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Liza Minnelli's Sheer Madness

Liza Minnelli's Sheer Madness

Academy Award and Tony Award-winning American actress and singer Liza Minnelli donned sheer pants at the Hairspray premiere presented in NYC on Monday. Remember, she is 61-years-old…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Liza’s see-through pants — SHEER BEAUTY of SHEER DISASTER?

15+ pictures inside of Liza Minelnli‘s sheer madness…

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liza minnelli sheer pants 01
liza minnelli sheer pants 02
liza minnelli sheer pants 03
liza minnelli sheer pants 04
liza minnelli sheer pants 05
liza minnelli sheer pants 06
liza minnelli sheer pants 07
liza minnelli sheer pants 08
liza minnelli sheer pants 09
liza minnelli sheer pants 10
liza minnelli sheer pants 11
liza minnelli sheer pants 12
liza minnelli sheer pants 13
liza minnelli sheer pants 14
liza minnelli sheer pants 15

Photos: Peter Kramer/Getty
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  • hehe


  • julia weinstein

    She forgot to take her meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moonlight

    The pants look bad on her, but I have to say she looks like she has pretty nice legs for a 61-year-old.

  • Dumfounded

    Certainly not better nor worse than some red carpet designs, with their “T**Ts hanging out, A** showing, etc.

  • shopgirl

    She still has amazing legs but the outfit is awful!

  • Shoegal

    OMG! Amazing legs or not but this is just too awful

  • uuuuii


  • Shauna

    She is sixty one years old already!! I think she looks fabulous. Liza has always been a bit over the top with her makeup and outfits. I think she is such a icon, and a true entertainer. Her legs looks better than most women half her age! This was quite an honour, her coming to the premiere. I am sure everyone involved was very flattered.

  • nona

    liza looks terrific and there’s nothing wrong with the outfit. her legs are in great shape, she’s not flashing her ass or other parts. she’s smiling and having an enjoyable evening out. good for her.

  • Lmao

    She looks great.

  • Patty

    Even though not age appropriate – her legs are the best looking part of her – so why not show them off.

    Also – she does appear to be off her meds…

  • Violette

    Yikes, seriously …

  • Nando

    Thank goodness we can’t see her cooter.

  • me too

    I really don’t find anything offensive about those pants. They’re
    kind of cute in my opinion. Whoop de doo! she’s showing her legs.
    Big deal. At least they’re long and slender. Unlike, body parts
    other people like to reveal.

  • dancingqueen

    TO uuuuii: It’s called make-up…and Liza’s legs look pretty great for 61. All those years of dancing really paid off.

  • Prix

    Those sheer pants are ugly and would look awful on anyone at any age.

    Give Liza her due though, her legs are wonderful. I have to agree with the other posters, Liza DOES look like she’s off her meds.

    Sorry Liza.

  • Lillianne

    Sheer pants are okay on her. She has great legs and nothing naughty is showing. Now if she didn’t have the pants on that would be a different story. I wish she weren’t standing like she’s riding a horse but maybe she has to to keep her balance.

  • it is scary

    Sheer Frightfulness..the pants,her,her whole out-fit, and the arms on the lady in the to tight ‘Im busting loose’ dress.

  • Raichill

    OMG! Get me a bucket quick, I am going to vomit!

  • Dirty Cougar

    OMG! This woman still thinks she got great gams? What a tard! Only gals with skinny longs legs can pull this off! Not a crazy old broad with tree stumps! We’ll, I got to hand it to her. I don’t seen any cellulite and she’s a brazin one!

  • Katie N

    This would be bad on any great legged woman. If she wanted to flaunt her legs why not wear a skirt suit

  • http://justjared Donna

    Hey I say let her do whatever she wants, her legs look better than some of the much younger girls I see showing more

  • ♥yes♥

    she is so disgusting. clothing, hair, surgery, makeup….everything!

  • Alex

    Hey, like Shirley Maclaine and Tina Turner, she still has amazing gams! Why the hell not show them off?

