! Click on the pics to see a close-up. Truly frightening how unkempt she is looking.

    And who in the world goes shopping in an outfit like this?? She is obviously dressing for the paparazzi here.

    The only good thing here in this pic is that she is getting thinner.

  • LMAO

    Britney a “loving kind mother?” My cat is a better mother to her kittens than Britney is to her children. Britney was passed up when maternal instinct was being doled out, and she isn’t even a decent daughter. She sh#ts on anyone who tries to help her. As for a “come-back,” she already did that and was a dismal lip-syncing failure, couldn’t even get li-syncing right. I’ve seen better talent from high school cheer-leaders snd she looks like a middle-aged woman. She’s done.

  • funny


    i feel like Britney is stressed out, dude can u imagine going from being known as a MEGA super star to a woman w/ 2 kids by a dead beat. WOW!

    who says hell doesnt exist britney is going through the trenches!

    but i must say i never had kids and i work hard to stay in shape, but DAMN her abs look GREAT!! A matter of fact i think her body looks great for 2 kids granted shes young and can afford trainer and proper food but still!

    who cares if she has saggy boobs shessh she breast fed 2 kids no one is perfect i just hope she gets it together she needs some help really like an intervention a miracle from G*d

  • joe

    #30 anna..i guess we all now know what she goes to riteaid for…

  • Tash

    Some people can carry off those huge sunglasses – Britney isnt one of them.

  • mina

    Just ugh, there are no words anymore to describe this disaster

  • Nonnie

    I am shocked that she is finally going somewhere by herself.

  • http://htt// Tom& Katie fan

    I love Brit I hate the Beckhams.

  • kimberlyc

    She needs to go to the Reese Witherspoon School of How to dress and act like a mother… Reese may be boring most of the time but girl has got nice style!! and keeps her self up… as in covered up …

  • christie

    ewwwwww!!!how else would they know where she is if she didn’t tip them off????:):)

  • http://htt// be

    It really turned out to be a dog day afternoon for Britney Spears. The pop star and her bodyguard headed to Pets of Bel Air in the Glen Center in Bel Air on Friday – and left with a new puppy, a source tells PEOPLE.

    An “excited” Spears walked into the store and right up to the dog section where she asked to see one dog in particular – a $3,000 Yorkie, says a fellow shopper. “She picked up the dog and loved it right away, she was incredibly nice and very pleasant.”

    Pleasant and fast: The pop star gave the cashier her credit card and headed out with her new dog in hand after spending less than a half-hour in the store.

    The new addition to the Spears’s clan has been reportedly named “London.”

    It’s not the first time Spears has visited the Bel Air pet store. In June, she stopped in to canoodle with a Teacup Chihuahua, but walked away empty-handed.

    Spears’s Yorkie joins another recent addition to her animal menagerie: a $19.99 parakeet she picked up at a Petco last month.


  • sally

    i have to say she’s looking a lot thinner than she has recently..what did she do? when the pix were released of her giving her mom that note, she looked like a heffer…that wansn’t so long ago.

  • juleee

    Oh boy…

  • Cynthia

    She binging and purging, that’s how she’s struggling to keep her weight under control. Why don’t she just give up like that other asshole and go away already.