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Romeo Beckham Hoses Down Baby Cruz

Romeo Beckham Hoses Down Baby Cruz

Great fun for everyone!

Romeo Beckham gets a little mischievous, hosing down little brother Cruz while mommy Victoria watched eldest bro Brooklyn‘s soccer practice on Tuesday at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif.

This was just too cute not to post.

P.S. Doesn’t that cannister and hose looks like pesticide spray??

15+ pictures inside of the Beckham boys on the soccer field…

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romeo beckham water spray 01
romeo beckham water spray 02
romeo beckham water spray 03
romeo beckham water spray 04
romeo beckham water spray 05
romeo beckham water spray 06
romeo beckham water spray 07
romeo beckham water spray 08
romeo beckham water spray 09
romeo beckham water spray 10
romeo beckham water spray 11
romeo beckham water spray 12
romeo beckham water spray 13
romeo beckham water spray 14
romeo beckham water spray 15

Photos: Chris/Danielle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • susan

    too cute!

  • Rii

    It’s really adorable how close Victoria is with her sons. The pictures of them cuddling together are just so cute, it’s cery clear how much they love each other.

  • nina

    I love the little one

  • Jill

    All three boys are good looking kids. You can tell David’s son’s want to be as good as him looking at the pics.

  • Cynthia

    Vicki is a very good mother. Can’t say that about most hollywood moms.

  • pauli

    I like her, but how can you walk on grass with these shoes!?

  • Bit me

    aaaw cuteness overload

  • Beth


    The boys are adorable and Victoria is a great mother!

    Lovely, lovely family!

    Thank you so much Jared, these pics are just way too cute.

  • LJ

    Thanks. Jared, so cute family pics althought somehow i feel little guilty to watch those celebs kid pics because without us fans they don’t bother to take those pics..

  • Guillermo

    Ok stop about the fucking Beckhams… we don’t give a fuck about them ! Go back to England, bitches !

  • Jamie

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww How cute they are!!!!!!!
    Lovely family ever!!
    Those kids are so adorable.

  • Mmmmm

    Come on, heels at kids soccer practice.

  • Beth

    Actually Guillermo, your the only hater here you pathetic loser. If you reply back then that means you are constantly checking up on people you “hate” LMAO!

    This family is just too ADORABLE for words. I cant get over how cute Victoria and her boys are.

  • suz

    I love these pics! It is nice to see her cuddle her boys. They all look happy! Smile Victoria!!!
    Welcome to America Beckhams! At least we have something else besides Paris to talk about now!

  • to ida

    awwww so cute glad to c they r doing good. wow brooklyn at soccer practice already he really is a mini becks

  • lol

    romeo really looks like cruz but brooklyn doesn’t look like either one of them. hmmmmm

  • yuck

    what ‘good’ mother wears heels to the park and takes her kids to eat junkfood?
    this is a PR stunt and to all the PR interns working for VB, please stop posting the same BS on all the gossip sites.

  • Raquai

    Just gotta love Vix for being such a good mother!!Haters are nowhere to be seen in times like these, now I can just picture her going back home to tell the chef ewhat’s for dinner!! hHEEHE

  • Julz

    Seems like fun for the kids.
    They will enjoyb living in Cali, dont they?

  • Julie

    Victoria is such a glamurous mother! And the kids are so cute! I wish them all the best!

  • Puce

    Why doesn’t she smile ? How can you NOT smile when your children are playing together in front of you and are laughing out loud ? Why don’t you smile when you hug them in such a cute way ??? I really don’t get that woman.

  • Gwendo

    to yuck:

    c’mon thats ridiculous! look at all those real bad moms
    who feed their children mit McDonalds stuff everyday. Kids enjoy fast food. Why should you forbid it?
    Why are American kids so fat?!

  • Beth

    LMAO “yuck” how is taking her kids to football/soccer practice a “set up”?? They have attended them in Spain for years, they are just continuing it here.

    Geez, your just blinded by your hate for them for absolutely no reason. Both David and Victoria are great parents and care for their children very much. They both work hard and have never done anything to anybody. Thay are good people.

  • LJ

    17 do you mean that she can’t go anywhere with kids without yoy say it’s PR stunt, so she must be in her house with kids all the time… pathetic…

  • lilflowa

    I know #20 and she has always been glamourous she’s not just playing dres up cause she’s in LA…..She feels comfortable like that and Kudos to her she always looks fab!! wooo and this is a pretty casual outfit apart from the heels lmao!!!

    Dont get me started on those boys!! cuuuuttttee!!

  • lilflowa

    hahah romeo is a lil terrorists with that hose isnt he hahaha he’s getting everyone!! Looovveee Romeo!! and lil cruz picture of him running is fab!! Its good to see the kids are normal having fun!! woot woot!

  • Jane

    Boys will be boys! Great pix. The little one is adorable. Love his red sandals, looks like he has Band-aids on his heels (probably from new shoes).

