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Cruz Sisters Debut Mango Clothing

Cruz Sisters Debut Mango Clothing

Penelope Cruz and lil’ sis Monica Cruz celebrate their clothing collection for Spain-based fashion chain Mango on Monday at Atzaro Hotel in Ibiza, Spain.

The identical-twin fantasy actress/designer sisters (both in MNG by Mango) designed a collection together based on vintage pieces from their own wardrobes with a mix of red-carpet-inspired evening wear, jeans, knits and daywear.

Penelope has said, “This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. We just had to find the right people to do it with. We’ve always loved clothes – we used to hide in the bathroom with fashion magazines and say, ‘I want that one”.

Penelope, 33, and Monica, 30, plan to launch their collection on Sept. 16.

30+ pictures inside of the Cruz sisters making the most out of Mango…

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cruz sisters mango clothing 01
cruz sisters mango clothing 02
cruz sisters mango clothing 03
cruz sisters mango clothing 04
cruz sisters mango clothing 05
cruz sisters mango clothing 06
cruz sisters mango clothing 07
cruz sisters mango clothing 08
cruz sisters mango clothing 09
cruz sisters mango clothing 10
cruz sisters mango clothing 11
cruz sisters mango clothing 12
cruz sisters mango clothing 13
cruz sisters mango clothing 14
cruz sisters mango clothing 15
cruz sisters mango clothing 16
cruz sisters mango clothing 17
cruz sisters mango clothing 18
cruz sisters mango clothing 19
cruz sisters mango clothing 20
cruz sisters mango clothing 21
cruz sisters mango clothing 22
cruz sisters mango clothing 23
cruz sisters mango clothing 24
cruz sisters mango clothing 25
cruz sisters mango clothing 26
cruz sisters mango clothing 27
cruz sisters mango clothing 28
cruz sisters mango clothing 29
cruz sisters mango clothing 30

Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty
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  • lilflowa

    First? i saw the title and immediately thought it was about Cruz beckham hahaha…..

  • [~Famous~]

    There’s way to much ugly going on between these two. I could only imagine what their parents like look.

    Gonzo Sisters

  • http://justjared Donna

    I don’t think they are ugly, I guess since they aren’t blonde bimbo types they are ugly. Whatever

  • Babysis

    They look just a like!
    are they twins?

  • Dirty Cougar

    Great bods! They do look a bit like twins. Can’t be. Penelope is 33 and the sister is 30. Both, have fug noses. Weird. Something about the nose. Famous has a point. Gonzo sisters. Daddy probably looks like Gonzo. Designer-Mango must have been to a funeral lately. Dresses are nice but, what’s up with all that black?

  • Nana

    They look exactly the same!

  • Julz

    well they are from Spain, most of them have really defined noses and stuff

  • P-U

    5 Dirty Cougar : 07/16/2007 at 9:53 pm
    Great bods! They do look a bit like twins. Can’t be. Penelope is 33 and the sister is 30. Both, have fug noses. Weird. Something about the nose. Famous has a point. Gonzo sisters. Daddy probably looks like Gonzo. Designer-Mango must have been to a funeral lately. Dresses are nice but, what’s up with all that black?
    you must be ugly since your hater and thats all you could ever do sink in your own envy bit%%

  • Pammy

    double yuck.

  • Lori

    They are gorgeous

  • Dirty Cougar

    @P-U, You must be a retard to assume I’m ugly. You wish you were as ugly as me! I’m not the only one that think this sisters have fug noses. Didn’t I say they had, great bods?! Go fug yourself!

  • Anonymous

    They look more like twins than some twins I’ve known. Very beautiful women. I wonder what their clothing line looks like?

  • ejl

    Both are Gorgeous!!

  • Moonlight

    Looking good. They have a distinctive beauty about them.

  • Not pretty

    Two Fuggly, fug sisters,jmo.
    Can’t see pretty on either of them.
    Never thought they were pretty..
    Ive only seen 2 movies with Penelope &could’nt understand a word she said..had to put my caption on..
    Only time I’ve ever seen her sister is here.
    Look at their nose,and gums..
    No @ss in site.
    Fug-g-l-y Fug..Sisters..

  • Angelina

    Scary, very identical, but they are twins right? If they are, I still think that Penelope is prettier, haha. Anyways, I think its cool how they designed a line for MANGO.

  • carmen

    They are not gorgess! Are u kidding me,look close and hard, bob hope snozzes,,their hair what the heck happen,stick their finger in a socket, Pene is better lookin but that aint sayin much,nope do not see good looking on those two.

  • Pereza

    MOnica rocks!! so amazing!

  • Isa

    Nº7 you really are stupid! People in Spain don’t have those noses…you can’t judge how people from a country look just for two people!

  • Kellie

    Is it just me? The first picture of the sisters…Pene’s sister looks like Kelly Preston with dark hair and a tan…WEIRD!

    But I do think they look A LOT alike in the ladder pictures. They’re both beautiful! :)

  • Vivi

    OMG they aren’t ugly, they are so pretty !(expect penelope’hair : it’s horrible !)
    Thanks Just jared for these pitcures !

