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David Beckham Presents Youth Cup

David Beckham Presents Youth Cup

Los Angeles Galaxy soccer star David Beckham presents the U-17 MLS Youth Cup trophy to D.C. United at half-time during the 2007 Sierra Mist MLS All-Star Game at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park on Thursday in Commerce City, Colorado.

Know about the “Welcome to America” party for the Beckhams this Sunday?

You know, the one Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are hosting.

Fox News is reporting, “The big question is: Who’s paying for this big party? It’s certainly not the Cruises or the Smiths. Rule No. 1 in Hollywood is that big stars open their wallets for nothing. So that leaves a few candidates: CAA, Scientology, Anschutz Entertainment (owner of the Galaxy) or a combination.” Hmmm…

25+ pictures inside of Beckham presenting the Youth Cup…

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david beckham youth cup 01
david beckham youth cup 02
david beckham youth cup 03
david beckham youth cup 04
david beckham youth cup 05
david beckham youth cup 06
david beckham youth cup 07
david beckham youth cup 08
david beckham youth cup 09
david beckham youth cup 10
david beckham youth cup 11
david beckham youth cup 12
david beckham youth cup 13
david beckham youth cup 14
david beckham youth cup 15
david beckham youth cup 16
david beckham youth cup 17
david beckham youth cup 18
david beckham youth cup 19
david beckham youth cup 20
david beckham youth cup 21
david beckham youth cup 22
david beckham youth cup 23
david beckham youth cup 24
david beckham youth cup 25

Photos: Doug Pensinger/Getty
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  • FEMA

    Go David! I hope we get pics of the party by Katie and Tom.
    Plsssss Jared!!!!!! pretty pleeeasseee.

  • yara

    Spice boy is damn good. everything on that body is cool.

  • [~Famous~]

    what a nice guy. no wonder people love him. Lol

    I know there’s gonna be a few people pissed off because their favorite celeb couple wasn’t invited to the Welcome party. Its really not Beck’s fault some celebrities don’t have friends.

  • laur

    dang he is so sexy

  • Bit me

    wrinkles already

  • Jackie

    Becks always looks great and has a gorgeous smile. He looks even better without the ditz on his arm.

  • ????

    6 Jackie : 07/20/2007 at 3:15 pm
    Becks always looks great and has a gorgeous smile. He looks even better without the ditz on his arm.


    I know!! I am sure he would be a very busy man if he was single, a lot more then he ever is being married.

  • Violet

    Genuinely nice guy and so humble. That’s more appealing than his looks.

    Too bad no press are allowed in the party. I love how his wife confronted Perez Hilton on her NBC show because the man lies so much and only makes fun of everybody. Im laughing when Perez Hilton admitted he is a Cruise fan and loves him very much. LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Roger Friedman from Fox News is already ticked off he’s not invited and its already showing in his article. He’s always bitter because Katie and Tom never gives him exclusive interviews.
    On the Armani Pre Oscar party he’s so kissing ass to Katie so much and is falling for her spell but he got ticked off when he saw Katie talking to the IGN people,People Magazine,Bazaar,NBC et al.
    He started slamming other rival editors and rival bloggers and paparazzi sites. The man is desperate.

  • Sayini

    Jared i know that u love him.. and Posh.. and the kiddies.. but i want some brangelina news.. were are they?? Bring BAMPZS back..!!

  • lora

    gosh how old is he..? lots of wrinkles for a guy just in his early 30′s.

  • Sisi

    WOW so HOT!The man can wear a suit,i like that.But i am still more interested in his wife.She is just more fabulous.
    The party sounds great,i hope we get picutres,i would love to see what Victoria will wear.

  • Sisi

    9 Sayini : 07/20/2007 at 3:34 pm
    Jared i know that u love him.. and Posh.. and the kiddies.. but i want some brangelina news.. were are they?? Bring BAMPZS back..!!

    Well there are noone,or he would post it,he always does!Brangelina deserves their peace and family downtime.I am happy for them.But i love seeing them just as much as The Beckhams so i know what you mean. P

    I hope Brangelina and Posh&Becks meet at one point,i would lvoe to see them and their kids together,that would sooooooo ROCK!

  • Lillianne

    I watched the tv show about his wife and I think I really like her. she seems very funny and doesn’t take herself seriously except when it comes to her family. I wish they hadnt pulled the plug on the rest of the show.

  • Lillianne

    JJ – plz find pix of Brad & kids at amusement park thnx

  • joann

    I wonna go to this party. I like his family along with the Cruise,Will and Jada too. I dont like much of the Demi Moore family nor that of the Pitts.

  • [~Famous~]

    Beck’s is a nice guy who loves his fan and he doesn’t mind being photographed. He never runs and hide, so you get close up photos of him. Unlike some celeb’s where the only photos you can get are from a mile away behind a bush of them sneaking around, or getting into… umm a car? I don’t know, a private jet maybe.

    Cant wait for the party pic’s.


  • athiest an Beck

    Beck looks like shiz ,shave already and the ATHIEST SCIENTOLOGIST ARE PAYING of course..associating with alien cult atheist LEADER TOM Cruise is bad news.

  • rox

    Oh, please! Tell me you’re not quoting FoxNews, Jared.
    What’s next? The last from The National Enquirer?
    Think about how many millions (or billions) Tom and Will make a year?
    They’re the world’s highest-paid actors in Hollywood. This party is nothing for them.

  • rox

    Oh, please! Tell me you’re not quoting FoxNews, Jared.
    What’s next? The last from The National Enquirer?
    Think about how many millions (or billions) Tom and Will make a year?
    They’re the world’s highest-paid actors in Hollywood. This party is nothing for them.

