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Jude Law for UNICEF

Jude Law for UNICEF

Jude Law traveled and filmed in war-town Afghanistan to help promote the United Nation’s annual Peace One Day on Sept. 21, their annual day of worldwide cease-fire and nonviolence.

Accompanied by British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, the pair interviewed children, government ministers and community leaders.

“Afghanistan will be the focal point for the second film, so it seemed important that Jeremy also have a sounding board, a third-party perspective on his trip,” Jude told reporters Thursday inside a guarded U.N. compound in Kabul.

“This film is about documenting and seeing how Peace Day can save lives,” he added “This is a country I’d always wanted to visit. It was a situation that I found intriguing. I felt that if it was safe for Jeremy it must be safe for me.”

“Wouldn’t it be a wonderful international message to come from a country which is perceived as a country purely of conflict, that this message of peace can sing out of it?” he asked.

You can listen to an audio interview (.ram) of Jude and Gilley.

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  • :)

    nice gesture. go jude, go!

  • Jill

    Hopefully he’s doing it for the right reasons. He’s probably noticed that the celebrities that are involved in charities are more recognized.

  • ????

    Jude, I love you!!!!!!

  • lylian

    Good for him. Stay the course Jude.

  • ????

    2 Jill : 07/20/2007 at 9:39 am
    Hopefully he’s doing it for the right reasons. He’s probably noticed that the celebrities that are involved in charities are more recognized.


    He also went to a place that could have been dangerous to his life.

  • Cool

    5 ???? : 07/20/2007 at 10:07 am
    2 Jill : 07/20/2007 at 9:39 am
    Hopefully he’s doing it for the right reasons. He’s probably noticed that the celebrities that are involved in charities are more recognized.


    He also went to a place that could have been dangerous to his life.


    Yes, I lost a friend there and he was not in the military. I don’t think Jude did this just to be recognized.

  • JustJared Regular

    You can tell who the serious ones are. They’re the ones who’ve continuously worked, not just one time visits like Scarlett J.

  • Ria

    If he just wants to be in the news, there is no reason for him to go to Afghanistan. He could have easily just spouted all these in the safety of his London house like most celebrities do.

    Considering the troubles that Afghanistan has had for years, I admire Jeremy Gilley’s attempts to do something about it. And kudos for Jude for going with him to see for himself what really is going over there.

  • Lindsay

    Jude is great! plus I love how he doesn’t need tons of publicity to do these things, he just does it! *coughs,brad and angelina,coughs* they just do it for the camera.

  • amy

    Linda, the fact that you get to see it, means there was a camera. So you have no point.

    Everyone is putting on their bits to help noting wrong with helpnig

  • dolorescraeg

    for those of you who are suspect of jude’s motives. get off your asses and join him. with people like you….you’re dammned if you don’t and dammned if you do. arm chair generals. jude did not need to put himself in harms way. he’s got three children he’s responsible for, it’s just possible he feels the need to do something instead of sitting at a computer being critical. jude god bless you and come home safe.

  • gini

    he is perfect!

  • Mia

    Jude you rock my world..!
    He’s no Ken living a plastic life
    He’s a real man and someone who can see past his own ego
    to make a positive contribution
    because genuinely regards peace worth fighting for.

  • delilah

    Jude Law is a true friend of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!! He was actually the best man when AJ and Johnny Lee Miller got married!

  • Ria

    Jude and Angelina have been friends for years. Angelina said she looks on him as a brother. If you recall he was in the documentary that she produced a few months ago. His was about Katrina.

    People love to diss Jude but he has been quietly going on his own way doing charity work himself.

  • Deb

    Jude gets hotter by the moment – is he single??

  • maz

    im afghan and jude law best be sincere!

  • dolorescraeg

    yes jude is single…..that means that every judophile can dream and fantasize even tho it just might be in vain.

  • Deb

    18 dolorescraeg : 07/20/2007 at 12:24 pm
    yes jude is single…..that means that every judophile can dream and fantasize even tho it just might be in vain.


    Thank you for the info. and I have already got some good fantasizing going.

  • natalie

    from his interview about afghan, he’s very intelligent person, very dedicated to his work.
    good for you jude.

  • Tiki

    doesn’t jude have 2 movies coming out in a few weeks? my blueberry nights and slueth? that’s a great way to promote work and help a great cause. good for you jude. hopefully you won’t get blown up before you get to come back home.

  • Ria

    Blueberry Nights is in limited release and Sleuth is not even being released till October. He is not promoting these movies right now.

