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Jessica Simpson's Swimwear Debut

Jessica Simpson's Swimwear Debut

Singer, actress, and now swimwear fashion designer, Jessica Simpson, will close Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim with the launch of her new swimwear line at the Raleigh Hotel on Saturday, July 14.

You can bet your bottom dollar Jessica is going to be strutting her stuff down the runway too in one of her 40 swimwear designs!!!

For summer 2008, Jessica and her team of stylists have created a swimwear collection which features sexy designs and modest one-piece suits. The new line features three distinct styles:

– The “All American Girl” look celebrates the classic girl with fabulous vintage red, white and blue bangles, bobble earrings and sun hats. The look, which also includes straw bags and vintage election pins, is topped off with vintage silk scarves and floral brooches from.

– The “Boho Girl” is funkier and is celebrated with earth tones paired with silver hammered jewelry inlaid with lapis and other various stones. Straw hats and vibrant colored scarves paired with bamboo bangles finish off the look with that unique Boho feel.

– The “Retro Hawaiian Girl” look is a combination of bright & natural colors along with different textures compliments this retro Hawaiian look. Sun hats and bright bangles along with a straw bag provide an overall, laid-back beach look.

Miami’s vintage emporium, C. Madeleine’s, has been chosen as the exclusive source for all the accessories that will parade down the runway alongside Jessica swimwear.

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  • Dave

    Poor Jessica, she thinks if she gets skinny and bony she will not look like a man. Sorry Jessica, you need to work on YOUR FACE to pull that off. Go away, Jessica, you have nothing to offer. Get a real job, always job applications at McDonalds.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I have a hard time believing she’s only 5’0″. Celebrity wonder has her at 5’3″ and, I heard she was around 5’3″. Who really cares. She’s still short and dumb!

  • Hal


  • Mrs. Fugly

    I mean, I believe Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s got her listed at only 5’0″ wrong. She’s 5’3″. I know. I know! Enough already!!! Who really gives a flying fcuk!

  • Susiq


  • Crazy

    I saw her in person at the Bryant Hotel in New York last summer. She is really, really short…Not sure if 5’0 or 5’3. But there was not a large crowd. I was only standing there by complete accident; wondering why all these people was standing there and why the street was blocked off again. But living in NY we get used to it. She’s not impressive. It was around the time she lost her voice and I asked her how her voice was, she said it was getting better…Didn’t really care just wanted to say something. I figured since i’m trapped here why not make the most of it. But anyway she is really short and was sporting that horrible pouty look.

  • Alice

    Did dear ole dad try the suits on her. Joe, you are a pervert,
    leave your daughters alone, sure they have no talent. Jessica has
    boobs and Ashlee is another Joan Rivers (plastic surgery queen).

  • anon

    That stuff she’s hawking looks pretty chintzy.

  • Just Jared

    That stuff is just the accessories. Maybe the swimwear will be less chintzy?

  • G!no

    C. Madeline’s rocks!!!! I find the most amazing things everytime I go there!

  • Grant

    Jessica is so desperate, desperation oozes from her, which makes her a turn-off of gigantic proportions. There is no talent or intelligence in that but she thinks she is a star. Pathetic.

  • Jo

    Those photos got messed up while uploading :( Please fix?

  • Jolie-Pitt

    Does she even design any of the clothes?? Or is she just one of those celebrities who get others to design the clothes and she chooses which ones she likes. I can’t stand talentless manufactured wannabes like Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. The spotlight should only be given to people with talent. Those two only got this far because of their looks.

  • HLS

    why dont you people get a life of your own and get over the fact that jessica is making herself money and alot more than what any of you lot will ever see! so she is not exactly going to give a shit what any of you lot say so why waste your time writing nasty comments oh yes thats right your all jealous and pretend your not. saddos!

  • WTF

    Seriously who would buy any of the crap she sells?

  • Sara Lee

    The stuff is cheap looking. You’re paying for her name, not the quality. Go to Target, their stuff looks better anyway!

  • funny

    lol some people are funny. im just glad she is not saying chicken of the sea crap man woman have come to far to just say some dumb sh*t like that. im glad she is hustlin like every other person to take care of themself. you have to respect it

  • yami

    Good for Jessica

    Haters are so jealous lately that it makes me laugh so hard

  • [~Famous~]

    she doesnt design sheeit!! Someone else designed it and she will take credit. She’s just the name and face to a product that is being ran by someone with brains.

  • Pammy

    She actually looks pretty good in the old pic.

  • Anon.

    Good, Jess. Stick with this swimwear fashion stuff. I think this one will work. NO singing involved. No acting involved. Just T & A (ask your dad what that means ) and “fashion.” You’ll be fine. Next year, try purses. Then a line of makeup and jewelry. You know. Accessories. Big word. I know. Look. You’ll be fine. And you’ll still be famous. Just float a rumor about some really well-known guy every once in a while. Hit a few high visibility events. No stress. Everything will work out. And do some product endorsements. Do a Fitness DVD and endorse some water, some shampoo, some pizza…welll, maybe go easy on the pizza. OK. Well, you take care now, y’hear!

