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Zac Efron: Vanessa Hudgens is an Amazing Girl

Zac Efron: Vanessa Hudgens is an Amazing Girl

Crooner Zac Efron got the USA Today treatment! Here are a few highlights of his his character Link Larkin in Hairspray:

– He swivels his hips, but his pelvis is kept in PG-rated check.
– He recklessly risks detention as he stands up for Tracy and responds to a teacher’s question: “Kiss my behind!” Only he uses a much naughtier word.
– He greets everyone, even Tracy’s taken-aback mom, Edna (John Travolta in fat drag), with the “Link wink,” a flirtatious move that reeks of processed cheese.

Producer Craig Zadan observes, “The original Link from Broadway was quite different from what Zac is doing. He was more of a comic narcissist. Zac is sensitive, but not wimpy. He has that sort of masculine teen boy thing. His heart connects to Tracy’s heart, and you believe them together at the end.”

Of note: Zac maintained a 4.3 average in high school and still hopes to study film at USC.

And most importantly, he addressed (but downplayed) Zanessa: “You know, I’ve worked with Vanessa [Hudgens] a long time and she is an amazing girl. But right now, I just don’t want to be that 19-year-old kid talking about relationships. Wait 10 years and I’ll call you with a great revelation.”

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  • Sara

    First!!!! I love Zac and Vanessa and Zanessa. I hope we can get some pics of them soon!

  • jen

    does that mean zac and vanessa are not a couple cause like i saw an article comfirming there relationship.

  • Sarah

    What is the point of this? A thread dedicated to Zac calling Vanessa a ‘great girl’? Well she would be great if he’s dating her.

  • jenny

    well who knows what that means
    but i wish them both the best
    hopefully he doesnt grt too full of himself
    she comes off a real and sweet to me
    so who knows

  • jojo

    sara she’s been great on her own
    have u read the poeple mag
    she made more money than him last year
    they r both lucky to have found eachother

  • gini

    i am sure he will become a real star.

  • bettybaby

    thanks jared, love these posts, and this article was great. i think zac keeps hedging his answers about vanessa cause he just doesnt want that part of his life in the spotlite. who could blame? getting pics of them, however, is the best!!!! keep posting.

  • Liz

    Okay, he didnt ereally downplay it, he just said he didnt want to talk about relationships :P
    They’re already confirmed as a couple, he just doesn´t want to talk about it.

  • Gia Jolie

    Awwwwwww. Zanessa lives on. Do they still wear those committment rings? How utterly adorable. ;)

  • JustJared Regular

    They make a good couple, but they won’t last cause they’re too young.

  • suzy

    zac is with baby v , he just does not want to talk about his private life.

  • chay

    Jared – he said “amazing”! LOL

    just messing you yah.. admit it you’re a kuuipo!

  • vandina

    maybe he doesn’t want to reveal his personal life.and he wants to know what vanessa says about it

  • chay

    for those who want to chastise the boy for not wanting to talk about his relationship – go read Jared’s entry on Matt Damon’s GQ interview..

  • mandy

    zac looks hot as usual.!!awwww i love zanessa they are too cute!plz keep posting stuff about them jared!

  • Seb

    GOOD LORD!! Enough with the ZAC already!! If i see his stoned face one more time, i’m going to BARF like a supermodel after eating an apple.

  • swivel hips/no vanessa=zaiken

    Zaiken has other plans Vanessa aint part of it-he has to open the closet he is in,,wink-wink..Big bro Clay can’t help him he is in the closet too. It would help Zaiken if he laid off some of the make-up ,lipstick and blush. Try a less gurly hair-style..No that will only slighty help..he’s obvious.

  • Ashleigh

    zac efron should be left alone why do all of u only care about vanessa and zac dating? he is right he is only 19 for god’s sake leave him alone he can date who ever he wants and why should a 19 year old be talking about a relationship that has been going on and off all the time? the ppl who are asking him these questions should ask the adults these type of questions not 19 year old hott teen guys. its really retarded. well i sign off telling u to leave him be. he is hotter than ever!!

  • hsm


  • caro

    with a great revelation..?? zanessaaa..!! of course!

  • Rochy

    for the girls who are with that ”Zanessa fever”
    that doesnt mean that they’re totally dating
    that their relationship is seriously
    so calm down!
    he just said Vanessa’s an amazing girl
    that doesnt mean that he’s going to say if he’s still dating Vanessa
    get over it

    thanks Jared for this amazing post
    it’s really cool

  • Rochy

    and great point Ashleigh about it
    for me it’s a LEAVE HIM ALONE

  • MARY G

    OMG i think he’s stupid ! everybody know he’s dating with baby v ! so what’s the problem ! i think he’s so dumb for baby V ! for real !

