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Sheryl Crow Takes Baby Wyatt For a Dip in the Pool

Sheryl Crow Takes Baby Wyatt For a Dip in the Pool

Sheryl Crow takes a dip in the pool with son Wyatt, 2 1/2 months, while vacationing in Ischia, a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, off the coast of Italy.

The 45-year-old singer-songwriter was accompanied by actress pal Hilary Swank and boyfriend John Campisi. (Hilary is relaxing in the lawn chair next to John and holding baby Wyatt. She’s also in the bikini behind Sheryl and Wyatt by the pool.)

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  • Julotta

    Precious baby! I’ll bet that Sheryl Crow is a wonderful mother.

  • Wylie

    She has amazing thighs I hope I look that good when I’m 45! Oh I forgot she never had children! ha ha!

  • Boring

    Beautiful baby boy!!!1

  • Rii

    He is so cute and Sheryl looks good and happy. I wish them all the best.

  • piper, with a low

    Nothing’s cuter than a baby yawning.

    Lovely little boy.

  • Shoegal

    So cute! She looks happy

  • [~Famous~]

    Famous, say something nice… Okay, Wyatt’s a really cool name.

  • remember da truth

    That’s cool — I had no idea Hilary Swank and Sheryl Crow were friends. They look very happy and relaxed together — glad they are getting some time to just have an ordinary day out, even if the paps are there and idiots online will scrutinize them and then make unnecessary nasty comments. Looks like they couldn’t care less about the paps and won’t let them ruin their day. Good for them.

  • sexybeasts

    I love fat babies! wyatt’s got dimples all over I bet! :)

  • Randy

    to cute!

  • Mmmmm

    LOL that pic of Wyatt, looks like a lil ole man.

  • hillary an baby

    Awww..their so cute..Hillary and baby Wyatt that is..
    Cheryl still stuck in a 1970′s time warp.
    Homely regardless.Where’s her nannies?
    New trend- wear a bikini even if you have a flabby belly, show all.
    The flabby tummy must come from her years of drinking an I dont mean water.

  • ntt

    Adorable baby.

  • Babysis

    she is kinda weird.
    But he is way to cute!!

  • Babysis

    And it kinda looks like maybe he might have a little sibling on the way.

  • I guess you never eat!

    why is that babysis? Because god forbid her stomach bulges a little. Hmm maybe she actually ate something so therefore her stomach is a little bloated. Good god. Poor women always being said to be pregnant just because they have a little fat around the tummy. No wonder all of hollyood is so skinny obsessed.

  • LSO

    Cute baby, hot mommy. i wish them all the best!

  • leah

    i had totally forgot that she adopted cause she’s not throwing it in everyone’s face.

  • Johanne

    I hate to burst your bubble – but that’s not flab, those are muscles.

  • Moonlight

    11 Mmmmm : 07/17/2007 at 12:12 pm
    LOL that pic of Wyatt, looks like a lil ole man.

    LMAO! :lol: :lol:

    He’s kind of cute.

  • Petite

    Um…you’re not supposed to take infants out in the sun, and you’re not supposed to put sunscreen on them. I hope everyone knows that by now.

    She needs to take him out where it’s shady.

  • julia weinstein

    precious chubsy-wubsy

  • cindy

    No sunscreen? That would be stupid!

  • EntBizOfficeBitch

    ewww shes going in the pool, and she only uses one square of toilet paper! EVERYONE OUTTA THE WATER!!!

  • Shauna

    Yes, the baby is adorable, but I have to confess that I lost a great deal of respect for Sheryl Crow after her pro-green commentary lecturing the public about conserving fuel, and paper products, only to find out that her travel demands on tour require eight fuel guzzling SUVs, luxury accomodations for a minimum of 16, and private jets for all air travel. Her carbon footprint was one of the WORST out of several tours recently. If you don’t follow your own advice, you shouldn’t lecture others to do so either.

  • Dumdums

    Looks like a miserable get together and Swank isn’t liking being a nanny/auntie much..Babies find it much harder to regulate their body temperature than adults. Babies have a mildly impaired mechanism to keep cool by sweating. In addition, they have a greater risk of becoming dehydrated due to heat. Sunscreen can somewhat impair effective cooling by perspiration, so placing it on an infant could be detrimental.Infants and children have what is called a high body surface to volume ratio. What this means is that proportionately babies have more skin for the size body as compared to an adult. Sunscreens are made of chemicals. On the older child and adult, the chemical exposure is relatively minimal because the body surface ratio is smaller than a baby. Therefore, babies get a higher “dose” of sunscreen than do those older. While this exposure would most likely not cause any problems, the likelihood of an adverse reaction is greater.
    That said the child is hot and in danger of dehydration because they can’t sweat efficently.Keep babies under six months of age out of the direct sun.

  • Raichill

    I am sure many childless couples on long adoption waiting lists wish they could afford to buy such a cute baby.

  • yeah right that aint food in the belly

    #16 a little flab are kidding me? thats a full gut guzzling 6 pack of beer and mixed drinks -mostly beer though.-and we know she was able to adopt a healthy baby within 2 weeks- a beautiful baby boy magically appeared.
    I FEEL BAD FOR THAT BABY,,CHERYL HAS had men-tal issues and drinkin problems.i PRAY SHE KEEPS LOTS OF NANNIES and she allows him more than one square of toilet paper.Charmin preferably.

  • I guess you never eat!

    Just to clarify I was not calling it flab! I said ” POOR WOMEN” I.E. lets go down the list shall we? jennifer garner, halle berry, kate walsh,katherine heigl,katie holmes(just recently) just to name a few all of these WOMEN have been said to be pregnant just because they have a little bulge and so far none of them have seem to pop out anything but sh!t. Wether it is fat, muscle, bloated what have you, it must be annoying to have people think you are constantly pregnant. So no I didn’t say sheryl had flab. I simply said she May have been bloated. So as I said no wonder celebs are so skinny obsessed because if they eat they are too fat or MUST be pregnant, they lose weight and then OMG they MUST be anorexic. They cant win Oh well…

  • Babysis

    I guess you never eat! , i do eat and i’m a model/acting school. I can tell that is not from being bloated! thats fat or pregnant. Thats to big to be bloated.

  • no-nick

    From where did she get the baby? I have mixed feelings when I see that rich ppl can get the babies of the poor.

  • aw!

    I agree–she looks like she’s putting on a gut without being pregnant. Maybe it’s a psychological issure, or just overeating. Not a good-looking woman anyway.

  • Veronika

    She does look like she’s had too many good beer buzzes in the morning.