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Jessica Simpson's Swimwear Launch

Jessica Simpson's Swimwear Launch

Jessica Simpson sat front row at the “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Miami Swim,” where she launched of her new eponymous swimwear line at the Raleigh Hotel on Saturday. She sat between her mom parents, Joe and Tina, and BFF hair stylist Ken Paves.

The singer/actress/swimwear fashion designer then celebrated the collection by hosting a party in the Redroom at the Shore Club’s Skybar.

You can watch a video of Jessica Simpson‘s swimwear on the runway here. 20+ pictures inside of Jessica at her swimwear’s debut…

Jessica Simpson‘s Swimwear Collection on the Runway

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica Simpson’s swimwear designs?

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Photos: Evan Agostini/Getty, Eddie Mejia/Ray Nichols/Splash News Online
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  • king pennis


  • Bit me

    moving on…

  • matt

    i’m thinking all she did was add hats to the ensemble because can’t girls find these things anywhere?

  • http://htt// b

    I love her.

  • Diana

    Ashley looks so much like her mom!

    I like her maxi dress!

  • http://htt// t

    She’s so creative; she’s not like other young girls in Hollywood.

  • PL

    I think I saw a couple of these suits on display in walmart when I was buying my toilet paper. Nothing special by any means!

  • http://htt// stop

    Don’t discourage her.

  • Jim

    Her mom’s got a lot of wrinkles…

  • Mmmmm

    Ugly dresses butt nice rack.

  • Jani

    I don’t like her stuff, nothing special about it. It’s sad when you have drag someone with you just to brush your hair because you can’t do that your self she seems very retarded. I think it’s stupid for someone else to do all the worl for these clothes and she just stamp her name on it, jack the price up just to get rich. I will never buy anything with her name on it.

  • Shari

    crap-I can get better stuff at Target.

  • Anon.

    Jess, psssst! hat dress you’re wearing? It looks exactly like the shower curtains in my grandma’s bathroom!!! The ones she finally threw out in 1972! She let us make a tent with them in the backyard!!!! When I suggested you stick with fashion, I was hoping for something….a little less trailer park. Don’t get discouraged! This was good for a first shot. Oh. And now I know where you get that great smile from. Moms. Keep sluggin away Jess. And remeber: no more movies. No more singing. Just give your all of artistic expression to fashion. We’ll all be happier.
    As for Jake? Don’t even think about it!

  • Eva

    Whether Jessica had anything to do with these designs or not, I think the styles are pretty classic and cute. I don’t care about the label…nowadays every label is tied to a celebrity.

  • [~Famous~]

    Jessica’s pathetic and desperate.

  • Beckett

    Yawn! She bores me. No talent! Nuff said!

  • kirsten

    That dress Jessica is wearing is ugly as sin! Also, what’s up with her facial expressions?!?! The one pic with her lips pooching out all wierd makes her look like a damn tweaker. She’s got the face of a English bulldog.

  • nessie

    I think her suits would be perfect for a romp in the hot tub!

  • lax


  • mtvsux

    I still think Jessica and Britney have the same mother. They look identical to me.

  • sss

    i think the swimwear looks quite nice, good on jessica for doing something like this and it doesn’t really matter whether she designs it or not shes still making the money and who’s to say she hasn’t put a few of her own ideas into it. and i agree about jessica and britneys mom looking alike!

  • paty

    nothing special in the designs…common…you can totally buy any of those “bikinis” in a tacky department store….

  • morgane

    wow, creative? please! none of these celebrities actually designs their stuff, they have their design team and the team come up with the designs, all celebs do is just having to say oh thats cute, oh no i dont like that. All celebrity clothes are disgusting, cheap looking and could never be represented in the real high fashion industry

  • j

    She looks beautiful as always and I think these suits looka adorable,like anything else she touches :)

  • freddie

    was she modeling so of the suits it went by so fast it looked like her any-way she paid some-body to make those designs and picked them their pretty cute.
    She’s not her hair look’s like shit going brown and then blond did there damage she look’s like hell unless that was her in the swim suits then she look’s good or did she have her model’s doing her stupid faces?

  • me

    looks like something you could buy at walmart or target

  • A

    Okay- I wonder how those sales will go, because those suits aren’t anything I wouldn’t find at Target!

  • yoshy

    i think her suits are cute, in a style that is jessica simpson and it’s nice to see something refreshing in patterns that i wish more suits were offered – fun, flirtatious, great material .. i’m not in love with her dress but that’s not what this is about, right? it’s about whether or not we like the swimsuit line.. isn’t it? i mean, that was the original question/inquiry. for jessica simpson, nice line -nice freshman start.. offer it at an afforadble price and i might try some on.

