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Britney Spears Gets SUPA SHOCKED

Britney Spears Gets SUPA SHOCKED

Britney Spears unloads herself out of her car looking quite scared and shocked by paparazzi in the parking lot of a toy store in Los Angeles on Friday.

Dressed in a pair of short shorts and a wrapped belly-baring top, a bra-less Brit Brit was seen purchasing a tennis racquet after giving it a few swings, as well as some spare tennis balls. The pop princess finished off her look with a pair of oversized white-rimmed sunglasses, purple headband and a handbag with a funky design.

Has tennis become Britney‘s latest hobby??

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90 Responses to “Britney Spears Gets SUPA SHOCKED”

  1. 1
    Gambita Says:

    STILL NO BRA!! She SO looks like white trash just coming out of the trailer. It’s sad really.

  2. 2
    be Says:

    Oh God! What’s happing to Brit.?

  3. 3
    [marie] Says:

    This is what Britney will look like in 20 years…

  4. 4
    Nadia Says:

    what the hell happened to her?

  5. 5
    [~Famous~] Says:

    Why does she look so dirty? Lmao Sheit is passed sad, its hilarious!!

    Hollywoods never had a bigger piece of dirty white trash before, I love it. Lol

  6. 6
    joe Says:

    haha..i LOVE IT that she doesnt give a ****. she’s not gonna get dress up to run errands. unlike the other skinny hoes that spend probably an hour to get ready to get coffee or get there birth-control prescription’s.

  7. 7
    jess Says:


  8. 8
    a realist Says:

    Trailer trash mama…hahahahahahahaha

  9. 9
    a realist Says:

    Trailer trash mama…hahahahahahahaha

  10. 10
    Amri Says:

    Brit is so damn nasty. She should just go away, and paps shouldn’t give her the attention. Ugh!!

  11. 11
    Ali Says:

    You need to leave this girl alone. She has lost it and needs some space to get her bearings. I am not interested in seeing her implode anymore. give her a break.

  12. 12
    b Says:

    OMG big deal, shes just makin a weird face! she’s one of the few down to earth celebs out there. shes awesome if u hate her move on go look at brad and angelin pics.

  13. 13
    b Says:

    her stomach is lookin good too

  14. 14
    Blue Says:

    Imagine Britney looking through her gigantic closet of clothes….

    What thought process went on for her to think:

    “I’ll wear the pink Daisy-Mae top with the ties undone… an orange, Japanese purse, cut-off jeans, black stilettos, and a purple headband.

  15. 15
    19 years old Says:

    its a random facial expression. people do it all the time. bad thing is that the papz caught it!!hahahhaha

    but dont you have any other pictures? its mean to just post the worst one. please dont turn into TMZ…

  16. 16
    Amber Says:

    i hope she would just go away………

  17. 17
    richard Says:

    she looks soo good!! i cant wait for her comeback im her biggest fan!! i swear

  18. 18
    Aaron Says:

    i love you Britney.

  19. 19
    Britney is Beautiful!! Says:

    Brit should be Respected,Honored and Cherish.
    She is a National Treasure.
    A loving kind Mother.
    A body to kill for and hair thats radiantly shiny and full.
    Show her LOVE and The Respect she Deserves.
    Honor her.
    She is America’s Pop Princess.
    Show her LOVE.

  20. 20
    jenn Says:

    she was caught at a bad moment … but her stomach looks really good

  21. 21
    Julotta Says:

    Britney needs to get her blonde hair back. I am not digging the dark locks at all. Those Jackie Onassis sunglasses don’t help, either. Sorry, Brit, though I still love ya.

  22. 22
    boohoo Says:

    You people over analyze things. She’s going to buy a tennis racket. Her body looks great.. Bloggers of course pick the worst possible picture. She never wears a bra, as if that shirt really calls for one anyway.

  23. 23
    Me Says:

    She looks good.

  24. 24
    Nacho Says:

    SHE LOOKS THIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25
    Mrs. Fugly Says:

    Gnaw!!! This is our former manager at our mobile home park! lol!

