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David Beckham's Official Blog Launches

David Beckham's Official Blog Launches

Soccer stud David Beckham has launched his official blog on his official website Here’s Becks‘ first blog entry, posted alongside an image of himself wearing his own DVB-branded sunglasses, from this morning:

“Hi everybody,

Thanks for joining me on – it does seem incredible that in all my time playing professional football, I haven’t had my own website.

So here it is at last.

It also gives me the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to all my friends in Spain. After four years in Madrid, I’d just like to say thank you to the people there and Real Madrid fans for being absolutely incredible, not only to me, but to my family as well. I was so happy to be able to leave having given the fans something to celebrate by helping to win La Liga.

I am now moving on to an exciting new challenge at the LA Galaxy. So far, everyone has been amazing, and my family and myself have been made to feel extremely welcome. I now have a great opportunity to raise the profile of football in America, (or soccer I should say!) and that’s something I’m genuinely excited about.

Meanwhile, I’ll do my best to keep you updated with everything that’s happening whilst I am playing in the States.

I look forward to catching up with you all soon.


You can also register for David‘s newsletter, and be automatically entered for an autographed LA Galaxy jersey.

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  • brookbeck

    yes 1st wow a whole blog for him just join the list

  • Susiq

    he is a cutie – to bad hes married to Posh!

    Hope he grows his hair out again – much sexier!

  • [~Famous~]

    More More More!!

    Lmaooo This must really suck to the few who dislike him. Lol

  • ????


  • shut-up

    OHH PUlezzzzzz

  • http://htt// Tom& Katie fan

    No more,no more,
    no more bad teeth and her robotic wife
    no more
    no more bad teeth and her robotic wife
    no more,,20046029,00.html

    look at little Suri instead.

  • T. Cruise

    Ohh La LA. I am gonna go join right now.

  • A guy…

    What an utter waste of time this Beckham crap is.

    No one CARES about soccer in America, it’s a sboring as Hockey. It will NEVER be popular here. Pele couldn’t do it, Mia Hamm couldn’t do it, and this twit can’t do it.

    Who’s gonna pay to see this guy play? Guys? Er no. Kids? They don’t know who he is? Women? They can rub one out to him on the internet, why pay big bucks to sit in the stands miles away.

    He’ll be back to the UK in less than 2 years.

  • [~Famous~]

    Lmfaooo, the [Insert Name] fans are going crazy, this now a Becks site


  • [~Famous~]

    Little midget trying to be like Famous

  • [~Famous~]

    More TICKS
    More Becks
    How will the [Insert Name] Fans react?

  • Jill

    I’ve got nothing bad to say about David and Victoria. They seem like genuinely nice people and I haven’t read where they’ve hurt anyone. So I wish them all the luck. “Good Luck Beckhams”.

  • Lulu

    LMAO Yeah nobody wants to see him, Oh wait, since he announced his arrival all the galaxy games are sold out.

  • naia

    wowww.. this two seems love to have lot of publicity…good so that they can replace brangelina…….

  • Diana

    LOL, must really suck to make a living writing on blogs for attention-wh#re Beckhams. Geez, if these people went five minutes without attention they would go into attention deprivation withdrawl. David seems gay. Not anything wrong with that, but that is how he appears. He is so into himself, probably spends a considerable amount of time every day on his appearance, and that is a such a turn-off, I wouldn’t waste my time on a guy that loves himself SO much, he can’t think of anything or anyone but himself 24-7. Of course, married to Victoria, every minute spent away from her must be pure heaven! All this publicity just proves David is as vapid and shallow as his ugly wife. Victoria is so boring and so without talent in any area. I mean, who does a photo layout in ugly cotton panties with a pad or something hanging out the side? Honestly, I don’t think even Paris Hilton is as big of an attention wh#re as these two. In fact, as much as I dislike Paris, she would be a welcome relief in exchange for David and Victoria. Never thought anyone could make Paris look like she had class, but David and Victoria managed to do that. Paris should send them a thank you card!