    He did not even plan to attend Cannes but he got a call from the Weinstein Company to be there to escort Norah Jones.

  • sweet

    both jonny lee miller and angelina jolie are also involved in peace one day with jeremy

  • Pop Crunch

    Awesome to see celebs supporting stuff like this even at the cost of their safety.

  • Bored

    I wonder when he will be back in England?? I am hoping to run into him while I am over there. HeHe

  • Pole

    I think this is a very good cause to support – another good reason to be impressed with the man :)

  • coalharbourqt

    Bravo Jude! As a Canadian who is consistently seeing on the news young men and women from my country being sent home from Afghanistan in body bags, I applaud his efforts. Clearly he’s sincere – otherwise he’d just phone it in instead of going to Afghanistan.

    I’m so tired of seeing people accusing others of only doing something good for publicity – and usually the accuser is someone who sits on their butt and does nothing. Those of us involved in making our communities and world a better place don’t question others’ motives – we know that giving back feels good too :-)

    Keep up the good work!

  • sheryl

    Gee, do ya think Jude woke up one morning, looked in the mirror into those gorgeous eyes, and said to himself “Let’s see, I’m not doing anything else important right now, so what can I possibly do to get in a bit o’ self promotion? Hmmm…ummm…oh, I know, I think I’ll go to Afghanistan today.” Give me a freakin’ break!!!

    Okay, let’s do this…everybody that’s been to Afghanistan lately, raise your hand! Raise your hand if you’ve significantly supported ANY worthy cause with your money and precious time (too busy sitting behind your little monitor picking OTHER people apart?). I don’t say this because I think Jude and Jeremy need to be defended…their work will speak for itself and will go on with or without us. I’m just concerned about the people who feel the need to express such negativity and cynicism

    I am very thankful for people who have the concern, courage, means, and ability to do things that can bring about positive change in our world. Myself, I can honestly say that, first and foremost, I don’t have the courage to have done this, nor do I have the means and ability to do something at this level (although I do participate in local fund-raising for a cause very close to my heart). But I do have the concern. There’s so, so much wrong. If it’s self-promotion (which I personally don’t believe it is, but whatever), fine, that’s between them and themselves…it’s a good thing anyway…but if there’s doubt, why say anything at all? Why not instead give the benefit of the doubt and at least hope that the effort pays off, and promote goodwill?

    A co-worker of mine at our children’s services agency has a sign posted at his desk that reads:


    That says it all….

  • sheryl

    Uhhh, sorry my previous post was so long…when I get on a roll, I don’t know how to shut up…

  • RIA

    Sheryl, good for you!

    I am so tired of people who denigrate EVERY frickin’ thing that somebody does. I don’t think going to a very dangerous place is for publicity. Why go then when you can just spouse your cause like most of the celebrities do? They go on their high horse, do a celebrathon where they encourage people to do this and do that and yet never giving their time to see for themselves what exactly it is that they are espousing.

    I too do my share of contributing to some charity but I don’t know that I could go to a war-torn place myself. I don’t know how people can still see something to diss on this situation. I wonder if God forbid Jude got blown away if people will just laugh and say it’s his own fault for going there.

  • Sandy

    I am back at my computer after being felled by an attach of dead keyboard
    which for me is a nightmare. All better now and raring to go and what better place to start than in praise of Jude. He is by nature someone who
    plunges into the fray and takes chances without worrying about safety and such so of course this being a charity espousing the cause of children
    would b.e very enticing for him. He had already been to Africa and seen what poverty and disease can do to a coutries’ children and this was a very logical step. He had the time, he was asked and accepted the responsibility He has appeared in films and ads for many charities before
    and chaired and spearheaded many different drives for really worthy causes. I don’t doubt his motives because i have seen the wonderful smiles
    and happiness it brings to the recipients and to the doer of good deeds andI LOVE to see Jude smile. So keep on smiling, keep on loving, fill your soul and ours with the wonderment of love for ones fellow man.

  • dolorescraeg

    sandy and sheryl…right on….jude’s motivation for going to afghanistan is not only peace for the world but it starts with his children…he wants them to grow up in a world at peace….do you blame him?

  • Daphne

    Ria, Sheryl, Sandy & Dolores et al. Well said, all!! I am glad to hear from the fair and open-minded people. I was beginning to think the internet has been taken over by mean-spirited teenagers.

