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Zac Efron Hits the Gym

Zac Efron Hits the Gym

Working out, eating right and enjoying life!

Zac Efron takes time out of his busy schedule promoting Hairspray to drop off a package and work up a sweat at a 24 Hour Fitness Gym on Thursday in Los Angeles. The future Footloose star wore a sleeveless shirt by Tankfarm Clothing, athletic Adidas shorts and Nike Shox sneakers.

Zac and the rest of the cast of Hairspray made a brief appearance on last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Watch the video below! And be sure to watch Zac on the silver screen in Hairspray on Friday, July 20!

Zac Efron & the cast of Hairspray on So You Think You Can Dance

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zac efron working out 01
zac efron working out 02
zac efron working out 03
zac efron working out 04
zac efron working out 05
zac efron working out 06
zac efron working out 07
zac efron working out 08

Photos: Scott/Isbp/Bauer-Griffin
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  • jardley

    1st ?

  • anniiee


  • [~Famous~]

    Plastic f@g.

    That little barbie’s so fake.

  • Amanda

    Thanks Jared! He’s sooo hot haha

  • chay

    here they come Jared!! ready?


  • Madi

    Haha in the third picture, the girl’s like =O

  • Sherr

    zac looks hott.

  • Naomi


  • Mrs. Fugly

    His looong legs are fcucking hot! I love a guy with skinny long legs! Puuurrrr!!!


    LMAO @ Chay, haha you mean tweenies eh? haha

  • amy

    he is so much htter when hes like not wearing makeup at a premiere. how cute is it that he wears that ring ven when he works out?

  • Christina

    Thanks for the pics Jared. Zac’s so hot working out. lol. It’s always nice to have new pics of him. :)

  • Chelli

    Holy Mother of God he is hot!

  • [~Famous~]

    Dudette (Zac) was on So You Think You Can Dance tonight, and every time the camera went on him he put on the gayest fake smile I’ve ever seen – Hilarious


    anyhoes great to see he ain’t wearing make up like a freakin girl. lol

  • Nando

    Good to see him without the orange makeup. I say he looks better without it. “Carrot face” is not really a good thing.

  • madison


  • Kaylee

    he can lift alot =o !!!!! he is so hot

  • Tara

    Don’t kill me for saying this but where’s Vanessa?? lol I want to see more of Zanessa!!

  • Ann


  • Naomi

    Um, Zac is not gay. Get your head out of the gutter.

  • natalie

    I’m guessing all of you who think he’s a “hottie” are 16 or younger. Or you have horrible taste in “men”. He wears more make up than his girlfriend does, looks like he only hit puberty a couple of years ago, and could give Clay Aiken a run for his money.

  • Fleurrr

    i’m hoping hes SINGLE , he’s hot.

  • Naomi

    Seriously, to all who is bashing him, you obviously have horrible eyesight.. Seriously grow up because in case you haven’t noticed Zac does not wear loads of makeup. The only reason he wore it was because his skin was breaking out from all the stress of the Hairspray press. And he is not wearing makeup there (again with the blindness of the bashers). He obviously is an amazing person, and you’d know that if you’d actually pay attention to his personality and how many amazing things are said about him and his personality.

  • Babysis

    love him!

  • Naomi

    Fleurrr, he actually has a girlfriend. He’s dating Vanessa Hudgens. They’ve been together for nearly two years. =P

  • Kathy


  • [~Famous~]

    Its funny, there’s no pictures of him actually lifting (bench pressing) any weights.

  • Vanessa Hudgnes

    You know what Natalie…just becuase your boyfriend is an old hag gives you no right to hate on my completely fuckable boyfriend ok?

  • Naomi

    Then what do you call the 1st and the 6th picture, [~Famous~]?

  • Fleurrr

    ohhhh that’s cute. thanks for the info naomi.

  • Naomi

    My pleasure, Fleurrr. ^_^

  • Stella Hudgens

    Believe Vanessa her bedroom wall has the dents to prove it!

  • nicaa jayy

    on the sixth pic, is he wearing the “zanessa” ring? i hope so…i love zanessa

  • Naomi

    I think he is, nicaa jayy. I love Zanessa, too.

  • Amanda

    Yes nicaa jayy and in the 7th picture =)
    You gotta love Zanessa..

  • Vanessa Hudgnes

    Shut up Stella…your not even supposed to be on the computer

  • Ashley Tisdale

    ummm welll I HATE ZANESSA

  • Naomi

    Oh, Tizz shuuuup. You’ve got Jared. =P

  • nicaa jayy

    naomi and amanda. did you hear the “joke of the day” about zanessa? it was soo mean. it actually sounded real. i love zanessa and i hope they last forever=]]

  • Stella Hudgens

    At least I can spell our lst name right you idiot! Like everybody doesn’t already know. The whole world saw the Hawaii pics.

  • Amanda

    No nicaa jayy i didn’t hear it..

  • Vanessa Hudgnes

    You know what Stella…now im not gonna let you rub Zac’s abs anymore

  • Stella Hudgens

    Can i still rub his as*? Shouldn’t you be getting to “bed”?

  • Vanessa Hudgnes

    Yeah fine rub his as* its just as firm as his abs anyways…and i would be if you could just go to sleep

  • Stella Hudgens

    How do you know what i am doing since you’re at Zac’s?
    Try not to dent up the walls too much it’s a rental place.

  • Aaron

    Doesn’t he get hot under all that hair??

  • Vanessa Hudgnes

    No you cant rub his as* its a thursday…you’re only aloud to do that on the weekend… and i would go to “bed” if you would just sleep

  • David & Starla Efron

    You go, son!
    I love watching our baby work out.
    He gets more handsome every time.

  • Stella Hudgens

    I leave now cuz I know Zac is trying to “make up” with you about the kiss.