  • rach

    I bet Roger Friedman is just bitter that he didn’t get an invitation.

  • Beth

    HOTTIE! He looks great!

    And ignore Fox News, they are sh*t.

  • Lica

    I want pic this party, PLEAAAAAAAAASE, thank’s JJ

    and Beckham, sexy, of course!

  • vicky

    He looks fantastic !!! he is just perfect ! The most beautiful man ever !

  • LoL

    The brad pitt fans hate this guy for being so hot.

  • Babysis

    Why does he have a black suit on then brownish color shoes on?
    Did his two year old hide his black shoes or something…

  • Babysis

    hey LoL, i’m a brad pitt fan and i like David, even though in my personal opinion he’s not really that hot. He REALLY needs to shave. Maybe he hasn’t had the time or something like that.
    Oh yeah wheres he’s hot bodyguard??

  • Hulla

    OMG. Look at that man. Gorgeous!!!

  • cam3150

    Damn, he’s fine. Good glory, he can wear a suit well. These might be the best pictures of him that I’ve seen. I’m a sucker for a man in a good suit though. He is just so sexy that it’s ridiculous.

  • Megan

    Those are Roger Friedman’s theories of course Cruise is paying. It can’t possibly be that expensive!!! Cruise can get 100,000 from his 800 million fortune.

  • lilflowa

    pics of party! pics of party!!!

  • sexybeasts

    m.m.m.bow chica bow wowwwwww, m.m.m. bow chica bow wowwww. Looks good scruffy or clean shaven.

  • no

    24 LoL
    Wrong. It’s just{~Famous~} using a different name to start trouble. Because this person loves to start problems.

  • ME!!!

    more david and victoria!!! i can’t get enough of them!!! thanks jared!!! more more more david and victoria!

  • [~Famous~]

    no, WTF?!? Stop dcik riding my name. Why the fcuk would I use a different name to start trouble when I can do it under this one?

    I been doing this, and I’ve never hid. Fcuk you, Fcuk Brad Pitt, Fcuk Brad Pitt’s kid(s), and Fcuk the biish that gave birth to him and them.

    And we both know you typed comment 24, coward. Lol

  • Grana

    Becks gets better looking with everyday that passes. I prefer the Beckham of today to the Beckham on 2 years ago, of 4 years ago…heck 10 years ago. Loving all the pictures Jared, thanks. =]

  • Puh-lease

    Omg, Babylis. Are you really questioning Beck’s sense of style??? He is the best dressed celeb of our day. The brown shoes give the ensemble the finishing touch.

  • From Lainey

    Posh: the pics and the party

    Big bash going down this weekend – the GMD and his RoboBride along with Will and Jada Smith are feting the Beckhams’ arrival in America at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Tom is said to be flying back from Germany just for the occasion but the funniest rumour about all this is that originally, he and his wife were supposed to the sole hosts of the celebration until they were advised that the party would actually be more popular (ie well attended) if they added the Smiths on there as well just to assure people that it’s not going to be a Church function.


    Another interesting point – note the wording on the gold embossed invitation:

    “Please join Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in welcoming David and Victoria Beckham to Los Angeles.”

    Katie Holmes. Are we back to KatIE now? An officially sanctioned Cruise communication with the deliberate use of her full and original name?

    A new strategy must be in place. My smutty sense is tingling…

    As for those photos… photos from yesterday of the skinny Posh showing sag and cellie Many of you have emailed indignantly suggesting that the images had been photoshopped, comparing them to other photos you may have seen elsewhere on other sites that don’t appear to show the same unflattering bumps.

    Believe it or not, and you have the right to your own opinion, these photos were not doctored/tampered with etc.

    The pics that appeared on my site were originally printed in the UK’s Daily Mail, a major UK publication with enough of a bank account to be considered attractive on the paying end of a lawsuit. Furthermore, the SAME photos were printed again TODAY in the London Sun, another major publication with deep pockets.

    In addition – these images were taken by INF/GOFF and have been widely sold without inconsistencies, meaning that what you see in the Daily Mail is exactly the same as what you see in The Sun. The photos you may have seen that don’t close in on the bumps and the lumps originate from other photo agencies taken from different angles which means we are comparing two sets of negatives.

    As I always say – gossip is a buffet. You are welcome to choose which perspective you believe. However, calling this slamdunk case of Photoshoppe is probably a bit premature…

    Just sayin’…

  • operaghost

    Love this man, and what a fabulous athlete! He is amazing to watch.

  • sexybeasts

    you know what, my poor white as* would scrape up the cash to fix that shi* ,,,,why wouldn’t she? Because she doesn’t have all that shi* wrong with her leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia

    Love Davey and his rugged, handsome, manly looks!

  • Lala

    I’m tired of him and his wife! arghh

  • jq

    Hey, I like gorgeous guys, Brad and David but not Tom C. and hope the Beckham can take the heat away from the Pitts. I’ so tired of reading the Pitts are fighting, separating, Brad’s returning to his X BS story. I think this will be replaced by the Beckham’s are fighting and separating, David miss his lover, Vic sick and anorexic….ect.same BS story but with new faces.

  • sexybeasts

    check out all his hairstyles, I think the long hair-do is the best.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Gos, he is gorgeous.

    Why is he with that troll robot wife?

  • lory


  • lala

    GORGEOUS!!!!!! He’s MAJOR! thanx JARED!!!

  • HottieTottie

    I must be the only female in the country who doesn’t think this guy is cute.

  • Cynthia

    David is MAJOR!!! He’s hot as hell!