  26. 26
    Nana Says:


  27. 27
    Good Luck Says:

    I hope Britney can make a comeback!

  28. 28
    matt Says:

    she makes the funniest faces!

  29. 29
    anna Says:

    In regards to #6′s comment… Just because you don’t wanna get all made-up to do errands doesn’t mean you have to wear ugly, trashy clothes like that. She has no style, she’s never had any style. That girl wears the nastiest clothes ever (even when she hadn’t let herself go yet).

    Oh, and by the way, you sound really bitter.

  30. 30
    ava Says:

    Some of you people are so stupid……”omg she is like white trash, she doesnt even wear a bra” are u kidding me??? tons of girls dont wear bras with their outfits, she couldnt wear one with that outfit or it would have been showing and then all you haters would be “omg she is like white trash, you can see her bra”….get a life haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 31
    natalie Says:


  32. 32
    Ms Katie Says:

    she wore that at a freaking toy store??? goood god

  33. 33
    oh my Says:

    She looks terrible. Where is she getting her clothes from? The local Goodwill store marked down bin? KFed looks 1000X better lately than she does. What has happened to her? I hope her money lasts because I don’t see any comeback for her. She has just lost it. Are there no mirrors in those big homes she lives it?

  34. 34
    nika Says:

    hahaha, her expression is priceless .

  35. 35
    kelly k Says:

    wow what the hell happened to britney spears? she was so pretty.

  36. 36
    [~Famous~] Says:

    she’s fat, and she smells.

    Where’s the new Posh on Jay Leno thread?

  37. 37
    kbcan Says:

    This is not just a random facial expression, or being caught at a bad moment.

    She consistently has these bizarre looks on her face. I’m not sure if she is trying to be funny or what in the world she is thinking.

    Her hair is getting even more terrible!! Click on the pics to see a close-up. Truly frightening how unkempt she is looking.

    And who in the world goes shopping in an outfit like this?? She is obviously dressing for the paparazzi here.

    The only good thing here in this pic is that she is getting thinner.

  38. 38
    LMAO Says:

    Britney a “loving kind mother?” My cat is a better mother to her kittens than Britney is to her children. Britney was passed up when maternal instinct was being doled out, and she isn’t even a decent daughter. She sh#ts on anyone who tries to help her. As for a “come-back,” she already did that and was a dismal lip-syncing failure, couldn’t even get li-syncing right. I’ve seen better talent from high school cheer-leaders snd she looks like a middle-aged woman. She’s done.

  39. 39
    funny Says:


    i feel like Britney is stressed out, dude can u imagine going from being known as a MEGA super star to a woman w/ 2 kids by a dead beat. WOW!

    who says hell doesnt exist britney is going through the trenches!

    but i must say i never had kids and i work hard to stay in shape, but DAMN her abs look GREAT!! A matter of fact i think her body looks great for 2 kids granted shes young and can afford trainer and proper food but still!

    who cares if she has saggy boobs shessh she breast fed 2 kids no one is perfect i just hope she gets it together she needs some help really like an intervention a miracle from G*d

  40. 40
    joe Says:

    #30 anna..i guess we all now know what she goes to riteaid for…

  41. 41
    Tash Says:

    Some people can carry off those huge sunglasses – Britney isnt one of them.

  42. 42
    mina Says:

    Just ugh, there are no words anymore to describe this disaster

  43. 43
    Nonnie Says:

    I am shocked that she is finally going somewhere by herself.

  44. 44
    Tom& Katie fan Says:

    I love Brit I hate the Beckhams.

  45. 45
    kimberlyc Says:

    She needs to go to the Reese Witherspoon School of How to dress and act like a mother… Reese may be boring most of the time but girl has got nice style!! and keeps her self up… as in covered up …

  46. 46
    christie Says:

    ewwwwww!!!how else would they know where she is if she didn’t tip them off????:):)

  47. 47
    be Says:

    It really turned out to be a dog day afternoon for Britney Spears. The pop star and her bodyguard headed to Pets of Bel Air in the Glen Center in Bel Air on Friday – and left with a new puppy, a source tells PEOPLE.

