Angelina Jolie is a Bouquet of Beauty

Angelina Jolie is a Bouquet of Beauty

Angelina Jolie makes a a picture perfect bunch with a bouquet of roses in the new St. John clothing ad, which will be featured in the August 2007 issue of Vanity Fair. Could a Stepford wife look any sexier??

And no, Angie hasn’t been laying low. Just yesterday, she was spotted leaving Prague, Czech Republic where she’s been shooting her action thriller Wanted.

The mother-of-four boarded the private jet carrying baby Shiloh, 13 months. Brad, in a new newsboy cap, carried Zahara, 2. The family’s chief bodyguard, Mickey Brett, carried 3-year-old Pax on board. And Maddox, 5, dressed in a gray t-shirt and khaki pants, boarded the plane all by his grown-up self!

What’s next for the Jolie-Pitts? Angie has said, “I’m in Prague for a few months, then I take two months off, then I work for two months.” Let’s hope they go out for some family-bonding time during their time off!

Check out more pictures here. One of the boxes transported onto the Jolie-Pitt‘s private jet reads “Dad’s bags for bikes don’t open needs to go on the jet.”

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01 angelina jolie carrying shiloh
02 angelina jolie carrying shiloh
angelina jolie bouquet of roses

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    Wow, am I first?!

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    First? She looks wonderful as usual..

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    stuning as usual.

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    Wow , Am I the third ?

    Thank-you Jared. Beautiful oriental outfit.
    Just adore seeing Angie and baby Shiloh

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    WOO-HOO! I did it! :D

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    Really nice photo of Angelina. It’s looks as though she’s cut her hair. It looks a lot shorter than it had previously been.

  • Jill

    Damn, she looks drop-dead gorgeous in that suit. But you could put her in a Pillsbury flour sack with three X’s on it and she’d still look gorgeous.

  • crystal

    Its good that they are laying low… too much of anything os good for nothing esp that much exposure for the kiddies



  • Julianne

    Wonder if they are heading for their family vacation? Brad and Angelina and their little world travelers…let’s guess where they will show up next.

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    She looks good as usual. Thanks JJ.

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    Thanks JJ for the update!

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    Oh my man..Jared…mwah….

    2 months of Beckhams is gonna drive me crazy. So, I am with you about the Jolie-Pitt coming out of hiding once in a while so that you can pay the bills and I get my fix…

    …once in a while…that’s all folks.


  • Alexanderina

    WOW she looks GORGEOUS. I love the picture, it is just beautiful. And also the pictures with her and Shi, she looks great. I wonder where they are going.

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and picture

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    I love Angelina in the St. John ads. They are so classy.

  • cruddup

    “Family vacation?” LOL, they are never home. This “mother” is making ANOTHER movie? More daycare (warehousing) and more strangers taking care of you, kids. Geez, this woman cannot stand to be home (alone) with Brad OR her kiddie collection for 5 minutes. The kids probably think Angelina is the babysitter!

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    Thanks Jared!
    It’s refreshing to see the Jolie-Pitt’s

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    She Looks Beautiful!!

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    Brad in one of the LUCKIEST persons in the world … in in its entire history.

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    Ange is a true movie star!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    21 Just Jared


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    where are they go ?i love them and best whishes for them

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    Shiloh sure looks like Brad in that picture. Angie is gorgeous as usual. Thanks Jared for the pics. Now you need to find out where they are for us. :lol:

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    I hope you don’t mind my asking, but how much does a St. John’s suit cost?

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    Thanks Jared! I’ve been having a case of JOLIE-PITT withdrawal symptoms! Hehehe.

    It’s been several weeks since I saw this cute family.

    Thanks for the pics.

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    Saint John is the official clothier to Stepford Wives. Just kidding. This photo looks etheral. I think this is one photo that would have looked stunning in color. Flowers are known for their color and scent. Angelina looks fabulous as usual.

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    She is beautiful

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    Oh she looks goregous it is really nice to see them…….

  • Reposting

    1998 Gussie

    The whole interview:

    American cinema’s most beautiful mug returns to the screen with his band of seductive crooks, in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean Thirteen. Exclusive interview.

    - In Ocean thirteen you co-star with Al Pacino, your idol. How did you feel?
    - Al is one of the greatest actors ever. He is very nice, open and remarkably intelligent. I have never seen anyone invest so much in a role. During lunch breaks, I’d hear him repeating his lines to be perfect at the moment. Besides, I believe he was the only one in the band to be systematically excellent at the first takes.

    -Yourself, you do not work like that?
    - No. I’d become mad if I went home at night in character. To each his thing. Fortunately, I’m able to concentrate on demand.

    - How did things go with Soderbergh?
    - At he end, we were all a bit sad, because we had been informed: there wont definitely be a Ocean fourteen. It it depended on me, I’d have piled up for four or five more episode with the gang. Soderbergh is really an amazing, complex guy. He always manages to get new performances from his actors. He is someone who stimulates creativity without violence, he is not simplistic, quite the opposite. And he always leans towards human interest stories and I love that.

