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Eva Longoria Wedding Photos

Eva Longoria Wedding Photos

Here are the rest of the wedding photos of Eva Longoria that were exclusively in OK! Magazine. And here are a few more snippets from Eva and hubby Tony Parker‘s interview:

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker reportedly spent their honeymoon playing ping-pong!

The newlyweds – who flew out to an exclusive Caribbean resort on the islands of Turks and Caicos last week – spent their break relaxing with a few games of table tennis.

The couple were also seen “cozying up to each other” on the beach while playing the dice game Yahtzee under the shade of a parasol.

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  • Pammy

    Who cares about this media wh0re?

  • congrats

    Beautiful Beautiful Wedding. Eva and Tony look so happy!

  • http://htt// Tom& Katie fan

    I’m not a fan of them, but I like than the Beckhams.

    Beautiful wedding I hope they stay toghter.

  • Longtime Fan/Lurker

    Congrat Eva and Tony…Her dress was beautiful..a beautiful couple. Yes they look very happy. VERY CLASSY WEDDING.


    wishing them nothing but the best..

  • Eva marries herself/an Tonys money

    I Hope there were wall to wall mirrors- so Eva could see herself.

    Eva loves her self more than she loves anyone or anything .. her next great loves are Tony’s money and fame..yuck..

    Tony get an annulment..

  • Corpus Christi

    Beautiful photos, but her dress was kind of boring. I loved the train, but the sequin detail was not too good. It was probably all hand stiched but who could tell. I wish them the best..

    Once a Buc, Always a Buc!

  • Celebfax

    She’s pretentious and he’s naive…i give them 1 yr…

  • Nadia

    i like her dress but i don’t think their gonna last i give them a year or two.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Both are fugs! Who care? Go make babies or something.

  • Blue

    Great photo spread, Jared. Thanks.

    It’s so nice to see some celebrity news other than the Beckhams.

    I’m sick of the Beckhams and resent how some news/celebrity sites are trying to push them down our throats.

    This publicity blitz is going to backfire on them if it hasn’t already. Everyone I know is sick of them and they just got here.

    Maybe he’ll win some soccer fans if he plays well. But please don’t call them royalty like some do.

    My only hope is that they’ll make enough money to get their teeth fixed (so they can smile). Frowning and pouting is not a nice greeting for entering a county. They look miserable to be here.

  • lurker

    Everything about the wedding was more fabulous than the actual people getting married. Too bad.

  • Amber

    eva parker….haha…kinda cool

  • angel

    Aww Congrats to them!!

    I love Tony, I wonder which of his friends from the Spurs were there, I don’t think I saw them in any of the pics.

    I loved the red cake, especially the figurines on top, I thought that was adorable :)

  • Ashley

    Finally, a normal celebrity wedding. Sure, it was extravagant (that cake – holy mother!!) but overall it seemed like it was a really nice Catholic ceremony, something you usually don’t see these days, what with the elopements and aliens and what have you.

    But still, in the picture on the cover, it looks like it’s a really nice pic of Eva and Tony just happened to be standing next to her. And he just looks so young!

    I hope Eva doesn’t legally change her name. “Eva Parker” is very plain. “Longoria” is more exotic.

    Anyway I hope they don’t end in divorce. I don’t particularly love this couple but still I wish them well.

  • You/Me

    I think this is a genuine couple, they both seem down to earth and really seem to love each other. Congrats to them and best wishes for the future.
    GO SPURS!!
    Although the Spurs winning so often is getting kinda boring, they need to change their game plan and make it more interesting,lol.
    They both look terific, Eva is gorgeoous and Tony is so sexy! :-)

  • natalie

    If Eva wants this relationship to last, she needs to stop running her mouth about it to anyone that will listen. It seems like the more private celeb couples survive the longest, but Eva is loving this attention.

  • Zenith

    Is Tony very tall or is Eva quite short?

  • Emma

    Thank God!
    For some second there I thought that her wedding dress was that pink Chanel dress……
    I like this wedding dress. Eva looks very beautiful too.
    Thanks for posting these Jared.

  • coochie

    I like anyone whose cool with J.Lo.

  • Emma

    I love the button detail on the back of her dress and the silver line pattern on the bottom. She’s so tiny!

  • me

    Tony is 6’2 I think….or 6’1 I’m not sure. :)

    It’s funny ’cause Tony is short compared to other b-ball players lol

    GO SPURS GO! :)

  • Yari

    7 FOOT GUY,

  • jk2111

    That’s a lot of airbrushing.

  • laffin

    A boring dress for a boring no-talent gold-digging sk#nk. Tony is a jerk, he seems like a nice guy but he must have some missing brain cells to marry such a money-hungry b#tch. Well, Eva has her millions now, and that’s the ONLY reason her smile is so big, she’s counting her money already. What a gross wedding, all that over-the-top BS, Eva just couldn’t spend the money fast enough. And they will be over within a year.

