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Hayden & Rachel Do it Animal Style

Hayden & Rachel Do it Animal Style

Rachel Bilson (in Moschino’s heart cut-out sunglasses) spends her Wednesday in Los Angeles juggling men.

The former O.C. actress first stopped by the Virgin Megastore to picked up a few CD/DVDs and then had sat down for some small talk with a mystery male.

Afterwards, Rachel, wearing Moschino’s heart cut-out sunglasses, picked up her BFF actor pal Hayden Christensen (in a Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” t-shirt). The couple drove through and grabbed some In-N-Out burger goodness.

We hope they did it Animal Style! Mmm… animal style!!!

15+ pictures inside of Rachel‘s wild Wednesday…

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Photos: Matei/Jri/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Dieter

    I love her little pooper and her doggie !!!

  • Slutty

    I’m getting tired of these two.

    A slut and Homo!

  • jenny

    Are they really, like, couple? If so, I hate them together.
    Adam & Rachel 4ever!

  • Nobody

    These 2 are the most awful couple in the world, I’m so sick of them

  • Azzurra

    I LOVE Them!!!!

  • Tucker

    what is animal style?
    I havent been to in and out since my sophmore year like two years ago when I live in CA
    I just remember protein style with lettuce and no bread
    whats animal style I say?!

  • barnet

    Those poor Adam and Rachel fans. Few months ago they were going on and on about how A and were perfect for each other.
    Is the photographer taking a picture of them from inside the burger joint. How do they track these two down, or is there someone tipping them of.

  • tessa

    I love Rachel

  • M

    Enough of Rachel and Hayden!

  • mackenzie

    i’m getting tired them..
    they’re so boring

  • liss

    She’s beautiful

  • amanda

    I’m not even a fan of Adam Brody but when I see pictures like this, I feel sorry for him, I don’t know why. Why does Rachel look “guilty” when she’s seen with Hayden.

  • lauree

    They’re GREAT together! I love them!

  • marta

    I love them too

  • marta

    “Amanda – I’m not even a fan of Adam Brody but when I see pictures like this, I feel sorry for him”

    Adam and New girl – December 11, 2006

  • Valerie

    I love them together. I think contrary to popular belief, if they are a couple, they don’t try to garner attention by flaunting it. In a Celeb World where we have the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Brit, it’s laughable that some consider Hayden and Rachel media whores.. I guess there will always be haters out there.. ohh well

    Thx Jared for the Hayden pics ;)

  • sal


  • M

    I love Rachel, just not a fan of her and Hayden. I’ll forever be an Adam and Rachel fan!

  • sandra

    Anyone know the inside story on the breakup? She broke up with Brody in November right in the middle of the Jumper filming.

  • peter

    She’s amazing!!!

  • steph

    see all of the etalk segments and lainey spots of them in toronto are true…they’re really datin if it makes her happy…i’ll be happy for her…i’m her biggest fan

  • non

    I love Rachel Bilson!!! She’s beautiful!

  • Dirty Cougar

    WTF is animal style? Does RB have her doggie in the car. Is Hayden now kissing Murman Thurman? lol! I don’t seem Hayden & Rachel licking and fondeling each other in public like, some other gross celebs do. She treating to American style lunch it, looks like! Good old In & Out burger. My brother lives in the Minnesota and, when he was out visiting a few years back the, first thing he wanted was an In & Out burger because, they don’t have them in Minnesota he, hungry for In & Out. There is probably not an In & Out in Canada. He’s been away for while and was treating him it, looks like. If, they are doing it, it is in their own privacy and their own busniness. I kind of really feel for these celebs. Can’t even go out for damn burgers. The paps are trying to find lewd conduct with these two. I don’t think lewd is in Hayden’s Or Rachel’s chemistry.
    I think the differently about these two. If, they are dating. I know they have seen a lot of each other. I think they are discrete with their actions.
    Damn! She looks wonderful in the bootleg jeans and tank top. I don’t think I haven’t seen her look any better! Hayden looks scruffy but, adorable. I like the sheeit he wears. Love the Martin Luther King shirt and I love heer Hart frame glasses.
    I knew Dieter would love RB’s little pooper! lol!

  • raut

    Rachel looks adorable

  • gini

    they are cute togheter

  • steph

    leave them alone….papparrazi even followed them to buy burgers..

