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Britney Spears - "Gimme More" Music Video

Britney Spears -

Britney Spears shoots her new music video at a warehouse in Los Angeles on Thursday, reportedly for her new single “Get Back”.

This “Gimmre More” music video will be her first in two years and is. Brit Brit wore a skimpy black mini, dominatrix-style boots and a veiled black hat. Looks like a sexed up funeral!

25+ pictures inside from Britney‘s music video set and yesterday out and about…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Britney’s new music video look?

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britney spears get back music video 01
britney spears get back music video 02
britney spears get back music video 03
britney spears get back music video 04
britney spears get back music video 05
britney spears get back music video 06
britney spears get back music video 07
britney spears get back music video 08
britney spears get back music video 09
britney spears get back music video 10
britney spears get back music video 11
britney spears get back music video 12
britney spears get back music video 13
britney spears get back music video 14
britney spears get back music video 15
britney spears get back music video 16
britney spears get back music video 17
britney spears get back music video 18
britney spears get back music video 19
britney spears get back music video 20
britney spears get back music video 21
britney spears get back music video 22
britney spears get back music video 23
britney spears get back music video 24
britney spears get back music video 25
britney spears get back music video 26
britney spears get back music video 27

Photos: Gaz Shirley/Barnsley/Thompsett/, London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • Anonymous

    i smell a grammy

  • Jose

    lmao a grammy hell no she a has been she’s not sexy anymore look at all that cellulite on her ass

  • [~Famous~]

    ewww fat and disgusting. she should do something about that cellulite, its not cute.

  • b

    you know i applaude her for not being anorexically skinny, but still you can dress sexy without being that revealing. her body is not good enough to wear things like that ( or to go swimming in her underwear for the cameras ). she knows every pic will show up on some blog or tabloid and yet she doesn’t care that her cellulite shows up in them too. her legs have been looking good lately and if the skirt was mid thigh she would look pretty good.

  • V

    Back or Black?!

  • cat

    she thinks she is still a big star, honey you are a joke to the world and the sooner you reaize it the better off you will be.

    how can she look in the mirror and think she looks good? maybe there is something wrong with her eyesight.

  • Josh U.

    the only thing she needs to “get back” to

    is the gym, her thighs are looking thunderous.

  • XxX

    I smell a granny…

    …called Britney

  • Anonymous

    some scuz on the street offered her $5 for a beej

  • Suzie

    For someone who had two kids in two years, there’s no denying that she has a hot body. But the way she chooses to show it (all) off is more than questionable…

  • Anonymous

    shoulda got her legs waxed

  • lizzie

    Cellulite city. Im thin and have it but dont show it like that. Be tasteful about your cellulite lol

  • Anonymous

    she’s bald in front

  • Dirty Cougar

    Holy God Damn! she’s got cellulite! I mean, Brit WTF have you been eating girl?! Hell! I know genetics have a lot to do with this sheeit but, I’m 38 and, I don’t have a trace of cellulite at all. I don’t carry fat in that area. My legs are skinny. But, Brit’s were skinny too! WTF happened? Bad diet and eating habits. I wonder if, she is taking water pills? Who knows but, her legs look awful. She’s too young for that sheeit!

  • L in Philly.


  • Anonymous

    boots are scuffed. no manicure, hairy orange peel legs, side boobage, eyes have disappeared. who is her manager?


    I wouldn’t be surprised if I read that She was caught selling herself for $2.00 while her kids were in the car.

    This Trailer Park Hellraiser some antidepressants and a BRAIN that can guide her back to reality!

    She has always been an idiot.
    First she was cheating with Columbus Short who was expecting a baby with his wife..

    Then she goes after K-FRAUD while he has a pregnant woman at home.. Do we see a pattern here?

    Then she marries him acting like life was perfect. Now she is like a wreck on wheels.

    She needs to take a bath, wash her crotch, take out those cockroach infested weaves and take care of her soons who look very slow for kids their ages..

    This skank needs to grow up!!

  • Just Jared

    If I’m not mistaken, she is managing herself…

  • Nacho


    SHE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STRONGER THAN YESTARDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D





  • Brit/Posh=lipo/legs

    Brit an Posh Beckham have the same lipo indented legs.
    Brit & Posh are both into plastic surgery after having kids and their legs have both been lipo,plus bad eatin habits ‘one starves’ the other one ‘fatty sugary foods’either way,their lipo effects them the same,messed up legs & body parts.
    Jared you were so right on with those pics of Posh,makes sense now.

