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Justin Holds Tight to Jessica's Leg

Justin Holds Tight to Jessica's Leg

Justin Timberlake holds onto the leg of girlfriend Jessica Biel (wearing Justin‘s hat) in the car on the way back to their hotel on Wednesday night in New York City.

The pair attended the grand opening of his BBQ restaurant “Southern Hospitality” (76th & 2nd), which brings a taste of Memphis to New York.

Earlier in the evening, Biel (in Gucci) attended the NY premiere of her comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry at the Ziegfeld Theatre sans Timberlake.

Pictured below: Justin‘s mom Lynn, grandma Sadie, grandpa Bill, and BFF business pals Eytan Sugarman and Trace Ayala.

25+ pictures inside of Justin and Jessica‘s wacky Wednesday…

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51 justin timberlake southern hospitality
52 justin timberlake southern hospitality
53 justin timberlake southern hospitality
54 justin timberlake southern hospitality
55 justin timberlake southern hospitality
56 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
57 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
58 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
59 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
60 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
61 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
62 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
63 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
64 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
65 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
66 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
67 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
68 jessica biel chuck larry ny premiere
justin timberlake southern hospitality 01
justin timberlake southern hospitality 02
justin timberlake southern hospitality 03
justin timberlake southern hospitality 04
justin timberlake southern hospitality 05
justin timberlake southern hospitality 06
justin timberlake southern hospitality 07
justin timberlake southern hospitality 08
justin timberlake southern hospitality 09

Photos:, Peter Kramer/Bryan Bedder/Getty, Edward Le Poulin/Splash News Online
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  • Bliss

    Is it just me, but does it seem she’s more into him, than Justin is into to her. I just hope she doesn’t get hurt.

  • nooyawker

    she’s pretty. im thinking of trying their food..i wonder if its good and its just not all that hype…

  • Hulla

    How so, Bliss?

  • 19 years old

    Is it just me or he’s looking more and more unattractive??
    look closely at his face…
    he’s overrated, i swear.

  • sal


  • pauli

    She has the greatest body of all!!!

  • Knothead

    Why does it seem like they smile more when they are alone than when they are together? You hardly ever see any pictures of them together smiling.

  • Ash

    I don’t like them together. I loved him with Cameron. I think they suited each other better.

    I just don’t like Jessica either. I don’t see her appeal or anything.

  • chestia

    Jessica was also at the Yankee game. Wonder if Derek Jeter left her tickets and she hung out with him.

  • boss

    i agree with Ash. i think jessica is making a fool of justin, and he already tried to get rid of her once when he said all those things about making her go home during his tour but NNNOOOOOO she had to keep following him…i personally think it’s because of his interfering mother that jessica is able to hang around at all…jessica is a fame whore and jumped on the timberlake train doesn’t anyone remember what she did when she was on seventh heaven? she totally went against the show and it’s morals and did those nude pics because she didn’t like her “image” as a wholesome person…to me that shows she has no values or respect for the people she works with! she could have waited until the show ended…anyway i like justin and loved him and cameron but even if they never get back together i think justin can do way better than this horse-faced b**ch!!!!

  • zcc

    Is it me, or does he look high in these pictures?
    Extremely coked up, I would say. They don’t really look good together. She’s special and he’s … not.

  • Mediterranean

    19 years old,

    No, it’s not just you. He is indeed unattractive of all. I like her, but him and being with him is so off!

  • Oh

    How do you know that is JEssica? You’re full of shit..

  • maddie

    im so confused by these two! what are they? a couple? cos theres only been about 6 times in 7 months theyve been able to see each other

  • anonymous

    It looks like Justin giving the finger to “Jessica ” ! !

    and Jessica is a lier she says you basiclly just have to go around your business and laugh at the paparazzi when they take photos

    why then is she hidding for ! ! !

  • LL

    It’s obvious that he’s not into to her at all. I think he hit it and wishes he could just quit it. This will be over by the end of the year if not by the end of summer. Jessica Biel may be the ultimate booty call for some but no one sticks around i.e. Chris Evans, Derek Jeter I know there are others as well can’t remember of be bothered to look it up.

  • LL

    It’s obvious that he’s not into to her at all. I think he hit it and wishes he could just quit it. This will be over by the end of the year if not by the end of summer. Jessica Biel may be the ultimate booty call for some but no one sticks around i.e. Chris Evans, Derek Jeter I know there are others as well can’t remember of be bothered to look it up.

  • an20

    you might find this weird and all…

    but i found justin the hottest when he was with britney (britney has always shown signs of stupidity)… but justin… before its not just the looks, but back then he had a great the personality.. now he looks like he’s so full of himself. trying to be black and all.

    also… the way he treated brit before was nothing like the way he treats his women now… i mean, its like he looks at himself as god’s gift to women now.

