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Zac Efron Rocks the Red Carpet

Zac Efron Rocks the Red Carpet

Zac Efron (in Hugo Boss) flashes his big, broad smile, sandwiched between co-stars Nikki Blonsky and Amanda Bynes on the red carpet of the premiere of Hairspray on Monday at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theatre.

Catch Zac promoting Hairspray on Wednesday at The Today Show, Regis & Kelly and TRL. On Thursday, The Early Show. And on Friday, The Today Show Concert Series with the rest of the Hairspray cast

Recently, it was announced that Zac will be filling the shoes of Kevin Bacon in the re-make of Footloose. He recently told Access Hollywood, “No, I could never be Kevin Bacon. Kevin is, um, so talented — he made such an iconic film… I don’t think I could ever recreate that, but then again that’s not really what we’re setting out to do. The challenge is always, ‘how do you approach that without remaking the film to a ‘T.’ I’m not worried about that, because I don’t think I could do what Kevin Bacon does in the film. I’m gonna try to do something different, [but] equally exciting.”

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Photos: Evan Agostini/Getty
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  • julia weinstein

    He sure is purty!

  • lilflowa

    his pose next to that actress is like soo gay he’s like saying “oh no you didnt girlfriend!” hahahaha

    he a cutie tho gotta love him :D

  • [~Famous~]

    The gay boys orange again. Lol I’m surprised he’s not doing his Beyonce pose again. Plastic is Fierce!

  • Babysis

    he’s so hot!
    But posting so much of him is kinda getting old.

  • Nana

    Hes adorable when he smile!

  • Just Jared

    Babysis, that’s what happens when celebrities go out to publicize their work. That’s why we see celebs in cycles, usually.

  • is he

    is he officially out? i’m confused.
    orangeboy sure does seem gay, but…?

  • twokids2

    My daughter is crazy about him. She can’t hardly wait for High School Musical 2. But I think he should cut his hair a little bit. He would look less gayish. I think he is cute though.

  • chay

    Jared – Do you think that’s the same suit he wore during the London premiere?

  • Just Jared

    Yes, methinks so. They are both def Hugo Boss.

  • Vanessa

    Zac`s hott =]

    and he`s not gay, he`s dating Vanessa Hudgens =P don`t hate

  • matt

    he’s metro beyond words. i can’t wait for HSM2. the soundtrack sounds fun fun fun so i’m only hoping the movie is twice that.

  • chay

    btw, there’s a Baltimore premiere too this week…LOL

  • nicaa x jayy

    uhm where’s vanessa? is she gunna be in the baltimore premiere? i hope so!

  • NiA

    Zac’s not gay! Get that through your heads!
    He looks so hot!
    I wouldnt mind being in a sandwhich with him ;)

  • Dirty Cougar

    We’ll let’s see we, Dumpcake w/Chunks, Fruitcake & Cupcake! Hee Hee. lol! Amanda Baynes the cupcake is pretty cool. She’s taller then Zac. Fruitcake isn’t very tall is he?

  • vale

    he has to much make up on

  • James

    He’s gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • vandina

    look at the way he’s looking at nikki does anyone think they make a pretty couple

  • Merideth

    Uhmmmm i loooove ZAC EFRON!!!!
    thanks so much for posting alot on him!!
    keept it up!!!!

    btw. he’s so not gay.

  • viviana

    Why isn’t Vanessa there?? Why doesn’t she go to the premieres with Zac?
    And don’t say Zac looks cute with Nikki because he doesn’t!!!

  • Rae

    Amanda Bynes looks good. She’s always been pretty. I couldn’t care less about plastic Zac.

  • Moonlight

    The fat chick is the best looking one there. She’s pretty, in the face…in the body, not so much. Zac and Amanda are just blah.

  • Zac looks like Clay

    Clay Aiken’s heavily made up twin brother Zac and Rosie plus Amanda. Amanda’s face looks really full.

  • Angelina

    *Yawns* just them again. I seriously find nothing special about Zac Efron, he was in High School Musical, good movie, thats all! Oh but I do like Vanessa Hughens but she’s not there so yeah.

  • Katerina

    Who is Zac Efron and why do we need to know about him? I follow pretty closely celebrity world and the latest movies, singers, yet I haven’t seen him in anything. Anybody can help?

    Also, he looks 14 so this is probalby a better topic for a teenage blog?

  • S

    OMFG HAY HOTTIE. Zac looks so hot.

  • pretty woman-Zackie

    That last photo he looks like a young woman. Lay off the make up dudette. That dress looks over loaded on the heavier lady. Amanda is nice,but no longer as cute.

  • Sarah

    Oh dear small, medium and tall. If only Zac was a little more smaller, it’d look funnier!

  • April C

    Omygosh! Zachy is sooo adorable and sweet ;) He is sooo CUTESOME! :x :)

  • Naomi

    That Nikki is 1 hot bitch! Ola :D

  • LovinZac

    Zac looks handsome in these pics. Although he does need to cut his hair some. There’s too much hanging in his face. With a face as handsome as Zac’s, he should show it off and not hide it under all that hair. Zac reminds me of Jared Leto – for some reason…maybe it’s his eyes. Jared Leto has those same gorgeous eyes too. Zac’s a very pretty boy though.

  • jeanny

    this guy looks like shit !!

  • gini

    i love his smile. he is really cute but he really looks gay…

  • sheen

    gross! sooo gay and still acts like he is str8!

  • Maja

    Too much Zac Efron these days -.-

  • Roots

    yeah guys he definitely isnt gay if hes dating his costar.
    hes just very metro
    but i have two things to say
    1) zac, stop with the tanning
    2) black hair back asap!

  • Orphan Annie

    I don’t know why—I’m sure Zac Efron is a nice enough guy, but he makes me want to rabbit punch him in the kidneys.

  • jenny

    omg orphan annie
    u just made me laugh so hard
    ha ha ha ha
    well vanessa lid uo the la premier
    ny blah hes wearing the london suit
    vanessa needs to lite up batimore

  • Ms. sugar walls

    who in the hell is that fat chick next to him? Gawwwd..why did she have to stuff herself into that that? I know as soon as she got home, she CUT that dress off!

  • shopgirl

    I think Nikki is great but that dress is all wrong on her. BAD choice!

  • kelly

    i hate this dude sooo much, seriously…he looks like a little boy and is just such a douche…anyone who is over 13 who thinks this guy is “hot” needs to be shot

  • kelly

    p.s-that stupid emo hair!!! ugggh, it’s not cute or “edgy”

  • zacy

    here we go agn get a life ok just get 1 ok he is a funny likes 2 joke around not like someppl

    im talking 2 the ppl who r saying bad things

  • amanda

    awww zac looks hott!!!
    nikki looks pretty
    think she likes zac
    i mean who wouldn’t

  • loru

    he’s almost too girlish.

  • Lacie

    Ok…first off Zac Efron is NOT gay just because a guy looks good it doesn’t mean he is gay. And I think Zac Efron & Nikki Blonsky would make a beautiful couple because it would prove that not only skinny skanky girls get hot guys. ; )

  • shaina

    omg zac is sooooooooooo hottttt ! hes amazing in hairspray! were getting married :P he just doesnt know it yett ! hes GORGEOUS!