    An “excited” Spears walked into the store and right up to the dog section where she asked to see one dog in particular – a $3,000 Yorkie, says a fellow shopper. “She picked up the dog and loved it right away, she was incredibly nice and very pleasant.”

    Pleasant and fast: The pop star gave the cashier her credit card and headed out with her new dog in hand after spending less than a half-hour in the store.

    The new addition to the Spears’s clan has been reportedly named “London.”

    It’s not the first time Spears has visited the Bel Air pet store. In June, she stopped in to canoodle with a Teacup Chihuahua, but walked away empty-handed.

    Spears’s Yorkie joins another recent addition to her animal menagerie: a $19.99 parakeet she picked up at a Petco last month.


  48. 48
    sally Says:

    i have to say she’s looking a lot thinner than she has recently..what did she do? when the pix were released of her giving her mom that note, she looked like a heffer…that wansn’t so long ago.

  49. 49
    juleee Says:

    Oh boy…

  50. 50
    Cynthia Says:

    She binging and purging, that’s how she’s struggling to keep her weight under control. Why don’t she just give up like that other ******* and go away already.

  51. 51 Says:

    Oh she look so fake

  52. 52
    Paula Says:

    The thing that bothers me is all the dogs she is buying. Maybe, animal welfare should take a look, see about the treatment they are getting.

  53. 53
    omg Says:

    You’ll Never See It My Way, Because You’re Not Me”

  54. 54
    Josh Says:

    If Britnery didn’t want the attention she wouldn’t tell the paps where she is shopping. Think they just hang out at Rite-Aid and all her other “haunts?” Paps are informed. Britney needs the paps, otherwise she would fade into obvlivion, where she belongs. Thr paps are her only means of keeping herself in the public eye. Unfortunately, Britney has no idea how awful she looks, and it would be better if she just faded off instead of dressing like a trailer-trash #10 an hour hooker every time she leaves for a photo-op. Poor Britney, she probably thinks she looks sexy and she just makes a fool of herself with her ugly sagging boobs and all her hooker get-ups. Stupid trailer trash with money – nothing worse.

  55. 55
    dr.'s visit Says:

    Brit has had her body fat lipo sucked out again -look at her body,legs stomach and her arms closely and its clear she has had the fat sucked out of her again.
    The woman lives on sugar,fat foods,but this is how she is able to stay from being chunky for long,a quick trip to the clinic surgeon.I see people with that body type in the office all the time -in and out fat gone.
    She needs to wear a bra or get those udders lifted.

  56. 56
    [~Famous~] Says:

    If that hick didn’t call the paps every day, she would have been forgotten about a long time ago.

    I just hope the paps are around when she kills herself, I really want to see those pictures.

  57. 57
    Mrs. Fugly Says:

    Famous~ I’m not a big Britney fan. It does bother me to hear you say you, would like to see her kill herself and, you would really want to see the pictures? Hopefully, you’re joking around like, we all tend to do posting. God! I don’t wish for anyone to succomb to that! Killing themself is such a selfish act.I don’t even wish that on you! lol!
    Britney in the past few months or year has, gone or lost a part of herself. It’s kind of hard to see someone, that was a major success be reduced to her state now. Hopefully, she can somehow bounce back and reinvent herself. This is why Madonna has been successful all these years. Madonna has managed to reivent herself and bounce back on top every time.

  58. 58
    g Says:

    Her fans need to shut up, we will say what we want about her. Get a life yourselves morons instead of defending celebs that don’t even know you exist. She has a manly neck, looks 45 and is dirty and smelly because she never takes showers or washes her clothes.

  59. 59
    DJ Says:

    Britney needs to go into seclusion for an extended period of time. She needs to regroup, dig deep and find the sexy and beautiful girl she was before she ever hooked up with K-fed. She needs to realize that being a mother should now be her first priority and life is no longer just about Britney. However. if she figures out how to get her act together, it is certainly possible to be a good mother and a great celebrity performer at the same time. Until she takes some giant steps in the right direction, I don’t know why the paps, media and tabloids continue to follow her around, photograph her or comment on her at all. It has been sad and pathetic to publicly watch her steadily spiral downward. Seriously, I think the girl needs regular appointments with a good Christian counselor. It was also very stupid of her to serve papers on her mother to keep her away from her children. Britney and her children need the love & support of family. I’d much rather see pictures and articles of celebrities that have their act together and their priorities straight!