    For myself, I doubt I would have the guts to visit those hostile places that he went to. I’d be too scared to risk the safety and comfort of my own surroundings. He’s a braver person than me at least.

    At the UNICEF conference, somebody asked him if it he felt unsafe in Afghanistan. He said no; although he was apprehensive at first (from the Western media reports), once he got there, his impression of the country is one of great hope. Now, if he did all this for publicity, don’t you think he would have stressed how dangerous it was? He seems genuinely trying to make a difference. Good luck to all that. It’ll take much more than courage and good intentions. But then I am a cynic. He’s a better person than me for trying to do something about it.

  • Lick

    As soon as a i have a few extra million in the bank and i can buy an outragously expensive plane ticket and take a few weeks off work, i’ll be first in line to help out. until then, i have my own problems. that was directed to the one lady who said we should help more.

  • Sandy

    Lick and all othrs who think charity should only be left to the rich and
    leisure classe of people are missing the whole point of PEACE ONE DAY. Go
    to the website of that name and see what this is all about. This is a
    joining of hands around the entire world of all kinds of people to devote
    one day to think of peace and how in their own little way they can implement it. Because if we all develop a mindset that peace is the most
    important thing and put our minds to what in our small manner we can do to
    be part of this movement perhaps one day we shall acheive that peace. It is said in the bible that when all people are good and love each other the
    world shall end and we shall all be rewarded forever but everyone must be
    good. Not just the leaders and certain people, we must all be working together to earn real peace.For those who do not know the real Jude, he is
    showing us the true beauty and goodness in his heart and proving the
    proverb – Actions speak louder than words. He is doing both.

  • sheryl

    If you responded to this…

    “Okay, let’s do this…everybody that’s been to Afghanistan lately, raise your hand! Raise your hand if you’ve significantly supported ANY worthy cause with your money and precious time (too busy sitting behind your little monitor picking OTHER people apart?).”

    …you probably missed the point…this was in response to people coming onto this site and minimizing the efforts of an individual that’s doing something they feel they need to do…whatever their reasons for doing it…so are you saying that those of us that don’t have the time and money to take part in a project like this have just cause to look skeptically upon and minimize the efforts of those that can? My point was, instead of sitting at the computer picking at somebody that’s able to do more, why not promote goodwill, as opposed to negativity, if that’s all you are able to contribute? That’s worth something. It’s about doing what we CAN. And, if everybody were being honest, ARE we really doing what we can for our neighborhoods, our communities, our towns, etc.? It’s a rhetorical question, one that we ask ourselves. I don’t think that anybody’s efforts, whether publicized or not publicized, big or small, are worthless. I work two jobs and raise three kids as a divorced mother, so I’m nowhere close to doing anything of this magnitude (and as I admitted above, don’t possess the courage to), but I do what I can on the scale that I can. But I’m not bitter and judgemental about those who can do more; I appreciate it because I want my kids to be in a better world, too.

    (And yes, these things don’t always have to be anonymous; it’s quite okay for celebrities, or whoever, to publicize efforts like this, because quite frankly, this world needs the inspiration).

  • sheryl

    Oops, there I go being all long-winded again…

  • sheryl

    Oh, and my appreciation extends not only to Jude and Jeremy but to Angelina and Brad as well…

  • erica

    Way to Go Jude ! Your are truely walking the walk.

  • dolorescraeg

    doing charitable deeds doesn’t necessarily mean giving money or having money. it could just be a generous and kind gesture to someone who needs it. 13 koreans were kidnapped in kabul where jude is. last week 2 germans and four afghanis were taken hostage in kabul. you really think, a father of three young children would risk his neck just for p.r.jude wants to do something better with his life than just make films. he has the means and the prestige… why not? my hat’s off to the lovely mr. law.

  • sheryl

    Okay, now the carnal side is coming out…if you enlarge that second picture, dang!…those eyes kill me!

  • Belinda

    The kidnappings did not take place in Kabul. They happened in the Wardak and Ghazhi provinces.

  • JJ

    we all support you, Jude! bless all the children there.
    we all make peace one day….

  • patzin

    I think Jude should be commended for lending his celebrity to a number of charitable and world events lately – The Global Warming crisis and now Peace Day in September. Because he was on some of the news services with his comments, I would guess that International Peace Day will get a little more exposure. Peace in the hearts of each and every person is needed to effect global change. This is not just PR from my opinion. I believe Jude is a caring person and helping out in his way.

  • ta

    love u jude, and david beckham! both of you are so cute and gorgous