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Russell Crowe Shivers in Record Chill

Russell Crowe Shivers in Record Chill

Sydneysiders Russell, Danielle and Charles Crowe walk through the back streets of Darlinghurst on the coldest morning that Sydney has had in 21 years. The thermometer dipped to 3.7º C / 38.66 ºF.

Over the weekend, Russell, 43, and Danielle, 37, attended The Music for Children Ball 2007 at the Four Seasons Hotel on in Sydney.

Baby Tennyson, who turned 1 earlier this month, has been MIA for quite some time now…

25+ pictures inside of Russell hitting a high note…

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russell crowe coldest day 01
russell crowe coldest day 02
russell crowe coldest day 03
russell crowe coldest day 04
russell crowe coldest day 05
russell crowe music for children ball 01
russell crowe music for children ball 02
russell crowe music for children ball 03
russell crowe music for children ball 04
russell crowe music for children ball 05
russell crowe music for children ball 06
russell crowe music for children ball 07
russell crowe music for children ball 08
russell crowe music for children ball 09
russell crowe music for children ball 10
russell crowe music for children ball 11
russell crowe music for children ball 12
russell crowe music for children ball 13
russell crowe music for children ball 14
russell crowe music for children ball 15
russell crowe music for children ball 16
russell crowe music for children ball 17
russell crowe music for children ball 18
russell crowe music for children ball 19
russell crowe music for children ball 20

Photos: Costas, Sergio Dionisio/Getty
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  • sss



    has anyone EVER seen the other son?? this is just so odd!!

  • Dancer

    Guess it is okay if Danielle freezes. She is in that thin dress and he has an overcoat on!

  • OiVei

    “Guess it is okay if Danielle freezes. She is in that thin dress and he has an overcoat on!”

    Research, you did? :)

    I guess it’s okay to jump to conclusions.

    There are other pictures out there that show Danielle carrying her long coat. Obviously by the time of these pictures, she’d had it checked or put it down. Mr. “I can never get warm” :) is still wearing his, which is just who he seems to be.

    Maybe Jared will grace us with a picture of Danielle carrying her coat, just to end ‘this bit of confusion’. :)


  • Jill

    She may have put her coat up but she got a chill along the way….

  • aj

    Love them! Thanks for these JJ. :)

  • 7dlh7

    Thank you JJ! These are incredible!!!

  • Lovely

    I can’t get over how great Danielle looks. She reminds me of an American country girl. Not the hoky kind (like Britney Spears), but the classy, decent country women like Reba McEntire and Martina McBride. They stay married, have kids, and keep their nice figures. And they always look well-groomed. Danielle looks like a woman who is much loved and cared for by her man.

    Years ago, I predicted to co-workers that Russell Crowe is a “good” guy who would marry someone he really loves and settle nicely into family life. I was exactly right. Sometimes you can just tell about a person’s character. Russell knew his wife long before he became famous and never got her out of his mind. He oozes happiness now, despite his little run-ins with media, etc. It’s so nice to see a couple that you believe will last until they end. I love their family.

  • Franny

    How old is that woman? She looks like she had a really hard life. She is practically an advertisement for what NOT to do as you age. Awful hair syle, I like long hair but not keeping unhealthy hair too long (why is it 2 different colors? maybe extensions), really bad nose job, obvious boob job with her ribs showing.

    Just goes to show, all the money in the world can’t turn sows ears into silk purses. They both look bad. The kid’s looking cuter, though.

  • Shauna

    I agree that Danielle looks like a woman who is much loved, and adored by her husband. He looks like he can’t keep his hands off of her! He has a very contented look on his face. The face of a happy family man who has all that he wants right with him.

    He has another son? I did not know that.

  • Sasha

    I have loved Russell since the first time I saw him in LA Confidential, and nothing will ever change that. However, I am not sure about his choice of wife. Why does she seem to be trying to pull his hands off her waist? WTF is wrong with her, doesn’t she know her husband is Russell Fuckin Crowe? Why is her expression always so fixed and plastic seeming? At the very least, she seems dull and uninteresting, and I thought RC would certainly go for someone exciting.
    Frankly, he looks tired and stressed. Take a closer look at his eyes. I read an interview with him someplace in which he says “Dani” does not like to go to the ranch nor does she like the boys to go. I think that ranch is a very important spiritual grounding place for Russell (not to mention the hard work keeps him fit and healthy), and to have his wife disallow the kids to go there very much must hurt. I’m thinking RC may have allowed his wife to dictate too much of what goes on in their lives and he may be regretting it.

    Just my .02

  • Sasha

    Yeah, you know, his eyes. Where is that sexy devilish glint he always used to sport? Man IS NOT happy. I am so sorry.

  • tirza

    I can’t get over how terrible his wife looks. Yikes! She looks like a robot! It’s like she has shut down her emotions. Then again, it cannot be easy for her being married to such a pain in the as*. Maybe that is why she looks so strange and fake. I feel so sorry for her.

