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Nick & Vanessa: Post-Sex Pictures Scandal

Nick & Vanessa: Post-Sex Pictures Scandal

Nick Lachey and girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo (in Catherine Malandrino) put their sex pictures scandal behind them and put on a happy face on Monday at the grand opening of the new apartment complex “The Atelier” in New York City. (Yes, the same one that pulled that publicity stunt on Orlando Bloom.)

Nick recently has said about his privacy: “You can’t ever take a moment for granted, and think that you have a private home in a private, you know, residence, in a private neighborhood There is no such thing, unfortunately. …No, no, no. [We're not getting married yet.] We’re very happy, but we’re just — we’re leaving it at that. Not putting any, you know, grand plans in motion. We’re just, we’re enjoying each other, enjoying life.”

15+ pictures inside of Nick & Vanessa pimping NYC condos…

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  • BB

    Go away nick no one cares about u or youre dumb girlfriend! Realize that after jessica you are nothing you were only something because of her! Glad shes not with youre dumb ass…she needed someone way more sophisticated anyway shes too classy for a women for you! Love ya jessica!

  • Jim


  • MOO

    Jessica is fat and ugly..Vanessa is hot and natural looking. Nick is hot too. Good thing he left that fat ass before she brought him down as low as she is now!

  • kikky

    BB Give Nick and Vanessa a break. They know what its important to them and they put first(relationship) Not your FAME whore jess your are calling classy when she walks around with her titis hunging out to laust out for any man who will give her headlines. Aleast Nick and Vanessa her happy and enjoying life together. Money is not happyness

  • their washed up /now wash away

    Jabber-Jaws media-ho-re Pornessa and stumpy no neck Nick. Has-beens who never were. I think they need to stop with the shameless antics. Pornessa reminds me of Eva/Tara in the way where she wants to be a famous so bad. Never liked her before Nick she’s annoying. He needs to just do porn/they both do. Someone will watch it. Then throw up.

  • http://justjared Donna

    I think those pictures are tame compared to some of the other famous people who actually took their own videos. They are a cute couple and I think Nick is finally happy he isn’t with a blonde Bimbo. Go Nick and Vanessa!!!!!

  • Gabby

    I second that BB, Nick is nothing without Jessica. He has no talent, he’s only was know for that dang reality show.

  • Sarah

    She’s a mong.

  • popi

    gabby like jess has talent, she is just a whore trying her life with hawking cheesy ventures which i dont know who buys them. Nick is better off without that sknak jess

  • boss

    nick and vannessa are hot and nick has already proven that he doesn’t give a sh*t what people say or think, it was a relief for him to get away from jessica simpson and her crazy father. i think jessica is pathetic, she lost her man because she thought she was too good for him and now her life sucks. vannessa lets nick be himself, i think they are great together and vannessa is way hotter than jessica……

  • maina

    i have a question.did vanessa dumped jeter for nick?

  • Gabby

    Oh believe me Popi, I don’t think Jessica has talent neither. I just think they both fed off each other to make them one big celebrity.

  • Cynthia

    I am dying to see Nick’s nude frontal photos laughing* rolls eyes*!

  • sal

    nick doesn’t even WANT to be famous..he wants children, a family, a happy life. Something that Messica Simpson DOESN’T want. She wants to be RICH and FAMOUS. She only cares about that. Nick actually has morals and values, something Messica doesn’t have. If he’s happy with Vanessa, than good for him. It’s about time he found happiness without that nasty untalented BIMBO, messica!!!!

  • popi

    Maina Yes, Vanessa dumped jeter for Nick because Nick is a true gentleman who is romatic at heart and knows how to a treat a lady with respect. Jeter used to cheat on her everytime and beg her to take him back that why they had on and off relationship for 3yrs. That was a smart move of Vanessa to see A man who is a gentleman

  • [~Famous~]

    They make a cute couple. Vanessa’s fcuking hot.