  • Rog

    Gay soccer will not “make it” here in the U.S. Go home to the U.K. gay boy and dyke woman!!!

  • Beth


  • Babysis

    He’s hot!
    But kinda old for me…and married.

  • Fiona

    “Never hurt anyone?” They have both cheated on each other, multiple times. There is probably a lot of hurt feelings for the people they use, and their children have probably been through hell. When a couple cheats on each other, you can bet there is a lot of screaming and ufly scenes in their house, and those poor kids have probably been scarred for life. That is not a marriage, it is a business. And their kids don’t have any kind of a decent life in that fishbowl the Beckhams give them for a home. It is sad and pathetic, thse two are just selfish and self-absorbed, and the kids have to grow up in a hellhole with no stability.

  • Diasy

    Diana…for someone who hates the fact that Posh and Becks are getting so much attention, you sure do love to read and take about them.

  • mickey

    He’s cute, but I’m so over them. Enough already. Oh and btw, they have hurt people–everytime I see them whoring themselves out to whoever will look–that hurts me. It’s like pollution.

  • Diasy

    Oh, and Fiona…you have absolutely NO idea what goes on in their personal life, so how about you stop projecting your own childhood trauma on their kids.

  • a

    to fiona: and just where are you getting your tales of cheating and lies and an unhappy home? haha. like you really even know these people.

  • a

    haha, well said daisy, you beat me to it! :) we have no idea what goes on in their personal life, or any star’s personal lives, we just like to put our two cents in based on a small article and picture, there’s more than that to any life.

  • 1980s

    Has David Beckham seen these photos of his so-called drop-dead-gorgeous wife? Can you imagine how much money she spent on improving her look?

  • Omni

    Yes we do know what goes on in their lives, they are both ADMITTED cheaters, and they are both publicity junkies. We even knows Victoria wears ugly underwear and that she wears maxi-pads because she opened wide in her fugly underwear in a bunch of gross photos that will embarrass the hell out of their children. It won’t take David long to replace Victoria, American hotties are probably all ready to push the homely Victoria aside and how easy will that be! Couldn’t happen to a fuglier person than Vicotria the sk#nk, won’t be long before rumors of David’s cheating are all over the place. Think he is going to waste all that hotness on his stupid pig-nosed wife with the fugly boob job? Just wait, things will get real interesting and Victoria doesn’t have what it takes inside AND outside to hang onto David in America. Airbrushing and photoshop doesn’t translate into REAL life.

  • Omni

    #23, Victoria discussed David’s cheating in an interview, and her own cheating is well-documented. Don’t you read? Oh that’s right, PR a##holes are just expected to LIE for their paychecks.

  • Omni

    And is it Daisy or Diasy. #22? Can’t even spell your names correctly, obviously change them all the time or the spelling wouldn’t be wrong. Yeah, DIASY, LOL, what were you before that you had to change your name and didn’t even spell it right, #22. You are probably #23, too, LOL, and all the other pro-Beckham posts. Beckhmas should get some decent PR, you stink, “DIASY.”.

  • US media

    The US Media have a way of pumping a celebrity up just to watch them fall. I hope David and Victoria don’t start believing their own hype.

  • creativegirl

    um – I can’t even type straight now, my eyes are blinded and the keyboard is burning up. He’s just too hot.

  • Smiley


    I think all of your predictions are correct. I also think V. will go after Tom Cruise when David finds him an American girl. Watch out Katie, the bit-h is back….and for good this time!

  • Lulu

    OMNI,”Admitted cheaters” and “Victoria discussed it in an interview”, don’t take your dreams for reality.

  • TC

    26 Omni : 07/13/2007 at 4:41 pm

    #23, Victoria discussed David’s cheating in an interview, and her own cheating is well-documented. Don’t you read? Oh that’s right, PR a##holes are just expected to LIE for their paychecks.

    I have read about his cheating but Never heard of her cheating on him. I mean, why the hell would she cheat? Can she get any better than her husband? I don’t think so.

