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Hayden Christensen Smoking Up a Storm

Hayden Christensen Smoking Up a Storm

Speaking of Haydens

A slightly scruffy Hayden Christensen grabs a “great” dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night, hanging out with older brother Tove, singing autographs for fans and smoking away on cancer sticks. Rachel Bilson was MIA…

The unrated version of Factory Girl was released yesterday. Hayden, 26, stars as the fictional character Billy Quinn, based on Bob Dylan.

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hayden christensen smoking 01
hayden christensen smoking 02
hayden christensen smoking 03
hayden christensen smoking 04
hayden christensen smoking 05

Photos: E.L. Woody King Paparazzi/Splash News Online
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  • Sheri

    Scruffy or not, love him to bits! I think he always looks hot and I’m glad to see him out and about with his brother looking happy.

  • Valerie

    He’s finally come out of hiding.. Thank you soo much for posting Jared.

    BTW the guy w/ him is his older brother Tove ;-)

  • omg

    Yummy..but you need to stop smoking Den…or not, it’s your choice :D

  • Nadia

    i just have one word for him YUCK! i use to have such a big crush on him but he isnt attractive at all anymore it’s like he doesn’t care about the way he looks and he doesn’t make good movies.

  • rst

    The same beard that Adam Brody !!

  • Sarah

    Yuck, I bet he stinks of fags. :(

  • Sarah

    Fine, I’ll say smoke! Fágs is British slang for smoking!

  • tessa

    I love Rachel Bilson .. I like Hayden

  • jenny

    he is very cute

  • matt

    Rachel and Hayden together?

  • Dirty Cougar

    He looks fabulous!!! Rachel Bilson who really cares? I speculated enough about them. It’s really up to them. really. BTW- I’m so tired of hearing he is gay! Who cares anyway? I think he a sweetie!! He doesn’t look like sheeit! FABULOUS!

  • Fat-girl

    Hmmm, I wonder what made him crawl from up under that rock? Who cares, I am SO glad he did.

  • DensGirl

    Well, I think he looks great, even with the facial hair. Hope to see more of him soon!

  • Dirty Cougar

    He’s adorable with or without facial hair. Smoking? Who cares? His business. I think everybody has a crutch of some kind. I smoke too, lol!

  • kae

    LOVE HIM!!!!!

  • jen

    I hate Rachel bilson, I love Hayden.

  • Azzzurra

    I’m sorry …I’m italian and I don’t understand a word!!!
    What is MIA???

  • Kitten

    Love Hayden, but he doesnt look his best there, he looks a bit ill actually Azzzurra, MIA is Missing in Action (ie. she wasnt there with him)

  • Azzurra

    Thank you Kitten!!!!!You’re the best!!!!
    I Love hayden!!!!

  • scarlett

    he’s smokin gorgeous!!,i mean i’m not his an but i have to admitt hes really cuute! and he seems like a really nice person good 4 u hayden :)

  • Lola

    I agree with Nadia-Hayden has totally let himself go and he isn’t the hottie that he was during his Star Wars days. My mojo is sad for that. He’s too skinny and almost sickly looking. Sweet guy though. It’s only a matter of time before he offically comes out.

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ Kitten, MIA means, missing in action.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I’m sorry Kitten. I was meaning to tell Azzurra what MIA means.

  • Jeri

    YES! There’s Hayden again WITHOUT that OC midget following him around… This really looks so good!

  • Ley

    True or Not?! Hayden wont probably wont last that long to be w/ Bilson coz he’ll eventually get a “stiff neck” by always looking “fully down” at her pint-frame lol!

  • Haydenites

    I hate Rachel bilson, I love Hayden.


  • aNON

    why do you guys all hate rachel bilson? she’s adorable, and i thought for the most part guys liked girls who were shorter. we can’t have girls towering over guys now can we? anywho hayden is still cute :)

  • Joie

    Thanks you soo, soo much Jared for your SOLO feature on Hayden again this time WITHOUT a hobbit & a dog following him around. Keep that up…

  • Natalie

    Not gonna lie… Hayden IS pretty cute. But he strikes me as an arrogant person despite the fact that he hasn’t even done a movie in a few years (that didn’t totally flop). I like his older movies.. he was good in Life As A House and in Shattered Glass.

  • Zoey

    @ Rachel and Hayden together?

    Duh! Ever heard the expression “things aren’t always what they appear to be”… think that Hayden had better taste than that!

  • matchmaker

    Hayden’s completed 4 movies since Episode3 was released 2 years ago. Not sure why he strikes you as arrogant. He’s played some cocky rolls, but he seems like a pretty nice down-to-earth guy in real life.

  • Samantha

    Who’s that guy in the driver’s seat in the last picture? His boyfriend?

  • racehorse

    The driver is Hayden’s older brother Tove.

  • tessa

    Rachel is so cute and sexy .. fans de hayden idiots

  • kati

    I’m ashamed of fans of Hayden, Rachel is cute

  • Larke

    A BIG thanks for Jared for posting something about Hayden that have NO insinuations or implications that it will create baseless, malicious & meaningless gossip again. Just got soo tiredly-sickening of it all…

  • oth_watcher

    Over and over again! ISN’T THAT YOU ALWAYS SAYS CUTE WHO’S A MIDGET IN SIZE??? So just get over it coz reality really bites…

  • so_not_fanatic

    RB’s freakishly tiny, homely looking, and not a big name in Hollywood (as her PR agents oppositely depicts her to be). So there’s NO reason to hate or be jealous of her. Just stating the obvious…

  • gini

    he is sexy!!

  • seri

    All I know is that Hayden BADLY needs a movie that would REDEEM himself from the filthy & sleazy mess that Factory Girl have brought to him. His career is getting out of nowhere and just relying now to keep on the headlines by staging a hook-up w/ his every co-star…

  • steph

    why do you always bash r.bils…she is one sweet-kind girl that insted of drinking,partying and clubbing like the rest of the hollywood girls now are doing, she is hosting denim lines,charities,fundraisings and shopping….if they dates why do you care???they’re gonna be the ones who will choose who they date and not ours…so quit bashing her…

  • Lee

    Whatever she’s still a troll and a media hype…

  • http://deleted Jaye

    I “prefer” that a dog would follow him around instead of a midget. Way too creepy… lol!

  • http://deleted Faire

    I don’t think its hurting feelings to express if we think one girl is more glamorous than another. When people become popular they have to expect that and they are so used to paparazzi and tabloids & nothing a fan says is nearly as bad. IMAO, I think Rachael is a plain Jane, not particulaly talented (thats why maybe she cant get any projects lately) and personally I can’t understand how she got famous (if she really is -based on how many times she got featured on this these kinds blogs. when in fact she’s aint no projects at all but just her bit role in Jumper w/ I dont is big deal. But that’s just me, others may like her and other may not. SO LIVE WITH IT!

  • http://deleted Hans

    @ she is hosting denim lines,charities,fundraisings and shopping

    You should re-phrase that like…she is shopping, she is hosting denim lines,shopping, charities, shopping, fundraisings, shopping and shopping and still shopping…

    That could be better isnt it?! lol!

  • sharon

    he is so boring

  • steph

    to nesa sorry! because i’m an asian and doesn’t speak that much of english…you must be a teacher of english that’s why you’re correcting me!i can’t believe that americans are prejudice over asians like me….

  • barbara

    Please Stop smoking Hayden! :s

    LOVE HIM! (L)

    Thaks, jared

  • eva

    He should get back with natalie portman…she looks like she did him some good

  • Francis.z

    hayden looks charming when smoking““““`