  • peter
  • lovepeace

    Hey marta, Adam slept with that girl coz’ he found out Rachel is having sex with hayden while in Rome and toronto. She’s attractive to hayden.

    The Jumper’s crew knew it.

  • marta

    “Sandra – Anyone know the inside story on the breakup?”

    Adam Brody interview in the land of woman – “I fortunately have never been dropped”.

    I think that to Adam it likes all the girls

  • lin

    Poor Adam brody

  • jam

    Well, this was posted on the Rachel Bilson thread on imdb. Curious what it means.

    “I used to root for Adam and Rachel, then I found out the REAL reason they broke up (my friend is close with Adam). It’s safe to say that I now can’t stand the girl. Her and Hayden are dating, yes, but mark my words – they have no hope.”

  • Sullen Girl

    Her sunglasses are awesome.

  • marta

    “lovepeace and jam”

    It’s not true

    Adam Brody – “I fortunately have never been dropped”,0,3593333.story?coll=mmx-movies_leftutility

  • rst

    They make a great couple!!

  • summertime

    The “Animal Style” comment was a nod to In-N-Out, best burgers on the planet. You can order your burgers in any number of styles. And Animal Style is one of them.

  • Puh-lease

    I think animal style is 3 patties.

  • jenny

    I like seeing them together..Rachel is so cute

  • Nadia

    rachel can do so much better than him i mean how can she even look at him he looks like trash and he probably smells bad since he smokes all the time.

  • Leah


    Word to the wise, don’t believe anything you read on imdb. it amazes me how many people do believe that stuff and take it as the gospel truth. Also, I think that most of you are making a bigger deal out of this whole relationship thing then it really is. I don’t think they are a couple at all.

  • anonymous

    Poor Adam. Hayden and Rachel will never live up to the Adam and Rachel cuteness. I jut feel sorry for Adam. He must be feeling heartbroken right now.

  • sensei

    Bilson strikes me as a serial dater who needs to be in a relationship all the time. Didn’t she break up with her boyfriend to be with Adam. Who knows if she’ll hookup with her costar in her next movie too. Hayden is probably like that also.

  • Elise

    I don’t think so. Then she would have been with Zac (The last kiss) too. It was Adam btw who broke up with his girlfriend to be with Rachel.

  • Dirty Cougar

    OH! It wonderful to see both RB + HB looking happy. People that are grumbling and griping that Rachel is to short, homely, ETC. Jealous! Beauty comes in all sizes. Tall and petite. She happens to be a petite beauty. Take a good look at the girl. Rachel looks better then ever. She’s actually more pretty in the face then Sienna. I don’t know if it’s love or not but, I wish those Hayden and Rachel the best!!! I hope really lasts too. BTW-Looks shouldn’t be all that on the important list. It’s looks like Rachel can be fun and bubbley too. She looks like she’s a nice person. So, hopefullu she beautiful in the inside as well as the outside.

  • matt

    I love Rachel!!!

  • Leah

    yeah….they look ecstatic

  • scarlett

    they look so cute together but are they really dating?
    because i won’t belive it until they make out and then someone show me the photo ;)

  • Dirty Cougar

    I want her sungalsses. Those are so cool!

  • christina

    anyone that can put 2 and 2 together, knows that rachel broke up with adam to be with hayden. i mean, believe it or not, she was filming jumper in rome with him, then came back and they broke up.. and i’m sure they were having problems as a couple (cause if not a third person wouldn’t have been a problem), but… she just dumped him for hayden. and yeah, as someone said above, she seems like the kind of girl who’s always in a relationship.

    she did break up with her former boyfriend for adam and now only a couple of months after being done with him he’s with hayden (who she did meet when still with brody) so yeah, she’s not the kind of girl i’d like to be friends with. i mean, this is the kind of girl i’m always bitching about

  • Em

    I love those jeans!!! Does anyone know what brand???

  • Dirty Cougar

    I’ve been wanting a new pair of either, Diesel Jeans, William Rast Jeans, Joe’s Jeans or Paige. The one’s Rachel’s got on are schweet!!! They make the hips look really teeeny! Waistline too for that matter. Very flattering to the figure. Rachel’s already slender so, it’s a wonder why they look so fabulous on her! I want a pair!!!