  • Dirty Cougar

    She can show her legs better off in a short, fluted skirt or one of those bubble thing type of skirts. I’m afraid sheer pants would look like vomit on anybody. Then, the long out blouse! Blech! It looks sloppy. Christ! My momma used to dress like Liza! God! Rest my poor momma’s soul! She meant well. At least, my momma never wore sheer pants just, the black skinny leggins or bicycle shorts with a long button down shirt. Looked like a potato on toothe picks! I know she’s thicker through the midsection and has thin legs. There is loose, flowey short dresses that, would emphasize the legs. Empire waist short dresses are in too. Liza’s got the money to buy better sheeit like that.
    Oh well. Liza’s nut’s anyway. Probably forgot her medication again!

  • Me

    Her legs look a helluva lot better than Katie Holmes’ legs and she’s at least twice as old. Katie was there trying to earn a badge. Scientology is kind of like the boys scouts in that you have to earn a badge for different things. This night Katie was trying to earn the “be a robot for your husband and cult badge” by attending an activity of a fellow cult member.

  • Liza with a Z

    Damn, she looks great. Liza is super talented! Glad to see her again!!!
    Glad she dumped that weird husband of hers!!!! She’s a trooper.

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ Me, You got a point there. Katie’s a Scientologist Stepford robbot to, that fuggling trolly Tom! Katie’s got some weird looking legs agreed!

  • helenlawson

    She Looks damn good, if ya ask me.

    No Drag Queen could ever do Liza this good.
    Unless of course this is a drag queen.

    In that case, he looks damn good, if ya ask me.

  • Jackie

    She looks like a little, squat troll who hopes no one knows her age. Yuck.

  • Anonymous

    She looks great. If she wore a short skirt everyone would be saying she’s trying to look too young. This is perfect. She’s covered and she’s showing she’s still got it going on.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    and to think i used to loooooooooove liza! what happened! (stil, no one sings ny, ny like she does!)

  • uuuuii

    dancingqueen: WTF, make-up??? You kidding me right? I didn’t know there was such make-up that could hide scars. -_-

  • Bill

    Hey Barbra Streisand wore sheer pants when she received her Academy Award for “Funny Girl” many years ago (designed by Scassi sp?)…..she(Liza) is just followinbg her fashion sense…go for it……/

  • gini

    funny disaster!

  • stuck

    This is Liza with a “Z”. You leave her alone! She is the Diva! And has the talent to back that up. Furthermore, she has been through hell and back (so did her mom). In my book, when it comes to style she can do no wrong simply because she has survived it all. Putting down her style choices at this time in her life is like putting down Liz Taylor. A big NO NO in my book. I hold not a fraction of this womans talent, nor her hardships. Until I do, I have no right no criticize something as mundane as style. She’s a surviver who kicks ass, who is a true talent and deserves our respect. She’s gone through too much and has accomplished too much to now be insulted and downgraded by a bunch of blogs (whose only purpose is to report not do or accomplish) because of a style choice. For crying out loud!!! That’s just my two bits. Please don’t bite.

  • brick195969

    she looks better that the plus sized actress (blonsky) in the picture with her.Put aside she is clinically insane and she looks great. For all you agists that think she is gross or you claim you want to vomit, you better hope you don’t get old, its a mother on most of us. You probably never looked anywhere near as good as Liza ever has. She has overcome being overshadowed by her mom , she can sing unbelievably well and she is a good actress. Im not even going to say she looks good for her age, she looks good, those pins are still fine. The outfit sucks, would suck on anyone, i always imagine designers cackling behind a curtain saying , “can you believe she wore it?”, when they design this shidt. They know stars will wear anything they give them, their designers aren’t they. Even designers are haters.

  • loru

    her legs don’t look bad. but she has noooo fashion sense! horrible outfit.

  • cutie pie

    aw this old woman needs to go sit down/ 61 years old and no class/ money cannot buy class which a lot of rich bitches prove that point. if that was someone else they would be talked about bad/ well this woman is suppose to have class and been around so called high class people bullcrap

  • http://jUSTJARED R33LEST

    wow liza i luv u n all but doze pants gotta go lmao rely they need 2 lol!!