  • Sara Lee

    It must really piss people off that they can’t break these two up, and that he’s not still crying over his ex. Say what you want about Vanessa, most of what’s written about her is false anyway. Nick is with her for a reason, and it’s not just for sex.

  • Jessica’s ex

    Nick will be a joke as long as he is with that anchor,wanna be a celeb. Nada to do with the talent-less Jessica. VJ Vanessa is dragging him dowm big time, not that he was ever big to begin with.
    He is known as the ex,and now for racy pics,,dating a vj and a fug one at that. See her without her false lashes and heavily made face? He is living off JS’s money and his music is going no-where, it’s lame anyway-he is not Justin. She was a VJ for MTV. What have they done in the entertainment world besides nude/sauna shots?
    Nick an Jessia were a package deal/ that fell apart, now they are both struggling to stay in the game.
    Nick even more so. Vanessa was never in the game and got more exposure because she is with Jessica’s ex. That is what he is thought of.

  • Sara Lee

    Nick’s got some thick ass fingers…yummy

  • Doutzen Kroes deserves to be the next VS Angel!

    I don’t give a crap about Jessica, Nick, or Vanessa. I can’t believe I even bothered to post in this thread. They’re all talentless attention whores.

  • Ms. sugar walls

    Messica Simpson, is nothing without Nick! Nick, is the one that made her stand out! She had out songs before she was with him, and believe me they sucked so bad! Vanessa, is pretty, and I think that that they compliment each other! I know that their sex tape is (out of this world!) Just in case you haters didn’t know…these two share the same birthday, ans their astrological signs: SCORPIO! Scorpio’s are freaks!

  • Ms. sugar walls

    #20, Messica simpson, is a talentless whore, and she probably sucks off her father! Ashlee…wouldn’t hear of that s.h.i.t…so she rebelled!

  • Ms. sugar walls

    #20, Messica simpson, is a talentless w.h.o.r.e., and she probably sucks off her father! Ashlee…wouldn’t hear of that s.h.i.t…so she rebelled!

  • Moonlight

    What a cute couple, I love them together. Vanessa is gorgeous.

  • maina

    do you think nick and vanessa are trying to be like anna kournikova and enrique iglesias?

  • HottieTottie

    Me no likey them.

  • Shauna

    Nick, and Jessica are nothing more than previous reality show stars. I think both of their stars have faded considerably since they split up. Although Jessica has had a few more projects than Nick, she receives most of her publicity due to her love life. I also have a problem trying to see Vanessa as anything other than another ambitious woman who is attempting to increase her profile. Nick, and Vanessa both seem very contrived to me.

  • sss

    nick looks really good although he does look like he has put on quite a bit of weight. Vanessa i dont like, she is just loving the little bit limelight she is getting and she looks like a chipmunk her jaw is sooo wide and masculine! i dont find her the least bit attractive.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I’m surprised really they are not tonguing it in front of the camera’s or feeling each other’s ass!

  • z-list

    whoever said she had jabber jaws, lmao, thats an old cartoon, or chipmunk cheeks was correct.i like the pornessa name.
    pornessa is wantin the lime light badly an thought she would be another js.,but sorry it don’t work like that. nick is a no-body he was only a small somebody when with js.,now his career is non existent ,
    an js is still tryin to pretends she has one. pornessa will never be a big leaguer, even if people dislike js..they will not want to see vanessa an nick try an be ‘the new newly wed couple’ thats already been done.
    personally vananessa has a messed up mug-buttaface.
    and nick to short with a small neck and hissnozz is awful.

  • Libby

    Nick and Vanessa are so cute together. I wish Jessica and her jealous crew could go away and find a life. I see why John Mayer do not want her she just will not grow up. It looks like Jessica’s own sister will not have nothing to do with her. Jess is a big time loser.
    I will be glad when Nick and Vanessa have a little baby it will be so beautiful.