    - Do you regret having done any of your movies?
    - More than one, yes. I have made bad choices, been disappointed at some directors, and then, at a certain moment, I thought I had shot too much movies. I suffered from a compulsion that made me shoot two or three films a year and therefore some which I should never have accepted. A madness! Some are dear to me, like those I’ve shot with David Fincher, “Se7en” and “Fight Club”, but also “Seven Years in Tibet” de Jean-Jacques Annaud, the “Ocean” movies, or “Mr and Mrs Smith”. Many others, I have accepted by fear of finding myself unemployed.

    - You, unemployed?
    - Yes. I had shot some flops, like “Johnny Suede” which nobody remembers now, “The Flavour”, “Cool World”, “The Mexican”, “Spy Game” and moreover I was going through a turbulent time in my private life. Happily, more exciting projects, from respected directors I admire came my way.

    - Like Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu’s “Babel”?
    - Yes. That part of an American travelling through Morroco whose wife is accidentally shot by a lost bullet was terrific to me. Being an actor is not a hobby, it is a job that requires discipline, hard work and respect: lots of industry people only have a vague idea of what those words mean. For me, they are important, because counting back I’ve spent half my life making movies.

    - You’re a working fiend…
    - No, not really…

    - But you say it yourself, you film a lot…
    - A shooting doesn’t take more than three or four months. After twenty years that means a lot, but I particularly enjoy the waiting period between two sets. I do like acting, but I can’t stand the idea of going back to it

    - If you are not addicted to work, to what are you addicted?
    - To be exact. I’m not addicted to movies, but I am to the intensity a shooting brings.

    - Do you think you have asserted your game?
    -You do not? (Laughs). Frankly, I’ll say yes, I have.

    - What’s the difference between today’s Brad Pitt and the one from his beginning, twenty years ago?
    - If I answer that question, it will have to be a thesis. And we only have thirty minutes. If I sum it up in a sentence, the fact that I worked with people like Soderbergh, Fincher, Gilliam, Tony Scott, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Mark Foster and some others has polished my acting, cleaned it up and re-centered it.

    - By whom would you like to be directed?
    /b>- By people like Michael Mann, Roman Polanski, Ang Lee… You may think that at a certain level of fame, we choose what we want to film. It is a mistake. I’m happy with, and proud of, 90% of the movies I’ve made, but I’d have loved to do some others: “The pianist”, in the Adrien Brody role, even if I know I was not up to it, “Brokeback Mountain” in Jack Gyllenhaal’s role… Above all, I’d love to work again with Edward Zwick , with whom I shot “Legends of the Fall”. He did a fantastic job with “Blood Daiamonds” some months ago. I was very jealous of Leonardo DiCaprio! (Laughs.)

    - It seems when you were little, you wanted to be Hulk…
    -True. I adored a character that didn’t get red with fury, but green… I cracked myself up watching him.

    - And it is soon coming back… without you! You must be so broken…
    - (Burst of laughter.) I’ll try to survive it.

    - You don’t love any other super heroes?
    - I’m going to give you a scoop: I was asked to do the first “Spider-man”, but shooting permanently in front of a green screen to allow the superimposition of the 3D set would have made me loose my head. And I’m sure my public wouldn’t look forward to seeing me i that kind of production. I do not regret having refused.

    We know Brad Pitt, the actor, less so the producer. How are things there?
    Producing films is a financial bottomless pit. You stick your little finger in the process and you get eaten alive. But I’m proud of having produced Michael Winterbottom’s “A Mighty Heart”, adapted from the book written by the widow of Daniel Pearl, the journalist killed in Iraq, that was just presented in Cannes. Angie plays Marianne Pearl. I cried at the screening, she is that poignant.

    - Have things always been clear for you as to your path and all that happened to you?
    - Yes. I’m mature enough to take stock of my successes, the movies that worked well, those I’ve believed in but have failed and those I was always sure were going to fail. I did stupid stuff, the media didn’t spare me and cut me down to size. But sincerely when the media are on the look out for the smallest of your gestures, your slightest word, everything you do gets blown out of proportion. I thought I was stronger than the sensationalist press, that I should ignore them and live my life as I thought fit. But everywhere in the world things have become so hellish, so out of proportion, and even so unfair I had to let it go, or I’d have died trying.

    Your tumultuous relationships with stars have not helped things…
    - I admit my life has not been restful. But what I do not understand and cannot bear is when people entwine my private life with my work. All the events of my personal life, particularly with my ex (Jennifer Aniston), were overblown. From the moment the public is interested in you, everything you do is subject to multiple interpretations, of which three quarters are false and biased.

    - The critics and the public shower you with praise, but, nevertheless, you have never received an Oscar or a Golden Globe, only two nominations. Does that disturb you?
    - No, that does not prevent me from sleeping, but I’ll be happy when it comes. If it comes! My logic is the most beautiful reward comes above all from the public.

    - May we risk asking you one or two very private questions, or are you going to put on your boxing gloves?
    (Laughs) You may always try.