  • this a joke?

    LoL @ her boots. She needs to cover her ass.

  • Anonymous

    jj can’t you photoshop up some new pix of bamzps? plzy?

  • Much

    “Fat Back”Music Video??? oh wait …ok.. “Get Back”…my bad.

  • Anonymous

    #23 good one

  • Just Jared

    Fat Back, hahaha. That is terrible. :\

  • OMG

    Brit is looking soooo bad. I think she is still in the 20s!
    I’m pretty sure they will use special effect to make her body and legs looking great for the final video.

  • Chris

    Will someone please help that girl, she looks ridiculous.
    What a train wreck, I feel sorry for her kids. It’s too early for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JAKE

    U PEOPLE SUCK ur so critikal of every inch of that girl!
    yall just jelous cuz Shes HOT & a millionaire-
    All u people are calling her fat??? ur kiddin right. Shes perfectly normal skinny, much better than these anorexics out there. U dont know what fat is!!


    UR SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nacho




  • cat

    how much freaking denial can one person be in? get a clue, britney, you are a laughing stock, no one thinks you are a pop star anymore. all you are is a tabloid star like anna nicole, and you are going to wind up like her.

  • sean+jayden=menedez bros. in the making

    AS a new part time , 3 day a week mother , she chose an outfit like this for a comeback video?? Sick I thought the lyrics were just filthy and the clothes match. Poor kids have to see this .

  • Krung Krung

    was watching the view this morning and baba wawa mentioned that brit brit slapped her mother, true? it is regarding about brits mom wants to see/visit her grandkids y’all.

  • LSO


  • Anonymous

    #28 jake you really are britney right? we know you login to jj

  • Nooooo

    She is supposed to be grieving and mourning in that get up,,now she is making us grieve and mourn ,seeing that we have to look at her @ss.
    Get back you say should be ‘She’s Wack’ and all that.
    Whats up with those thunder thighs, fat @ss with dents all in them,
    but most of all what the heck is wrong with her weave extensions?
    I hope she does make a so called comeback, so it will fail and maybe once and for all she ‘get backs’ in her cage.
    Brit cant sing or dance and she looks fug, her body is flabby ,she has a line backer neck and rat extentions .
    She is in DENIAL!

  • Krung Krung

    don’t worry y’all, she’s gonna look very good when the new video come out, par excellance y’all…

  • HottieTottie

    Something stinks like bad tuna.

    JJ, please, get over this b!tch.

  • bdj

    Those pictures are photoshop. Brit Brit has the best legs in the biz. How could you Just Jared? JUST KIDDING. I couldn’t resist.
    Do your thing Britney. Whatever that is.

  • vicky


  • Celebfax

    WOWSA! She used to have an awesome body. Granted, she’s had 2 kids now, but still, it seems like most hollywood moms bounce back. Brits has had plenty of time to do that. I got two words to describe her: TRAILER TRASH. Oh, and sidenote, can’t she afford to have laser hair removal or wax her thick hairy legs??

  • Oldvag

    WTF?? Bitch look like a cheap tranny.
    I feel sorry for her.

  • Tim

    you’ve got to be kidding me. they let her shoot her mv looking like that!? she needs to work out more!

  • silvergirl

    She looks great! normal not anorexic she looks like a normal woman, love the fact that she likes the way she looks, if we could all think we are hot after two babies and cellulite, women will be happier. to think of my boyfriend who always loved her seeing her just like any other woman makes me happy. come on this is how real woman look like whats wrong with the self steam at this point!

  • suzy

    this just hurts. she looks so trashsy and i hope she paid someone for use of the most airbrushing in a video needed.

  • Whatthefrench?toast??

    I want to stick a pencil in my eye.

    I agree with #39, how do we make it go awaaaay???????

  • Kait

    Could she at least shave her legs or have someone do it for her? Barf!

  • diplomat

    If she was a good singer, i would not mind at all the way she looks, all that make up, her crazyness, the trashy way of looking.
    But she is worst as a singer and no special effects will ever give her talent, or ,,,,intelligence.

  • myluvs

    That is the most unfortunate picture of Britney.

  • Jamie

    kudos to that stylist, who did a good job with the makeup on her. she looks less horrible in the face than usual.

  • b

    she looks good.cant wait for the comeback. haters same old same old.