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Ziyi Zhang's Bike Ride With Her Boyfriend

Ziyi Zhang's Bike Ride With Her Boyfriend

Ziyi Zhang and venture capitalist boyfriend Vivi Nevo, of NV Investments, enjoy a bike ride on Monday between sessions at the annual Allen and Company Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. The conference gathers together business leaders, political figures, and major figures in the philanthropic and cultural spheres.

How cute and funny are their name tags???!!!! Look at the smiley face and heart stickers. <3

Ziyi, 28, has starred in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Rush Hour 2, and Memoirs of a Geisha. The Chinese actress has a film called The Horsemen coming out December 2007 co-starring Dennis Quaid, Eric Balfour, Peter Stormare (Prison Break) and Lou Taylor Pucci (The Chumscrubber). Quaid will play a bitter detective grieving over his wife’s recent death. While investigating a case, he discovers a shocking connection between himself and the suspects in a serial killing spree linked to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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Photos: Victoria Will/Splash News Online
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  • julia weinstein

    He has to be filthy rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    I have to look Zhang up to find out who she is, cause I cant tell with the hat and glasses on.

  • Corpus Christi


  • Sarah

    I ain’t saying she’s a goldigger. :)

    I’m joking. I personally think Zhang Ziyi is a great actress (slightly disappointing that she’s been picking bad projects lately). I wish her the best.

  • delilah


  • Olga

    She’s a very beautiful actress and she did a great job in Memoirs of a Geisha.

  • Babysis

    i love Zhang Ziyi, she’s a venture capitalist and and beautiful.

    Plus I love the movie Rush hour 2!

  • sherhona

    i’d have to say that zhang is one of the beautifulest chinese actresses i’ve seen!!

    she is really ‘belle’ and a great actress!!

  • Cyndi

    Fugly and old bf…..he must have something else on him to keep her around.

  • JustCheckin

    Look at the way she smiles when he tries to kiss her on pic # 4.. ,”is love really in the air?” hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • brookbeck

    WHO DAT?

  • Natalie

    She is gorgeous and classy. I have respect for her. Her boyfriend is hideous though, haha. he must have a good heart or a thick wallet…

  • whatever

    I wonder how they communicate most of the time cos I read articles in China that her English Sucks. oh, well maybe he speaks Chinese or they just Fxxk most of the time, hehehe…
    Sarah, you are not wrong to about to say that she is a golddigger…

  • jd

    oh come on, who in the world would date her. The chinese community wouldn’t date her, in their eyes, she is consider average.

    Anyways, it gives guys like me a hope, those famous actres aren’t as hard to get as we thought. it just need a bank account with many many zeros.

  • xxdeucexx

    This is typical Zhang Ziyi behavior… golddigging. But what she does with her body is her own business.

    But anyway… she looks good though.

  • bataglio

    Fugliest couple award – ZZ + VN

  • Cat

    he’s a billionair.

  • vivalavina


  • anonymous

    ewww. wtf?!!!
    asian fetish + gold digger = match made in heaven

  • baff

    uh… people calling her a golddigger
    do you guys have any idea how much money she actually has?!

    and yeah her english sucked. emphasis on the past tense.

  • liliput

    I’ll allways remember Cris Tucker in an other wise forgetable movie with Jackie Chan saying to Zhang Ziyi “Damn, you smell fine!” I swear with out ever meeting the woman I knew what he meant.

  • nefarious

    she is average looking… watch out zz… this beautiful baddest btch is gonna fck your bastard for all the Benjamin…

  • P-U

    thanks to Brad i have new pick up line “damn girl your body is work of art it should be placed in museum. thanks brad pitt to the rescue

  • P-U

    wrong threat

  • mashhh

    can someone say dirty old man? ewwww

    he’s freakin ugly. looks gay as well. hope he’s rich to make up for evrything else.

  • Angelina

    He’s gross and she’s beautiful. I think it’s rude how some of your say she’s a gold digger, you don’t know about that for sure. I personally don’t like the guy but Zhang Ziyi must thing there’s something special about him.

  • dukeson

    looks grandpa and granddaughter. how old is he?

  • Anna

    Old enough to know better.

  • tawi

    he has the face of an alcoholic!

  • Katie N

    It must be something other than money that attracted such a beautiful woman to that ugly old man. She is rich in her own way and there are many great looking, older, rich men out there.

    She is a very talented actress though and I hear highly intelligent, not our average hollywood mind.

