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Hilary Duff @ SYTYCD

Hilary Duff @ SYTYCD

Hilary Duff gives quite the fantastically ab-tastic performance of her latest single “Stranger” on Thursday’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

Watch Hil‘s performance below or if that doesn’t work for you, visit here!

Hilary Duff – “Stranger”
So You Think You Can Dance, 7/12
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Photos: Kelsey McNeal/FOX
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  • lolo


  • nessa

    solid stomach, yah. awkward performance, cha.

  • natalie

    She sucks

  • Avery

    The performance was great, Hilary did a good job with her dancing. I only wished she would have sung live. Everyone should go and buy her album.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    Yaaaahhhwwwwnnn! I can’t stand this pop shit. Her hiar actually looks good like that. Helps her horse face.

  • cor

    dancing is not her thing, but she made a small effort. she looked really pretty. i want her abs lol

  • Terrell

    Wow…shes really been looking good lately. All those other celeb girls can get outta here, cyz Hilary Duff is taking over. Can you believe her body?

  • Anna

    I think she rocked.
    Her album is amazing, go buy it.

  • bob

    Oh sooooo fucking sexy!
    She’s hotter than my grandma!

  • [~Famous~]

    Lets see.. she lip synced the whole song, what made it even worse is she barely opened her mouth while doing it. Lol Learn how to ‘sing’ Hilary!

    And that choreographed thing I guess she thought was dancing was Horrible, it looked like she didn’t even want to do it. I think she was trying to do sexy, and failed.. miserably.

    You know a performance is bad when the performer looks bored while performing.

  • Sar

    Can I say that she is georgous? She is amazing! I cant believe she can dance like that! Best hip moving i have seen in awhile.

  • cokehead

    Hilary and sis Haylie, who have turned into quite the party duo, were spotted at a recent pre-ESPY Awards bash at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel huffing and puffing away on cigarettes. Camel Lights, to be exact.

    Luckily, we don’t have to worry about any DUIs with these girls. “Wanna shot?” someone asks Hil. “No thanks,” the underage pop star coyly smiles between drags of a Camel light. She’s legal to smoke, though I’m hoping it’s more of a once-in-a-while vice. We don’t need another raspy Lindsay Lohan on the big screen.


  • Bliss

    I think it was a cute performance. I liked how she rolled her hips when there was about 2:07 left on the timer. This songs growing on me!!

  • Jimmy

    so sexy
    she looks amazing
    and performed amazing!

  • morgane

    hahaha i saw the performance, she cannot sing and i think she can sing better than dance, it was soo embarassing for her to dance in a show where everyone else are great dancers, she cannot dance to save her life

  • annina

    God, shes almost a worse-lip syncer than Brit Brit!

  • Josh

    And people say she can’t dance pssh you guys don’t know what your talking about, the performance was hot and she looked amazing! She did lip but did you guys notice her band wasn’t there?

  • Tash

    Her dancing and singing is like her acting in Lizzie Macguire – wooden, fake and crap. I dont get the appeal of this woman, its almost like she has hired a publicist to make her well known and splashed into every celebrity site for no reason over the last few months. I dont hate her but she wont last long as she doesnt have that ‘special something’ factor. She doesnt stand out in a crowd which isnt her fault, neither do I but I wouldnt keep trying either. But on the other hand, I would wayyy prefer my daughter look up to her than Nicole or Paris. Until she starts letting the ‘fame’ go to her head and start partying with them anyway.

  • V

    AMAZING. Just, amazing.

  • Sophia

    Josh have you ever seen anyone dance?

  • ah

    she’s so not attractive. her and her sister are so fug.

  • Jen

    she looked amazing

  • 12 year olds are her fans

    She has no waiste- no curves- can someone suggest a bang for that long square forehead..can’t dance & cookie cutter singing.. so boring she put me in a coma..almost..yawn..I think I’ll go to sleep now just to forget I listen to whatever that was..zzzzz

  • JAKE

    She lip synched the whole godamn performance. Do people actually buy this $hit as in her CDs. The AUDACITY of this lil girl to actually consider herself a singer. well its not really her fault its the people that have nothing better than to waste 20 bucks on her cd!! im sry im mad I just dont think its fair 4 her to have so much money due to this crap.

