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Gisele's 27th Birthday Surprise

Gisele's 27th Birthday Surprise

Gisele Bundchen and Patriots quarterback boyfriend Tom Brady mail a package together while in NYC’s West Village on Friday.

Brady‘s ex, Bridget Moynahan, is due to give birth today. Today also happens to be Gisele‘s 27th birthday. Spies say there is so much tension between the couple right now that they recently argued in front of hotel guests in Napa while staying at the Auberge du Soleil.

Brady was also recently seen holding the door for Gisele as the two entered IMG Building at 54th and Seventh.

Gisele also recently ranked as the highest-paid model, raking in $33 million a year, according to Forbes. Kate Moss comes in second making $9 million a year and Heidi Klum rounds out the top three earning $8 million a year. All of the women on Forbes‘ list of the top 15 supermodels make $1.5 million or more a year.

Also pictured: Gisele shopping with a gal pal in the West Village on Thursday.

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  • Margaret

    Happy birthday, sl**.

  • jojo

    I bet they planned to be photographed today since they knew of the rumors that she was pissed.

  • Lillianne

    is Bridget in NY?

  • Mari

    I wonder if the “friend” is actually a sister. They look alike.

  • sal

    Does anyone care about these 2? I mean, really..he looks like the Elephant Man, and she looks like a man.

  • Lillianne

    gotta be sis. even their legs match

  • turth hurts


  • Anonymous

    bridget must be on the internet waiting for baby. little jealous are we?

  • Elle

    im just gonna guess that’s her twin sis…

    some of u r so pathetic… keep calling people homewrecker..
    just so u know all of those guys chose to leave their previous
    relationships, no one forced them to do anything, so if u gonna blame someone blame the guys!

  • Sarah

    Am I horrible for thinking she was a lot older than 27? :)

  • sexybeasts

    Watch some of her interviews, she acts like a total bitc*!

  • Anonymous

    no sarah you’re just horrible. try google before you make rude comments

  • Hannah

    Wow. Sounds like she caught a good one. (sarcasm)

  • lol

    the friend is gisele’s twin sister.

  • Margaret

    Bridget is in LA and will deliver in LA. And no, you are not horrible for thinking Gisele was older. Gisele au natural is very homely. I hope these two stay together, get married and have an ugly carpet rat like them. They deserve each other. Bridget and the baby will be just fine. She doesn’t need Tom or his worthless family.

  • TIlly

    Regardless of what happened between Bridget and Tom, I really feel bad for her. You would think Gisele would be courteous enough to leave them alone right now. Why would she want to be in a relationship as complicated as this anyway? I think she is a homewrecker also. I hope Tom and Bridget can somehow work things out and I hope he is a decent enough guy to be in LA for the birth!!!

  • baby moynahan

    Total d**kheads – both of them (think about it).

  • coalharbourqt

    I think it’s worth pointing out that Tom and Bridget had broken up before she realized she was pregnant (best as I know anyway), so nobody was ‘stolen’ here and no home was wrecked. Nevertheless, I would hope that Gisele could take the high road and be happy for her boyfriend’s new baby! I’m sure that’s easier said than done though – can you imagine dating someone and then finding out that his ex is pregnant, and then finding out that the baby will be born on YOUR birthday. An awkward situation all around!

    The most important thing in this whole situation though is that the baby is healthy and Bridget has a smooth delivery. Not much else really matters at the end of the day.

  • Sue

    I just dont see the 33 million!!!

  • worth point out

    I don’t think it’s been shown that Tom learned about the baby after the breakup – Bridget’s due date shows that Tom could well have known before. And it’s pretty common knowledge that Tom and Gisele had “something” going on before his and Bridget’s breakup. So homewrecker seems right for Gisele, and heel seems too good for Tom.

  • anon

    Just FYI, Bridgets agent confirmed that Tom new about the pregnancy the week after they broke up and this was exactly when he started dating Gisele. So read into that what you want.