    - Everything is well with Angelina? Because, when you’re together, she is not very smiling!
    - She is not one to show her feelings. And she is not going to burst into laughter every twenty seconds on the pretext of having photographers around! Everything is going well and we are as much in love as in the first day.

    Do you love her numerous tattos?
    Of course! It is body-art brought to perfection. Angie is a work of art: One almost ought to put her under glass in a museum (Laughs)

    - Couldn’t you have blown a fuse or, worse, became depressed with the media frenzy that surrounds your life?
    - I’ve often exploded, but in private. In public, I’ve the strength to show I can play the game. I’ve experienced the relentlessness of the media for a long time and a certain form of rejection from the professional milieu who had me catalogued and reduced to the “pretty face” shelf. But rather than getting me down, this has energized me and I have fought hard to build a carapace. When you are stalked by photographers 24h/24h, believe me, you cannot behave normally. And I am not saying this as an excuse for some attitude or other. Our contemporary culture builds idols in order to better destroy them. You are put on a pedestal and than the game is to bring down the statue.

    - How have you managed?,
    By standing back, by retreating from the public stage, by not stringing films together, by taking an interest in the politics of my country and in the environmental problems that should concern us all. That has helped me understand how some things are so relative. And after meeting Angie I became a new man, intimately and artistically speaking.

    - Actually, in keeping with your friend George Clooney, you are also tremendously worried about the state of our planet…
    - Of course you’re going to say it is a bit hypocritical to proclaim oneself an environmentalist and to travel by plane, even if for professional reasons. But on my daily life I drive a small electric car, very powerful for that matter. I am very interested in the G8 Summits and often organize, as we did in Cannes, fundraisers to help the most destitute or for Darfur. To hang around artists such as Bono, Bob Geldorf, to be able to discuss famine and AIDS in Africa, malaria and the world debt with the chief decision-makers has also strengthened my beliefs. The need to inform and the urgency of these problems remain vital. I’m going to get more and more involved in the years to come. I’d love to have done something good in my life!

    Christophe Combarieu

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    Hello Everyone!!!!!

    Angie looks absolutely beautiful.

    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

    Now back to lurking…….

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    Saw this on other sites but thanks JJ. Maybe these sets of photos will satisfy the ones who are always crying for new pics.

  • pattong beach

    #17 cruddup : 07/15/2007 at 10:22 pm

    I’m glad this family is taking a vacation. I know, that’s making you and your idol Fraudiston jealous. Please tell your Fraudiston that her inside pipes are old, edging to 40. I guess the Jen fans and Fraudiston wanted to steal Shi since that chin cant have any and her eggs are decreasing rapidly !!!

    If Angie is making a movie in another 2 months, good for her. This is better than that UNEMPLOYED X. Tell me, why is Courtney Cox never form a production company with X? And why didnt Courtney ask Jen to co-produce Dirt with her?

    Could it be that Jen is a weakling and need someone to hold her hand, and without that support, she will fall apart??? Now, go back, you mole.

  • Bart works for Brad

    Bart- like always poor baby brad, BAD BIG CRAZY ANGIE..



  • http://JustJared Topaz

    Angie looks fabulous in the casual top and pants . Looks like she’s put on some weight as the pants fit very well. .

    Shi is clutching her stuffed toy .She is one darling baby.

  • Jessie

    No one went to see Angelina’s last flop, why is she bothering with another flop? So where are all her fans, not very many of them since this sk@nk’s movies always tank. Bottom line – Angelina’s name on a movie is a guaranteed flop. Brad’s life is in the toilet, couldn’t happen to a more deserving moron.

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    thanks, jared! hey, you got your wish, more even, 30 posts before a troll apears. ;)

    lylian, please try this:

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    she is beautiful, but this is such a stupid ad campaign. that pose is just awful. can you imagine how much more striking it would have been had they have her look straight into the camera????

  • hmmm

    She is just not a St. Johns kind of person. The woman she is doesn’t match the clothes she’s wearing.

  • coalharbourqt

    Hello to all the positive posters out there celebrating our favourite family! :-) So nice to see the fam off on vacay (France perhaps?) I’m sure they’ll have a well deserved break wherever they are.

    Hope all the awesome fans here have been doing well and having a fabulous summer so far! I’ve been busy moving to a new apartment and enjoying the sunshine but was thinking about you guys and hoping all is well, so I popped in and voila – a new thread! Pax and hugs to all.

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    lylian, also this one:

    mf, finally, i can post now, thank goodness! left a comment for you on youtube.

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    This looks like her hairdo we saw when it was in 2 low ponytails, remember from the shoot?

    Topaz- responded on other thread. :)

    MF- I did not get one from you :(

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    Second page, This whole family looks marvelous just marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    For Blondie’s question about how much a Saint John suit costs, here is their website. It looks like from $1500 to more than $2ooo. Too expensive for me. :(

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    Damn, victoria looks good.

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    2284 piper, with a low

    I agree with you. I don’t like the Etta James version. Joe Crocker has the best version. Thanks Peace

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    Nice :D too bad angie is wasting her time with a fool like Pitt.