    Russell Crowe oozing happiness? Russell Crowe is a ‘good guy? Give me a break. He used to be gorgeous, now he just looks old and puffy. And lets not forget his worst behaviour took place after he reunited with this failed Australian singer.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Danielle, looks fantastic! Russell Crowe should be happy. She’s beautiful and looks sexy!

  • Sasha


  • delilah

    He is starting to look ulgy!

  • Lovely

    Everybody forgets that people age. Look at Brad Pitt. Are you going to tell me he looks the same way he did in Legends of the Fall? H8ll no! He has aged like everybody else.

    Russell is low-key. He loves acting, but he doesn’t walk around with a LOOK AT ME attitude. He’s not for all the fanfare. He’s a regular bloke. Danielle is the same way. They are regular people who don’t feel the need to impress the public with gigantic, fake smiles and inappropriate fondling.

    Agree Dirty Cougar that Danielle looks sexy! Her arms are so tanned and sleek. She’s just in great physical shape after having 2 kids. She looks very womanly and feminine. Even with what looks like a nose job, she’s still attractive as is evidenced by the above close-up of her face.

    As for the remark about her removing Russell’s hands… Boy, people sure do speculate. Maybe she moved his hands lower or maybe she moved them to, in turn, hold his hand.

    People said horrible things about Sean Penn when he was married to Madonna. You know, everybody doesn’t love the limelight. That’s one reason why Johnny Depp flew the coop.

    Getting mad at cameramen and media is not enough to label someone a bad person. You must ask: How does Hollywood like this man? Is he respected by directors and fellow actors? What kind of son is he? Is he a good father and husband? Any reports of him stepping out on his wife–is he faithful? Is he well-liked?

    H*ll yea, as far as we know so far! Russell Crowe is just a big happy Teddy Bear of a man since he married Danielle and became a father.

  • mouche

    RC may be an excellent actor and generally the most fantastic among men, at least if one is to believe his loving fans lo lol! But he hasn´t aged well – he looks much older than 43! I think it is rather unfair to compare RC with Pitt who looks amazing for his age (44)!

  • satex

    I’m just shaking my head in disbelief at some of the comments here. Have some of you not heard if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?
    I met Dani before she and Russell got back together. She is very pretty and a very sweet, shy, unassuming and down-to-earth person. In less than a minute, I was convinced that she was the right girl for Russell. I’m so happy that they were able to reconnect after several years’ separation.
    I believe that her shyness is why she doesn’t like all the public appearances.
    Russell is 43 and Dani is 37 years old. You cannot compare them to Lindsey or Paris. They are not teenage kids with more money than sense. They are very active, productive adults with responsibilities and two children to raise. NO ONE knows what their lives are really like or what their relationship is like but them. All successful relationships are give and take situations. Russell IS happy and that makes me happy for him.
    I wonder if those who sit in judgment and condemnation here have ever been in similar shoes. If so, do you still look like you did when you were 20?

  • Franny

    Russell Crowe is a brilliant actor. I will always give him that. Except for a few roles where I felt he was overacting, he is usually memorable. I first saw him here in DC in Romper Stomper back in the 90s. I was able to catch almost all his movies for a long time. He was funny and interesting but he has changed a great deal. Perhaps he no longer felt the need keep parts of his personality in check once he felt powerful enough in the business, but he turned into an arrogant, foolish and violent man. Though the violence was seemingly always there. There’s just no denying it. There is really nothing down to earth about him. He loves to put on the dog and show off. I remember that embarrassingly over-the-top wedding he had and his never ending penchant for showing off his new found wealth. Just cause he wears sloppy clothes doesn’t mean he doesn’t splurge in other areas like crazy. He also has this rather sad need to let people know he’s “smart.” He’s very obvious about it and I think he just doesn’t get how it undermines the smarts he does have.

    I think there is a strain of deep insecurity in him for various reasons – frustrated educational goals, lack of self control that even he knows threatens to destroy his career, etc.

    In any event, I hope he has sought some help following that ridiculous assault a few years back. He is very lucky nothing worse happened. Somehow I doubt it though. He is just too proud to even now admit he was wrong. He is still equivicating in interviews about his grasp of how serious that whole incident was.

    It’s useless to compare him to Brad Pitt. Crowe was once a gorgeous man. Not any more. He just is aging terribly. You can’t abuse yourself as he has (drinking, etc.) and expect to stay a stud muffin. His genes probably have a lot to do with it as well. Pitt is still totally beautiful but he has a different facial structure and body type. Pitt’s going to be beautiful at 60.

    His wife is no way only 37. She looks more like 47. She has always looked very rough, like a retired Vegas chorus girl. With some help she could look softer and less tacky. She clearly has no problem spending money trying to improve her looks – she has an obvious boob job, maybe she even got her tummy tucked, there’s some botox going on there, hair extensions and she got her nose done at some point. So forget the down to earth, country girl fantasy someone here has going on. She couldn’t be further from the “natural” look. Problem is for all the money spent, she still looks awful and cheap. Don’t they have stylists down under? Or at least trained hair colorists?

  • aj

    Brad Pitt is a gross looking man and a fucking cheater, not to mention a lousy actor. Don’t compare him to someone like Russell please who is a great guy and a phenomenal actor.