  • hmm

    Tony is NOT a jerk :)

  • http://justjared Sara

    They seem very happy together :). I was so excited for the OK Mag to come out this week, but was a bit disappointed because there weren’t many pics and no pics of the reception. I also thought she’d go with a more traditional dress rather than something with a tin foil lining.

  • nika

    omg 2 million for the photos!? I hope they at least give some to charity.

  • Katya

    She looks awesome! Thanks!

  • Mie

    This wedding looks too polished for me, a bit too ‘perfect’. I don’t see genuine love and happiness.


    Who give’s a rat’s ass about this ragetty A@S B@TCH.

  • nani

    Everything great and beautiful.. but that cake IS UGLY… if only the roses in it were red..

  • Angelina

    Looked like a very happy and great wedding! Congrats to both Tony and Eva. The pictures looks very beautiful…eva is very photogenic but tony isn’t…haha. Oh, and I love Eva’s dress. It isn’t revealing or anything, simple but sophisticated. I love how the back has these big ruffles, very elegant. Hope this marriage lasts.

  • Anon.

    Eva’s dress is out of this world pretty!!! She looks stunnning. I am not real crazy about the bridesmaids’ dresses. I think that color of red is a bit much for a summer wedding. But maybe it’s for luck. I mean, sometimes there are superstitions surrounding certain colors. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. They look happy and like they had fun!

  • a

    I’ll give it 5 years max. When her Mexican body starts to look boxy like all Mexican females eventually end up, and he being an NBA player who has not shown his wild oats starts to creep around on her.

  • joan

    Who gives a shit? I DON’T. I hate Eva Longoria

  • Jackie, Cincy, Ohio

    OMG I can’t stand her or him she’s so stuck on herself I’m surprised she allowed him 5 minutes of her life, and he just looks like an ass!

  • melli

    awwwwwwwww shes so pretty
    awsome dress

  • Christina

    thanx for these comments, she looks beautiful and he looks handsome, i’m happy for her.

  • Christina

    I MEANT, “thanx for these pictures”

  • Amber

    if u r saying”thanks for these comments,” then u must be eva. lol

  • Eva ect..

    Sad little person Eva,who wanted this wedding to be in the realm of a’TomKat’ wedding media blitz..she is striving to have the fame of the Jp’s or a wedding to top TomKat’s famous one.Guess what it wont and didnt work.
    Eva will never a fame celeb like ‘TomKat’ or have his or the JP’s status. These stars whether you like them or not are way above her in the industry -A-Listers-.She is a tv show actress at best who is not even that good on that show. This is her deal the wedding,publicity ect,,

    Its the same 4 the Beckums they wont reach that celeb status either.No matter how much the media shoves them down our throats.People will get sick of seeing them,an start saying what are they famous for?And the backlash will begin as it already has. Beckhams, ok how famous can soccer be here in USA,or Posh how many shopping trips an frowns, she is not entertaining us really,except to talk about her- what we like and dont about her,not a A list or Z-list actress so no greator bad movies,but another reality show, she says she cant act-so no movies in the works- she is not a socialite.
    Americans will dog her like we do Parasite cuz she is Super rich an a Beyatch.Beck better wow the sports world.

    Eva get over tryin to be famous..stop being a fame ho-re..Im sick of people being so called famous becuz we are told they are.We know the game. There are real celebs left? These people are not it,but Im sure people will have fun dumping on em’either way.

  • Enjoy it now Eva, while you have the chance

    I give them less than 4 years. When she starts getting close to 40, and her figure is boxy like the Mexican women always end up.

  • golddigger

    I hope Tony got a good pre-nup agreement. ‘Cause that b*tch is not gonna stick around.

  • http://JustJared Emma

    Money cannot buy class

  • bad.ass.bitch

    #34 wtf is your problem?

    I normally don’t respond to other people’s comments b/c that’s their opinion…but you just generalized all mexican women.

    So F#*ck you :)

  • BlogWatcher

    I wonder if these two self centered attention whores know how much clean drinking water and medical supplies $2million would buy in some place like Darfur!! What a joke … $2million for photos of a B-rated actress and a ball player. Ridiculous!!!!!!!! Let’s hope they donate all of that money to a worthy cause!

  • mimi

    i love how she actually used that gift jimmy gave her as a joke on his show. i watchd that episode and she couldnt stop laughing. U could tell she loved it, they’re SO cute. Hope they last…

  • Reggie

    She won’t let her body slide…she is WAY too body-conscious to let that happen before the age of 75. She probably does about 75 crunches for every celery stick eaten.

  • Gavin

    All you people who say, “Oh they looked so happy, so much in love,” LOL, people always look happily in love on their wedding day, DUH, but fact is Tony wanted out and Eva got her claws back into him and drug him back. I agree, he IS a jerk for allowing this to happen to him and he must have no balls at all. Eva is a gold-digging, attention-wh#re sk#nk with no talent and no looks at all without a ton of make-up. Now she’s made for life, and as soon as she is married long enough to claim a hefty portion of Tony’s money as her own, she will be out of there. I give it a year, and I bet Eva gets pregnant fast just to guarantee a bigger pay-off. Tony, YOU JERK!