  • Seb

    Ewww, he is sooo freakin OLD & UGLEY (E for Extra Ugly)… how the hell old is this guy anyway? He looks like he’s in his 60s and gross! Ew ew ew! I know for a fact that she is NOT A GOLDDIGGER! But what’s up with the OLD GUY though.


  • the real tita

    Some women go for older men especially if they’re smart, funny, rich and generous. He’s a philanthrophist for goodness sake so he must be kind. Also, there’s something about billionaires that an average Joe doesn’t have and that’s they do everything first class! He probably adores her and treats her like a princess. Just look at Salma Hayak and her beau!

  • Fodali


  • Katie N

    What Woody Allen did with Soo-Yi was despicable (marrying your own step daughter). This one is just a puzzler as to what attracted her to a “bad looking” older man. It is just fine to date a 60 year old if you are in late twenties.

  • GemStone

    She’s 28, he’s 41. Gross, he looks older than that. So, why is it, when a younger man dates and older woman, there are tons of ugly nasty comments, but, when an older man dates a girl young enough to be her grandpa, there is barely a ripple?


    Zhang is not the only golddigger..

    Michelle Yeoh is also engaged to a TROLL!!!

    I am sorry but there is no way a cute girl like Zhang of Michelle can tell me that they saw these guys and were attracted to them.. YUCK!!

    He looks like a child molester!

    Even Janet Jackson’s troll can pass.. At least they are close in age, but this guy looks like he could be her daddy and more. He must have a 12 inch schlong and be a billionaire..

  • Lusitana

    Vivi who??? Sorry but he is a monster, a ugly old man. It is a Horror film?? She is a beautiful woman with little mind.

  • maddison

    Now, now, before we all jump to conclusions and make hostile judgments, the old guy may be blackmailing that poor Asian actress with some heinous evidence that will ruin her family and thriving career. See, no dirty old man or gold digging stories here. Be open-minded people.

  • xay

    nobody in HK likes zhang Ziyi.
    She is known to be a major DIVA.
    China girls from China are well know to be
    a gold digger..nickname as “Crows”
    It oes not matter the guy is ugly as long as
    he is loaded! The guy she’s with looks old
    ,ugly, short and the only thing he has is
    being rich which attracts her.
    Another actress, Gong Li is also
    married to a rich Sporean guy based in HK.

  • chris

    Vivi Nevo doesn’t have an Asian fetish. He is a billionaire who dated Kate Moss and other celebrities before. Zhang Ziyi’s beauty transcends any race, which is why he and other men fell in love with her. Just ask Jake Gyllenhaal, although he’s not rich enough for Zhang. haha.

  • truly

    I am a Chinese,tell you the truth that Zhang is really average beautiful here in our country. I don’t think her performance is so good. I have to say that she is famous for her naked body in the movie instead. I ever loved she very much, the real pure Zhang, and she is like my elder sister very much.But now I find she is just so so. she is not so good at acting but good at venture for highlight. What a pity. where is her innocence. It has gone with wind.

  • marian

    She doesn’t mind her boyfriend look older or not, don’t mind they can have good communication or not…..important is he can give her fame, career, money!

  • Tom

    She so lucky to meet this billionar man, I beg she won’t easy to loose him…..oh…yes, she has a big diamond ring now!

  • Ren

    Wow…..she show her big diamond ring in everywhere!
    Absolutely gold digger…..clever woman from Beijing!

  • kim

    She need to follow with him in everywhere, of course…more exposure, more media………her boyfriend is the richest man in New York!

  • Jordan

    Those of you women says she is a gold digger, I bet you would jump on the chance to land a billionaire too, so don’t be too hard on her.

  • rose

    In every girl there is a heart to be loved and to love. There is nobody business to judge or to complain on who the girl will fall to. If the man she loves is someone rich and he loves her too, that so lucky of her. We must be praying that God may give us someone to love and be loved and if he/she is damn rich..then it is a bonus. I personally think Zi Yi fiance is hot and damn sexy..He is fit and have 6 pax..and he loves her..well what to do..hmm lol.

    Psst..dont generalising chinese woman. Have you made the survey?

  • Chinese chick

    She used to stick with rich men for money and filming opportunities.

    Zheng and this American billionaire have separated a few years ago already, she said now she look for real love more, so she has been go out with another guy for 2 yrs in China, a Chinese musical man in Beijing.

    Now she seemed found a new love with her another Chinese lover, but don’t know why the english language media searched by Google just still focused on her past and short term relationship with this American old rich man?