  • Katie N

    Well she looks more elegant than Jessica Simpson. That girl looks like a cheap whore in most of her clothing. Whoever told her to show as much boobs as possible had done such a diservice to her. may be her dad told her to flash some all the time.

  • Sara Lee

    Katie N, right on! talk about talking about being tacky, that nasty tranny that is Jessica Simpleton, is always showing off her fake boobs for the media, and talking about them. Pulling up her shirt to show her stomach.Vanessa is pretty, funny, and in LOVE!

  • Tarah

    I find it very disturbing that in 2007, we are still very quick to judge a successful woman as being one that sleeps her way to the top!! To those that think that Vanessa is with Nick to increase her profile – get a life! Before anything, people want love and happiness in their life. Do I htink Nick is a superstar? No but he is a refreshing change from the other BS celebs that are out there! i have heard worst music too! He’s not that bad. People just like to put others down to make themselves feel better!

  • lo

    Nick is so hot. I saw him in person and he hasn’t put on any weight, thats just the pictures. Pictures or tv doesn’t do him justice at all. He is breath taking/gorgeous in person. Vanessa is a lot prettier that Jessica and a lot better for Nick. They are real. Jessica is fake and all about fame and money. If it wasn’t for Nick no one would even know who Jessica is right now. Nick’s career is just beginning, he was amazing in concert and I can’t wait for his new album.

  • Anthony

    Funny debate, Jessica is more popular then Nick,That’s why she made way more money and still does. And fat?? Please. And someone said Nick doesn’t want to be famous!!!!??? hahaha Then try having sex indoors where you can’t have your picture taken. I’m sorry these two are just pathetic, He has shown his true colors and sadly so has she. I hope they dissapear and take their sex pictures with them

  • no talent

    Yeah that ska-nk @ss puffy face vanessa is sooo flippin ugly. Gawd did anyone take a good look at her in the hot tub? She isn’t pretty at all. She is nasty too. Having se-x in a Hotel sauna..NASTY. And she probably had bi se-x with lilo. Both want fame and money.
    But he is just a boy band nobody .hasnt’ advance. And she needs to take some nuts out of her cheeks,save some for the squirrels,. she has no fame except she is a knife welding se-x nymph.
    Yep both will be starring in ‘Dancing with the Stars’like his brother. Where they belong Z-listers. BTW I don’t care for Jess either. But vanessa is still a non-talented-ska-nk.
    Oh they do not look cute together jmo.

  • Courtney

    They are so cute! I love them together!

  • Angelina

    sheesh, vanessa is such a wannabe. i bet that part of the sex scandal pix was for her to get more media attention like lindsay and paris. there were these other pix of lindsay holding a knife against vanessa and they were posted on the net. talk about getting attention! this girl is so fake. i don’t care much about nick either, he’s kinda gay and is a bit of a loser. so yeah, those two deserves eachother.

  • Melissa L

    For your information Vanessa and Derek broke up in January of 2006. Her and Nick started going on dates in April of 2006. They official started going out in June 2006. That being said I think that they are happy with each other, I don’t think that he is using her or anything I think that the two of them just have learned that life doesn’t always go as planned. I know that Nick has stated in previous interviews that he loves her and he would like to spend the rest of his life with her but he doesn’t want to jinx anything (past experiences). I also think that they are great together, it seems like she allows him to be more free and open to new things because she doesn’t take herself to seriously or care what other people think about her, and I think he finds that attractive.

  • Melissa L

    To add on to what I previously stated in past replies if Vanessa was looking for FAME and was money hungry, she would’ve stayed with Derek Jeter. Right considering the fact of matter he makes $26 million dollars a year from his YANKEES contract and $15 million dollars a year from endorsements. So let’s list the pros and con’s of the two relationships:
    DEREK: rich and famous, playboy has cheated on her several times makes $47 million dollars a year. Has issues with commitment, not sensitive or romantic.
    NICK: rich and famous, romantic, sensitive. Loves to be in commited relationship. Family-oriented, wants to have a big family, is madly in love with Vanessa and isn’t afraid to say that to the world.