  • me

    To Julz, what aboout spanish noses??? sorry if I misunderstood your coment but I don’t like to put everybody in the same bag, have you ever been in Spain, I hate topics, I am spanish and I have a botton nose (whatever you may call it), fair brown hair, white skin and I am quite tall so my sister does and some friends of mine and yes, the CRUZ sisters do have a fug noses, not so much space between the nose and the upper lip, by the way I don’t think they are pretty neitryher good actresses at all, no coment about designing now. They are not Kate moss!! Penelope was lucky when at the age of 18 started going out with a spanish famous man that was in a very famous band at the moment,m she went out with him for ages and after they split she went rolling from one bed to another one untill she got to a bed in hollywood.

  • WhereSheShops

    I am a fan of Penelope, but I can’t say that I am a fan of their clothing line. But I am glad to see that even they have frizzy hair sometimes!

  • http://donthave jen

    I am spanish, this tow girls are the proud of Spain, specially Penelope, our most international artist. I think they just look GORGEOUS!

    Comment nº20…Don’t call Penelope…”Pene”…u must be spanish to know what are you saying…and that’s so weird!

  • vs

    Wow they look so much alike, both are beautiful…I guess that’s because they’re European and not one of those island or Mexican chihuahuas..

  • remember da truth

    If anyone says these two are ugly, it proves the point that haters who may or may not be ugly on the outside, but are certainly ugly on the INSIDE will say that ANYONE is ugly! They are both so gorgeous, it’s amazing that two sisters could both be so beautiful.
    Of course they don’t have perfect doll-like noses — I guess haters want everyone to look alike and go to a plastic surgeon if they don’t. They are still absolutely beautiful even without perfect little Kate Moss noses.

    I remember when Penelope Cruz did her Ralph Lauren ads a few years back. Just lovely. But RL is all-American, and she definitely has more depth than that. She is a true international symbol of beauty.

    The clothes are mostly black because most people around the world wear a lot more black than people in California, Florida and the Midwest do. Sophisticated cities like New York and San Francisco also see people wear a lot of black. It is a classic look.

  • aran

    i’m spanish and i think penelope’s sister is ugly sorry, nice body but no so atractive face like her sister penelope but also penelope has no an atractive nose and that is the truth.

  • entol

    to n# 7 you such an ignorant! like in america aren’t funny ugly looking people too or what ever you are from. also i prefer to have a long nose like penelope or paris than a pig patato look like.

  • ff

    I don’t know which one I’d do first.
    Eny, meeny, miny, moe,…

  • Em

    Tom should have married Penelope. Maybe she wouldn’t marry him. At least she didn’t try to trap him by getting pregnant. I imagine he thought the publicity he would get if he didn’t marry pregnant Katie would be irreversible. It backfired though. His image cannot recover for the damage done by dating and marrying Katie Holmes. Penelope is pretty and seems very confident. She doesn’t feel the need to trap a man for his fame and money!!!

  • Lady

    Not pretty : 07/17/2007 at 12:20 am

    Ive only seen 2 movies with Penelope &could’nt understand a word she said

    Not Pretty- perhaps this says more about you than her…since I travel a lot I meet people from other cultures, accents etc…you need to either travel more outside home or get a job that will make it happen :-)

  • al

    im spanish and i have a very small nose,number 7,u never been in spain,penelope has an ugly nose but doesnt mean everybody in spain has big ones.the sisters are ugly as f..k.we hav better actress in spain but she becamone famous cause she dated a famous spanish musician,and f…ing around.the clothes are ugly too

  • loru

    ahhh! who’s who?!

  • Vera

    I give credit where it’s due , her sister is a million times prettier than Penelope but than again a cow’s ass is also a million times prettier than Penelope. But I have to thank her for one thing , she became my most sucessful diet . Everytime I looked at her it just made me gag. Better than sticking a finger down your throat just see a picture of her.


    which is which?

  • Armine from Armenia

    To those, who thinks that the real beauty depends on the shape or size of nose. There are a lot of artists who’s changed the nose but still looks like not so attractive, as they wanted to be. Ok. How do you like the nose of Michael jackson? Do you think he is more beautiful now than he used to be before? I also don’t like Angelina Jolie’s nose. I think, the proportion of her face has been deformed after plastic surgeon of her nose. As to Penelope Cruz. May be she is not “Miss Space”, but to may opinion her anusual sharm has nobody in Hollywood. There is nothing annatural in her beuty like of Pamela Anderson or Britney Spears….
    Penelope Cruz is so sexy! Look at her spanish warm eyes, honest smile, sexy body and you’ll understand what means to be a WOMAN !

  • Sandbitch

    Those nuclear white teeth look ridiculous. The uglier sister’s teeth look like Lego.

  • Lauren

    Omg use are all freaks, pua arguin to randoms over thier noses, seriously get a life.

    And btw they are gorgeous and hav about 10 times more moeny than u, SO HA LOSERS!!!


  • Your mom

    I think all people are beautiful, they just have it in different ways. These two sisters have the same beauty in the way they look and apparently in their choice of artistic choices. I think it is great to see sisters working together.
    I do not think it is nice to comment on how someone looks when you are not face to face with them, it is cowardice. You would never say those things right to someone’s face. Why would you want to hurt them. They did nothing to you.
    Enjoy other peoples postivies and be more concerned with your own negatives.
    Don’t show how childish you are.