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Britney Takes Her Sons For a Spin

Britney Takes Her Sons For a Spin

Britney Spears takes her two sons — Sean Preston, 1 1/2, and lookalike brother Jayden James, 10 months — for a spin around Starbucks in Los Angeles on Tuesday. (To clarify, JJ is the one in green.)

After circling the Starbucks parking lot four times, Britney drove around the block back and forth until she finally stopped the car. Her friend hopped out for some Starbucks while the pop princess stayed in the car.

SP and JJ don’t look especially happy in their car seats…

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101 Responses to “Britney Takes Her Sons For a Spin”

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  1. 26
    Yily Says:

    Yeah, Britney is not doing anything wrong! Some of you guys are just plain mean.

  2. 27
    kelly Says:

    For the love of God are some of you stupid? She can’t move. Kevin lives in LA and they are in a custody agreement. Britney can’t go move back home and then jet the kids every other 3 or 4 days back to Kevin in LA.

    Further more Britney has taken the kids to playgrounds. But sometimes she can’t because the paparazzi make it almost impossible for her to do so.

    She’s with her kids she gets bashed upon, she’s not with her kids because of the obvious custody arrangement and it’s Kevin’s days to have them and she still gets bashed upon. What are you people like 10 that you can’t comprehend a little common knowledge that’s looking at you right in the face? Idiots.

  3. 28
    b Says:

    i never thought sp was a cute baby, but he’s becoming a pretty cute toddler.
    jj looks just like his mom i think, maybe not so much hope for him then.

  4. 29
    please brit Says:

    clean up poor SP hands, they are filthy.

    and dont’ lick your fingers and then wipe his hands, spreading germs sucks, oh wait, SP is crying cuz you WONT’ PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT HE IS ASKING YOU, you would rather smile for the cameras.

    please go away.

  5. 30
    Yily Says:

    Everywhere Britney go, she’s being follow! Where can she take the kids? And even if she did take Sean and Jayden out, you guys know the photographers will be all over them like they’re animals! I can understand why Britney is so protective of her sons! There’s nothing wrong with her being defensive and putting a wall up for the sake of her family. I don’t judge her at all.

  6. 31
    Stella Says:

    It’s great seeing Britney with the kids. #29 stop assuming you know what going on with a few snap shoots. I’ve been around quite a few children in cars. Some don’t like to be buckled up and cry about it. Children are not dolls. They will get dirty, sticky and cry. It’s call life.

  7. 32
    milisa Says:

    you are stupide and jealous and thanks god britney don’t care about you .britney is pretty and sweet try to life with it stupid american

  8. 33
    nina Says:

    b you are a big idiot britney is pretty i want to see your face i’m sure you look like a ****.and cat please shut up and go away ***** ur comment is stupide like you.

  9. 34
    the world love you Says:

    i love britney she’s great girl ans she deserve a good man not a ugly mama boy like justin timbershit.

  10. 35
    Samantha Says:

    At least she’s with her kids for a change. I’d much rather see her out with her kids than at some nightclub.

  11. 36
    Fat Free Milk Says:

    She dresses, talks and smells like her babies. Oh, and really sucks too. Thank you.

  12. 37
    Kasey Says:

    Cripes…..Someone needs to teach her how to properly use a carseat. A chest clip should be at chest level. If she gets in an accident poor “JJ” is going to fly out of that harness. The seat he’s in says he needs to be 1 year and 20lbs before forward facing “AT LEAST”. And those that are condoning her carseat misuse are probably just as ignorant and are putting their children at risk too.

  13. 38
    gross Says:

    SP’s front teeth look yellow.

  14. 39
    Mediterranean Says:

    Until 18 months of age, the kids’ car seats SHOULD face the rear of the car, not forward like Britney has done. But I am still thankful to God, her kids are in the car seats at least.

    Weren’t both of her kids born in September with a year difference? The eldest one is 22 months old, the youngest one is 10 months old, am I right?

    I still believe that Britney has deep problems which need to be solved.

  15. 40
    sprite Says:

    The kids faces look sunburned, maybe thats why they aren’t happy. Her kids are cute, she needs some help.

  16. 41
    bpp Says:

    Oh Kasey put a sock in it

  17. 42
    Johanne Says:

    Those poor kids look a bit special.

  18. 43
    nona Says:

    those poor children don’t have a chance. she’s such a freaking narcissistic cow.

  19. 44
    sparrow Says:

    The children are adorable. Leave them alone. They look cute and happy. Ms. Spears, well that is another matter. I just hope she reads to the kids and plays with them. Driving around in a car and drinking Starbucks does not qualify as quality parenting time.

  20. 45
    DRB Says:

    wow, I feel bad for Britney’s kids….Jayden is forward facing and he isnt even a year old, poor kids neck will snap if she gets in an accident (and does anyone think that drunk is a good driver?)

    Also feel pretty bad for “Boohoo”‘s kids, as he/she clearly doesn’t know a thing about carseat safety (car accidents are the leading cause of death for kids, after all). Kids must be a minimum of 1 year before forward facing. All seats rear-face to at least 30 pounds (he is in Britax, they rear face to 33 pounds).

    and those rubber things are NOT the buckles or the chest clips. Man, I hope you don’t have kids of your own.

    doesn’t she have anyone in her life with common sense?

    It is illegal to have that child forward facing, I hope she gets ticketed. moron

  21. 46
    b Says:

    once again u haters r being ****** ridiculous…she looks fine, babies are fine. get over it already, same old comments.

  22. 47
    Tray Says:

    Has anyone else noticed??? JJ is facing forward??? He’s not supposed to be until the age of one!! I can’t believe that she hasn’t learned anything from past experiences with SP. People say we just pick on her because she is out there and famous, but I feel she wants to be judged, otherwise she would have her children’s car seats put the proper way. What a LOSER!!!!

  23. 48
    Shari Says:

    One thing about Brit she really draws the posters, Shes good business thanks to all of you posters. I think she is good as a mother.
    Her mother Lynn stinks at it.

  24. 49
    suz Says:

    They are probably sitting in a smoke cloud..She smokes like a chimmney! Poor babies……Is this woman ever going to get her act together?

    If the Paps would leave her alone, maybe she would see the error of her ways and just go away!

  25. 50
    mina Says:

    Other bigger stars take their kids to parks, playgrounds, etc.
    Even madonna does it, and she has to do with more paparazzi in her life then brit ever will.
    It’s just a lame excuse. She just doesn’t want to.
    It’s what best for britney, not what’s best for her sons.
    I am afraid for her boys. I feel for them.
    Fans that try to defend britneys behavior are so wrong. What does it have to take? After she hurt her boys? No she is a louzy mother. She needs to clean up her act.

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