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54 Dogs Get Vick-timized

54 Dogs Get Vick-timized

NFL star Michael Vick has been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with running a dogfighting ring out of his mansion in Virginia. His arraignment before a federal judge will be in Richmond on July 26.

AOL News reports, “54 pit bulls were recovered from the property during searches in April, along with a “rape stand,” used to hold dogs in place for mating; an electric treadmill modified for dogs; and a bloodied piece of carpeting, the documents said.”

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said: “We agree with them that dogfighting is cruel, degrading and illegal. The alleged activities are very disturbing and we are extremely disappointed Michael Vick has put himself in this position.”

Below is one of the dogs that were seized from Vick‘s property.

Contact the Falcons front office to let them know how you feel about Vick‘s treatment of animals.

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  • That’s Discusting

  • Hexstatic

    What a f$#%$&%*. Hope he will pay a lot for this!

  • ks

    Sooo sad for the dogs. He and whoever does this kind of thing should be punish!

  • Lauren

    OMG! that is pretty sad!
    …poor dogs! =(

  • http://htt// b

    I’m disappointed of him too , but I hope they give him a chance to play.

  • L in Philly.

    why dont they hold vick on a rape stand and let 54 huge prisoners have at him, then make him run on this electric treadmill, and then take him to the bloody carpet.

    absolutely DISGUSTING.

  • victoria

    such shame! animals should never be treated like that! what a stupid f_ck!

  • [~Famous~]

    He’s a Jackass, just like his Jackass little brother.

  • Casy

    The sadistic ass! No animal deserves to be treated like that. He better pay for this – he doesn’t even deserve to be called a human being – because obviously the guy is void of emotion.

  • Anthony

    He doesn’t deserve to live a free life let alone one where he makes a ton of money. Throw his ass in jail and lets hope he gets his ass kicked and more

  • Lala

    Your motherfucking monster!
    That’s so cruel,I hope he will pay for this!

  • Reader

    That’s not even the worst of it. Google the story you’ll see what else he did.

  • Cindy

    What a pathetic individual. Your a millionaire for goodness sakes! Absolutely disgusting.

  • absolute evil

    Any human being that treats creatures that cannot speak for themselves in this way of torture and murder has a special place in hell!

    There is not a shred of human decency in this man and he is nothing short of pure evil.

    Thanks for address Jared, I will write a letter as a voice for the animals that had the unfortunate lot in life to meet up with this monster.

    I respect that Nike is doing something now let’s see the NFL stand up for what is right or will they go with the money?

    Mr. Vick – you have no heart and soul and this will come back to you, you can count on that in your life.

  • Jackie

    This freak will hire the best defense money can buy and drag this thing out forever. If he gets 1 day of jail time I will be shocked. The NFL needs to dump this loser.

  • Tim

    good. he’s also a bad passer. hope he doesnt play football this year, or ever again.



  • Sullen Girl

    This story makes me feel sick. I wish people would treat animals with dignity and respect.. they are such innocent creatures and most of them are so friendly. I can’t imagine anyone looking into a dog’s eyes and causing it any pain, it’s so.. unnatural and disturbing. I hope everything he’s ever done to those pups haunts him for the rest of his life. I hope he never lives it down and has nightmares every night.

  • c

    I hope he goes to jail, then hell.. you know how many inmates have pitbull dogs at home? He might not do well in prison. They starve and abuse the dogs to make them more aggressive for fighting. They should dunk his ass in gravey and let them chase him…and….I hope one of the prison guards lets a german sheperd tear him a new one. I wonder if he will respect animals then.

  • Jamie

    i made sure to write the falcons my opinion: get rid of this sadistic piece of s***! how can anyone treat poor dogs like this, and WORSE, how can people GET OFF on such cruelty?!? thats not normal!! he should be raped and humilated himself….grrr…:(

  • Corpus Christi

    Nancy Grace was talking about all of this the other night. She had a bunch of attorney’s on and they all pretty much agreed that he’s toast. They said even if by association no one will want to know him. He’ll lose all of his product contracts too.

    If they did let him back, just think how the ASPCA, and Humane Society would SCREAM!

    No Way.. He’s DONE!

    Stupidity at it’s finest.

  • ???

    I would assume that do to the nature of the way these dogs were bred/raised, that they will have to put all of the dogs down that they took from his property??

  • bls

    What a piece of black shit!I am not crazy about pitbulls, but this devil deserves a special place in hell.

  • Michele

    As the owner of a sweet, loving, kinda pathetic pitbull, I am sooooo angry at this. This is why the breed is given such a bad reputation. Punish the deed, not the breed. Put Michael Vick in jail. I would recommend the breed to anyone looking for a pet. They are wonderful animals, if trained NOT TO FIGHT! I adopted mine from a shelter and they rescued her from a overbreeding/fighting situation.

