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David Beckham Looks Yummy in Yellow

David Beckham Looks Yummy in Yellow

David Beckham, #23 of the Los Angeles Galaxy, stretches out his back and rests his ankle during an open practice on Monday at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.

They is a possibility Mr. Golden Balls will not be playing in Saturday’s match against London Club Chelsea because of his ankle injury. Stay tuned for more details…

WILL DAVID BECKHAM be able to make jersey #23 as famous in the soccer world as Michael Jordan did for the basketball world?

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david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 51
david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 52
david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 53
david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 54
david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 55
david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 56
david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 57
david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 58
david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 59
david beckham yellow los angeles galaxy uniform 60

Photos: Danny Moloshok/AP, Stephen Dunn/Getty
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  • cheddar

    I’m starting to like this guy!! Thanks Jared. Any new pics of Gerard Butler by chance?

  • Colleen


  • mekanika

    Ahaha! I knew it. The guys’s completelly falling apart. This happened in Spain too. I promise you, for 5 years, Beckham will get paid for sitting on the bench during most matches or will take weeks or months off because of injuries. Typical.

  • ME

    Not play on Saturday?! Um…his ankle looked just fine a couple hours ago when he stopped at Coffee Bean! He better play! I didn’t pay so much to watch him sit on the bench.

  • brookbeck

    he is sooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooootttttttttttttt. can’t wait till the 1st match

  • Jack Jett

    Yes he looks good in yellow……and red,white, brown,pink, and probably even chiffon.

    I think though he would look best in

    jack jett

  • Natalie

    I don’t think soccer will NEVER get as much attention in the USA as it does in other countries. David Beckham isn’t going to change that, not to mention the fact that many soccer fans hate him.

    He does look hot, as usual.

  • Natalie

    *soccer will EVER

  • pickle

    Break me off a piece of that!

  • lilflowa

    What bull about many soccer fans hate him…lets not chat foolishness now…..Dummy! Thats why he’s loved and respected alll over the world cos they all hate him!

  • [~Famous~]

    7, David has made a change, he has more people talking about soccer now than ever before. There was Freddy Adu but he’s disappeared.

    Soccer will never be popular in the states no matter who plays it.

  • Well

    They is a possibility Mr. Golden Balls will not be playing in Saturday’s match against London Club Chelsea because of his ankle injury

    This will NOT be good. He’ll be considered a fraud.

  • [~Famous~]

    Victoria Beckham; Coming to America is on!

  • WTF

    He might make it a little more popular here than it has been. Who cares? He’s just great to look at. Keep the pictures coming!

  • Jayne

    The ankle injury is the same one that he picked up in Englands qualifiers, and aggrevated in the Real Madrid vs Mallorca game. It was ligament injury which dont just clear up on their own, im sure the LA Galaxy medical team must of knew about this. Anyway the Chelsea game is only a friendly they dont want to make him play too soon and make the injury worse.

  • Chiquita

    wow, new pictures.. love them, thanks jared..

  • lety

    Yes David is very yummy looking, But dont compare him to the greatness that is Michael Jordan. David and Jordan are as diffrent in looks as they are in talent if you know what I mean!

  • Dirty Cougar

    David’s got nice long slender arms and legs. he’s muscular yet, lanky. He’s fricking hot!!!! Yellow look nice on him!

  • Yellow Mello

    Yellow is officially my new favorite color! :)

  • Fire Marshall Bill

    Damn. His teeth are MESSED up. Can’t get get those things fixed with all his money?

  • kiki

    it kinda looks like he’s doing some sex act in the pic with clothes on.

  • Nana

    Dayumm! Hes so fine!

  • Beth









  • James

    he looks horrible in yellow. ugly jersey.

  • Jackie

    The guy is a hunk in any color. He’d even be “pretty in pink.” Too bad he makes ugly men jealous.

  • coochie

    For L.A. athletes, that’s an ugly ass looking team, minus Beckham who happens to be English!!! C’mon, that team needs to represent Los Angeles by replace the players with hotter looking men!

  • Moonlight

    Eye candy.

  • sexybeasts

    Magnificant display of manliness! I’d like to see him grow his hair out again.

    Did anyone watch the one hour special?

  • lory

    He looks very YUMMY in yellow =)

  • maddison

    He may be a womanizer, but if he cheats on me, I’ll spank that bad boy and have my ways with him until his nasty, naughty ass can’t play any football for a month. We’ll see who the athlete in the family is!

  • Cynthia

    He’s one fine specimen, so gorgeous!

  • vicky

    Thanks Jared ! You made my day ! He looks damn fine ! love him !

  • Yily

    Can’t wait to see him play. Go United States! We better win matches now that Beckham is on our team!

  • Vivi

    I don’t think many soccer fan hate him, i think they hate Victoria, she is so ridiculous !(She is the only woman to go on the field for the official introduction)
    I have fear americans talks more about Victoria than soccer !It’s will be a good game against Chelsea, i hope he will play !
    (sorry for my english)

  • oooole

    Becks dont play, who cares about that? Chelsea have at least ten better players than David Beckham. I think that its more interesting to see chelsea than david. Sure everybody is waiting becks debut but however. (bad english, sry about that).

  • WhereSheShops

    He looks yummy in yellow, red, blue, green…whatever color he wears!

  • Mexican Baby Luv

    OMG!! his ankle isnt injured he just bein a loser plus when he plas chivas usa hes gonna be hated so much [[mexicans english guy hell!!]] and LA is a suck team hes just on t cause there payin him double the regular pay… he is probably just gonna be da [[pretty boy]] dats gonna get “injured” every time he falls! ~

  • remember da truth

    I think that pigs must be flying, because I saw a post by Famous that makes sense!! Your’e right Famous, soccer will never be as popular as basketball or football or baseball in America, and to expect David Beckham to change that is unrealistic. Then all the idiots will say, “I told you so!” Well, DUH!!! It’s a cultural thing and it won’t change, especially not overnight.
    But Famous is also right that Beckham has already made a significant change before he’s even played a match — people are talking about soccer. And many more will watch than ever did before. And that’s all that matters. Doesn’t have to be as many as football. Many more will learn the game, and many more will want to play the game. THAT’S what he’s here to do, and so far, he’s been doing it brilliantly!

  • remember da truth

    Of course people hate Victoria! Everyone hated Linda McCartney until she died. They still hate Yoko Ono. People might love Bill Clinton but they have always hated his wife. People hated Priscilla Presley until Elvis died. People hate Angelina Jolie. If a man is a huge star and he marries either a beautiful woman, or one who is obviously so well-suited for him that he has no interest in any other and they form a partnership that makes them seem like an entity unto themselves, or has as big a personality as he does, then she will be hated. People want him to be single, or have a quiet, mousy, plain-looking, unnoticeable wife so they can continue to fantasize about him.

  • sexybeasts

    #38 exactly

  • wslandry

    Blah, Blah, Blah

    Soccer maybe an international sport but it sucks in the states. What a great sport for a bunch of morrons to fight over there country losing. This is exactly whats going to happen! Wait to see all the bone heads show of when they play Mexico in L.A. Only game I went to was the World Cup when it was in L.A. years ago and what a freaking boring sport. When they played the national antthem Mexico booed through the whole song. People with any brains will stay away and let all low life drunken factory workers party. Thanks L.A. for bringing all the Hooligan crouds to our neighborhoods.

    Soccer Sucks!!!!!

  • loru

    Very nice! How much…