  • (‘@’)

    won’t spend money on these ordinary suits.

  • http://justjared Donna

    Hmmm, oh yeah I don’t care. These people are always trying to make more and more money. I guess the make-up line failed.

  • Sarah

    She actually thinks people like her? Good god, what a loser.

  • Emily

    Love the swimsuits!

  • Cynthia

    She’s very selfish and lazy. She’s also an underachiever, she would rather the people cater to her than her to the people. People like her doesn’t deserve to be in show business. No, I wouldn’t buy anything of hers. I am done with Messica Simpson!

  • Lauren

    I though that most of those suits were just typical and very unoriginal. Then, there is the exception of the ones that would obviously not fit all body types. Alot of the bikini bottoms wouldn’t fit on anytihng other than a flat white girl’s butt. I know that sounds horrible but it’s true.

  • Ms. sugar walls

    I like the whole swimming suits, with the sides out, but all of the bikini’s look the same! They had strings hanging down from the sides on d.a.m.n. near all of them! I hate the way she does her mouth..somebody f.u.c.k.e.d. up when they lied to her, and told her that doing that was sexy…WELL IT’S NOT! Stop that s.h.i.t.!



  • Moonlight

    Jessica, you better watch out…Daddy’s in the audience. Ugh.

  • Celeb_Star

    Terrible…You know you have no career left when you put out a range of swimwear.

  • http://sickosontheLoose! sicko’s on the Loose

    i bought jessica’s fall boots, i love it!!!

  • Kelly

    You people are unbelievable. I really feel sorry for Jessica, regardless of what she does she is crusified.
    She is a very pretty young woman, she has a nice voice, and her acting in The Dukes of Hazzard wasn’t that bad. The movie was stupid and everyone, including Burt Reynolds acted foolish. The tv show was just as foolish along with its actors.
    Those of you who can never give a compliment must be very average and unhappy individuals. Only people who are unhappy with there own lives find constant fault with others.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Jessica’s new swimwear line looks like, tacky cheap sheeit! I wouldn’t buy it! Go to Tarshit man! Tarshit has preety neat clothes!

  • ♥yes♥

    most of them are ugly. Why does she keep wearing those dresses?? They remind me of long figure skating outfits. soooo ugly.

  • ♥yes♥

    you can really tell how short she is when she is standing next to the model. And she’s wearing heels!

  • Shari

    She is a useless hack, I’m sick of her fake horse face. Go away Jessica please. Not going to your movies and I’m not going to buy anything with your name on it. I think if I see one more picture with her and Ken I’ll throw up this chick has no friends at all. Something is wrong with her.
    What a mess.

  • over it

    Maybe Miss Prissy Simpson should consider making suits for real women…you know,not a size a 2 and ladies that enjoy an ACTUAL meal! What’s the deal with these teeny tiny bottoms? Doesn’t she get that real women haves curves…there was an HBO show dedicated to them! What 38D+ woman is gonna be able to wear her itsy bitsy pieces of hooker trash swimsuit? WAKE UP JESS…get a clue..we ladies with full figured racks and a touch of curve deserve a lil attention Maybe one day when you wake up and smell your own fragrance,and you’ll get it, but we won’t hold our breathe! P.s Vanessa is looking mighty HOT these days! :o)

  • JJ

    At the end of the’s a nice collection.
    Damn it’s some miserable ppl on this planet.
    Get a life.

  • anna

    “She’s so creative; she’s not like other young girls in Hollywood.”

    Hahahah that’s hilarious. I do hope you’re joking.

    The swimsuits aren’t bad, but they’re nothing special. The dress she’s wearing is hideous. And why does her face always look so stupid?

  • anna

    And to #40:

    “Those of you who can never give a compliment must be very average and unhappy individuals. Only people who are unhappy with there own lives find constant fault with others.”

    Just because we don’t give compliments to her does not mean we are unhappy. I give compliments to other people. And there’s a reason why I’m not complimenting her… because sells her body (ie tits in your face, shaking her half-naked in music video), and she dumbs herself down. She thinks it’s cute to act stupid. I’m sorry if I don’t like people who aren’t “ed-u-muh-cated”. Not to mention her music sucks, and her clothing line sucks (the bikinis are okay). I don’t think she’s very pretty either. Her lips are too close to her nose, and she has big teeth. And she dresses really bad. There’s nothing really nice I can say about her… other than she has great legs. There’s your compliment :)

  • dido

    You can find this stuff anywhere, but the entire show is worthless. You could put those girls in anything and it they would look great while you could put the normal fatties in the greatest of suits and they would look like…fatties.

  • loru

    umm breast reduction then lift.