  • Prix

    Does Jessica actually expect people to pay for this junk? Everything in the photos looks like thrift store garbage priced at three for a dollar, and next week they’ll try and give it away.

    Honestly, this stuff looks like the kind of “beach wear” that grandmothers wear around their retirement community. Does Jessica actually believe that anyone under the age of eighty would want this stuff?

    I wouldn’t want it if you paid me to wear it. Would you?

  • Cynthia

    With Jessica’s fashion sense,I think wearing thick turtleneck sweaters in 90-100 degrees weather questionable. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is selling mature women swimwear. Hell to the no, I will not buy anything from this idiot. Remember the Maxim photoshoot?

  • Dooky

    Enough with the Simpson sisters, airhead Jessica and her lip-synching nosejob sister Ashlee

  • MindingMyOwn

    Hmmm…Brandon Davis is hanging around the shows at Fashion Week, wonder if after the whole John Mayer thing Jessica might be looking for some greasy bear action…you never know

  • nancy

    She’s just a puppet.

  • anon

    good 4 jessica she’s looking great latley with her new trim body.and why does every1 always have something to say about poor ashlee getting a nose job, so what if she did she looks alot better since having it done and nobody said shit all when jenifer aniston had her nose job!

  • gossip

    “Sounds like John Mayer might be spending a bit more time in our town. We all know the music superstar had fun here recently — performing at the hot Underground nightclub, and returning a few nights later just to hang out.
    Apparently his trips to the Underground led to a new friendship with the nightspot’s creative director, Meghan Teela. Club sources say Mayer has called Teela virtually daily — just to touch base. Mooooove over, Jessica Simpson!”

  • Shannon

    True all she does is stand out front of a brand of clothes while someone else design the product, no real brains behind that.
    Thats why she had to lose all that chunky fat to prop in swimsuits and underware. It’s the equivalent to working at McDonalds in the show business world for celebs that have no education and no talent.
    No way I would buy anything with her name on it. I also agree that with all the weight she loses, she still look like a man and those hard knot in the back of her legs look nasty.

  • Mike

    Way to go John Mayer, moving on from a skanky wh*re like Jessica Simpson. Maybe his next woman might be a real woman instead of a 12 year old dog carrying, spoil wanna be star.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    You better buying stuff at Target. The stuff @ Target looks way better then, the cheap looking sheeit!!!

  • Anon.

    Wow! Y’all are hatin’ on the girl too tough!!!! This phase is always the painful phase. This is the downward slope. Almost ovah. Let her do her bathing suits. They will spend $$$ marketing them and she’ll do OK. There is a market out there for her “fashions.” It would include the same demographic as the people who went to her movies or liked her “singing.” And don’t you think the people who handle Pizza Hut did a market study to totally analyze WHO Jessica would appeal to??? Somewhere out there is a market for Jessica. I know. But be patient. It’s almost over…unless you watch QVC.

  • Mike

    It’s amazing buy cheap stuff and put your name on it and charge 3 times more for it just so you can get your name on 100 riches. I forgot dress skimppy so you’ll intice men to pay attention to you.
    If that isn’t desperate and pathetic, then I don’t know what els is.

  • http://ENEWS Sarah

    Jessica is so beautiful! She has a great sense of style!

  • rach

    Some of you people below say you dont give a f*** about her yet you are on this page about her new swimwear and you post something about her. Seems to me like you do care, or you would just move on. All you know of her is what you see on TV and what you read in the mags, and they dont even know her. So dont judge someone you dont even know. Jessica is doing what she likes. Shes not stupid, she plays one on tv like Paris Hilton because it gets ratings. You hate on her because you wish you were her or had her body or had her money or something else. Listen to the song “Pieces of you” by Jewel, makes sense. So stop hating and do something productive with yourself.

  • Natalie

    wow! Jessica simpson really bothers you that much that you guys have to write those pathetic comments get a life..i think the only dumb asses here are all you cuz she can act dumb in a movie and throw her name on clothes and make so much money that you ppl would never see in youre bank account ever!…You go jess and contine making billions on youre beautiful looks and youre name!

  • Linds

    Jessica is hot! She is beautiful and her bod rocks!

  • margo

    i love jessica simpson
    shes gorgeous & at least shes trying to do something with her life
    shes a great person
    & a romodel
    love her shoes & swimwear

  • Valia

    World Swimwear has great swimsuits! Jessica’s line tends to be more like fad then quality fashion. So therefore, it should be even CHEAPER to buy.

  • vintage inspired

    Well, until i see several collections i won’t believe that Jessica is an outstanding designer. Sorry.
    I can claim that Gwen Stefani is the designer, as to Jess… hm…