  • Melissa L

    To add on to what I previously stated in past replies if Vanessa was looking for FAME and was money hungry, she would’ve stayed with Derek Jeter. Right considering the fact of matter he makes $26 million dollars a year from his YANKEES contract and $15 million dollars a year from endorsements. So let’s list the pros and con’s of the two relationships:
    DEREK: rich and famous, playboy has cheated on her several times makes $47 million dollars a year. Has issues with commitment, not sensitive or romantic.
    NICK: rich and famous, romantic, sensitive. Loves to be in commited relationship. Family-oriented, wants to have a big family, is madly in love with Vanessa and isn’t afraid to say that to the world.
    CHOICE: Hands down she has chosen the right one I would rather be with the person whom makes me feel and treats like a princess than someone whom makes feel like a piece of meat. I also think that he is loyal and very passionate about everything he does. Him being sensitive to her feelings, insecurities, and past issues with abandonment with people whom she has care about(MOM), and still making her feel sexy, and wanted and love in a great character that he possesses and Derek doesn’t is the reason she choose him. I think that Nick is the ideal mate for any woman.

  • Erica

    I totally agree with you Melissa.

  • Shari

    Love Nick and Vanessa. Hope they make it last forever.
    Vanessa is so beautiful and Nick is absolutly HOT!. Cant’t wait untill these two start having kids, they will be beautifull.

  • anon

    her relationsip with derek jeter proves she is money grabbing whore because yes derek did cheat on her several times which she knew about and she just kept taking him back and why exactly oh yes because she is a golddigger! and when she thinks she has got as much media attention as she can with nick she will move onto someone else

  • nick can do better

    whoever said vanessa has got class must of been on another planet latley because someone that poses for photos with a knife at someones chest and someone that tries to get publicity by having sex in a hot tub in front of the paparazzi and pretends she hasn’t seem them has certainly not got class.She is one ugly bitch with her big fat cheeks and bucked teeth yuk!
    nick wants to get out of that relationship while he still can. A few months and she will be pregnant she knows that’s bound to get her a magazine deal or 2!

  • anna

    Vanessa’s gorgeous. Nick’s better off without Jessica. She’s a trashy moron who can’t act and has terrible music.

  • anna

    45, read what melissa wrote…

  • Gingerot

    I love Vanessa and Nick… remember all you crazy Jessica lovers that jessica divorced Nick…
    So sorry that your Jessica has not found a good man to hold on to… It was her loss… Nick treated her arse like a princess…
    Now she’s dating Dane Cook? Isn’t his arse married??

  • Erica

    I really don’t understand how you can consider someone a gold-digger just because someone has stayed in a relationship to long, because she hopes that he can change and treat her like she should be treated. I think that makes her HUMAN. As for the whole who is more attractive than the other I think that both women are gorgeous in their one way, I think Vanessa is exotic, beautiful and intelligent. I think that Vanessa is also very spontanteous, open-minded and really independent. You can tell she is one of those people whom has no problem with being alone with her thoughts, she doesn’t need all of the glitz and glamarous to be fulfilled. That what makes her UNIQUE and the person NICK fell in LOVE with.
    I also think that Jessica is pretty but has yet to show the world what makes her unique. I think that has a lot to do with the fact of matter that she has yet to find who she really is, I think that until she does that she will never be able to be in an initimate relationship and have it last long-term until she finds her own independence and voice from that of her father. I’m not saying that having a loving family is wrong, I’m just saying that when you are married to someone I don’t think it’s OKAY for your parents to have a key to your house. I also don’t think that one being independent means that you don’t need your family anymore I just think that some times I will need your advice on certain things and sometimes I won’t. And sometimes I going to make mistakes and will get up by myself and sometimes I will need you to catch me. And I don’t think Jessica has found that balance between the two.