  • Jenny

    Someone was mentioning about why can’t he just go to the strip club like some other players? He must be a sick person to have done this kind of cruel thing to animals. Shame on him!!!

  • Lasa

    You have no idea how bad this really is and what an asshole he really is. If you live in the Atl area and then you are really seeing it all day long right now and we have been hearing about this for several months now. His answer whne questioned about it is always the same..”Ain’t gonna matter what nobody says cause all round the world people still gonna love Mike Vick”. I can’t even begin to get into all the stuff that is going on and the ways that he is killing these dogs when he is done with them, it is horrific. He is disgusting. And the hardcore Falcon/Vick fans when interviewed are all turning on him.

  • Nadia

    the poor dogs no animal desevers to be treated this way. he deserves to go to jail for life.

  • Jubilee

    Nike should get rid of him. Email nike and tell them you won’t buy their products if they don’t dump Michael Vick. Go to and you could email them by clicking contact us. Michael Vick is totally disgusting.

  • Timbo

    How come no one that is in charge of this site ever went after ESPN for their hunting shows. They show dead bloody animals on their website. What is the purpose of shooting a hippo and standing over its dead body. Dont just go after Vick. Be consistent. That goes for those wackos at PETA too

  • http://justjared Donna

    He needs to go to hell, I HATE people who mistreat innocent animals and no I am not a member of PETA, I just think all these people who make animals fight need to be shot in the head and bleed to death. I would rather watch that!! Bastards

  • Lillianne

    Thank you JJ. I wrote to the Falcons to let them know how I feel.

  • LSO

    sick A$$hole, SOB

  • jq

    disgusting and sadistic !!!

  • Ron Mexico

    “Anyone heard of innocent until proven guilty”?

    It’s a cornerstone of the American judicial system…haven’t u people learned anything from the Duke Lacrosse case?

    let the legal process run its course.

    It’s also very hypocritical to call him an “animal” and “sadistic.” You people do know bulls are raised to fight in Spain right?…and they aren’t raised to fight each other like in dog-fighting…they are raised and forced to fight MEN…the bulls almost always ends up dead with a sword stab through it’s neck…should matadors burn in hell?, are Ernest Hemingway and the Spaniards who enjoy bullfigiting animals and sadistic?.

    You know what happens when a horse can no longer run in a race? They put a bullet in his ass and send him to a glue factory.

    You know what happens to animals in the wild that get caught? They send them to zoos and circuses where they become slaves, live in cages, and are forced to perform for people.

    You ever see a lion at the zoo looking weak in the corner of a cave because people have stripped away his only reason to live just so there dirty little children can throw peanuts at him.

    Pigs are much smarter than dogs and we slaughter them daily.

    Aren’t gamehunters and people who set out mousetraps and spray at insects all scum, too? It’s one thing to say “Hey, if Vick broke the law, he should be arrested.”, and quite another so say “Vick is the scum of the earth for participating in dogfighting” while you sit there in your leather shoes and belt eating a hamburger.

  • Lynda

    At what point will people realize that animal cruelty is an insight into a human beings TRUE core of who they are. Animals, especially dogs are dedicated animals, they have been for centuries and will continue to be so – if they are expected to kill for their owners they will but in this instance this is just WRONG!!!!! To taunt and stave an animal to make it want to kill is so against what the animal feels as an instinct. If this man was not a first stinger with Nike and every other endorsement in the pipe he would be kicked to the curb. Please Atlanta make a statement not just for the animals in this situation but for anyone out there that feels that the amount of zeros in your bank account will not keep them from paying a price for doing something wrong. Thank you JJ for stepping up.

  • KW

    stop with the comparisons to the Duke Lacross team…go to and they’ll explain to you why it’s two different things. And let’s get serious, if you read the details of the case the house was built just with dog fighting in mind. Where there’s smoke….

    And the dogfighting is one thing, but then gee if the dog isn’t fit to fight, instead of taking them to the humane society where worst case scenerio they’ll have a needle put in them and they’ll just fall asleep, these people have to wet the dog down and electrocute it, or throw it to the ground until it dies. Or even hang it. What kind of people do something like this?? So please stop the comparisons to hunters and animal eaters etc. That’s going to go on until the end of time. Dogfighting serves no purpose except to pad people’s pockets or apparently give them some sick thrill when they watch the dog being killed, or better yet get to do the killing themselves.

  • Passing Through

    7 Alyn : 07/20/2007 at 9:41 pm

    Why is there always some fcuking ass-hole who has to reduce a criminal act to race? You dumb mofo. White people RUN the freaking sport of dogfighting you dipsh#t! Do you think Vick is running this operation on his own? If so, you’re as stupid as he is!

  • Blue

    Thank you for the Falcons web address. I just wrote them.

    There is no excuse for this person’s savage behavior. Vick should not be an Atlanta Falcon or a free man walking on the streets of Atlanta.