  60. 60
    Topaz Says:

    Poor thing, She looks dreadful! Hope she gets her act together.
    Don’t waste your life away.

  61. 61
    Yoyo Says:

    She is ALWAYS caught with this ugly expression on her face I swear. What is she doing??

  62. 62
    Helen of Troy Says:

    Okay, this is long, I apologize…..only reason Britney looks thinner is because she goes to weight loss clinics and has the fat dissolved; Britney lives on garbage proving you really are what you eat. As soon as her garbage diet catches up with her, she will once again look like the chubby bloated-up Britney we have all come to know and pity. Britney has no idea how to eat in a way that is good for her AND her figure, so she relies on these fast-fix weight loss fads/clinics to make her look presentable half the time. But this is not a permanent or healthy way to achieve successful lifetime weight management and eventually Britney will not be able to manage her weight gain with any fast-fix cosmetic tricks. As for her abs, lipo and body-sculpting are to thank for that, but once again, Britney’s junk-food diet will make those abs balloon out again and Britney will just keep going back for more lipo and fat dissolving treatments because it is the easy way. This is very unhealthy and, in some cases, when these weight management quick fixes are abused too much over lengthy periods of time, they can cause life-threatening health problems. But, it isn’t nice for people to say they wish Brit would die. Come on, that’s just too beyond mean.

    Here’s what I wish for Brit: That she gets enough therapy to make her a better mother, daughter, and human being. We can all be better people in those departments, but Britney needs a little extra help. Not something to be ashamed of. I wish Britney would get a good stylist (she has the money) to show her how to dress. If she is just running out to the store like this, no big deal, but let’s face it, Britney’s fashion “sense” is non-existent. It wouldn’t hurt for her to get a boob-lift, which isn’t suggesting implants, she just needs those puppies lifted if she is going to run around braless. It’s California, and for several months out of the year, it is just too dang hot to wear a bra. I go braless myself a lot, but my boobs don’t hang to my waist and I make sure I am wearing clothes that don’t make it obvious. Black is always a good color choice for braless, LOL. Don’t mean to be preachy, such a fashion suggestion.

    Britney fired her stylist before her big “come-back” and she looked ridiculous in her cheesy dated outfits. Britney also needs a nutritionist so she can learn to live without all the garbage food that keeps sending her to the lipo/fat-dissolving clinics. All of this can only happen if Britney takes a long hard look at herself and admits she has problems that need some correcting. Gosh, don’t we all at some point? Then it will take a huge amount of commitment to get all the help she needs, and Britney needs to listen to the people who love her, especially her mother, not condemn them and push them out of her life just to surround herself with leeches who flatter her just because Britney likes to think all the false flattery is true. Britney has enough money to turn her life around and is young enough to be successful at this endeavor, but right now, doesn’t look like she cares and she hates all the people who try to help her, even her mother.

    With all Britney’s money, she could at least be doing something with it to make this world a better place. And instead of buying all those puppy-mill puppies to fill her empty life, she should be trying to do something ABOUT the puppy mills to stop all the abuse and suffering inherent in these horrid doggie concentration camps instead of supporting the abuse and suffering.

    Need a dog, Britney? Need A FEW? Go to the frickin dog pound or a rescue organziation – care about SOMETHING besides yourself for once!

  63. 63
    [~Famous~] Says:

    63, STFU. I hope you dont expect anyone to read all that sheit.

  64. 64
    Nurse Betty Says:

    64, Famous, I read it, and thought it offered constructive criticism without being nasty. You obviously didn’t read it, so how can you criticize it. Some posters post lengthy magazine articles, but this was at least original and well thought out. I too hope Britney gets help. She must first come to terms with her problems, though, and right now she is too self-centered to do that. Frankly, I don’t think she is ever going to change because she thinks all her money means she doesn’t have to.