  • EL

    Bridget was starting her second month when they broke up. They all knew. Rumors from Tom’s camp is that he wanted her to have an abortion, but when she wouldn’t do it, he basically told her she was on her own.

  • Doriane

    They are just so very boring non?

  • worth point out

    “Bridgets agent confirmed that Tom new about the pregnancy the week after they broke up”
    This is NOT TRUE – Bridget’s agent never said that. Never anything in newspapers or online about that. You just made it up!

  • Anon

    You are correct #20. I forgot that it was reported that Kraft and Tom’s other people were trying to hook Tom and Gisele up way before the break up. Appartently, Tom and Gisele were seen text messaging each other before the break up as well. Then they were spotted making out at a party the week after the break up. In addition, the Boston papers reported that Tom and Gisele were seen together before December, but there is no picture to prove it, just a reported sighting. The skank had her eyes set on this guy for months and finally went in for the kill.

  • Anon

    These two are disgusting. They just had to make sure they were seen together today. I hope this kid gives both of them the finger one day. Bridget will meet a man who can love this baby and be a real daddy to it.

  • Anon

    “But a friend of Moynahan said, “Please. They dated for three years and they broke up in December – right around the time he found out she was pregnant and he immediately started dating Gisele Bundchen. Who’s the gross one here?”

  • What losers are these two

    All this coming on the heels of pictures of Bridget nine months pregnant and ready to burst doesn’t do Tom & Gisele’s reputation any good. What a sorry pair of losers. Notice Tom’s eyes in the latest picture – he’s looking at the photographer – don’t they know that the West Village is full of paparazzi. They are trying to by coy by walking apart from each other … still hoping for a football injury that has him sitting on the sidelines this season!

  • any

    woa she looks like a man and her “twin sis” is worse

  • me too

    Mmmmm, I’m not gonna judge anyone here. Hopefully Bridget will
    gracefully start the next phase of her life, focusing on her son. And
    Tom will be a good father to his son. We don’t always have perfect
    endings or beginnings, but hopefully we can do our best.

  • Jill

    That is just crazy. I can’t believe models get paid that much money.

  • EvilLynn

    #31 – Jill…yeah…and even MORE weird to me is a world where Kate Moss (???!!!) gets paid more than Heidi freakin KLUM?!?! C’mon…a little taste, please….

  • blabla

    Now when the baby is born (if it’s born yet), I’ll bet Tom wants to spend some time with it and he won’t have much time to be with Giesle. So give it a couple of weeks and it’ll probably be ‘bye-bye Giesle’.

  • almost

    Perhaps the relationship between tom and bridget was over before they found out about the baby. Why should they have stayed together just because of a baby? If the relationship wasn’t headed in the right place then it would have sucked for the baby if they had stayed together. At least this way they can be active parents without being in a crappy relatioship.

  • Jen

    I don’t think people would have judged him so terribly if he would have been a little more discreet with his new relationship. Also, if he wanted to be an active father, he could have been there for Bridget as a friend and shown some support and not allow all the painful words thrown her way. Instead he flaunted his relationship, sucking face all over the world.

    I definitely do not agree marriage, but at least amicable…?

  • Kat

    The funny thing is, you all love angelina jolie…

    Where you live is pregnancy a reason to get married?? It’s so 1800

    While you are talking about her lives, they are enjoying their lives!

  • anony

    Despite his relationship with the mother being over he should still be nearby for the birth. What’s he going to tell his son someday? No couth. Guarantee he doesn’t end up with either Bridget or Gisele.

  • Margaret

    Hey – you may not have to hope for an injury for Tom. Did you see the playoff game? He keeps playing that kind of football………..well! A Payton Manning he’s not.

  • Lillianne

    I would love to see Giselle & her sister in the same ad.

    Who is Bridget anyway?

  • ????

