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The Beckham Boys @ Soccer Practice

The Beckham Boys @ Soccer Practice

Victoria Beckham takes her three sons — Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 4, and Cruz, 2 — to play soccer on Tuesday at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Brooklyn and Romeo were introduced to the youth coach in charge of The ReaL So Cal Soccer Club.

The Beckham boys showed off their soccer skills they inherited from his famous father.

Brooklyn wore his support for Becks by wearing a “David Beckham Academy” t-shirt, Romeo wore Nike Basketball gear, and Cruz wore a Dodgers outfit. (Vix threw out the first pitch for the Dodgers last month.)

Posh also wore a very similar off-the-shoulder grey ensemble back in February while house hunting in Los Angeles. She sure looks weird without the blonde bob now!

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52 Responses to “The Beckham Boys @ Soccer Practice”

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  1. 26
    JJ Says:

    ive already seen this outfit

  2. 27
    Sexy Mama Says:

    Gross! This woman sickens me. What a publicity *****. She knows that with her strained and raspy voice, she’ll never make it in America. And her stupid ‘coming-to-America’ show/crap was so egotistical. She made me ROFL when she said that talking about money makes her cringe, while she seemed to enjoy the houses with hefty price tags and say that she ‘wanted the most out of her money’. She’s a freaking golddigger who needs to wake up and realize Americans don’t need another useless alien. We’ve already got millions.

  3. 28
    loos Says:

    I never see her wearing sneakers. Anyone?????

  4. 29
    pickle Says:

    I adore this family! So cute.

  5. 30
    Sheri Says:

    This girl, through her gloomy, and almost smug, expressions in photos left me with the impression of being very snobbish, but I have to admit that watching her on Leno (sorry I missed her special, tho) she came across as quite down to earth, funny and sincere. Even she admitted that she sometimes looked like a real ***** in her photos but, perhaps in this instance anyway, the photography is doing her a disservice, although she should definitely learn to relax more and not be so “posed” every second..I’m gonna hold off on a real opinion of her till I see her “live” at more events and on more shows.

  6. 31
    lala Says:

    Jared, can you post more picures from this event please?? PLEASEE JARED??? thank you for these!!!!!!! xx

  7. 32
    Louisa Says:

    those boys are soooooooo beautiful!

  8. 33
    barbie Says:

    Victoria said herself that the Paps choose the photo they want to circulate. Even if she smiles, the ones where she is not smiling are the ones that are sold to the magazines. More money to be made in making her out to be a ***** than a smiley, nice housewife…

  9. 34
    Bella Blue Says:

    Look how short Brooklyn is to those other boys

  10. 35
    Freak Says:

    This woman is repulsive. All you tools that say she’s a good mother, what are you all stupid, so what that she’s a mother and she takes those kids out, is that not what mothers do? why is she so special that you say she’s a really good mother. Give me a break.

    As for that show she done, yeah I watched it. She is so phoney. She is as fake as her ever enlarging breasts. She actually thinks she is someone really special.

  11. 36
    Beth Says:


    What an ADORABLE family!!!! Victoria looks amazing and looks like a MAJOR mother! LOVE HER!

  12. 37
    remember da truth Says:

    Freak, why so angry? Didn’t your mother spend as much time with you as Posh does with her kids?

    You are all so jealous of her money and fame and it shows! Posh is just a nice person who is doing her job — being a fashionista, wife, mother, and tabloid favorite for the jealous and insecure to tear apart to make themselves feel better!

  13. 38
    Eathan Says:

    They are an amazing family, all the negative comments comes from people who are jelous!

  14. 39
    black Says:

    It´s kinda lame to promote you own husband by making your kids wear his shirt.

    David was still best in Manchaster.

  15. 40
    Louise Says:

    39 black: the kids are wearing their dads t-shirts, what is wrong with that? should they wear someone elses dads shirts?

    They look really good and those kids sure grow up fast.

    I think they’ll have a nice life in LA, and i’m sure with each day more and more people will start to like them.

    All the negativity comes from the UK tabloids anyway, they have created this BAD image of theirs and people “bought” it. But UK hates everyone, and especially someone who is from the UK and is successfull, they can’t stand that, they’re too jelous.

  16. 41
    Rootie Says:

    Rootie : 07/18/2007 at 12:13 am
    call them himself- to let the paps know ‘hey they are going out’.
    Just the same as some celebs call the paps every time they make a baby purchase.

    18 yeah : 07/18/2007 at 12:24 am

    Just calling it like it is!

  17. 42
    lilflowa Says:

    Loves it!! The kids are adoorable!!

  18. 43
    t Says:

    to cute 4 words

  19. 44
    Beth Says:

    This family is seriously too cute!!

    I love Victoria, she looks adorable with her boys!

  20. 45
    Egatron Says:

    Correction, together 10 years, married for 8.

  21. 46
    Colleen Says:

    More Beckhams! I love it! Thanks Jared!

  22. 47
    girlien Says:

    cruzs so adorable

  23. 48
    erin Says:

    The family is completely overexposed, and it’s hipocritical to say you want your children to have normal lives, then once you know you have paps following you go to another location for a photo-op. That being said, I still can’t help but think how CUTE they all are.

    J-J she’s also worn those jeans (airports and shopping), heels (all over, they’re mentioned in her docu too), and bag before(paris).

    she’s spends lots of $$$$ but at least she rewears it all, maybe not enough to get her money’s worth, but I’m sure she’ll have a lot of pressure on her, now in LA, to do a lot of charity work, so the public wont think she’s only about spending and not giving back.

  24. 49
    susie Says:

    She always looks so greasy.

  25. 50
    megan Says:

    frankly, i think she’s a really good mother and put her up to the same standards that i put other “normal” mothers too because i’ve seen the bad ones as well. she takes an interest in her kids, seems to really love them and they seem to adore her, and that’s really great. you all seem to think that because they have money that means they have to be held to a higher standard or, if they are good parents, that that’s what they’re “supposed” to be. in an ideal world, that would be true, but fact is there are a lot of very bad parents out there too, and being a good loving parent shouldn’t be downgraded simply because it’s pretty much expected; it should still be celebrated. and so, the beckhams, i believe, are really good parents trying their best to raise their children as normally as possible considering the life they are leading. yes, there are paparazzi following them because they are famous, but their children are still going to soccer practice an tgifriday’s and going to school and living a normal life just as any other kid, except with a spotlight.

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