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Long Live Orlando Bloom's Mustache

Long Live Orlando Bloom's Mustache

Orlando Bloom performs during the press night of his new West End show In Celebration at the Duke of York’s Theatre on Monday in London, England. The British actor plays the part of failed writer Steven in the David Storey play. The play is currently booking through September 15, so there’s going to be at least two more months of this lovely mustache of his!

Orlando, 30, later attended the In Celebration after-party at Jewel with friends and co-stars.

20+ pictures inside or Orlando in celebration…

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Photos: Dave M. Benett/Getty
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  • Dirty Cougar

    Orlando is a cutie!

  • Moonlight

    Ugh, he looks awful here. Shave that thing off, Orlando!

  • Guillermo

    hahahhahahahah ! british guys look fuckin gay !

  • Angelina

    Agree with #2, the mustache looks hideous. ew.

  • pickle



  • sexybeasts

    What’s happened to him? I can’t put a finger on it. I always thought he looked good until lately. Everything is wrong.

  • HK

    I’d fuck it in a heartbeat.

  • Yari


  • moi

    I should make T-Shirts saying “Team ‘Stach” cos like his moustach, it’s growing on me! *sigh*

  • Yily

    Orlando is very handsome but a terrible actor. I wonder why directors would want to work with him. No wonder he’s in a play now. Being in films just doesn’t cut it for him.

  • krufh

    don’t you guys read?? it says that his mustache is for his current role in a play.
    i’m starting to believe that people here only look at pictures and not read the article.

  • Olga

    There’s something terribly wrong, I don’t know what, but something’s surely wrong. He looks awful with a mustache.

  • xy

    quite shallow, most of you, aren’t you?

    1. it’s for a play
    2. the play is set in the 60s/70s
    3. he’s an actor so he’s supposed to look different and go into
    4. he does not want to be “the gorgeous heartthrob”

    and for all that he should be given more credit. he’s a 30-year-old man who decided to make a change and go back to theatre which he last did at drama school.

    whether he’s a good actor is another story, granted. i agree there are better ones, even at younger age. one i can think of here is jake gyllenhaal. but orlando bloom’s decided to grow and to face reviews from critics both from the fan and the professional side.

    why not wish him well? why only look at the mustache and go “aaaaah, looks awful, something is completely off!” – no, it’s not. it’s just facial hair. no reason to freak out.

  • April C

    LOL…it seems like he’s gettin’ really old haha. J/K. It’s cool though. He is a great actor, but I don’t think he is that hot, maybe he kind have the looks..hehe..but Zac Efron is way better looking :) But orlando, he is kind of cool, too i guess.. ;)

  • OrlyFan

    I think Orlando looks great. He’s an actor, after all. His look changes based on the various characters he portrays and the work that he’s involved in. He’s not gonna look the same for the rest of his life. People who call themselves his fans should love Orlando and his body of work no matter what he looks like. We can’t expect Orlando to look like he did 10 years ago. Personally, i’m glad to see the ponytail go, but i’d still like Orlando even if he continuted wearing it. He has a more matured look now – with or without the mustache – and he’s still gorgeous.

  • Orlandobabe

    I love orlando and i just can’t understand why everyone is so upset because of the mustache … sure he doesnt look good with it but its for the PLay!!! so leave him alone !!! orly i love you

  • sunni

    does he remind anyone of robin thicke? or is it just me??

  • B.

    Come on girls. Seriously i dont know Orlando bloom that much but I think hes a fine actor, not GORGEOUS and GEEEZ, how can you compare him to Zac Efron? F*ck ! lol. He sure looks bad with that..mustache or whatever it is. But as it has been said IT IS FOR A PLAY.
    Thats life girls, you’ll have to write Fanfics about another celibrity. Too bad hu?
    Go get a life, please. Do us this favour.

  • KC


  • Lilly

    I KNOW!!!! AND THIS IS SOO GREAT!!!!! WHOOOO, ORLI!!! YAY!!!! I’m so happy for him! =)

  • mtvsux

    Looks like a 70′s gay porn star.

  • sexybeasts

    He still looks bad, regardless of the facial hair. Most actress, actors rely on their looks, especially him. Take care Orlando.

  • ricki

    I just read the reviews he’s gotten for his role and the majority of them are really positive. I hope this gives him the confidence to do more plays and films and continue to strech himself as an actor.

  • xenu

    Looks like this is one crab that managed to climb out of the bucket. Way to go, Orlando!

  • Alexandria

    Okay. You are all crazy. A style of facial hair doesn’t make someone unattractive. It may take away from one of his best features – his lips – but Orlando Bloom is SMOKIN HOT. I don’t care what anyone says – go watch POTC3 and you will feel the same way! And I 100% agree with OrlyFan – stop hatin’ you guys.

    He could chat me up with that porn stache any day and I’d STILL be all over that. And for those of you doubting his acting abilities, take a look at the movie Haven. I used to be pretty anti-Orlando-acting but he was wonderful in the role, I couldn’t have pictured anyone else doing a better job. Kudos, Orlando. Plus he’s the nicest guy EVER – didn’t you see his interview on Jay Leno with that little girl? Sooo cute.

  • LL

    He looks funny with the mustache but he’s doing it for the play so no biggie. Like most heartthrobs he’s trying to get himself some respect as an actor and there’s nothing wrong with that. I like him.

  • ricki

    And he’s got great reviews, so everyone else can suck it.

  • Nadia

    get rid of the mustache orlando it makes you look so old.

  • xenu

    OMG, he, like, totally looks like a late ’60s schoolteacher approaching middle age and on the verge of an emotional collapse! Like totally EWWWW.

    Oh wait, that’s the character he plays. Quite a feat that he can make you forget it’s him when he’s in costume. They call that “acting” and “disappearing into a role.” Who ever would have thought such a thing existed in a world of rehab, attention whoring and self-destructive hedonism?

    And Ricki is right, a good number of his reviews have been very complimentary. We’re talking from highly-respected veteran theater critics who wouldn’t hesitate to completely eviscerate him if they thought he deserved it. If he managed to impress that crew, there must be something to the whole “Orlando IS TOO a good actor!” rationale.

    Sorry for the novel, but I’m feeling rather smug right now.

  • Karen

    “OMG, he, like, totally looks like a late ’60s schoolteacher approaching middle age and on the verge of an emotional collapse! Like totally EWWWW.

    Oh wait, that’s the character he plays. Quite a feat that he can make you forget it’s him when he’s in costume. They call that “acting” and “disappearing into a role.” Who ever would have thought such a thing existed in a world of rehab, attention whoring and self-destructive hedonism?”

    That was great!

    I’m so proud of him. Taking a smaller role in a dramatic production just goes to show how serious he is about his profession. His critics may just have to find some other ‘pretty-boy’ to hate on.
    Love it!

  • Barbie

    People it’s just a “PLAY” !!!
    Leave poor Orlando alone.
    His probally going to shave it off.
    I wish you the best Orlando.

  • 2commit

    The stash makes him look kind of sleazy, and not in a hot way.

  • loru

    He sorta looks like he could play in starsky & hutch! hehe. Actually I love his mustache could’t be more retro.

  • isa

    wouaaaah I love it ! verry sexy !

  • isa