    If Gisele is pissed off that her birthday is ruined by the birth of Tom’s baby (if the tabloids are actually telling the truth) then she can go find herself another boyfriend. Tho, I doubt Leo would ever take her back.

  • kim

    Look how far away they are from each other on the sidewalk. I think body language confirms that things are tense between them.

  • Not Nice!

    If he gets any further from her he is going to fall of the curb.

  • cameron

    Wow, her twin is ugly, not that giselle looks any better.

  • Please!

    These two skanks deserve everything they are getting and more today. I guess publicity comes back to bite you in the ass. Serves them right for flaunting their disgusting relationship around the world when another woman was having his baby. Shame on both of them. Not an ounce of class or respect between the two of them. Just to self absorbed, overindulged losers that are getting whats coming to them. I hope this drags out another week and that the media rakes them over the coals.

  • Franny

    Well, you can’t tell anything from pictures. Why do people insist they can analyze a relationship or a person based on paparazzi pics? There could be a million and one reasons why he is where he is. Maybe he just got on the sidewalk.

    I know nothing about these people. In fact, I have no idea why I am here cause I care nothing about these people. Oh yea, wasting time, that’s why I’m here.

    Maybe Bridget and Tom are not on the best of terms. That would be understandable. Bridget may have told him not to come. A pregnant woman, a woman in labor does not need added stress in her life. She does not need some guy who dumped her around during what could be, what should be one of the happiest events in her life. If Tom had any foresight he would have made sure he was in LA for this period just in case she changed her mind and decided he could share this with her. What if something happened during labor to Bridget or the baby has a medical crisis at birth. If he is just refusing to be there for her and the baby then what can you say about him except it is time for Tom to get some real competition in his day job. Maybe a little humility is in order.

    For all I know Bridget got pregnant deliberately to try to save the relationship or just to have his baby even if she knew he was on the way out the door. Maybe Tom knew this and was rightfully pissed at her. Women do that, you know. It’s not unheard of.

    In any event, Tom has no foresight with regard to his future relationship with his son. Was he really so madly in love with Giselle like some lovesick high schooler that he couldn’t have waited til this baby was born and settled before he started up a serious relationship with her. He could still have kept in touch with her and seen her, but he should have been where Bridget was helping her out and being there for her – driving her to doctors, helping with the preparations for the baby, getting her and the baby settled in their home. It’s exhausting and emotional having a baby. I hope he has helped out more than we have been privy to. Not somuch for Briget but for the sake of his future with his child and the child’s feelings of self-worth.

    I never really cared for Bridget but I hope she does well and this gives her great joy.

  • monica

    Has the training season started yet, b/c unless that or someone in your family is sick or something…I would think you would want to be there for the birth of your child! And Gisele should be understanding about that she knew what she was getting into from the beginning.

  • Bruno

    Gisele rules,and that’s not her twin sister!
    She could do sooo much better than him,but I
    think they make a good couple.

  • Anon

    Great post Franny. Except for your not liking Bridget, I agree with every thing you have said. Tom was acting like a spoiled rich brat who was throwing a temper tantrum and not even being there as a friend for Bridget. One day he is going to look back on this period in his life and regret his actions.

  • El

    Gisele is such a homewrecking slut. Have you all seen the soft porn pictures she has done. One day, little Brady Jr’s friends are gonna pull up all these pictures of her on the internet and they will have a good party. First they will all get off on her nakedness and then they will tease little Brady endlessly. Especially with the one where she is laying on a kitchen counter with a rolling pin about shoved up her crotch and penis shaped cookies surrounding her. Maybe Tom will end up sharing Gisele with all of little Brady’s friends. That’s about the only thing the ho is good for.

    Take a gander at this lovely picture. Can anyone say kiddie p*rn.

  • Kat

    Why is Gisele a homewrecking and Angelina is not??

    And why are you so angry about all this?? I guess I know, Gisele is pretty and powerfull! Envy is such a sad thing…