  65. 65
    Sarah Says:

    Has Jared had a day off or something? We have to have this freaky looking Brit on the top of the page!

  66. 66
    How come? Says:

    How come there haven’t been any new threads since this one? You on vacation Jared? :lol:

  67. 67
    Babies r cute Says:

    63, I read it too. I think Shitney should hire you – you sound so reasonable. Unfortunatelly she looks so dumb.

  68. 68
    omg Says:

    Where ya at Jared?

  69. 69
    cat Says:

    britney always looks bad, i wish she would stay home so the paps can’t take her picture, and we won’t have to look at her ugly face.

  70. 70
    Anon Says:

    she has lost a few pounds.

  71. 71
    ana Says:

    WTF happened to her hair??? The pic of her getting out of the car is hideous!! Come on, who the hell in their right mind would go out looking like that? She has really lost it. Get rid of the effing wigs Brit. Let your real hair grow out. I bet you would look a million times better. No hope for this girl.

  72. 72
    ana Says:

    WTF happened to her hair??? The pic of her getting out of the car is hideous!! Come on, who the hell in their right mind would go out looking like that? She has really lost it. Get rid of the effing wigs Brit. Let your real hair grow out. I bet you would look a million times better. No hope for this girl.

  73. 73
    Katie N Says:

    She looks dirty and sloppy in almost every picture. trashy clothes and no bra do not help either.

  74. 74
    Jiz Says:

    I wonder is that really Britney?..

  75. 75
    EvilLynn Says:

    gaaah! WHAT really IS going on? Is this a meth addiction or the downward spiral of a hard core alcoholic or..what? Move away from L.A.! Get some real help! Don’t wanna see this young mother die, but sheesh, she’s slowly killing herself in front of everyone!

  76. 76
    Marta Says:

    there is no hope for her

  77. 77
    Tom& Katie fan Says:

    Who doesn’t need to be Bragelina fan to sick of the Beckhams, go to Britney fans say no more of them?
    As Tom and Katie I’m so sick of them, I think most people already sick of them
    ESPN Sports had a pull about David B most people say they don’t care about him.
    David and Victoria Beckham are worse than Paris Hilton.

  78. 78
    LOL Says:

    it happen if u enter kabalah….

  79. 79
    Emi Says:

    She is fat and ugly.

  80. 80
    Dirty Cougar Says:

    Former owner of a trailer park!

  81. 81
    omg Says:

    Just for the fans

    Like an angel

  82. 82
    Lillianne Says:

    I wonder where she gets the cheesy clothes too.

    If she doesn’t start wearing a bra she’s going to start showing up in National Geographic.

  83. 83
    Dirty Cougar Says:

    I wonder what Scandalmonger would say?

  84. 84
    Mmmmm Says:

    Total stripper ..

  85. 85
    leslie Says:

    This is just another one of her WTF was she thinking outfits!!! I would love to know what makes these people think it’s cute to wear a casual pair of cut off jean shorts with a pair of freakin heels! (or should I say “hills” in Britneys case ya’ll?)

  86. 86
    jeo Says:

    I have to give it to her for not succumbing to plastic surgery.

  87. 87
    brown Says:

    Hey honestly I think That she should be left alone I mean Its hard to formulate a comeback when you constantly have paps in your face. Not to mention that maybe her kids are her primary focus Imean if I had to pick america or my kids my kids would be top priority so stay strong britney I’m not a huge fan of your music but I feel sympathy.

  88. 88
    loru Says:

    whoa! britney what’s going on? eww she needs to eat healthier and get on pilates. maybe she’ll look better if she tones down.

  89. 89
    SAYRA Says:

    esta haciendo un grave erro y lo yo que soy una de sus mas grandes fans ya no es la britney que solia ser

  90. 90
    michael b Says:

    I think she looks HOT!

    And why do people think she needs a bra? What do you think most men would rather look at, boobs in a bra or nice boobs braless?

    Jealous catty cats…

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