  • Susiq

    ohhh, never heard that David cheated…. Interesting… This guy has sex written all over him!!!!!!!!!!!

  • audrey

    ugh why does anyone care?

  • Njaleni

    Have you Americans even heard him speak yet? That will change the way you regard him.

  • yuck

    I don’t understand how anyone can call him hot. He’s just plain plain. Sick of the pair of them

  • Njaleni

    Jared can we please have more Jensen Ackles and less bad teath, horrible voice and bag of skeletons. Pretty Please more of Jensen, such a cutie.

  • Diasy

    Omni…when someone doesn’t spew the same bullsh*t as you, do you always assume they are being paid to disagree? Oh, and my name is spelled DIASY…I don’t feel the need to hide behind an alias.

    If these people are fine with the fact they have both cheated, why do you feel the need to bring it back up over and over and over again?

  • live and learn

    David is so so so cute.

  • thats_right

    Gay soccer will not “make it” here in the U.S. Go home to the U.K. gay boy and **** woman!!!

    Shut the hell up you idiot you don’t know anything about the real futbol you stupid Americans think your American football is the best like hell futbol(soccer) is the real game the whole world knows that game as futbol only Americans call it soccer. Futbol is not gay you moron its a professional game rccognise all of ther world American football is gay what tha hell why do you even call it footbal? huge mascular guys hugging kicking each other now thats gay haahah.

  • A


  • angelface

    this is only partly the beckhams’ fault! america r soooo over the top, i dont think i’ve ever seen this kind of introduction4 any footballer…n all bcoz u think he’s pretty!

  • angelface

    if thats not f**kin gay, i dont no wot is!

  • Cynthia

    Love the Beckhams, the british are coming, the british are coming!

  • please stop

    Jared, please stop with the Beckham entries. It is offensive to anyone with a brain cell…

  • he is gay

    Did you hear on You Tube where he said that Tom Cruise was so good looking? He was the only guy mentioned! That was not very bright since everyone already knows Tom is gay and suspects Beckham is. Tom encouraged them to come here and I think it was mentioned he might buy the Galaxy Club? He is starting his own production company so Katie has some movies and I guess he will try to make a star out of Beckham so he can be close to him all the time.

    This is all too much and sick…

  • his voice

    # 35

    YES, I heard him speak for the first time and was floored. I thought it was a young teenage girl talking!!!!!!!! We were dying laughing. It kills any masculine thoughts of him.

  • Duckie

    Shoot, after seeing his package, he could sound like Donald Duck on crack and I wouldn’t care! He’s one Fine-a*s man!

  • Davis so cool he gets to cheat on Vic

    Becks cheated on pregnant Posh
    August 7, 2006

    Victoria and David Beckhams marriage looks shaky amid reports that Becks cheated on his then fiancée who was carrying their first child back in 1998.

    Former page three model turned reality TV star Emma Ryan claims to have had a six week tryst with the then rising football star during which they played strip scrabble and he sent her steamy text messages according to reports in NW.

    Ryan said it all started with some steamy kissing at a bar in Manchester whilst Victoria also known as Posh was on tour with The Spice Girls.

    He wanted to see me naked and couldnt wait to play a game of strip Scrabble Ryan said.

    Beckhams people tried to make out it was just a brief fling. But the truth is it was much much more.

    Now Im determined the whole world will know the truth. It was a love affair. We both had very deep feelings for each other.

    A furious Posh later found phone messages from Ryan and reportedly went into a fit or rage which caused her to punch her husband who broke down in tears.

    Ryan now a contestant on British reality TV show Love Island, plans to spill the beans on Becks on national television.

    The allegations could hardly come at a worst time for the father of three as he celebrates his seventh anniversary with his wife who is reportedly trying to conceive their fourth child.

    Ryans allegations comes just two years after Beckhams former PA Rebecca Loos made around $2.4m from selling the details of her affair with the English football star.