  • remember da truth

    If you don’t buy into tabloid crap trying to manipulate you to sell mags, you will see a man who is deeply in love with his wife. He even threw a phone at a jerk hotel receptionist out of frustration when he couldn’t talk to her!
    A lot of his “run-ins” would be applauded if it were your friend or coworker who did the same thing for the same reason. Like getting pissed at the Oscars when he was made out to be a womanizer, when this guy is one-woman at a time man and always has been. He exuded class and kept his mouth shut while his affair with Meg Ryan was treated like he was a cad, when the truth was that Meg’s marriage had long been over and her husband had been cheating on her and she was THROUGH with him. He has always loved Danielle and made his way back to her.

    I love how someone assumes Danielle is taking Russell’s hands OFF her. She could be pulling them AROUND her, you know? The negative comments often reveal more about the poster than the celeb!

  • remember da truth

    What does Brad Pitt have to do with Russell Crowe and his wife and child at a music event in Australia?

    I’m a huge BAMSP fan too, but jeez, you obsessed people really know how to turn off even the fans of those two!

  • remember da truth

    And please, enough with the “Brad is a cheater” lies. Even JA says he didn’t cheat, he’s never cheated before in his life, it’s completely out of character for him, and getting friendly with someone who you know you want to be with but have to go home and get rid of the dead weight first is not cheating. Again, posters reveal so much of themselves in their negative comments.
    I find that usually the people who say he cheated either HAVE cheated, or admit they WOULD cheat in the same circumstances. Just because you can’t resist temptation doesn’t mean others can’t.

  • Lovely

    I’m not trying to bash Brad Pitt, but he does not look “amazing” at 44 y-o. His body may look amazing, but not his face. People say he looks amazing because he’s always been handsome. Pitt smokes and has spent a lot of time in the sun – and it shows.

  • Lovely


    You sound familiar, like a hater.

  • Glorious

    Franny is Corky! She says this all the time (Just goes to show, all the money in the world can’t turn sows ears into silk purses.)

    consider the source.

  • rogen

    Both look kinda tasteless and ugly. YIKES! How deluded mußt some of you be to write such novels about their “great look”!!!

  • Deed

    OK. This is what I noticed, as if anyone cares!! As far as the walk in the cold with Charlie…yes, this was a very cold day and I can see why they left Tenny home for this walk. But they have been out for walks on nice days and have still left Tenny home. I don’t understand why they don’t include him…don’t they believe that the fresh air would do him good too, and that he might get excited to see something besides the walls of his home?? Get him outside please!!
    As far a Dani and Russell at the event. What I notice as far as body language is concerned, is that it seems like in most of the pictures Dani is leaning AWAY from Russell or walking APART from him with very loosely held hands, if holding them at all. This is quite different than how it used to be after they first got married. I have been married for 23 years and still walk close to my hubby, lean into him lovingly, and clasp hands tightly. It seems as though they are just disinterested in each other, especially in Dani’s case. She looks very stiff with a pasted on smile, even though this was an event her dad was hosting. And I think she is way too skinny. Her legs and arms are just plain boney, and you can see her chest bones in between what looks like a boob job. Her face was much more attractive before when it had some softness to it, now it is just pointy and boney, like skin stretched over bone. An obvious nose job when comparing past pictures of her with these, not an improvement at all…it’s too skinny and pointy. And her eyebrows look like they are being pulled up into her hairline. And yes, she should cut off those ragged ends of her hair, it would look much neater. I HAVE liked alot of her gowns and dresses that she has worn to different events, though, her clothes are pretty cute, except when she’s trying to dress like an 18 year old!!
    As far as Russell goes, he does look very stressed lately, and not as happy as I have seen him in the past. His eyes just aren’t sparkling like they used to and his face seems drawn. The longer hair and weight gain don’t bother me, I am thinking he is preparing for his next movie roll by growing the hair out and such. Look how long he had to grow it out for Master and Commander. I THINK he is filming Nottingham next where he plays the Sherrif of Nottingham and I think he wears his hair long. But I would like to see Russell cheer up again and get that mischievious glint back into his eyes, and smile that true smile again.
    I don’t know what’s going on between those two anymore than any of you, and we can only speculate, but there does seem to be alot of discomfort there between them, especially on Dani’s part.
    Oh I forgot to mention something about the walks with Charlie…Please get him a pair of sunglasses or at least a hat to shield his eyes when you take him out, Russell. You and Dani always have your sunglasses on and the poor little guy is always trying to shield his eyes from the bright sun. I feel sorry for him!!
    And I don’t see why people are comparing Brad Pitt with Russell in this discussion…There is just NO comparison to be made at all. Totally different people with a totally different look, all their own.

  • listen

    We are not comparing Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt. They are too different. Brad is a heartthrob. Russell isn’t well-known for his looks, but he’s a better actor. Russell is a lot more mature too.

    What I see is someone said Brad didn’t look super young. I have to agree with that. His skin isn’t necessarily youthful. He looks older than he used to and has lines like other men his age.

  • cheap cigarettes

    He is a very gorgeous guy. I wonder why men become so pretty while getting older? It’s unfair!

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