  • Lala

    Can u guys be a little honest… She has to be one humble chick I know out of all this Hollywood Young celes…
    Pls you need to pay closer attention to her sing, people do not breath heavily after lip syncing, actually the opposite is more like what it will be…
    Yes she is not the greatest dancer in the world but she got it a good shoot and the sing required her singing more so really there were little spaces for dance… And she did really great on the belly dance… Really great!!!

  • Krung Krung

    wish i have her body, how’d they get so skinny like that? aycaramba..

  • Krung Krung

    hilary is a good girl though compared to paris h, lindsay l, nicole r, britney s, mischa b, nemore?

  • Yily

    Hilary Duff is not a great performer. She pale in comparison to Britney Spear. Like anything Hilary does is provocative. She’s a good2shoes. Nowadays, she’s trying to be more like Lindsay Lohan, showing off her skin and going to clubs every night. Totally desperate for attention. None of her albums is good and all her fans are underage kids who doesn’t know any better. Nevertheless, Hilary is at least more decent than Ashlee Simpson. She’s hotter but I can’t stand either one of their music. It’s trash.

  • T


  • Why??no more please.

    Gawd that was soooo awful. My ears,bad lip singing and all.

    I guess you were photo-shopped to death on those magazines.

    Where is I wanta be a lollipop singer too..your shadow, the I wanta be famous too, sister?

    Please put your clothes back on. And stop shoveling, I’m the perfect good girl image down our throats.

    Go to college.

  • Angelina

    she looks pretty but is she actually singing live live? or is she just lip- syncing? she sounded way too electronic…

  • http://- joanna [poland]

    wow. she looks amazing. and sang really good. i don’t think it was lips singing cause you can hear her breath pretty loud. anyway she looks great lately.

  • nancy

    Don’t singers actually sing live anymore?? What crap!!
    I’ve never heard her once not lip sync.

  • Padma

    Kind of remembers me of Britney. I doubt that she will end up like her, but it’s like with Avril Lavigne: All fake by pretending that they won’t ever sell records with their “sexappeal” or whatever. Just stop it – eventually all will end up like these Barbie Dolls!

  • TIN

    one of her main backup dancers is in my church group!!!!!

  • RL

    She’s an whore.
    Haha, can’t you just sing live for once??
    And stop showing your belly, such a shank.
    Role model for kids out there? Not anymore!
    Well, she could be if you want your kids to smoke too.
    Yup, and PLEASE stop with the I’M SO INNOCENT.
    GAG ME.

  • Ashlee

    I love that performance

  • Angela

    Hilary actually has some pretty good songs on her albums–too bad someone with a voice wasn’t singing them. The concept of the video for this song and her performance is pretty unique, but somehow Hilary still looks like a little girl playing dress up–and how did her head get so long?

  • blah

    here i always thought that just jared was a bunch of 13 year old girls. given the love and adoration for ole’ horse teeth you kids must be the same age as my niece, 9. i feel bad for calling you idiots now. not really though.

  • bionicfire

    Is she wearing any underwear when she did the video and also here>?

  • sydney

    wow, she lip synchs so well…goodness…and how does she call herself a singer when she can’t even sing live?

  • ital

    I really can’t stand Hilary Duff now. I watched her performance yesterday and it was awful. I was looking forward to her singing LIVE but ended up not. Her attempt to dance was an embarassment. She is cute, seems like a nice person. But I don’t like her.

  • essie

    hilary didn’t even look comfortable during her performace.. something was off.. her costume was hilarious tho bringing gypsy back woohoo!

  • clau

    she sucks. she can’t dance and she can’t even sing live!!!

  • MMM

    Boring and not celeb worthy.

  • Nadia

    she sucks and she’s not even pretty. she’s trying so hard to look good but it’s not working.

  • Lo

    so we are left with the ridiculous mediocrity of hilary duff.
    how pathetic was that performance, can’t sing, can’t dance and even stand out in the crowd with her pinkilous outfit.

    that was sooo horrible…the only thing she is go at is bashing Joel in interviews. how desperate is she.

  • Mimi

    She looks like a joke with that outfit on.

  • lily

    wow, i think she can lipsync better than britney spears!!

  • lauren

    that song sucks but her body is great