  • [~Famous~]

    aww. everyone just loves them.

  • anonymous

    Justin isn,t holding Jessica leg real tight at all !

    and yet again an unhappy face on Justin looking the other way while Jessica is in a fetal position ! !

    Justin was all smiles earlier when Jessica wasn,t there but when she shows up all it all changes

  • natali

    i’m sorry but they are so ugly .poor justin he’s more ugly than ever

  • yesgirl

    Jessica has been spending time with old flame Derek Jeter before Justin came to town. She’s been his special guest at the Yankee games and hanging out at his place. Justin better be looking for another girl because Jessica just likes being the girlfriend of popular dudes so she can get her name in the tabloids. Jessica still has Derek Jeter on her speed dial for when she makes trips to New York.

  • Neg

    I was there! And he seemed like a jerk… At one point people were booing him and they said ‘Justin you suck’ and whatnot. It is the paparazzi of course… And they’ll do anything to get a pic… But when he came to the back of the screen to go into the restaurant, a couple of people and I were on the other side and were screaming his name and he didn’t so much as LOOK our way. Lance was a sweetheart though. He was beaming and shining! But I don’t know if he was even happy at the beginning. I think it was all an act for the cameras. I still wish he even glanced at us or something… His reputation would have gone higher if he had! They would’ve said he’s nice to his fans and his popularity would’ve gone hgher (if possible! ;)).
    Was anyone else there?

  • Amber

    you guys read to much into picture… u dont know whats goin on in the moment so its hard to judge pictures.


    Here is another one.. Fake ass, the 10lb lip injections and the Bee-otch can’t act!

    When will Hollywood get back to hiring REAL ACTORS instead of these annoying people?

  • Nancy

    justin is really cute,pretty music man. she’s definitely ugly girl…………

  • mocha

    so much unhappiness in justin’s eyes, not to mention he looks very high.

    you’d think be surrounded by family, his lover, and his fans would be enough for him? guess not.

  • Nadia

    their a horrible couple and justin should shave for once

  • ashley

    jessica is so beautiful and justin is so…ugly
    he doesn’t deserve her
    she deserves better than this guy
    jess was better with chris evans they was wonderful and looked so happy togheter

  • P

    11 zcc – my thoughts exactly. They both look stoned in these pics.

  • Kat

    Justin just isn’t that great looking to me anymore…I really think Jess is way too hot for him. She needs a hot guy to match how hot she is.

  • dea

    she´s really beautiful with a lot of personality. he´s just too over the top and is reeeeally arrogant. i don´t think they belong together. something does not seem right or natural about them. it´s so weird…

  • carla

    I also think that justin is not attractive but over-rated, he was a asshole to britney and i will forever hate him for that, and i don’t think he is that into jessica, she should be with someone who is not afraid to look into her eyes.

  • H

    Justin is sooooo damn ugly what the hell is the big deal with him? I personally think he can’t sing for s*it and the only reason his songs are any good is because of timbaland. Jessica biel is a pretty girl and she can do so much better than him

  • ♥yes♥

    He is NOT looking good. what the hell is he on??

  • Justin isn’t ugly. He fugly.

    What ever happened to that cute but naughty, boy next door? Oh how I miss the N’Sync days. Hell, I prefer his look from the ‘Justified ‘ era instead of this rugged look he’s going. Makes him seem older than 26.

  • just in time

    shhes ugly ,and his grandparents look so proud and i think thats all that mattered to justin that day ,not jessica. are else he would have taken photos with her on the red carpet like he did with everyone else. shes dumb as well cause if ur man dont even wanna take pics wit u or claim u then why be wit him.stupid hollywood gurls


    Maybe I am in the minority here, but having a lot of crap done to your face doesn’t make your certifiable pretty..

    She had a nose job and I still think her nose is weird. The lips are getting bigger everytime I see a pic of her. And for all who don’t get it, she had her asss contouredm, eventually it will sag..

    I have never been impressed!

  • ann

    I think Justin is a pretty good looking guy, but his Nose! His nose is so weird? (look at the pics!)

  • yoyo63

    omg,for those people who said that he is overrated are retards. I mean he is not as good looking as beckham or brad because he did some drugs@@” He was once a hottie, and cute, he is just need to shave his mustache and get diet and workout a little more. But its not the point, there are so many girls crazy for him because he is cool stylish and cute, and most important is that he got talent. Justin can dance, sing,act, play guitar, piano,design clothe and he even writes music.

  • cutie pie


  • http://justin laila

    Frankly Justin

    Custom choose beautiful women

    Jessica terrible and sweet

    Justin best course of which one million times

    Shi best smile in Justin


    I love you I love you