  • lilflowa

    Im glad becks has 3 boys to carry on his legacy!!

  • please no more

    #22 why are British kids so fat?

    i agree with puce. what mother doesn’t light up when they see their kids?
    answer: a mother who doesn’t raise them. that woman looks so emotionally retarded and hardened it’s unbearable to look at.

  • nani

    The scene of Cruz smiling is wonderful.. but Vitoria again with a ugly face.. The boys are beautiful, spcially the two young ones.

  • lilflowa

    #29 just because she’s not grinning away at them doesnt mean she doesnt raise her kids…ya da lack of emotion on her reallllyy seems to affect their well being…they look like they gonna need psychiatric help now because they look sooooo depressed. *rolls eyes*

    Because she didnt smile for you in these pictures dont throw a tantrum! theres 24 hours in a day…these pics were probably like wat 60 minutes of their lives?

    Its obv she’s a great mom or they wouldnt b so affectionate towards her..she doesnt need to smile for any camera to please anyone!

  • blip

    Cameras don’t just show up at TGI Fridays unless you call them in advance to tip them off. I think she is trying to show how “regular” they are to us dumb Americans. Look! We like Taco Bell and we take our kids to Toys R Us in a crappy neighborhood.

  • vicky

    Ohhh thanks jared I was bored with pitt-jolie and their PR work ! This is family is new and much more natural and beautiful !

  • LJ

    32 yeah maybe cameras are not in that place, but you probably don’t know that those paps are living nowadays their doorstep so they only follow their car and so they know where they are..

  • lilflowa

    Why cant ppl just accept that the papparazzi is gonna follow them everywhere they go…ppl are so dumb if they think that the papz would have nooo clue where they are or how to find them!! ugh dumbass ppl are just annoying!!

    Its obv the paps have an interest in them…your acting like they are nobodies and no one has ever heard of them and then SUDDENLY their fotos pop up evrywhere! STFU and get a life….sooo bitter n spiteful its annoying

  • Ashley

    Cute pics, but three posts of the same day? That’s a bit much now…

  • airways

    Whoa, Beckham overkill. But they’re cute alright. :D

  • Egatron

    Ehehe, I remember about a week ago someone was accusing Brangelina of going around with their kids for photoshoots. They said it’ll never happen with the becks because they’re private when it comes to their children. They keep them behind close doors. Yet the same poster acknowledge that both Brangelina and Beckhams couldn’t help being watched and photographed by papz during outings with their kids. They still insisted that Brangelina were the ones pimping their kids. Now, tell me if you’re still out there… isn’t Vic Beckham going around with her kids for photoshoots? Isn’t she doing exactly what Brangelina do with their kids when they take them to school or for an Ice cream outing, ie: [SACARSM] pimping her kids?

  • lilflowa

    haha lol #36 i agree its a bit much just calm it down abit jared so ppl dont start blaming her because you know they will! They will be like look at her tryna to get in every posts when in actual fact its just the same day and you posted diiferent topics on it

    Oh what am i saying keep em coming lol!!…..just spread the posts out a bit…so it doesnt look like overload :)

  • Colleen

    These three are the cutest! Keep on posting them Jared!

  • lory

    I’m so glad the beckham’s moved to US that means more pics of them. Victoria seems so normal and loving towards her kids.

  • Egatron

    Correction to whoever said Posh and Becks are married for 10 yrs. They’ve been together for 10 yrs and been married for 8. Still going strong hopefully for even longer.

  • vicky

    They can’t get away from paps..Splash agency has a Team Beckham and 7 paps are only fallowing them everywhere..

  • Louise

    I think she should lay off the high heels, i doubt they were so comfortable walking on the grass and sitting there in them, and she even drives in them!

    But other than that they look like such an amazing adorable family.

  • happy

    I’m yet to see victoria smile. She’s always so serious. Her face is as tight as her ass

  • Eathan

    45.happy: i guess you missed her show then? Watch it on Thursday, NBC will repeat it with some extra footage.

    I’m sure she was just too nervous there with all the 3 kids and all the paparazzis around them. Give her a break already!

  • Randy

    To cute! I think that they are really good parents! Loving with their children and interested in their lives. Maybe they show off but who cares as long as the kids are well looked after. No nanny’s here.

  • Eathan

    47. Randy: Actually the nanny was there, you can see her in some pictures with Cruz.

  • Katie N

    Kids are cute. but I don’t know howe anyone can be so sure that she is a “great mother.” High heels!!! What if that little one falls, can she run to his aid. I know she has help. but a good mother will be ready, what with the boys playing with spray cans etc.

  • Beth

    “They can’t get away from paps..Splash agency has a Team Beckham and 7 paps are only fallowing them everywhere..”

    Exactly Vicky. And shes not smiling because she never smile in front of the stalkerazzi.