  • shannan

    oh shut up about zac efron being gay he is noooot gay so just stop it and vanessa is an amazing girl for him so does he give a damn about what u people say no he does not so stop being so jealous because if zac efron sucked he would not be famous and MARY G he is not dumd we all know he’s dating vanessa he just do not want the press to get all up in his face about him and vanessa so he keeps his realtionship with her very safe and makin fun of someone being gay is so over get over your selfs people because zac efron does not care he is famous and he has alot of girls going crazy about him so f u c k off

  • shannan

    nobody cares what ya’ll people think about him anymore cause if your a fan of zac efron you will know he is not gay al right!!!!!!!!!

  • renee

    hey JustJared Regular, what do you mean they won’t last long cause they’re young? Vanessa’a turning 20 soon, and Zac is 21. My brother is 22 and he has had the same girlfriend without breaking up since he was 19. Now they’re engaged. So you never know, they could last long. I mean sure it’s Hollywood, but still, you never know!

  • viviana

    Well said, Renee!!!

  • zac

    I don’t blame Zac for not wanting the world to know about his personal life. It really isn’t any of our business.
    But anyway, that pic is smokin. haha

  • MeSoSexy

    i hope he and vanessa are still together in 10 years dang!

  • Yily

    Zac is adorable. He’s so talented and very handsome! I know he’s going to be big in Hollywood!

  • Jenn

    Zac confirmed in an interview sometime earlier that he & Nessa are together. That’s the only time he wanted to talk about his love life, I think you have to be super stupid if you still deny Zanessa. All the pictures etc are here to prove they’re together

  • melli

    i love zanessa!
    hopefull we can see some pics of them!…in 10 years lol^^

  • amanda


  • zacy

    i love that pic zanessa roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and u guys know it and if ur not then u might be jealus

  • sexter

    i think zac have a big below between his legs rumor has it that zac masturbate a lot

  • sexter

    zac is a sex teaser

  • coco

    i love them together because i can tell by their interviews and appearances that theyre not just doing this for publicity or fame… they want their relationship kept private and on the DL because theyre trying to protect each other from the whole hollywood scene which i think is a good move…

    they are pretty smart for a young teenage couple. at least they dont go around professing their love for each other like what most young [and even old] hollywood couples do.

  • zacy

    well said coco u r sooooooooo right and stop with the jahjsexjaj commnts

  • Ekke

    I love you Zac Efron!!!!!! Will you come to Franklin Pennsylvania for my Senior project? All my friends and I love you!!!!!!! I have a ton of posters of you! I want to meet you soooooo bad. Senior projects are to raise money for our highschool. If you don’t do a senior project, you can’t graduate. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!?

  • alissa

    i understand why he and vanessa also dont talk about their relationship. as quoted from Avril Lavigne “if we talk about your relationship, like i am doing right now (jokingly slaps her own cheek), you give other people permission to talk about it.” *from a MuchMusic or MTV interview.* which makes complete sense, if zac and vanessa dont talk about their relationship to the public, there is no way the public can cause problems to their relationship. but many have said that for zac and vanessa it was love at first sight, so we all dont REALLY know much other that the obvious. thanxs for posting Jared, and i hope zac and vanessa the best of luck!!

  • lauren Reid =D


  • graceee

    i love you!! you are very attractivee :].
    um yeah but i cant wait to see hsm2.

  • shereena

    renee, zac is not 21, he is 19! if u dnt believe me go 2 his website and look at his profile stuff! i fink vanessa is quite stuck up so i hope they dnt get 2geva! i fink dat zac and nikki wud make a much cuter couple! love zac so much! so hot! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sad he is takin

    I hope he isnt with vanessa because in 10 years i hope hewill be my husband!!!! Just kiding yeah i can understand to if he doesnt want to talk about his personal life i mean how would you feel if you were a movie star and you couldnt be alone with you boyfriend or girlfriend??? I mean you will always have people shoving cameras and questions and crap throw in your face!!! ZAC EFRON IS HOTTTTT!!!! And keep postin thoughs pics!!!

  • sad he is takin

    ok were it is blanked out it isnt a bad word it is c r a p but it wont let me say that i guess

  • http://WWW.TVO.COM liz


  • emka

    i love zanessa they are soo cut i hope they don’t break up cause then i have to cry[seriously i will cry]ZANESSA FOREVER…..i hope they get some more pixs soon!!!

  • Charz..x

    I absoluteli love Zac Efron! i probabli sound like some obsessed fan but even if he wasnt famous i would still think him totalli adorable! He was realli good in hairspray and played Link realli well..x

  • http://None Lay-Lay

    Zac and Vanessa are cute together hope they stay together 4-ever

  • Sarah

    haha! To everyone who thinks that they arn’t dating well I’ll tell you that in COSMOGIRL UK Zac admited to them being a couple! Go look for it! And he also says, apart from that I DON’T talk about my personal life which is a good thing!