    Clearly, Vick’s abuse, rape, torture, and murder of many dogs shows a abhorrent, sick personality. I hate him.

    Who else can we write???

  • Hannah

    Ron Mexico- There is an enormous difference between torturing an animal for kicks and killing a cow for its meat. I can’t fathom how someone could compare dog fighting to any of the examples you listed. This is simply put, a sick, sadistic group of people torturing animals! Furthermore, how is it wrong for anyone to call him a sick person? If he is guilty of what he has been accused, he is just that.

    I hope that if it’s proved that Michael Vick was involved in any of this, they!

  • Evillynn

    I’ve already signed a petition in the hopes that Mr. Vick never plays football again in his LIFE. Here’s hoping every time this sadistic sick perpetuator of unspeakable cruelty is boo’ed off ANY and EVERY field he sets foot upon forever.

    I hope Falcons fans have the good sense to stop buying tickets and stop going to games. I hope every player on every team in the league refuses to set foot on the same field as this pathetic waste of skin.

    With any luck, the shame of what he has done will haunt him for the rest of his life, until he is an OJ-style Pariah, who NOBODY wants anything to do with publicly, ever again.

    He deserves to lose his carreer. That’s the LEAST he should get as punishment.

    Are you kidding me? Let him ever play again? No. I’m sorry, but no. And he has no one but himself to blame.

    This man has no business even sharing the STREETS with decent people, let ALONE should he make millions for playing a game while millions of good hearted people struggle at crappy jobs just to pay their bills!

  • Samantha

    There’s always some liberal who takes his side. There is no excuse for his behavior. I hope he’s not hurting any more dogs right now.

  • Sharon


  • shira

    it’s people like this stupid piece of sh** that give pitbulls a bad name….too bad his punishment can’t be exactly the same as what he did to these poor dogs.

  • Ron Mexico

    I like how u completely ignored my Bullfighting analogy n last paragraph KW…I agree, what kind of people do something like that?…r they not equally “sadistic”?

    The case is not built around “dog fighting”…the legal repercussions will come from the money..interstate trafficking and funding a gambling ring…the government doesn’t give a crap about those dogs, however, they want the public to do so…do you know how many people fight dogs and don’t get serious time as Alyn pointed out?

  • KW

    For the last time, it’s NOT a race issue, I don’t care what color the man is. How are we comparing this to slavery now? And just for the record it’s not just 54 dogs, it’s who knows how many over the course of 6 years. The 54 are the only ones that are remaining as evidence, and they too will most likely be put down as they will be deemed unadoptable since they have been trained for fighting. Again, stick to the subject, it’s about the cruelties of dog fighting, not hunting, or the Duke Lacross team, or for God’s sake slavery and it’s certainly not about the color of the man’s skin. I’m sure there are plenty of white people involved too, it’s just an awful epidemic that is growing in this country. Hopefully this case will bring it to the forefront and at least shut some of it down.

  • Evillynn

    #41 – Sharon, you’re 100% right….and how about the injustices, cruelties and crimes perpetuated against women and girls worldwide, on a daily basis since time immemorial? What happened (is happening) to blacks is inexcusable, but it doesn’t begin to compare to the THOUSANDS of years of sanctioned “bride burnings” in India, or the THOUSANDS of years of sanctioned stoning-to-death of female rape victims for their “Impurity” in the Middle East, nor does it begin to compare to the horrors of female genital mutilation on the Africa continent (which, again, have been going on since Biblical times). How about the murdered and abandoned baby girls in China?

    There are many injustices (such as the shameful treatment of blacks) where there isn’t a cut-and-dried SINGLE perpetrator, who did the crime within a time frame punishable by the justice system, and their WEAK statute of limitations policy….

    HOWEVER, Mr. Vick is the clear perpetrator here. He has clearly broken laws and abused defenseless animals in a way that should earn him a punishment fitting his crime.

  • KW

    I didn’t conveniently ignore anything Ron – I just didn’t comment on everything. But since you asked, I actually do find bullfighting sadistic. And I would agree it’s the same type of sport…both should be outlawed.

    On that note, this animal lover sends peace to all and to all a good night. I’m tired of thinking about Mr. Vick.

  • Ron Mexico

    Hannah, u like KW conveniently ignored my Bullfighting analogy…are they any less sadistic?

    Again, it’s one thing to say “Hey, if Vick broke the law, he should go to jail”, and quite another so say “Vick is the scum of the earth animal and sadistic for participating in dogfighting” while you sit there not condemn Spaniards n other animal cruelty…thats hypocritical any way u cut it.

  • Andrea

    I hope that everybody who has taken the time to leave a comment here has also taken time to write and email to the Falcons front office. I really hope that he does not get any special treament for his so called “fame”

  • ash

    I just sent a comment to the Falcons. This SOB is dead to me.